Friday, July 31, 2009

No Apologies

Yesterday was the big meeting between the president and the Cambridge police officer and the Harvard professor. I guess the president invited VP Biden to sit in so that at the least there would be some laughs and at worst if something went wrong, the president would have an escape clause to draw attention away from himself.

As for what was accomplished? Watch the video for yourself and decide. Personally, I don't believe anything was accomplished. Obama got his beer barrel polka and the media fawned over it as if it were a nuclear disarmament talk between him and the Russians, but nothing really happened.

Obama literally "stepped in it" when he made his comment and called the Cambridge police (ie. the sergeant) stupid. IMO, the only persons that have acted stupidly in this entire scenario, are the professor who caused the arrest and the president who interjected himself into a private parochial matter that he had no business commenting on.

So now, the media will be satiated. They have once again been able to create and attend a media spectacle and the average American in no wiser to what has gone on, what occurred and how it was transformed into a national news event by the media.

I actually feel sorry for this Cambridge sergeant. He got his 15 minutes of fame, but he lost his character in accepting it

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Che's Prodigal Son

US revokes visas of 4 Honduran officials

This report has been on the wires now for over 24 hours. America is backing and supporting the deposed socialist leader of Honduras. Anyone seen the national media picking up on this story? Any coverage on Good Morning America? What about CNN or MSNBC? Or even Fox? Anyone other than me noticing the parallels or the utter absence of comment on any level by main stream American media?

Here we have the deposed socialist leader of Honduras, who was rightfully removed from office after attempting to suspend the country's constitution, so that he could install himself as permanent dictator for life? And what does America have to say about all this? What does the president of the United States think should be the course of America on the issue?

Well of course Barack Obama supports the socialist dictator and now he has directed the state department and other agencies of the
American government to further their support for backing the deposed Honduran dictator, by bringing about pressure and sanctions against those who don't support the little ex dictator.

In any other setting and at any other time in our history, America would be distancing itself from such a farce and stepping in to assist the newly formed government and president of Honduras. But not now and not with the current socialist loving American president.

Barack Obama has already demonstrated his intention to cozy up to Venezuela's little socialist strong man and he has already made similar overtures to communist Cuba. Therefore, is it any wonder that he is bringing the power of America to bear on the present situation in Honduras to the benefit of a socialist dictator?

I am seriously waiting for the photo to surface of back in the day? Back when Barack Hussein Obama was photographed against the backdrop of his favorite revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

What better symbolism of America's new found direction and new found leader than to see the man standing in front of his idol. If that image doesn't exist? It should. As this president is obviously an admirer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$20m holiday home at Blue Heron

$20m holiday home at Blue Heron

Ever since I first read the reports late yesterday afternoon, this has really pissed me off. My first thoughts? What's the problem? Camp David not good enough for this guy?

I may be wrong, but I am not aware of a sitting president in my life time, who just up and left the reservation and struck out for entirely new territory when it came to a vacation.

They either went to Camp David or they went to their own properties or family estates and vacationed there. But now it seems that in the midst of the ongoing recession? Our president once again demonstrates that he is not really that concerned about expenses that he incurs in the pursuit of his agenda.

After all, it's just OPM. The congressional budget office has already told him and the loon Pelosi that the health care bill cannot be financed or sustained by their creative refinancing of the American debt, yet the president continues to spend the people's money as if there is no tomorrow. And this is but yet another example of that mind set.

OPM? Oh yeah.....that would be "Other People's Money."

I have never met or seen a socialist yet, who doesn't thrive on OPM. They crave it like the blood sucking vampires of legend crave blood. And as long as we permit it, they will continue to suck us dry.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Hero Comes Home

Birth: February 11, 1970 in Riverdale, Georgia
Death: June 4, 2009 in Kapisa, Afghanistan

Sgt 1st Class John C. Beale of Riverdale, Georgia graduated from Riverdale High School. He served in the United States Army from 1991 through 1994 and was a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. He later joined the National Guard in 2005 after a strong desire to return to military service. His father is a former sailor and a military career was also John’s goal in life. In his civilian job, he worked for the Clayton County Water Authority. He was also very involved with the authority’s youth programs and liked to participate in career days at local schools. After John married he moved to McDonough, Georgia where he lived with his wife Crystal and their two children. John died at age 39 near Kapisa, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered from an improvised explosive device and small arms fire. John was a member of Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Crystal; children, Christopher and Calye; father, William B. Beale; brothers, Michael and Timothy; grandfather, William R. Beale; father-in-law, David Collier; brother-in-law, David E. Collier among others. Major Kevin Jenrette and Specialist Jeffrey Jordan were also killed in the attack.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Racism on Display in America Apologies Required

Sergeant at eye of storm says he won't apologize

The facts in this case have been reported for several days now. A black Harvard professor returns home from a trip and finds his house door stuck. So he and (his driver) begin combined efforts to force the door open. a passerby sees this and phones in a report to the police.

The police arrive apparently shortly after the professor gains entrance into his home. The investigating officer ( a Cambridge police sergeant) requests simply that the man verify his identity and show identification. Something that any rational person would immediately recognize as simply a procedural safe guard.

However, the black Harvard professor apparently suffers some extreme form of indignation at the mere thought of being questioned by police. Perhaps attributable to his long standing association with preconceived associations with police and oppression.

Either way, rather than respond in a rational and civilized manner, the black professor responds in a crass, offensive and rude manner to the sergeant's request, which subsequently causes him to be charged with disorderly conduct.

The City prosecutor in Cambridge immediately bows to the racial pressures being invoked in the media and the police sergeant is immediately set upon to be vilified and branded as a racist. Which IMO was the intent of the black professor Gates from the beginning.

And as of last night? The president of the United States joins in with the racial atmosphere purposely contrived and having obviously arrived at his own preconceived and prejudicial views and opinion, equates the arrest of professor Gates by the Cambridge officer as a patently obvious act of stupidity.

Watch the interview above. I am proud that this sergeant is standing up for himself and refusing to bow to these contrived racist allegations. Professor gates deserves no apology, but he certain deserves to be called upon to give one. But not as much as the sitting president of the United States does.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gordon Brown on Afghanistan

Gordon Brown attempting to explain and defer criticism of the UK's operations in Afghanistan. The bottom line, the Brits are apparently having a devil of a time keeping up. Helicopters being their Achilles heel and the lack of budgeting and planning for foreseeable needs.

Jolly good show Gordy, but don't sweat it mate, as you and Labour are not long to have to be bothered over the details,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama's Plan To Kill You

Exclusive: Obama’s ‘Kill Grandma Bill’ - Will Americans tolerate the denial of health care to those 65 and older?

I first began reading of the reality behind Obama's health care plans for the nation yesterday and since then I have come across several articles and opinion pieces that are speaking directly to the plans afoot and precisely who is involved in this dire scheme that Obama is hustling on America as supposed revamped health care.

I can remember years ago during the heady days of hippies and LSD and the the publicized hallucinations of the supposed enlightened. I remember the "don't trust anyone over 30" rhetoric and the novels and movies about soilent green and the coming age when people would once again be marched into ovens and destroyed as a burden upon society.

Science fiction....never could happen again right?

I have to admit that at the time I never dreamed that there would ever be a time (in my lifetime) when any of that would actually approach reality, but that time has apparently now arrived IMO. And it has arrived compliments of America's first black president and the first person ever elected to the presidency, who is so thoroughly committed to socialism, that he will even commit state sponsored murder to see the goals of his political religion attained.

And don't kid yourselves, socialism is just as much a religion for the practitioners and its followers, as anything that you will see them affiliated with. Actually it is more of a cult than a religion, but they adhere to it and have committed themselves to it in the same manner as any cultist or follower of Christianity.

Obama's plans for American health care are to first attempt to gain control of medicare and medicaid and their payment structure. On first examination the reality is relatively simple. He intends to implement government mandated price controls over health care for all who fall under medicare and medicaid. But the reality is far more sinister when examined closely.

What he and those in his administration are really up to, is a complete denial of medical treatments and health care period, for all who have reached or surpassed their government predetermined shelf life.

Live to be 65 years old and qualify for medicare and medicaid? And you better have taken real good care of yourself through the years, because under Obama's version of affordable health care? Society will no longer be able to afford you. Need a bypass or treatment for diabetes? Or heaven forbid a hip or knee replacement? And you are going to be SOL.

Have a look at what is being planned for your affordable health care program under Obama care as we speak.

A federal bureaucracy, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), have proposed draconian cuts to Medicare. Obama’s plans to finance nationalized health care call for $287. 5 billion dollars cuts from Medicare over the course of ten years–$520 million in 2010. Any nationalized plan submitted to Congress by the Democrats will be half financed by the exclusion of the elderly from a variety of health care services. For example, heart disease is the number one killer of those ages 65 and over. Medicare payments to doctors for cardiac care, not including expensive heart surgery, will be cut by 20% in 2010. With a population of baby boomers soon to reach 65, the shortage of dollars will be spread more thinly.

And there is more......

Apparently, these cuts are not enough to satisfy Barack Obama. Congress decides annually if Medicare cuts will go through. Obama is attempting to seize Congressional control of Medicare and move it to the Executive Branch and into the hands of unaccountable, unelected officials, stating the move is critical “in controlling health care costs”. What this translates into is that he believes Congress will be too afraid to accept the cuts that will put senior citizens on the road to premature death. Citizens over 65, in the eyes of the Obama and his administration, are just not worth the expense and the problem with social security is solved with the early departure of those who have diligently paid into the system, hoping to enjoy their retirement. No longer will Medicare decisions be based on “safe and effective” treatments for illness.

Pelosi’s United States House of Representatives Health care Reform Bill, introduced last week supports Obama’s agenda. The plan is based on the rationing-of-care-to-cut-costs models of Great Britain and Canada. Yes, these countries spend less money on health care as Obama likes to point out in speeches. They achieve this by denying care, creating long waits, often too long to save the patient, and limiting diagnostic and potentially life-saving treatments.

Everyone who is presently 65 or older had better pay attention to what these socialist interlopers are attempting to pas through as supposed revamped and affordable health care. And those like myself who are within ten years of reaching that age had better pay even more attention, because if this passes, the system will have become well versed in how to make us "comfortable" with our timely demise once we no longer qualify for any quality of life.

President Obama and his administration are rife with these socialist whiz kids and those who are and will not be subject to the plans that they have in store for the rest of us. Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is only surpassed by his brother Ezekial who in the final analysis may end up being viewed by history as this century's Joseph Mengele if allowed to come to prominence in Obama's new vision of state controlled health care.

Another troubling fact, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is a member of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology board and has been a close advisor to Obama on health care. A bioethicist and the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, has called for rescinding the Hippocratic Oath which admonishes doctors to do no harm and to do all that is necessary to save the patient. Emmanuel believes that doctors should be oriented to cost factors rather than patient care. How many physicians, who become close to the patient and families they treat, will be willing to practice this cold, cold delivery of health care once the Hippocratic Oath is extinguished. The overwhelming majority of physicians have consciences. Obama and the liberals in Congress apparently do not.

Yes, you read that right, given the opportunity and the ability? Ezekiel Emanuel wants the Hippocratic Oath rescinded and eliminated entirely. Why? Because as a bioethicist, he knows and realizes that there are any number of ethical issues that cannot be resolved as long as human beings are treated like human beings. Therefore, they must be considered on a different level of existence for Mr. Emanuel's ethics to be allowed to run free and play upon the socialist and Marxist themes that he truly relishes and wants to pass on to the rest of us.

Every American should be made aware of what these people are up to and precisely what their agenda is when it comes to their version of supposed "affordable health care." Of course it's affordable if we eliminate through state sponsored murder the number of Americans who are seeking health care.

Is there any clearer picture of the intent of these people than their stated goal to just let people die? Americans had better wake up and let their elected representatives know how they feel about this socialist lunacy before it is too late. And those who are voting on these bills better make sure that someone reads the fine print of these 1000 plus page amendments before this heresy becomes law.

Or else some day soon, they will be wheeling your dead or dying carcass to a government funded collection center to be rightly and justly disposed of, before you waste anymore of the state's treasure trying to keep you alive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pebo's Birth Certificate Challenged Publicly

There is a ground swell rising all across America on the issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate. Something that could have been and should have been resolved long before last fall's election. But it wasn't and it hasn't been.

Where there is smoke there is fire and where there is an unreasonable failure to produce documents? Then the usual reason is that the documents are either non existent or they speak directly to the allegations.

This issue will continue to build until it explodes IMO.

Governors Beware Unfunded Mandates

Governors worried by healthcare bill costs

Over the weekend, the nation's governors had the opportunity to discuss among themselves the Obama administration's health care bill winding it's way through congress. And the consensus seems to be that the bipartisan reality is that the states cannot afford or absorb the unfunded mandates that this bill is pushing toward them and the people.

If these governors succeed in reaching their senators and voting this bill down, we will have dodges a bullet. If they fail? the best that will be accomplished will be that the senate and congress will rework the bill with promises of more subsidies and trillions more in unfunded and borrowed deficit spending.

Socialized medicine is something that America cannot afford and if allowed to become law, we will all suffer the consequences.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A nation without heroes is nothing

Airborne Icon and Hero Passes On - Godspeed, Darrell "Shifty" Powers
Posted By Blackfive

"I could hear bullets and shrapnel hitting the plane. As I jumped out the door, I could see that the left motor was on fire." - Darrell Shifty Powers talking about jumping over Normandy, France, on D-Day.


Many, many of you have sent me notice that Shifty Powers of the heroic Easy Company, 2-506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division, died on June 17th. I had no idea that he had passed on. I have written here a lot about Easy Company and even have an autographed photo (Bill Guarnere) on my desk of the jump into Holland (Market Garden).

If you use GoogleNews (any combo of Darrell and/or Shifty Powers), there are less then ten notices of his death. There are less than four articles about his passing on from "old media" news agencies.

Shifty Google

Quite frankly, this is an affront to a genuinely good man. Shifty Powers received two Bronze Stars and a CIB and fought in every campaign that Easy Company was in. He was severely injured on his way home in a truck accident (the irony is that the men of Easy rigged the lottery to go home so Shifty would be first, but he ended up being one of the last to get home after an extensive hospitalization).

This email has gone viral about Shifty:

We're hearing a lot today about big splashy memorial services.

I want a nationwide memorial service for Darrell "Shifty" Powers.

Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served with Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Infantry. If you've seen Band of Brothers on HBO or the History Channel, you know Shifty. His character appears in all 10 episodes, and Shifty himself is interviewed in several of them.

Shifty sgt_darrell_powers_506e

I met Shifty in the Philadelphia airport several years ago. I didn't know who he was at the time. I just saw an elderly gentleman having trouble reading his ticket. I offered to help, assured him that he was at the right gate, and noticed the "Screaming Eagle", the symbol of the 101st Airborne, on his hat.

Making conversation, I asked him if he'd been in the 101st Airborne or if his son was serving. He said quietly that he had been in the 101st. I thanked him for his service, then asked him when he served, and how many jumps he made.

Quietly and humbly, he said "Well, I guess I signed up in 1941 or so, and was in until sometime in 1945 . . . " at which point my heart skipped.

At that point, again, very humbly, he said "I made the 5 training jumps at Toccoa, and then jumped into Normandy . . . . do you know where Normandy is?" At this point my heart stopped.


I told him yes, I know exactly where Normandy was, and I know what D-Day was. At that point he said "I also made a second jump into Holland, into Arnhem." I was standing with a genuine war hero . . . . and then I realized that it was June, just after the anniversary of D-Day.

I asked Shifty if he was on his way back from France, and he said "Yes. And it's real sad because these days so few of the guys are left, and those that are, lots of them can't make the trip." My heart was in my throat and I didn't know what to say.

I helped Shifty get onto the plane and then realized he was back in Coach, while I was in First Class. I sent the flight attendant back to get him and said that I wanted to switch seats. When Shifty came forward, I got up out of the seat and told him I wanted him to have it, that I'd take his in coach.

He said "No, son, you enjoy that seat. Just knowing that there are still some who remember what we did and still care is enough to make an old man very happy." His eyes were filling up as he said it. And mine are brimming up now as I write this.

Shifty died on June 17 after fighting cancer.

There was no parade.

No big event in Staples Center.

No wall to wall back to back 24x7 news coverage.

No weeping fans on television.

And that's not right.

Let's give Shifty his own Memorial Service, online, in our own quiet way. Please forward this email to everyone you know. Especially to the veterans.

Rest in peace, Shifty.

"A nation without heroes is nothing." - Roberto Clemente

Here is a clip of the men of Easy Company (Shifty too) talking about heroes...

The White House Medicare Power Grab

White House wants more power to set Medicare rates

It's amazing to behold IMO. It wasn't a year ago when the media and their liberal legions were bemoaning the supposed power and authority that had been granted to the Bush White House unchallenged. From the Patriot Act, to the interrogation of prisoners, to the interception of phone calls and emails of foreign nationals communicating with others in known enemy countries.

In each instance those powers were held out to be abuses of power of the highest order and completely unwarranted. What a difference a year makes.

Here we are just barely past six months into the Obama administration and the level of powers that have been assumed and being sought after by this White House are unprecedented.

We now have a presidency that has assumed control over the banking industry, the auto industry and now wants to assume control over the health industry.

And just what does this White House request to limit medicare payments actually represent. Simply put, it means price fixing. Which on the surface may seem to be a rational approach and one that certainly appeals to the less than astute minds that believe life should be a free lunch. But in reality what it truly represents is that the power to regulate and control free enterprise, will be further enriched, regulated and controlled by government.

But more importantly, it will have the exact reverse effect on the people that it is supposedly designed to help. (sort of like the no new taxes pledge that was made before the election.)

It's a simple cause and effect calculation for anyone who cares to have a look. Once the government steps into to freeze and determine "reasonable costs" for medicare and medicaid payments? The result will be that many doctors and hospitals will simply refuse to treat medicare and medicaid patients under the existing pricing regulations.

In essence, the government can mandate the price of a commodity? But they cannot mandate either the sale or consumption of that commodity. The market always has an always will make those determinations. And all the socialism crammed down the throats of the people can never change that fact.

Just as those in communist countries have always found a way around oppressive government regulation, so too will Americans have to find a way to deal with what is presently being foisted upon them under the auspices of fairness and improvement.

Socialism is an oppressive and smothering form of government and the American people are about to learn that lesson in a terrible fashion.

The Beginning of The End

Iraq Restricts U.S. Forces

Over the past several weeks, the focus of most Americans as it concerns the middle east and war has been focused on Afghanistan. After all, whether the present administration wanted to admit it or not, the previous administration had won the war in Iraq. By the time Barack Obama took office in January, Iraq had become a capitulated country that had seen it's terrorist insurgency driven from the cities and hunted down and destroyed by the surge that the former administration fought to see through to the end.

That was then, this is now.

While the media has been distracted by health care and cap and trade and the Sotomayor nomination, there has been a rise of attacks in Afghanistan. And little notice has been given to Iraq and the rising attacks on our troops there. And as this article points out, there is a lot going on in Iraq that should be setting off alarms in the minds of most Americans.

In a curt missive issued by the Baghdad Operations Command on July 2 -- the day after Iraqis celebrated the withdrawal of U.S. troops to bases outside city centers -- Iraq's top commanders told their U.S. counterparts to "stop all joint patrols" in Baghdad. It said U.S. resupply convoys could travel only at night and ordered the Americans to "notify us immediately of any violations of the agreement."

This directive passed with little or no notice here in America, but our troops on the ground and their commanders noted it and it's effect and results rather quickly.

If extremists realize "some of the limitations that we have, that's a vulnerability they could use against us," a senior U.S. military intelligence official said. "The fact is that some of these are very politically sensitive targets" thought to be close to the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

If extremist realize some of the limitations we have?

I submit, all they have to do is read and watch the daily press briefings coming out of Washington and if that doesn't clearly demonstrate to them the limitations that we have, then I don't know what does.

From the minute Barack Obama won the election to this day, he has reiterated almost daily, his intentions of abandoning the hard fought achievements and efforts to sustain Iraq as a stabilized and no longer threatening country. He has made it perfectly clear that he is willing to turn the country over as soon as possible and remove all American presence whether the Iraqis are prepared to handle it or not.

And from the looks of the past several weeks and the increases in terrorist bombing and attacks, it seems rather obvious that the Iraqis are not prepared to assume the responsibility. Yet Maliki and this puppet regime that was installed seem hell bent to take over and get the Americans out. Which causes me to there another agenda lurking in the wings? Does Maliki and his new buddy in Iran have bigger plans that need the removal of the Americans to accomplish the final goal?

I certainly think so. People tend to forget, but Iraq is a predominantly Shite country. (As is Iran). It was Saddam's Sunni's who reined supreme over Iraq for thirty years and went to war with the Iranian Shites. And now the worm has turned. In the absence of a deposed Saddam Hussein and an American military presence in the region to quell the shite insurgents? All that is required for a unified Iraq/Iran to emerge is a simple agreement between the two Shite majorities. And that is precisely what I see about to occur in Iraq under the tutelage of one Barack Obama.

Mean while the American military commanders on the ground in Iraq can see it. They know what is happening and what is about to happen and why.

The Americans have been taken aback by the new restrictions on their activities. The Iraqi order runs "contrary to the spirit and practice of our last several months of operations," Maj. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, commander of the Baghdad division, wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post.

"Maybe something was 'lost in translation,' " Bolger wrote. "We are not going to hide our support role in the city. I'm sorry the Iraqi politicians lied/dissembled/spun, but we are not invisible nor should we be." He said U.S. troops intend to engage in combat operations in urban areas to avert or respond to threats, with or without help from the Iraqis.

"This is a broad right and it demands that we patrol, raid and secure routes as necessary to keep our forces safe," he wrote. "We'll do that, preferably partnered."

The apparent wish and desire of more than a few Americans for the past eight years is about to become a reality IMO. From those like John Kerry to the so called celebrities in Hollywood and leading straight back to the present occupant of the White House. They have all hungered for a return to the memories and history of Vietnam. They have never ceased in their comparisons and their desires to make the Iraq war into this generation's Vietnam.

They have fought long and hard against this nation and it's citizen soldiers and now they are finally beginning to realize the fruits of their labors. Their guy is in the White House now and they have long been on record with him as to what they want to see come to pass as an epitaph for this war in Iraq.

So prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, the body count is getting ready to be something reminiscent of the heady days of 1969. Too bad Walter won't be around to cover it this time. But we will still get our fill of body bags and caskets and casualty counts on the evening news daily.

That's what these people want and that is what they will insure becomes the reality. And so too will be the epitaph of Afghanistan eventually. Until the point is finally reached when once again, another rag tag band of heathen fascists and communist can stand waving their flags and grinning over the burned out heaps of what once were the machines of American power.

Friday, July 17, 2009

As We Go Quietly Into The Night

I have long understood what the real problems and dangers to this country were, as I have long understood their origins and those responsible for the threats that America faces today. Through the years, I have conversationally and in numerous writings on the matter, explained to people that our demise as a free nation, began when FDR rammed through the New Deal after the great depression.

No real epiphany on my part, but rather a simple understanding of history and what it represented to the future actions of those in this country and globally. And yes, I soon determined that we as a people are condemned to repeat our history.

There have been many comparisons of late concerning FDR's New Deal and Barack Obama's New Socialist Deal. And the two are strikingly similar in design and device IMO, but the reality is that what Obama is presently engaged in doing to this nation, is unprecedented in the history of America. It is safe to say IMO, "same new deal, different day and in spades."

Pat Buchanan has long written of the dangers of socialism to this nation and its people, as he has long sought to identify the policies and the people who would willingly lead us down the primrose path to socialist oblivion. Sadly....I don't think that many Americans have been paying attention to him or anyone else as it concerns the pied piper call of socialism.

This morning Pat has published his latest assessment on the matter of socialism in America and it has some striking realities and symbolism between the past and present IMO. Pat goes on to conclude that we are now in the death spiral into full blown socialist economic collapse and that there is in all probability absolutely no rescue from our fate. As example, he cites the words of Garet Garrett from 1953.

After half a century of fighting encroachments upon freedom in America, journalist Garet Garrett published "The People's Pottage." A year later, in 1954, he died. "The People's Pottage" opens thus:

"There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom."

Go HERE and read Pat's entire piece. It is well worth the time and it is both thought provoking and terrifying to anyone who has any modicum of common sense and awareness of what is happening to this country and why.

Twenty years earlier, Garet Garrett wrote of what FDR and congress had done to America.....on the heels of the great depression.

The powers transferred to the President were such, among others, as these:

1. To control and administer all business and industry in the public interest;
2. To govern production, prices, profits, competition, wages and the hours of labor;
3. To determine the economic policy of the country; that is to say, whether it shall be national or international;
4. To debase money in behalf of the debtor class;
5. To produce inflation in the interest of certain classes;
6. To reapportion private wealth and income throughout the nation, in his own judgement;
7. The power specifically to reduce the gold value of the dollar one-half - or, that is to say, the power, simply by proclamation, to double the price of everything that is priced in dollars, and to halve the value of every obligation payable in dollars, such as debts, bonds and mortgages, insurance policies, bank deposits.

Garet Garrett 1933

And what we are currently seeing and experiencing today, is the Obama administration furthering the socialist extremes first visited on this country seventy six years ago. In each instance it should be noted, that America was/is at its weakest point and teetering on the edge of complete economic collapse.

These are the times historically, when the people throw caution to the wind and run madly toward the cliffs like the mindless lemmings that they are. Save us! Save us! We will gladly surrender our freedoms for more manna from heaven and the belief that we will be taken care of by an omnipresent and benevolent government!

But salvation and redemption will not come. They are only the empty promises of the socialist huckster. As America watches congress attempt to pass Obama's cap and trade and health care reform packages over the next few weeks, they need to be aware of the old Latin phrase "Caveat Emptor." For we as a nation are being bound with the silk ribbons of deceit and traitorous actions that will soon (but too late) be revealed.

Garet Garrett was right. We as a nation have been facing the ramparts and searching for and enemy on the horizon, when we should have been facing back toward the fifth column in our midst. Kruchev predicted it, but so did Garret and others. And now it has arrived.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Taxing Situation

House Plans to Tax Millionaires to Fund Health Care

Today's headlines are once again blaring the most common populist mantra of socialist egalitarian rationalization. Obama's plan for funding supposed universal health care? "Tax the rich." That's right friends and neighbors, never fear as it concerns president Obama's plans for America's forced perspective concerning health care. He will tax the rich to pay for it! Or is it...."he will tax the evil rich to pay for it!"

Either way, someone will be taxed to pay for all this, but let's not tell the average working stiff and those poor dumb bastards working 20 hours a day trying to run their own small businesses, that in the end it will be they who are called upon to shoulder their own plucking.

President Obama is going ahead with his full court press for socialized medicine in America and Nancy Pelosi will lead the ground assault in the house of representatives.

Admittedly, taxing the rich is a popular (hence populist) perspective on just about anything concerning government funding or financing in today's world, especially since the democrats regained the house in 2006 and the senate and the White house last year. But since then, America has suffered the worst economic down turn and recession in a century and the money just isn't there for any more new programs.

None the less our entrusted liberal leaders seem hell bent on pushing us right up to the edge of the great abyss of economic collapse and into the deficit pit of hell. Just as long as they can pursue and obtain their socialist dreams, who cares what cost.

Come hell or high water, these socialist running the democrat party are going to ram through their socialist spending agenda if it kills all of us.

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Only this time it isn't a naval blockade but rather the last bastions of capitalism that are under a full scale federal attack by a rogue president and an absolutely out of control socialist majority congress.

The "rich" seem to be the prized golden geese for the democrat goose stepping marchers in congress. Those who are now taking aim at their biggest prize to date (Obama and Pelosi) seem prepared to accept that their cap and trade (tax) plan can't make it out of the senate. And they are now earnestly pushing to get Obama's massive spending bill to supposedly revamp health care through the house before the August recess.

Having been promised by this president a more open and transparent government while campaigning, the reality is proving once again to be far less than was promised to the people by Obama while he was campaigning. (shades of, that was then this is now.)

The present health care legislation being authored by this band of rogues, is already over 1000 pages in length and growing. Does anyone actually think that those who will vote on this bill have read or will read it before they vote to pass it? Does anyone actually believe that we the people will have a chance to read the bill or comment on it for that matter before the vote to pass it? Hell no!

And while the political rhetoric of kill the rich is all fine, well and good on the political stump and in front of the cameras, the reality remains that the liberal definition of rich, leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to taxation.

We are talking about a president and a speaker of the house who have yet to accurately reach a projected mark or promise (concerning budgets, taxes or unemployment) that has been made in the last three years. And these are the same people telling us now, that they will finance their socialized medicine program by simply turning the screws a "wee bit" on those nasty rich people.

Never mind that two things will become terribly apparent just as soon as this bill becomes law.

First, those major corporations and businesses that currently provide health benefits coverage to their employees? That will come to an abrupt end just as soon as this bill becomes law. These businesses (big and small) and the major corporations will quickly realize, that in order to remain competitive, they will have to un-leverage themselves from their present obligations concerning health care coverage for their employees.

Therefore, they will simply pull their benefits packages and tell their employees to go enroll in the new government mandated "free for all" Obama health care program.

The next thing to become apparent to the people after that, will be that the evil rich will soon by necessity encompass everyone who is employed at any level when it comes to paying for the Obama health care taxation program.

Oh sure....make no mistake, those evil rich people will have long since been bled white of all the money that can be squeezed from them. But the reality will remain what any cogent thinking person has to know is truth, "that this socialist farce cannot be funded solely on the backs of the rich!" (It never could have been).

And what will be accomplished in the long and arduous process of the masses being led to that reality? It will become painfully apparent that we will lose literally millions of small businesses and tens of millions more will soon join the ranks of the jobless. Unemployment may hit 20% if this lunacy passes and is signed into law. But at least everyone will have health care. Even if they have to die waiting for it.

That is what happens when you kill all the golden geese on the alter of socialism. No more eggs, no more land of plenty, no more freedoms. Only famine and pestilence and the final rationalization that believing in egalitarian Nirvana, never was anything other than a disjointed and irrational dream. An impossible dream foisted on the people for the sole purpose of controlling and destroying them. And the funny part? They voted for it.

Thus has been the reality of Nirvana since it's original creation in the diseased mind of socialism over 150 years ago. And it is once again time for the current generation to live the nightmare and learn the painful lessons.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama's Russian Approval Rating Is Sagging

You probably won't see this covered any this week in the MSM now that he is back from his Russian trip of last week. I am surprised that youtube has even left it up at this point. A rather belittling and embarrassing bit of video IMO and it was playing live as the anchor was commentating.

These images and the message they convey are more than clear to me as it concerns his meeting with the Russians last week and what they think of him. Is there any doubt that the man has absolutely no credibility on the world stage? Especially with our enemies and potential adversaries.

Going through the motions

Sotomayor hearing moves to key social issues

They began the senate hearings yesterday on Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. Why bother. The republicans don't have the votes or the balls to stop the nomination and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said as much in his opening remarks to Sotomayor yesterday.

Openly admitting that short of a "melt down, you are going to be confirmed." Wow....that's what I call GOP leadership personified. Comparing what this woman is on record as saying concerning her own biased vies with how those same remarks would have ended his own career, Senator Graham none the less was willing to immediately concede that her confirmation is in the bag.

I say pull the plug on this farce now and just seat the woman as the newest justice. Why waste my time and my money putting on a charade of supposed probing examination. In the end, Obama gets his liberal Latin justice and the world continues on. and maybe if we are lucky? John Paul Stevens will either go belly up or decide to quit and that will give the messianic one another shot to corrupt the court with another social anarchist.

Just spare me all the media hyped false drama and in depth analysis of what we all know is a done deal.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give It Time

Obama: Recovery Will Take Years Not Months

Now that it has become apparent that Obama's 787 billion dollar stimulus bill hasn't worked? The president seems to be pleading for patience from the American people. As a rule, the American people are a patient lot. They tend to go along a lot farther with idiocy than they should historically. Especially when it concerns their taxes. (Makes one wonder what ever happened to the true tea party revelers and their progeny that have become weaklings).

But when the best that the president of the United States can muster are the lame excuses that he brought to the table yesterday? I believe the patience of Job won't be long in the offing with the average American. Give it another 90 days and the reality will be sitting squarely on the shoulders of every American. And it won't have been shaken, sifted and measured in accordance with what the bible teaches, but rather what the bible prophesied IMO.

According to the president? The stimulus wasn't designed to rescue the economy, only to "stop the free fall." So let's see, it costs almost a trillion dollars just to (in theory) put the brakes on a faltering economy which is still in motion in the wrong direction by the way. So how much will it cost to get the economy to put it in reverse and slowly back out of the ditch? Another trillion? Two? Three? Is it even recoverable at this point, especially considering an 11 trillion dollar deficit and grwoing by the minute.

The president's highlight reel of yesterday lays claim to having propped up state budgets and extended unemployment and assisted with more affordable health care via his stimulus. But where are the jobs? There in lies the problem and the reality IMO. You don't hear him or his minions at treasury talking about job creation or even job maintaining anymore. And they have just as quickly brushed past their projections of an 8% unemployment rate of last February. Now that we are at 9.5 unemployment rate and climbing, there is no longer any talk of creating 3 million new jobs. There is no more talk of maintaining what we presently have. Only the prediction that "it will get worse before it gets better." Tell me something I didn't know before you were elected Mr. president.

And as laughable as it may seem? Old smoking Joe Biden may be the only one who has even approached speaking truth to reality in Washington of late. When the VP said last week that they may have misjudged the economy? (just a tad) That was surely an understatement, but at least it is the closest we have come yet to the truth since the man of change first took office.

And now the president is sending up trial balloons on a potential second stimulus package. Carefully dodging any direct references to a second stimulus himself, he none the less has allowed those inside his administration to throw the dog on the table to see how the people will react. IMO? The thoughts of another trillion in government waste won't play well with middle America. The first stimulus hasn't played well from middle America to the board rooms to the former fawning billionaires Buffet and Soros. And it is playing worse now that the realities of the failure of 787 billion in wasted stimulus are becoming apparent to the average American. Give it time? Do we have time?

I am one of those who happens to believe that the rudder of the ship of state is hard over to the left and we are heading toward the shoals instead of toward the safety of port. There is nothing in the current stimulus or any future stimulus that will save this country, in the absence of common sense cut backs in wasteful Washington entitlements and pork. We have to cut taxes and cut waste and we have to do it now.

We have to cut these wasteful programs and budgets designed solely for bureaucracies that are nothing less than self propelled life blood draining siphons on our collective future as a nation. There in lies the solution Mr. president. there in lies the road to redemption. But I don't think that you see it. You are too blinded by your partisan desires of lofting the socialist brass rings into the arena and your desire to see this nation made over into something completely alien to all.

Last week the phones and emails of the US senate were set ablaze by citizens complaining and demanding that the senate put an end to your cap and trade (tax) bill. And this week the calls will once again reach a crescendo of appeal and demand.

The tide is turning if ever so slowly and the people will not long suffer under the yoke of the fiscal and financial oppression that this man and his philosophies of Marxist socialism are attempting to foist on us all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama's New Girl

Remember the Obama girl from last year's campaign? The one who did all the sexy youtube videos about her love for yes we can man from illinois? Well it certainly looked like the president had a new candidate in mind for his next campaign girl while visiting the G8 summit this week.

Beauty Who Turned Obama's Head Is a Brazilian from Rio

Rarely do I blog about the same issue twice in two days, but the president being caught before the world, clearly staring at a teenager's butt has got to be worth more than just some passing commentary and then sinking into the stacks of oblivion. Not even wild Bill Clinton ever got caught actually lusting. But here we have president Obama in a clearly captured moment of compromise? And the media first closes ranks and chuckles, then begins tendering plausible deniability scenarios before moving on to other things as if this straying of the eye was much ado about nothing.

I first saw the photograph of the president's wandering eye yesterday and since then I have seen the video of the G8 group photo where the presidential FUBAR occurred numerous times. I have seen everyone from ABC to FOX News back peddling and offering everything from abject denials to outright apologies of supposed humor for the president's actions at the G8.

ABC went as far as to analyze the footage and assert that "looks can be deceiving".....that the president was only looking down at the step for his footing, or that he was assisting the woman behind him and searching for her hand to assist her. According to ABC? He clearly wasn't looking at the ass of a 16 year old girl. Mean while, they laughingly questioned the actions of French president Sarkozy and seemed to want to transpose all guilt of askance looking onto his shoulders. Yet it is the look on Sarkozy's face that is the major giveaway as to what Obama was really looking at.

The media can parse it until hell freezes over, but Sarkozy and everyone else observing saw and they know what they saw. I know what I see in that photo and I know what I saw when I looked at the still photograph and compared it to the the video. The only difference between Obama and Sarkozy, is that Obama corrects himself quickly while Sarkozy goes on leering at the girl's backside.

And lastly, the media's version of this young Brazilian girl as a beauty? Leaves a lot for open interpretation in my opinion. If her ass qualifies as the sole gradient for beauty, then I suppose she is in the running for Miss Universe. But when she turned around to face the cameras? All I saw was an average looking girl at best.

But then again as the president noted by example, who was looking at the face. The following collage has a better perspective of what was really going on at the G8 group photo IMO. And from the looks of it? It wasn't just the ass of some 16 year old Brazilian girl who was getting all the attention by the male contingent of world leaders.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama's Second Stimulus Package

It's in the bag. The subliminal messages of the Obama's

As one of millions of interested observers (taxpayers), I have begun to notice what I believe is a bothersome trend being established by the Obama family. Beginning with Michelle and her supposed fashion sense. We first saw a glimpse of that supposed frugality and sense of fashion last April, when the first lady was observed wearing a $540 pair of sneakers to a photo op for a food bank in Washington where she was volunteering.

My first thoughts back then were...."who pays that kind of money for sneakers?" Discounting the fact that there are obviously a great number of the super wealthy in the world, there still remains a certain amount of shock in my mind, when I see or hear of anyone spending that kind of money on something as basic as shoes.

And here I am today reading the news and I get treated to the dual reports of both Michelle Obama and one of her daughters sporting questionable clothing and accessories while accompanying the president on his tour of Russia and Italy. (I wonder if they laid back and went shopping again like they did in Paris last month.)
In either event, it seems that while traveling with the president, that they have decided to make their own fashion and political statements, subtle as they are if not palpably less than subliminal.

First in the news today, we have reports and photographs of first daughter Malia sporting not one but two different versions of the Peace symbol as her traveling attire while visiting Rome with her mother and sister. The Brits picked up on that rather quickly.

Then comes news that Michelle was captured sporting a nifty little clutch purse, while playing the roll of the dutiful first lady. She was photographed following along behind Barack and Russian president Dmitry Medvedev as they strolled through the woods in Moscow accompanied by the Russian president's wife. And during that stroll she can clearly be seem sporting a black clutch purse.

Cost of the purse according to the fashion police? Right at $6000. That's right, Michelle Obama is photographed carrying a purse that retails for almost $6000! Of course the first lady's press office immediately denied that the purse she was carrying was the one sold by VBH of Italy or that is cost anything approaching that much. Opting rather to attempt to clarify their report by saying that it was actually another purse made by a different stylist and that in reality, the purse the first lady was carrying only costs $875.

Oh....I get it. An $875 purse makes it alright. What a relief. I thought for a minute there? That we had another example of an elitist being caught being an elitist.

Mean while, the makers of the $5990 purse first spotted and identified as a VBH original had this to say.

Told that Obama's office denied the bag was the high-end VBH clutch, Kelly Vitko, a rep for the company replied, "It’s definitely ours [manila bag]."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Not Politicize This

House Democrat Joins Pelosi in Accusing CIA of Misleading, Lying to Congress


Today Rep. Silvestre Reyes, basically called out the CIA, stating in a letter to a republican colleague, that he agreed with speaker Nancy Pelosi in that he believes the CIA has lied to congress. Specifically, that he believes that the CIA has lied to him, therefore, he believes speaker Pelosi's allegations against the CIA from earlier this spring must be true.

Then...there are these pearls from his letter that he apparently sent to Republican, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich, where he was supposedly expressing his concerns on the matter of the CIA's truthfulness to congress to Rep Hoelstra.

"We all know there have been a number of contentious issues that have been much publicized," said Reyes, who indicated he wrote the letter in an attempt to curb GOP efforts to target Pelosi.

So he openly admits that the purpose of the letter is in actuality to attempt to thwart GOP criticism of speaker Pelosi and her allegations against the CIA, if which she is yet to substantiate.

And then there is this....

"Let's leave for the moment the politics out of it," Reyes said. "Our national security is about the most serious thing we deal with here on Capitol Hill. And it shouldn't be politicized."

On that point you are right Rep. Reyes. Our national security is about the most important thing that congress can address and deal with and it shouldn't be politicized. Therefore, for a US congressman who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to call out the CIA on an accusation of lying to congress and then to openly admit that he wrote the letter for the seeming sole purpose of attempting to curb GOP attacks on speaker Pelosi for her accusations?

Well that is unconscionable IMO.

Then to turn right around and attempt to contend that national security isn't something to play around with, much less to use as a politicized ploy? Yet to then admit that the purpose of what you are doing is in fact what you are railing against?

Well I for one am completely amazed. I am completely amazed that a moron like Rep. Reyes could be elected to the US House of Representatives. I am amazed that a partisan hack of such idiocy and contrived partisan thinking, could be given a chairmanship of one of the most important congressional committees in congress. And lastly, I am amazed that an individual such as Rep. Reyes can openly elect to foist such a low brow ruse as this upon the American people and the media? And having done so, no one seems to care or even be able to see the obvious duplicity and partisan sculdugery afoot in this democrat contrived ploy.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The King is Dead (and buried thank goodness)

Well....not quite buried yet, but at least by the end of this day he will be. Then let the real games begin.

A $25,000 gold plated casket.

A motorcade of 10 Rolls Royces, 3 Cadillac Escalades and 10 all black Range Rovers.

11,000 people who won golden tickets to this decades greatest show on earth. (the farewell to Michael Jackson).

Various and sundry celebrities and politicians present to have their photos made in front of the back drop of a Hollywood drama at it's best.

Priceless? No. Sickening IMO.

Twelve days after the death of Michael Jackson, the first act of the big top never land circus is finally drawing to an end and the legal wrangling over the estate begins in earnest.

I say good riddance, I am sick of seeing it and hearing about it.

We have lost 13 valiant young men in Afghanistan since Michael Jackson died. Who mourns for them other than their families. What networks stopped the world to report of their passing as real America heroes.

The answer is self evident. And the answer is sad IMO.

No one cares about them. The average American would rather swoon over some emotionally conflicted and drug addicted celebrity, than recognize the life and passing of those that truly matter.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Real Cost of Energy

World stocks fall as oil drops to $64 a barrel

All of us have seen the rising cost of gasoline at the pump since the first of the year. Locally, I have seen prices rise from $1.49 a gallon to over $2.65 a gallon and now the price has fallen back to around $2.45 this week.

But the question remains, when will the cost of energy reach any level of reasonable equilibrium. And how can it, when we continue to allow those on Wall street to manipulate the prices. Today's headlines seem to reflect a retreat once again in oil prices and as a result, the world stock markets are reacting by sliding? Why is that? It seems to me that the news of lower cost energy should if anything inspire more investment. but the reverse is seemingly true. that tells me precisely who is behind and responsible for these market fluctuations and erratic prices for oil and other energy sources.

Which immediately brings questions in my mind? Questions of where exactly is this recovery that I have been hearing about for the past two months. There have been some increase in the global stock markets that is for sure, but the bottom line of jobs and job losses have continued to slide and the turn around that Obama's stimulus spending promised simply hasn't materialized.

And I for one don't believe that it will materialize. How can it? Particularly in the face of Obama's desire to have cap and trade rammed down our throats in the midst of a recession. Cap and trade is in actuality cap and "tax" and anyone other than a complete fool can see that. How can further penalizing people with embedded punitive taxing, be a positive thing or an element to economic recovery? It can't be.

Of course all the so called economist who told us all along that everything was alright with the economy, are the same ones telling us now that everything in alright with the economy once again and recovery is underway. I for one don't believe that. I tend to listen to those who are not in the main stream and those who are not affiliated with and obligated to partisan think tanks and thus have to match the reality of their supposed science to the political rhetoric, by supporting it in the public arena with faux science.

The American economy remains floundering and just barely laying off from smashing against the rocks, and our energy policies and the cost of oil remain major driving forces in this economy and always have been. IMO, we can no longer endure the unencumbered speculation in the energy markets that stand to completely wreck what is left of our economy. And we certainly cannot withstand the socialist inspired and liberal democrat led attack on our energy resources in the name of hyped and purposely skewed science, for the sake of supposedly doing out part to combat global warming that isn't occurring.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Are we again on the verge of war?

Saudis give nod to Israeli raid on Iran

Biden: U.S. Won't Stand in Way of Israel on Iran Nukes

Two headlines jumped out at me this morning. The first concerning the Saudis supposed tacit approval to the Israelis potential to launch a preemptive strike on Iran. That story leaked out early this morning, then several hours later, a new revelation by our own vice president. (And since when is Joe Biden the lead man for releasing Obama administration foreign policy. )

Especially concerning the more than touchy reality surrounding public discussions of the Iranian nuclear program and Israel and potential attacks. It seems to me that we may be in the midst of watching a substantive sea change on the part of both America and certain middle eastern entities, as it concerns what to do about the Iranian nuclear problem.

And what better place to run up the test balloons of public opinion, than in the Sunday headline sections of various national media. I remember all too well the Sunday when the news story broke of a supposed cult called the Branch Davidians in Texas. A full expose on David Koresh and his Branch Davidians ran that Sunday in a number of major American papers.

Allegations of child abuse and all manner of other allegations were bantered as fact in those articles. And the following day is when the siege at Waco began. I can still look back on those stories and see sound reason to believe that those stories were purposeful media plants. These stories were purposely floated on a Sunday, to soften up the psyche of the American people (IMO) for what the government knew was about to happen the next day. I have that same feeling after seeing these two articles concerning a potential Israeli attack on Iran, suddenly appearing within hours of each other in the MSM today.

Is something about to happen in Iran? Involving an Israeli attack and the subtle but well wished blessing of America and a number of her allies? I suppose we will have to wait and see. Just don't be surprised later on this week if we suddenly find ourselves at war with Iran. Remember, Achmed the the crazy president of Iran and the Mullahs of Iran have long promised to attack America and Americans if anyone attempts to attack Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Colin Powell "Concerned" With Obama's Spending

He should be concerned. He ought to have been concerned back before he decided to endorse Obama. Makes no difference now. IMO, Colin Powell has cast his lot.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Something Is Wrong in Wassila

Ever since the breaking news announcement this afternoon concerning Governor Sarah Palin, I have been at an increasing loss for words and bewildered of thought, as to exactly what has happened and what was or is behind it all.

To suddenly call a news conference and then to get up there in front of the national media and ramble for twenty minutes, before finally dropping two bombshells? Well something is going on IMO and that something stands to be a big bombshell. And a lot bigger bombshell than the mere announcements that occurred in Wasilla this afternoon.

I could understand her decision to opt not to run for a second term as governor of Alaska, in order to prepare for a national presidential race. But I cannot fathom why she would abandon her current term 2 1/2 years in and without any explanation other than what I considered to be a weak, rambling and lack luster dissertation that left more questions than it answered.

It was as if I was watching a different version of the inexplicable Mark Sanford press conference of ten days ago. Only this time? No discernible scandal or rhyme or reason to the mid afternoon drama. Something tells me that we have not heard the last of this shocking announcement of Governor Palin's resignation.

And something tells me that when the other shoe finally drops? It is going to be a bombshell. Something that will literally shake the republican party to its foundations.

You just don't get elected to the governorship of a state, then get picked to be the running mate of a presidential party candidate, then suddenly six months after the race, simply call a news conference and bow out of office. Not unless there is a major reason or outside influence at work in that decision.

There is no question or doubt in my mind, that Sarah Palin has purposely fallen on her own sword and there is presently no amount of convincing me that it was done for the benefit of family or because of the totality of stress that the vice presidential run created and has continued to create. Or that it was decided based upon the recent controversy involving Letterman.

Sarah Palin was sitting on the cusp of being the 2012 nominee for the presidency of the United States as the republicans choice and suddenly? Someone yanked Cinderella's shoes and her ball dress and turned her chariot back into a pumpkin and mice.

Something is definitely amiss and it is only a matter of time before the truth prevails. And when it does, people's heads are really going to spin IMO.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Media Cake Sale

Washington Post Cancels Plans to Hold Costly Dinner for Lobbyists

Well of course they had to cancel it. As soon as some less than savvy dweeb let it leak out that the editor of the Washington Post was seeking to be the go between between Washington insiders and lobbyists and those on capitol hill and the Obama administration? What else could they do.

The flier called the discussion an "exclusive opportunity to participate in the health care reform debate among the select few who will actually get it done." The "few" included Obama administration officials, congressional leaders and Post reporters and editors. The fee was $25,000 per "sponsor," and $250,000 for an annual sponsorship.

Imagine "exclusive opportunity." Is that what we are calling pay for play in the new world order of Obama's Washington these days?

Yes, it certainly looks like whether this clandestine little get together came off or not, there will still be efforts afoot to hook up "the few" (with the money to play) with Obama administration insiders, Washington post editors and congressional leaders. (Would that be considered a "Cabal?")

How quaint. According to these revelations, it seems to be both legal and ethical to have one of these get togethers, just as long as they do it all together and call it a dinner. Which makes me wonder about the difference between simply visiting a prostitute and attending a government sponsored orgy. Is there a difference? Obviously one activity is looked upon shady and distasteful (not to mention illegal) while the other is probably akin to attending one of Louis the XVI's and Marie's masquerade balls according to these neuvo democrat politicos inside the beltway.

I wonder what kinds of cake they intended to serve at this little dinner get together. What ever it would have been? I'll bet that it would have rivaled the best that Louis the XVI could have mustered in his day.

The 15 Biggest Budget Gaps For 2010

Here is a real graphic of the 15 largest budget deficits by state for 2009/2010. the figures represent the percentage of difference between projected budgets and projected income.

The Worst Expected 2010 State Budget Gaps

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Helen Thomas Speaks Truth To Power

You will have to wait for the end of the video, but Helen Thomas absolutely refuses to let Gibby off the hook on his trying to dodge the quesation of the president's town hall meeting today and the fact that the media was being excluded and the internet questions were being culled and in the can for the president.

Way to go Helen!

The Beast of Wasilla

Todd Purdom

Palin Vanity Fair Article Reignites Feud Among Former Campaign Aides

It Came from Wasilla

Over the past seven or eight months, I have read plenty of copy on Governor Sarah Palin and the concerted effort by mass media to blunt, dull and diminish her and her family for the benefit of political scalping and to kill any possibility of her candidacy for a 2012 run for the presidency. But little compares to the latest offering of one Todd Purdom in his Vanity Fair piece for August 2009's edition.

Here is a man that represents himself as a journalist, but whose resume quickly reveals that his origins in the sport reside mainly in his having been hand raised and weaned in the New York Times environment and organization. Not exactly the bell weather standard of journalistic integrity, even for those who cling to the old gray lady as if she were still the pristine virgin at the dance.

None the less, Purdom's hit piece on Sarah Palin in next month's edition of Vanity Fair, is one of the most banal and concentrically sanguine pieces of journalistic tripe masquerading as educated opinion that I have ever had the displeasure of wading through.

Purdom once again demonstrates the rip it and read it formula of the anguished leftist, by dutifully hitting all the known talking points of the targeted subject, then twisting and braiding in his own less than amusing threads and observations and snide character attacks as if they lend pristine analysis to an otherwise less than lack luster review of previous scalpings.

From reading through this critique of Sarah Palin by Purdom? One might seriously wonder as to if the entire republican party had been secretly infiltrated by idiocy for ever having even allowed the woman to become half of the McCain Palin 2008 presidential ticket. From the sounds of it, she should remain in the back woods of Alaska punching out babies and cleaning and gutting moose for dinner.

On the contrary? Purdom portrays John McCain as if he is some masterful incarnation of a political savvy Yoda and master of the universe, only to have been thwarted by some back woods babe from Wasilla. Reminiscence of "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" is what came to my mind, while musing the images that must have been playing in Purdom's head while he was authoring this journalistic fairy tale about Sarah Palin.

I would recommend that anyone interested, please do indulge your curiosity and wade into this piece of tripe as if you were strolling into a swamp. Make sure and strap on your hip waders though and be wary of slimy squishy things slithering about in Mr. Purdom's wild eyed visions of his own grandeur and his professed and paid ability to assess and comment on current events.

Miracles Do Happen

Baltimore Archdiocese to Examine Woman's 'Miracle'

The Archdiocese of Baltimore plans to investigate whether an Annapolis woman's cure from cancer was a miracle, a possible step toward sainthood for a 19th-Century priest.

For those incapable of belief in a merciful God, let them read of this woman's miracle and decide for themselves.

The Frankenstein Monster Goes To Washington

Franken Wins Senate Battle
Minn. Court Ruling Gives Democrats A 60-Seat Majority

Yesterday the Minnesota Supreme Court settled the race for US Senate between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. After which Coleman conceded and issued a statement saying that he would not seek further legal action to attempt and preserve his senate seat.

There are three things that are interesting to me about this story. First that there are that many stupid people in Minnesota. Prior to some recent elections? I use to believe that those living in Massachusetts were the stupidest Americans. How else to explain Teddy Kennedy's forty plus year run in the senate and his sidekick John Kerry? But I digress.

I believe that those in Minnesota lost the plot back when they elected Jesse (the body) Ventura to the governor's office and they haven't found it since. Therefore, the first bit of amazement in this entire affair that baffles me? Is that that many people in Minnesota would vote this idiot into office in the first place. But then again? Minnesota is establishing a track record for idiocy at the ballot box.

The second thing that I find amazing is that it took eight months to resolve this election, but most importantly, the real amazing part of this entire drama is that the courts of Minnesota combined to disallow the votes of enough Minnesotans to reach this apparently desired and contrived result.

Welcome to the modern day version of the Frankenstein monster. Al Franken has as much business being a US senator as I have flying the space shuttle, but a senator he is. And the villagers who should have been riding him out of town on a rail with a torch parade, have now elected him to the US senate and their courts have given him their collective blessing.

Stranger than fiction possibly, but the end result is that now, the political power has been completely given over to a ruling elite of democrats in America and at the worst possible moment in time IMO.