Thursday, April 06, 2017

Good morning. Good morning to whom I don't really know.  As I don't believe there is anyone who really follows or has followed this blog in a long time if ever.  I have shut down my facebook account as of last night.  I have finally tired of the day to day nothingness of the platform and all the endless gak that goes nowhere and produces nothing.

Social media has become nothing more than what it has always been.  It is no more than a means to pass around bullshit while dodging serious discussions and friendships. While being monitored by the powers that be. And while being added to lists by those who make lists. 

Hell's 1bells!  They have been and they are continuing to employ surveillance against the President of the United States for Heavens sake!  Who the hell am I or we, to think or believe that they are not nine miles up our asses and have been for years. 

Therefore, I may rejuvenate this blog for a few thoughts from day to day.  Or I may just use it as my own personal diary.  Or I may just STFU? And drop off their grid entirely.  Who knows.  Who really cares.