Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Woman's Right To Choose Is Getting Real Complicated These Days.

"Planned Parenthood has been a trusted nonprofit provider of women’s health care for nearly a century. Each year, 2.7 million people come to our health centers for high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care."

I have a question? If you are not doing anything wrong? Then why do you need "non judgmental compassionate healthcare?"

These are not extremist videos. these are not videos someone dreamed up in their mother's basement and put together as a film editor's debut project of science fiction. These videos are of Planned Parenthood doctors and others, willfully and openly discussing the harvesting of unborn babies and their organs, as a for profit money making enterprise and Planned Parenthood cannot fathom why any of this is happening. they were just discussing operating costs. Right?

Those at Planned Parenthood, who have run this scam of alternative healthcare for decades, can dance on the head of a pin all they want. They can lash out and attempt to manipulate their faux guilt transfer to those who have revealed them all they want. They can assail these reports and these videos and those who outed them as extremist productions until hell freezes over if they want, but the bottom line remains. It is what it is and Planned Parenthood and their supporters have been caught and outed for the very crimes and offenses that they have denied participating in for decades.

So watch very closely who rallies around them and defends them in the wake of these revelations of organ harvesting aborted babies for a price. The evil that exists in these facilities is only now being exposed to the American people and even though it is a dripping with the innocent blood reality of truth, the American media still has not devoted the attention to these revelations that the revealed facts are literally screaming for. The American media is complicit in all things socialist, egalitarian and secular and abortion is at the top of their list of immediately defense-able causes that they will always color to the advantage of the vaunted "woman's right to choose."

All I can say is this. When you are supporting a woman's right to choose, simply have a look at their choices and then have a look at who is supporting them and then have a look at who is in reality making the money from their choices and their right to choose. Like so many other realities in life.....follow the money.......

Monday, July 27, 2015

Racism? Its All In The Name

Now the residents of Pine Lake Ga.? Want to change the name of Forrest Rd. in Pine lake Ga. They seem to believe that their road must have been named after Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest..  There is absolutely no evidence to support the suspicions of a resident who proudly stated her deference in favor of the name change, while standing on her porch with her pride flag as a backdrop that was not lost on the WSB TV cameraman and reporter. The resident stated that she did not know if the road was named after infamous Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest or not, but just in case, she wants to change it anyway. At least remove one or the R's.

I don't think the idiotic ethnic purge of all things confederate and offensive should stop there.  I think they should go through the phone books nationwide and force everyone in America with the last or the first name of Forrest to change their names to something less offensive to black people and less offensive to all the others who support the egalitarian cleansing of America. 

And the same for all of those individuals with the names Lee first or last. And what about Jackson?  Stonewall?  So even though there is no provable connection with the names, anyone with those names or any other names that can be associated with Confederate generals would need to be changed and removed. Looks like a noble cause to be begun nationwide right?

What about........

Stuart! Longstreet! Bragg! Pickett!  and what about..... Andersen! Johnson! Mosby! and Beauregard! Hill! Ewell! Johnson! Early! Smith! Hood! Bee! Armistead! Alexander!

All of those names most assuredly are insensitive and sufficiently racially offensive to someone. So I think that we need to force those people with those names  to change their names and take those names off of all gravestones too!  We wouldn't want someone walking by the grave of a Lee or Mosby or driving down any street in the USA named Hill or Alexander and suddenly having a racially insensitive episode of perceived racail oppression now would we.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama's Words Defend Southern Rights

"When you start treating people differently, not because they are doing harm to anybody, but because they are different. That's the path whereby, freedoms begin to erode" "The idea that they are going to be treated differently, or abused because of who they love is wrong."  ~Barack Obama~

Prophetic words by the great one spoken in Kenya yesterday. There is only one problem. Those are words spoken by Barack Obama in defense of homosexuality as some supposed right of all, including Kenyans. The Kenyan's didn't appreciate that. Kenya, the home of Obama's father and the country where the Kenyan's told Obama before he arrived....."don't go there." But obviously, Obama and his handlers couldn't pass up the opportunity to further the agenda of homosexuality globally, while basking in the glory of his home country.

Personally, I find Obama's defense of homosexuality both an interesting and an ironic dichotomy of his presidency.  Particularly as he defended it yesterday in Kenya. Obama's defense of homosexuality is interesting from the perspective that he is the individual who was on record as both a Illinois senator and a US senator and as president, as being totally against same sex marriage. However, now he is in the forefront of championing all things homosexual, lesbian and transsexual. I mean Hells! Bells!  It's a wonder he didn't take the world's most renowned transsexual Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner along with him on this trip to Kenya. They could have all sung along with John Kerry and James Taylor, to the tune of "you've got a friend" to the Kenyan people too.

The Kenyans and their president told Obama that they hoped that he didn't bring his homosexual agenda with him to their shores, but it looks like those sentiments served only to bait the great one into that much more of a desire to speak out in front of the world about homosexuality while in Kenya.  I am of the opinion that among Obama's most glaringly lacking social traits, the absence of social graces at any stage are the most visible. Both personally and diplomatically Obama continually demonstrates his political inexperience and juvenile repertoire of incompetence to lead this nation on a regular basis.

Something tells me that championing homosexuality was not part of the "Dreams of His Father" that he wrote about in the book. Something tells me that that they were not part of any "Audacity of Hope" he also wrote about. So they must have been part of that "Change You Can Believe In" that he has forced upon the American people and now looks to force upon the Kenyans and others.

Changes that Obama hopes to inflict even on his true homeland, now that he is president and on the down hill slide toward the end of his presidency.  Some say that he is working on his legacy.  I say his in your face challenge to the Kenyan people and their president yesterday will be part of his everlasting legacy in Kenya, because the Kenyan people aren't interested in his interference in their country or their culture. On the one hand? They intend to take his advice. They don't intend to treat homosexuals in Kenya any differently today than they did yesterday or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there is a larger parallel to Obama's message of perceived rights and discrimination that will probably be lost on many. 

"When you start treating people differently, not because they are doing harm to anybody, but because they are different. That's the path whereby, freedoms begin to erode" "The idea that they are going to be treated differently, or abused because of who they love is wrong."  ~Barack Obama~
Obama's words and assessment of harm and the erosion of freedoms is something that is immediately applicable to a present and ongoing dilemma facing other people here in America today.  There is another group and there is another class of people here in America today who are presently being discriminated against. They are presently being treated differently. There is presently harm being done to them. They are being abused and their freedoms are presently being eroded, but no one seems to care about that, the least of which being Barack Hussein Obama.  

Those individuals being unfairly judged and unfairly discriminated against, are those presently having their individual rights and freedoms openly attacked. Those individuals are American Southerners.  They have rights too don't they?  They have a right to love those who they choose to love don't they?  They have a right to love American patriots too don't they? Both living and  deceased? Don't they?  People like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and yes.....even those like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest and others.

Those Americans and their histories and their memorials are part of who they are and what and who they love. No different than those wrapping themselves in the pastels of the pride flag and vaunting their sexuality as a  supreme court newly approved right of ascendency today. 

Southerners and those who love and honor their heritage and their forefathers and their ancestors? Have every bit as much right to do so and to do so unfettered and absent being demeaned and demonized, or discriminated against by government and those presently in elected public offices today.

So from where I stand?  Barack Hussein Obama just made the case for defense of heritage and the right to love who you choose on a basis and at a level that is undeniable.  As a Southerner and as a Christian and as an American, I have a right to love my ancestors and my heritage. I have a right to love my God and follow his teachings and I have a right to practice my love and my faith, absent being discriminated against on any level by either my government, the media or others.

What say you?  Do you believe it is time to stand up for your own rights to choose?  Is it time to stand up and defend your ancestors and your heritage?  Is it time to stand up and defend your God and his teachings?  I say it is. I say it is time to tell this president.....we have rights too and we will defend those rights. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whoa! Don't Point Your Stupid Shit At Me!

So....the latest crisis the media is calling for mental constipation over this morning?  Armed drones!  Some college kid, put together a quad copter and a semi auto pistol, then flew it for 60 seconds, while shooting the pistol close to the ground and videoing the creation he had made. Then he did the really bothersome thing of putting the video on youtube.  The video has gone viral and between the media outrage and the FAA? You'd think the kid was America's only valid terrorist threat.

The kid is studying engineering and he decided to apply some of his engineering skills to the building of the drone. pistol combo. Maybe not the brightest idea? But he definitely made it work, now the media is getting all squishy pants and incessantly reporting on the "armed drone and the potential threats that it represents!

I guess we should have all expected this response from the media. After all, they absolutely hate all firearms in civilian hands and they don't like drones either. Well, except those in the hands of the government. In this incident, the media is reporting on all of the potential deadly and terrible things that could potentially occur because of technology like this.  "The technology has out distanced the legislation!"

The problem is, the technology long ago seems to have out distanced the legislation, but the American people have been told not to worry about that, because the "president knows best, what is best for us all."  The US military can have armed drones and does. They have had them for years now and they carry and possess some of the most sophisticated surveillance and weaponry in existence; but you and I don't need to concern ourselves with that, The military would never use those devices against us. Right?  Well not exactly.

It seems that our all knowing and always right benevolent dictator, I mean president, has decided to give himself the authority to use those sophisticated military drones to carry out his own personal hit list, including against American citizens (including on our soil) and in the absence of any judicial review or authorization.  Just think if the government had of had those back in the days during Waco or Ruby Ridge.....

So all of those amendments in the Bill of Rights.  Things like your right to speak out? Or to be safe and secure in your property and person? To be protected against unlawful seizure or threat to your property or person? Absent a warrant issued by a judge who specifically spells out the limited authority of the government's actions?  Well just forget about all that stupid shit.  Who needs it anyway.  I mean, what good is a constitution, when you have am all knowing and omnipresent government. A government being controlled by a narcissistic novice who knows little about anything, other than what his handlers tell him to know. America would be better off being led by a trained seal or a performing pony, but I digress.

The bottom line is this, the ginned up fear that the media is creating over a college kid who created a project to impress his friends and demonstrate his technical skills is not the problem,  The problem is not whether some college kid may strap a pistol onto a drone and fly it in to assassinate some poor sap. The danger is not that the armed drone my lose radio contact, go rogue and crash on a playground full of children. These were each examples of scenarios the media was hustling on Good Day America this morning All the, while using videos of the kid and his drone as a backdrop to "their report on the threat"

Mean while, the real threat and the real danger?   Is not some college kid with a quad copter and a pistol. The real danger is some dedicated terrorist, with the knowledge and the access to the dame technology and the financing and desire to create a truly havoc laden device.   I am not talking about some simple quad copter with a pistol, but what about a quad copter with a shrapnel bomb?  Or a remote controlled aircraft?  A UAV laden with high explosives and nuclear waste?  A dirty bomb!  Well hells bells!  We all know that in light of Obama's glorious deal with the Iranians?  That there is no fear of anyone or any terrorists in particular, ever establishing those capabilities. Right?

See.....the problem here is the media once again. Rather than the media calling those occupying the highest seats of power in this country into accountability?  (as the constitution provides)  The media completely ignores the the very real threats that exists, while chasing after juvenile and bombastic bullshit, as if they have discovered the next Pearl Harbor attack in the making. I am a long way from membership in the brain powered think tanks of the Pentagon or the Hussein Obama situation room, but I can promise you this. Some kid in a college dorm building drones for a youtube audience is not the problem.

The problem is some Islamic zealot and his well financed terrorist cell, building something far more complex and far more capable of inflicting mass death on our soil, than some simple quad copter with a pistol strapped on it.  Those interested (including all potential terrorists) need only to peruse youtube with the key words remote controled planes, remote controlled jets UAV's etc. They will soon find a gazillion examples of remote controlled UAV aircraft that run the gamut of cheap to phenomenally expensive. Many of which would be easily convertible by a dedicated and well financed terrorist threat.

Those bent on attacking this country will find a way to do it and all that Good Morning America and others in media have done (and are doing)  with their juvenile reporting on the kid and his drone, is to further plant the seeds of ideas in the minds of those already looking for ways and means to lash out at America and its people.

Thanks GMA!  Just do me a favor......Don't point your stupid shit at me.

PS.  and as the photo above reveals, this kid is not the first with the idea. the guy pictured? Has videos of quad copters armed with automatic weapons. I wonder what the FAA thinks of this one.....

Looks like our friends and admirers are already ahead of us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The War That's a War For The History Books is the war on global Muslim Terrorism going these days (mr). president? I believe I can answer that question. Once you get past all the white noise and the purposeful distractions that the complicit American media produces to conceal the reality and hide the truth from America. We are losing.  Authors note: (the term white noise will soon be abandoned as racist. It will be replaced with the term black noise. As a more suitable term to be used by the more progressive and tolerant entities in American political double speak)

Now, back to the present reality. President Hussein Obama has absolutely no intent of disrupting any Muslim terror operations, globally or domestically. Particularly those operations being led by the Muslim brotherhood and financed by Iran and Syria and deeply entwined with his shadow administration and the likes of one Valerie Jarrett.

You don't hear much out of Afghanistan any more. Why? Because the Muslims don't need Afghanistan to accomplish their goals anymore as a training and recruitment venue.They have those capabilities more than adequately covered now in Iraq and Syria. The same places America was once trying to insure they never gained control of. And besides, they will soon have nuclear weapons, compliments of their friend and Allie Hussein Obama.

Afghanistan is a mountainous goat ridden spit of worthless terrain. A place originally used only as a hideout and recruitment venue for Muslim terrorists, while America was actively pursuing terrorism and terrorists after  9/11.  Afghanistan had been a forgotten piece of useless geography that only served a limited purpose while the United States was actively engaged in a cold war with the Soviet Union. Afghanistan lacked any significant geopolitical value, (other than a place to hold a surrogate war with the Soviets) until the Muslim crusades that Jimmy Carter allowed to awaken and flourish in 1980 were born. After which and after 9/11, Afghanistan suddenly it became a good hideout and retirement community for the likes of Osama Bin Ladin and his merry band of thieves and murderous malcontents. 

There are now bigger fish to fry concerning the growing Muslim caliphates and there are far better recruiting and training grounds for them than Afghanistan ever was. The new Jihadis have their new army and their new emerging caliphates, springing up in Iraq and Syria and all across northern Africa! Their army is no longer referred to as a meager group of insurgents known as the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Their army is now known as ISIS! Remember ISIS? The fourth string JV bench warmers that Obama wasn't concerned about two years ago? It seems they have grown like a cancer all across the middle east and now they occupy most of what America spent over ten years fighting to claim in Iraq and Afghanistan. They now occupy Iraq,  Syria and most of Northern Africa, with Egypt and Jordan clearly in their sights of further conquest.  (and the band plays on)

ISIS is where the real power and the real threat now lies, concerning those who are the identifiable Islamic enemies of America. Mean while, all that Hussein Obama is doing about their growing threat to America,  is to tell his puppet military commanders like General Odierno;  to only target those ISIS targets that have been thoroughly vetted and thoroughly verified and thoroughly triangulated via duplicitous idiotic rules of engagement. Rules designed to fail and rules that allow our enemies to walk away long before any US airstrikes or drones strikes  can reach them or target them

In light of those realities and the fact that Hussein Obama is daily hacking away and destroying America's military infrastructure; is it any wonder that ISIS is growing and becoming more of a global threat daily. You don't have to be a sophisticated super power enemy of America (like the Russians) to be able to see through Obama's game plan of playing word games for the benefit of the media. Even goat humping Allah worshiping shit heads, armed only with a koran and an AK 47 can figure that out and avoid being taken out as targets by America's no war on terror.

If you want to know what happened to the war on terror in America?  Read the history books, because the war on terror no longer exists.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Debt of Dishonor Has Been Created

The national news has been hammering Donald Trump all day on various news programs over his remarks concerning John McCain's hero status or lack there of made in Arizona last week. The nightly news just took their best shots and replayed his controversial remarks from Arizona that began the media feeding frenzy. 

There seems to be a rising tide of media outrage and demands that Donald Trump apologize to John McCain for disparaging McCain's military service in Vietnam. Trump has refused and McCain says that Trump doesn't owe him any apologies, however, McCain says that Trump owes all veterans an apology. 

As a Vietnam veteran, I don't feel the need to receive an apology from Donald Trump on any issue but one issue.  That issue concerns his refusal to serve in the American armed forces during Vietnam. He refused to serve via his avoiding the draft and his failure to volunteer for military service during Vietnam. I volunteered for service and I was subsequently drafted and I have always been proud of my service and those who volunteered alongside me, as we are the majority of Vietnam veterans.

As it concerns apologizing to me over what he said regarding John McCain's military service, there is no apology necessary. I happen to hold John McCain in less than admirable or honorable standing on my own and absent any input from Trump or anyone else.  Those interested in understanding why, need only to do the research on John McCain's actions, both during his confinement in North Vietnam as a POW and his subsequent actions and failures of action toward American veterans, while he was on the Senate Armed Services Committee with John Kerry.

Both John McCain and John Kerry, purposely abandoned American MIA's and their families, in order to reestablish diplomatic and economic relations with Vietnam, while they each held key positions on the Senate Armed Services Committee, they sold those families and MIA's out.  As a result of their combined actions and combined refusal to aid or listen to MIA families, Americans left behind in Vietnam died and were executed by the same communist that McCain and Kerry could not wait to reestablish relations with.  Don't take my word for it, do the research on your own. The information is on the record and easily obtained via google searches of their names and the subject matter.

Aside from McCain's abandonment of our MIA's, as Donald Trump rightfully asserts, John McCain has left American veterans in want of medical treatment and ignored their concerns from their pleas about Agent Orange to their under funded pleas for PTSD treatments. Like the old song, their concerns and their illnesses and their deaths were and continue to be, simply blowing in the wind. The same place they have been for decades.  Those who know the history and the record of John McCain don't need Donald Trump to point these things out to them, but it is interesting to watch both McCain and the media squirm in view of Trump's recently sensationalized allegations concerning McCains military service in Vietnam. 

If we are going to talk apologies?  Let me tell you who needs to be making apologies.  John McCain and John Kerry.  They are the two who need to apologize to all American veterans and they need to make those apologies jointly to all veterans for what they consciously did to harm and injure American veterans. 

So, if anyone is looking for a broad and sweeping apology to American veterans, that is the apology that needs to be made that that is who needs to be doing it, but since the media is obsessed over apologies?  They seem to have missed and purposely overlooked a glaring apology that should be tendered immediately.

That apology needs to be tendered by president Barack Obama.  Why?  What for?  Well I am glad you asked.  Its really rather simple.  We have four dead Marines and one dead Sailor after last Thursdays Muslim perpetrated and Jihadi inspired massacre in Chattanooga Tennessee. The media can attempt to spin and blur the truth of what happened in Chattanooga last week all they want to, but the facts are what they are and those facts cannot be denied. 

A Muslim with demonstrated hatred toward America and steeped in his own beliefs and indoctrinations while in the middle east last year, murdered five innocent American service members.  Murders that were predictable and preventable. Completely preventable, had the present commander in chief and his administration taken the proper security measures and the proper actions, in response to the known and published threats of intended harm to our military personnel by Muslim radicals and lone wolves being solicited by ISIS and others.. 

Those men should have been armed and they should of had access to weapons to defend themselves with and they weren't protected or provided the weapons they needed. As a result they are dead and those directly responsible for that failure are the president, his administration and his military leaders in all branches.   An apology to the families of those needlessly murdered dead is due, along with an apology to their comrades for failing to protect them also.

An apology is also due from this president, for his abject lack of respect and calloused lack of response to those deaths in Chattanooga last week. On the heels of those murders, this president left to go to New York for personal family entertainment and today as the bodies of the honored dead were being transported and respected in tributes all across this nation, Barack Hussein Obama was no where to be seen or heard. 

No personal messages were uttered, no phone calls to the families were made, no orders to lower the flags of our nation in respect and reverence for our honored dead this week were given.  Those actions are apparently reserved for racially charged deaths and those who died at the hands of those this president sees as racist.  Terrorists and their actions and their victims apparently don't make the cut with Barack Hussein Obama and his is the only apology I really give a damn about.  Even though I know it will never be tendered, it will suffice for me, if American realizes that a debt of dishonor has been created and allowed to be ignored. 

Semper Fidelis

Sunday, July 19, 2015

America's Military Is Being Told To Hide From Our Enemies

The Department of Defense (DOD) has ordered all US military recruiters into civilian clothes as a result of the Chattanooga massacre last Thursday.  While the media continues to report, that the FBI claims that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Muhammad Youseff Abdulazeez had any associations with or affiliations with, any known terrorist organizations; the simple facts remain ignored and given no weight of evidence toward his murderous attack against a Marine recruiting center and a Navy operations center last week..

The fact that Abdulazeez traveled to Jordan last year and spent time there unbeknownst to our best intelligence efforts to identify potential home grown terrorist, should be a chilling wake up call to every American.  The fact that he tweeted a Koranic verse to a friend about going to war with his enemies, right before he began his murderous assault appears to be completely ignored by these same federal agencies that now claim that he was not on their radar and they had absolutely no clue of his actions while in the middle east. None of the clear and undeniable evidence seems relevant to those creating the news reports or those investigators supposedly investigating the massacre and the motives of what they are each reporting as an "all American boy."

Meanwhile, the official DOD response to the massacre of five US service members, is to order US military recruiters nation wide into civilian clothes?  What the hell exactly is that supposed to do?  Will that prevent further attacks against our recruiting centers or bases?  The military, homeland security and the FBI et al have known for months of the stated threats against American military personnel and yet they did nothing to prepare against the attack that occurred in Chattanooga last week. Now the DOD wants to respond to this massacre, by telling its recruiters nation wide to attempt to hide from potential Muslim terrorist threats, by hiding behind civilian clothes, while at the same time publicly denying that there are any Muslim terrorist threats. 

What level of leadership in any professional or respected military, advises their forces to hide from the enemy? What level of military leadership imposes gun free zones around military bases and offices, then questions whether or not to arm those troops, once five of their comrades have been massacred by a Muslim terrorist. A Muslim terrorist that they continue to refuse to call a Muslim extremist

These are the circumstance that have been wrought against our nation and our troops by the purposely ineffectual and the overt Islamic complicit administration of Barack Hussein Obama and the sooner Americans wake up to that fact, the sooner they will become prepared to defend themselves and their nation. No legitimate president of this nation or legitimate commander in chief, or legitimate secretary of defense, or legitimate chairman of the joint chiefs of staff would allow or stand for idiocy of a magnitude and level we are currently witnessing. Much less advise our military personnel to cower and hide from any enemy, but that is precisely what they are being told to do by their commanders and by those in this administration at all levels.

At a time when this nation should be on the offensive against militant, offensive and murderous Islamic intentions and terrorist actions globally, this president and his administration of rogues, including those in the Pentagon and currently at the head of every branch of our military, are advising our troops to look and act like cowards and hide from the enemy. 

Our troops and our recruiters should be changing their uniforms alright, but not from class b dress recruiting uniforms to civilian clothes. They should be changing into their BDU's and being issued sidearms and weapons to not only defend themselves, but to also be prepared to defend the rest of us from the continuing murderous attacks that are surely to come.  Yet rather than doing that, rather than doing the sensible thing and rather than ordering our military to a reasonable level of alert,  this administration is further weakening our military forces and further demoralizing our military forces, by telling them to hide from the threats of a Muslim menace that this administration refuses to admit even exists.

These are dark days America and they are only going to get worse.  America is under attack on two fronts by an overt and radical regime of Islamic apologists currently controlling this government and the military of this nation. And these same forces are determined to see racial strife and violence in every corner of this nation, while they continue to refuse to address the threats of a virulent Islamic threat that grows stronger and more powerful daily .  The real pity of it all, is that the average American is completely oblivious to what is afoot, what is being carried on by this government and allowed to happen and who is truly responsible for what is happening.   

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Honoring Courage..... Or Redefining The Term...

The Arthur Ashe Courage Award was created to recognize those athletes, who contributions, "transcend" sports. So I am guessing that Caitlyn Jenner was this years recipient, because the definition of the award has the word trans in it.

There is no other explanation of qualifier for the award that I can determine to recognize Jenner, other than the fact that ESPN wanted to lead the parade of political correctness this year and not allow their award to become merely an anachronism of a bygone era of sports hero worship.

However, when I look back at the previous Arthur Ashe Courage Award winners, I find that Caitlyn Jenner is not all that special after all and Jenner certainly is not the first recipient that ESPN has disregarded the original intent of the award to "honor." There have been others.  Quite a few in fact.  Looking at the list of just those whose names stand out I found the following. 

Howard Cosell, Billy Jean King, Nelson Mandela and just last year?  Michael Sam....

So I looked a little closer and I came across the present definition of qualifiers for the award on Wiki Links.  There it says the award is given as:  "Although it is a sport-oriented award, it is not limited to sports-related people or actions." So I guess that explains it and resolves all conflicts and questions of conflicting understanding as to why Jenner would be selected to receive the award last night. There are no unanswered questions now,  as to why a sports network, would choose to honor an athlete whose glory days were forty years ago and whose latest claim to fame is that he is a newly minted transgendered celebrity.  

Therefore, the ESPN Arthur Ashe Award For Courage?  Is really just another example of another award given as part of a socially propagated meme. Its an example of no more than what the egalitarian sensibilities of political correctness call for at a given moment.  In other words, much like the Nobel Peace Price, the Arthur Ashe Courage award is nothing more than a means of recognizing and rewarding socially acceptable aberrant behaviors, by the leftist liberals of the world.

So maybe by this time next year, ESPN can create a new and separate award category for their awards program. Maybe there needs to be a Caitlyn Jenner award for courage, as Arther Ashe's courage is a bit dated.  I mean after all,  all Arthur Ashe ever did of significance or notoriety to contribute to his sport, was to become the first black man to win three Grand Slams in tennis, the US Open, the Australian Open and Wimbelton.

And his contribution that transcended his sport?  He became a spokesman for AIDS "awareness" after he himself was infected during a blood transfusion, during an open heart operation.  Maybe Jenner's award could be bravery related also.  Or maybe they could just call it the Bruce & Caitlyn Jenner Award. An award given to those who simply figure out new ways to remain relevant and popular in the media's world of rose colored morals and redefined social values. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Power & The Evil Behind The Curtain In the Emerald City Of Washington

This descriptions below of Valerie Jarrett and her meteoric rise to power and her unchallenged control and influence over Barrack Obama, are excerpted form Snopes.  The renowned leftist apologist site that seeks to debunk internet rumors, while apologizing for those that they cannot debunk and thus declare their determinations as undetermined. 

Even Snopes admits to the level of power that this woman wields with the puppet Obama Obama and his administration and her influence over the national affairs of this country for the past six and a half years is legendary.

For all intents and purposes?  If you want to know who the real president of these United States really is and who truly has been responsible for the last six and a half years of domestic and foreign policy decisions in this country. look into the eyes of evil and see the true face of the evil that is steering this country into oblivion. The evil that crafted this unholy nuclear deal with the Iranians is the same evil who will see this nation destroyed if she is allowed to continue to control the destiny of this nation. 

Valerie Jarrett was offered a role as a White House Senior Advisor at the very beginning of the Obama administration in January 2009 and now holds the position of Senior Advisor to the President of the United States. President Obama has said he consults Jarrett on every major decision, and the New Republic's Noam Scheiber reported thus of her influence with the White House:
"Her role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West Wing," says Anita Dunn, Obama's former communications director. Broader, even, than the role of running the West Wing. This summer, the call to send Attorney General Eric Holder on a risky visit to Ferguson, Missouri, was made by exactly three people: Holder himself, the president, and Jarrett, who were vacationing together on Martha's Vineyard. When I asked Holder if Denis McDonough, the chief of staff, was part of the conversation, he thought for a moment and said, "He was not there."
Jarrett holds a key vote on Cabinet picks (she opposed Larry Summers at Treasury and was among the first Obama aides to come around on Hillary Clinton at State) and has an outsize say on ambassadorships and judgeships. She helps determine who gets invited to the First Lady's Box for the State of the Union, who attends state dinners and bill-signing ceremonies, and who sits where at any of the above


Time To Remove & Eliminate All Divisive Symbols in America?

 If its time to remove and eliminate all divisive symbols in America, then it is time to remove this divisive symbol and the outright racism that it represents of the past and present day Black Panther party. this marker needs to go and so do all like it.

Most members of the commission were familiar with the violent past of the national Panther Party, Maxwell said.
But once they learned of the local Panthers’ positive impact on the community, their views shifted, she said.
“We felt we had an organization that had a story,” Maxwell said.
Derwin Mongomery is the Council member who suggested the tribute. Mr. Montgomery explained his reasoning to the Journal:
“You had some who chose a passive stance, the nonviolent approach, and those who chose the Malcolm X or Black Panther Party approach,” he said. “We recognize much from the nonviolent portion of the movement but there are also positive things that came out from the other side as well.”

Those were the words and justifications of those on the Winston Salem city council, sponsoring and supporting this tribute marker to the Black Panthers in Winston Salem in 2012

And yes, there are other markers and symbols that need to go and be cleansed whom our view also. Put them in the Natiaonal civil rights Museum in Atlanta.  That's where they belong.

Obama's Let's Make A Deal....... Prime Time, The Saga Continues

So let me see if I have all of this straight this morning.  The Iranians are dancing in the streets in joy over the Obama Kerry betrayal of America and the west. Much like they were dancing in the street in the days after the 9/11 attacks. Joy and jubilation abound!  Bashar al-Assad of Syria, the Syrian dictator who is gassing his people with chemical weapons, is ecstatic over the deal given to his buddies and the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the history of the world. And I am sure it won't be long before an ISIS spokesperson will join the jubilation and cut off a few hundred heads in preparatory thanks for the nuclear weapons that they now know they will soon have access to compliments of this sellout by Obama.

Meanwhile, Israel and Saudi Arabia see things quite differently than Obama, the complicit American media and his band of merry Muslem Brotherhood supporters all across the militant middle east.. Remember them? The Israelis and the Saudi's?  They were once our allies in the region, back before Obama decided to bow and scrape to the Iranians and the Syrians and the purveyors of terrorism globally, while simultaneously selling both them and the Egyptians and the Libyan's out to the Moslem Brotherhood and ISIS. Back before Obama turned his back on the genocide and murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria and soon to be a dozen other Muslem countries.

Meanwhile the purveyors of propagated half truths and lies (AKA the mainstream media in America), remain focused on photos of Pluto this morning, along with the conundrum of Donald Trumps inexplicable appeal to too many wrong thinking Americans. Add to that the coming EPSY Arthur Ashe award for courage, to be awarded to that stellar example of courage Caitlyn Jenner (AKA Bruce) later tonight and of course the ongoing saga of those damnable Confederate flags that are truly at the root of all evil in the world.

Stay tuned folks, it will only become more dire as the days go by. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of Congress

As excerpted from the Sons of confederate Veterans site

Therefore, by act of congress, confederate veterans are entitled to every official courtesy and official recognition of respect and gratitude, as afforded to any other American veteran who served or died in service to their country.  Which means the recent act of congress passing a bill to deny those veterans the respect of allowing the flags that they served under to be placed upon their graves, where they now rest in cemeteries listed as national parks, are being denied the due respect adn accord that they are entitled to.

So what will it take?  Lawsuits to force the federal government to either afford confederate dead their due honor and respect? Or seek to have same removed from all other veterans as a challenge to equality and disparity of treatment......

An attempt to assassinate a St. Louis police officer overnight has thankfully failed, but not for the want of effort or for the lack of desire by those involved.  Ten bullet holes through the windshield of his car and his bullet proof vest appears to be all that saved him . 

This is what our country is coming to folks.  On the heals of the Ferguson riots and the calls by Sharpton and others to attack the police.  We have two police officers who were ambushed and are dead in New York as a result of these lunatics and we have had a series of attacks on police officers across America, ever since this state inspired hatred was began last fall.

Not unlike the current controversy and the ginned up state sponsored racism and hatred of all things Confederate The hatred of police officers in this country by blacks and liberal anarchist whites is palpable.  There will be more of these attacks on white police officers, you can count on it. Along with the fact that the Black Panthers, who have openly called for the assassination of white police officers, will continue to be ignored. All while this administration continues to do nothing short of encouraging the racial violence we have witnessed for the past year. The president and his administration are encouraging racial violence and racial violence will continue and increase..

As will the attacks now on people who own or possess flags of the Confederacy.  You can count on that also.  So when are white Americans going to stand up for their rights and demand the protection of their government that they deserve?  Or has our populace now become so diluted and bastardized by the influx of illegal aliens and others, as to relegate those white Americans born and raised in America as nothing more than the cows to be milked and taxpayers to be further enslaved to socialism and anarchy.

"Authorities in St. Louis are hunting for a gunman Tuesday who they say shot a police officer in what is believed to be an ambush attack. The injured police officer -- identified as a 39-year-old sergeant with 16 years on the force -- was sitting inside his personal car in uniform when the shooting occurred. The officer's car was riddled with bullets and he was hit in the torso. He was saved by his ballistic vest, reported. "They tried to assassinate a police officer," Sam Dotson, the city's police chief, told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch."

Obama's Deal With the Iranians Violates The Constitution

It the fifty plus years that I have been cognizant of world affairs, I have never before witnessed what I witnessed this morning. The president of the United States, on television on all channels, at 7 AM in the morning, making a major announcement to the people of America. An announcement of abject capitulation to one of our greatest global enemies.

I seriously thought there had been a terrorist attack when I turned on the TV in bed at 7 AM and saw Obama's face and “live” captioned underneath the broadcast, with Joe Biden standing behind him. Once I turned up the volume and began to listen to the message being conveyed, all I could do was lay there and shake my head in disbelief, as I flipped through channels and saw that his message was interrupting all normal broadcasting networks and was being broadcast on all cable news channels.

A sitting president of these Untied States, telling the American people at 7 AM in the morning, that he had reached an agreement with the Iranians on nuclear weapons and the production of nuclear grade plutonium. The same Iranians who as recently as yesterday, were still making public statements of their intent to not abide by any agreements with America or the world on their nuclear program. The same Iranians who were continuing to tell the world and America (as recently as yesterday) that their greatest wish is the death of America and Israel. These are the same people that this president had just made his wonderful deal with and he wanted America to know about that, along with his intent to use his executive powers to insure that no one, including the senate or the combined congress of the Untied States could stop him.

Obama has made a deal with the Iranians that he is so proud of? That he put congress on notice immediately in his speech this morning. Telling congress and the US Senate, that if they refused to accept his agreement or if they attempted as congress or as the separate body of the senate, to pass any legislation by any means that is aimed at thwarting his nuclear treaty with the Iranians? He would just veto anything that they attempted and issue presidential executive orders to insure that his supreme authority is maintained.

The last time I checked? The constitution of this nation spells out very specific duties and authorities of the presidency. One of those specific duties is to negotiate treaties with other nations. Those negotiations are to be conducted via very specific parameters.

Specifically, the duties of the president are clearly spelled out to say: “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.” That constitutional directive seems pretty clear to me.

The founders of this nation and the framers of the constitution were very specific in their intent of what executive powers the president of the United States would be allowed to utilize. The making of treaties, specifically requiring the “advice and consent of a 2/3's majority of the senate” to enact. That specific directive of the constitution, was apparently willingly, consciously and with intended impunity, disregarded by this president this morning and to add insult to injury, the man took control of all of the nations broadcast networks at 7 AM this morning to make his will and intent known to America and congress. To which he added that he will veto the US Congress if any attempts are made to thwart his actions.

This morning, the president of the United States in essence told the American people, congress and the senate specifically, that he would veto any legislation that may be attempted to thwart his nuclear treaty with Iran and that via his use of presidential caveat's, he will continue to do as he damn well pleases.