Sunday, August 30, 2015

Woman Wears Vietnam MIA-POW Bracelet For 38 Years Until Soldier Comes Home

On May 14th 2011, I left Georgia with several other Patriot Guard Rider friends and we rode from West Georgia before daylight, to a little town named Brierfield Alabama. Brierfield is about 40 miles south of Birmingham.

We arrived about 7:30 that morning and met up with about 40 other Patriot Guards who had all arrived to honor the memory of Army Green Beret: SPC James Leslie Moreland.  SPC Moreland had been MIA since 1968 and after his remains were discovered and identified in the wreckage of his Huey UH1 in Cambodia, he was returned for identification and now he was being returned to his home town for burial next to his parents on that spring day.

To this day, SPC Moreland's memorial service remains the most poignant mission I have ever attended as a PGR member.  My memories remain clear of that day and all that I saw.  The owner of an American Van Lines truck and franchise, sent his POW/MIA graphics tractor to be in the procession.  The US Army Green Berets sent and entire detachment of Green Berets to attend the service.  Probably at least thirty of them were there that day for SPC Moreland's service and to provide his honor guard during his burial with full military honors.

There were about seventy five Patriot Guard Riders who came that day from several states, to honor the service and the memory of
Green Beret James Leslie Moreland. We were each there to stand for him, as he once stood for each of us.   It was a ceremony befitting a returning hero and the little community of Brierfield Alabama treated him as their returning hero that day.

Two of those attending that day had a special meaning to the service and to those in the community of Brierfield who came to pay their respects.  The first person I am speaking of was
Col. Paul Longgrear. Colonel Longgear had been SPC Moreland's unit commander when he went MIA back in 1968.  Colonel Longgear had retired from the Army as a full Colonel and on this day in 2011, he had made the journey to Brierfield Alabama to pay his respects and provide the eulogy for his friend Green Beret James Leslie Moreland.
The second person who was there that day was a lady named Kathy Strong. Kathy Strong had been a eight year old little girl when SPC Moreland had gone missing in action in 1968. Four years later, when she was twelve, she had asked for and received a POW?MIA bracelet as a Christmas gift. The bracelet she received had
Green Beret James Leslie Moreland's name on it. That day she made a promise and a commitment to not take the bracelet off until SPC Moreland returned home.  In spite of the odds and several personal difficulties in her life, she managed to keep that promise for thirty eight years. She finally took the bracelet off her wrist, the day before SPC Moreland's burial. She took it off and placed it on the sleeve of his uniform in the casket.

The day we left the funeral home to lead the hearse and the procession to the cemetery, I remember riding with the others, down this two lane Alabama highway for several miles.  We then turned off and drove down a narrow gravel road into a pine thicket. As we rode for about a quarter of a mile, the road narrowed and the trees seems to come closer in.  Then suddenly we reached the clearing and there stood a small white clapboard church and a church cemetery that was maybe two acres, buts the larger shock was what I saw standing around the cemetery.

I have told people many times before that Brierfield Alabama is the closest thing I have ever seen to the fictional town of Greebow Alabama, fictional home of Forrest Gump.  That afternoon when we rode into that little church clearing, I believe to this day that every individual in that little town who could be there, was there.  A little town with maybe a population of 1500 and by golly I think most all of them were there that day to pay their respects to
Green Beret James Leslie Moreland. He was one of their and they wanted the world to know that they remembered.

It took us 10 minutes just to find parking for all the bikes and to line up our flag line that day and once we had established the flag line, they brought in the honor guard carrying the remains of SPC Moreland and followed by his family.  It was a beautiful service and Colonel Longgear's eulogy was one of the most heartfelt expressions of love and sentiment i have ever had the privilege to twenty to be present for.

After the eulogy and prayers offered the pastor in attendance, the Green Beret Honor Guard performed TAPS and a twenty one rifle salute and four A4 Skyhawk attack aircraft performed a flyover of the missing man formation.  After which, the flag was folded by the Honor Guard and presented to the family. 

We broke our flag line down and greeted many of the residents who were there for the service. We spoke with a  few of the family member and offered our condolences.  We were told that when SPC Moreland's mother was still alive, her last with to family and friends, was that if they ever found him, to bring him home and have him buried next to her and his father.  On May 14, 2011, SPC Moreland's mother's wishes were fulfilled.

Today, August the 30th 2015, over four years since I attended this mission to honor the service of
Green Beret James Leslie Moreland, I was viewing the facebook page of my friend Rhonda who lives in Oklahoma.  She posted a story a couple of days ago with a link about a lady you spent thirty eight years honoring a pledge that she made when she was twelve years old.  As soon as I saw the heading, I knew immediately who it was and who the story was about.  Today In finally saw the video

What occurred today can best be summed up in one word.  That word is serendipity. 

Semper Fidelis and thank you Rhonda.

I am going to post and link a couple of videos that I took the day of the mission and a few photos. 

Woman Wears Vietnam MIA-POW Bracelet For 38 Years Until Soldier Comes Home

Thursday, August 27, 2015

When The Media Becomse The Target Will They Listen

Yesterday the media became the target and once again, the immediate reaction has been the predictable media sponsored calls for more gun control. Gun control becomes the siren call of the mainstream media and the mythological panacea that solves all societal wrongs anytime some random nut decides to kill people.

I have a question. Would it be different if unborn babies were killed with guns? When are the calls for respect of unborn life and individual responsibility going to be represented as necessities worthy of national introspective or reflection by the mainstream media? When are those values going to be expressed as worthy concerns by media?  When is the media going to challenge the millions of babies murdered legally in America each year?

The assault weapons most frequently used to kill over fifty million unborn children in this country over the last forty two years, are commonly found in abortion clinics across America every day; and no one says a damn thing about those. No one calls for those weapons of death to be limited or restricted. No one tells the abortionist how many instruments he is allowed to possess or utilize.

Planned Parenthood...... Has killed more human beings than any random psychopath has ever killed in America or ever will kill, yet there remains no hue and cry against their actions or their harvesting of unborn babies as a business. Those babies they harvest as "tissue" are treated no better than bacteria in a petri dish. They have no rights and no say so, yet you never hear the impassioned pleas of mainstream media to end the violence perpetrated against their lives.

We hold these truths to be self evident?  That all men are created equally? That all are entitled to the rights to life? Liberty? And the pursuit of happiness?  All but the disqualified class of the unborn apparently. There was a time when the law of this land established that anyone with one drop of black blood was enough to consider them black and deprive them of the constitutional rights and protections afforded to all others. Yet when are we going to adhere to the constitutional directive that we are as a nation are to: "
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

So my version of the media reality that consistently preaches gun control on the heals of another random act of violence is this. Don't preach to me about gun control and black lives matter, or random acts of violence? As long as the media industry in this country stands idly by while millions of unborn children are killed annually in this country every day. Killed without so much as the bat of an eye. Of which? A significant majority of those slaughtered unborn babies are black. Therefore, the media can preach until their lungs burst about black lives matter and I am not getting their message. I refuse to get it, just as long as they continue to refuse to acknowledge the truth behind these "random acts of violence," and how they are both perpetuated and allowed to occur.The same as abortions are perpetuated and allowed to occur.

The media can preach to me about gun control and responsible gun ownership, right after they demonstrate to me that there is a consensus of opinion nationally, both in media and in government, that demonstrates that effective measures can be taken and have been taken; to curb the wanton violence in abortion clinics. Violence against the unborn, that is occurring exponentially across the board in America every day. Talk to me about a respect for the value of human life, right after you have demonstrated your respect for the lives of the unborn.

I make no apologies for my feelings on these issues. If there are those that claim a woman's right to choose, includes a woman's right to kill her unborn baby? A human being who has done absolutely nothing to warrant death? Then I assert my right to choose to live unencumbered and in peace from the wanton desires and the criminal acts of those who may want to harm me or my family with their media ignored violent cultures.

In such instances as the preservation of my own life, I reserve the right to terminate the existence of anyone who threatens me with violence or death and if those in the media and their supporters don't like that? I say too bad. Just like in Roanoke Va. yesterday, its not the availability of legally obtained and legally owned firearms that is at the root of the problem. What is at the root of the problem in America is the lack of  individual responsibility and the lack of individual accountability and societies refusal to do what needs to be done to realistically curb violence, for fear of offending anyone but the victims of murder. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The US Army's Continued Separation From Reality. Egalitarianism 101

Apparently the US Army is prepared to graduate two women this week from Army Ranger school. "It will be a first!" "The moment will serve to demonstrate the new Army and the culturally pervasive meme that women can compete with men on any level."

Well of course they can, all you have to do is modify the terms of the contest and women are equally capable competitors. all we have to do? Is let our enemies know that we are fielding a new team of defenders and thus there will have to be new rules of war. Our enemies will have to modify their intentions to accommodate our new warriors. They will have to play fair and abide by our desires, the same way they have always abided by the Geneva convention.  Surely they will understand. Seeing as how the rest of the world is just one squishy verse of Cumbaya away from accepting  one another as equals anyway.  Right?

Besides......who needs soldiers in our modern strategically digital world of today.  All we should  need now a days, are drones and robots and those capable of manipulating game controllers from a stand off position in a bunker somewhere. The new qualifications for an American soldier will be their X Box credentials and their ability to unquestionably follow the orders of their commanders. Be they women, transsexuals or robots.  

War is going to be so much more fun now and so much more fairly approached by all.

Oh happy day!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Apocalypse Now....The Chinese Edition

It is being reported that 700 tons of Sodium cyanide exploded in China last night.  Above is a photo of over 1000 brand new Renaults awaiting shipment at least a half a mile away from the blast. The third photo shows the extent of the blasts from overhead.  I am guessing the new Renaults won't be in the showrooms as expected this fall.

The site where the explosion occurred, is a known hazardous materials storage site and the Chinese government is refusing to comment

Meanwhile? World weather patterns continue to flow west to east.  Which means that whatever blew up in China last night will arrive on our shores in a few days or a couple of weeks. That gives an entirely new meaning to the term acid rain and who is really responsible for screwing up the environment now don't it. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ferguson Is Being Stoked To Explode As Another Triggering Point

So.....last Thursday there were two Ferguson police officers shot and wounded.  Somehow I must have missed that on the news last week, because I know the media reported it. right.  Last night?  Another individual opened fire on two police officers in their vehicle and when they returned fire, he was critically wounded.  Meanwhile, others in the protest crowd opened up with gunfire on other police officers and troopers in Ferguson.

Police Shoot Man in Ferguson Following One-Year Anniversary of Michael Brown's Death

 This morning they are reporting that the shooter was a "friend" of Michael Brown. Meanwhile others in Ferguson, including protest organizers are promising more protests today and what they are calling civil disobedience.  Stay tuned today folks, as this is almost certainly going to get out of hand again.

Fuses are being lit nationally. There is too much of this happening for it to be spontaneous or random.  Someone or some group of people are going around inciting violence and recruiting the young and stupid to be their trigger points. 

ABC US News | World News

Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Year After Ferguson, Black Men Seven Times More Likely to Be Shot By police

Link To Washington Post Article

"There are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics".......It looks like the Washington Post is about to shit stir the race baiting controversy once again on the heals of the Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown fiasco. The Washington Post is publishing a lead article today, decrying the number of police shootings of unarmed blacks in America and the apparent rise in the numbers of these shootings by police.

The statistics from the Washington Post data base of police shootings, reflect that twenty four blacks have been shot by police so far this year. The fact that there have been 585 people shot and killed by police this year, seems to reflect nothing to the media when looking for a racial angle to focus on. Its the 24 so called "unarmed blacks" that they want to focus on, because there is where the red meat to fire up the masses is.

The next statistic thrown on the table by the Post is this one. Blacks accounted for 40% of the 60 unarmed deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers so far this year.  Therefore, the representative statistical anomaly appears to be that blacks, a race that only comprises 6% of the overall population, are disproportionately being shot and killed by police officers. Add to that the disproportionate number who are shot and killed while unarmed and you have created the desired representation of racism.  Based upon those statistics, there can be no doubts of racism by the police. There appears to be an unarguable and clearly defined pattern of police abuse and police murder of the black man in America and the Washington Post wants to be the one to sound the alarm.

But wait a minute.....Is this the entire picture? Is this the accurate representation of statistics as portrayed by the Washington Post.   Or is this simply a cherry picked version of statistics that supports the socially driven media meme of unfairness to blacks that the Post is seeking to create.  According to this Washington Post article, blacks are seven times more likely to be shot by police (statistically), that whites are. Therefore it would appear to be an open and shut case and an undeniable fact that blacks are disproportionately targeted by police.

But its not an open and shut case, not by a long shot.     

Its not an open and shut case for several other undeniable facts that the media and the progressive leftist in America don't like to talk about when they are creating their exclusionary landscapes of statistical analysis in support of disparate treatment of blacks in America  The glaring statistics that they don't like to talk about? Are the statistics of demographics and crime in America when viewed in their totality. 

Just who is it committing crimes in America is determined by looking at the racial break down of those arrested and involved and those statistics portray an interesting reality. The link below will give you a peek in the box as to who is actually responsible for crime in America and the link will do so based upon statistics of race and ethnicity and crime in America provided by the FBI.

Of course since the link is to the published FBI statistics, the statistics are non-refutable and non-challenge-able, as they are the exact same statistical source that the Washington Post and others in media utilize to compile their data when they are trying to build their cases and force a racial perspective based upon cherry picked statistics. So I utilized their same source.

The link below takes you to the FBI source page of criminal demographics for 2012.  Keep in mind that the FBI is always two to three years behind on releasing their collective statistical analysis of crime in America,  therefore, 2012 statistics are what are currently available for review by the general public.

FBI 2012 Most Recent Crime Demographics

As you review the crime categories and you note the numbers of incidences of crimes by race, try to keep one number in mind.  As you are looking at crimes committed by blacks in America? Violent crimes..sexual assaults...aggravated assaults and all other categories of crime listed?  Remember this,  these are all crimes committed by 6% of the population.  That's right. Look at the numbers for yourself and let that simple reality soak into your thinking. .

Truly 50% of ALL CRIME in America is committed by 6% of the population. So have the FBI's statistics proven for at least the past fifty years.  6% of the population? 6% of the population accounts for at least half of  those committing specific crimes in America today?  Does anyone in media seem interested or curious over that specific statistical reality?  Apparently not. The mainstream media is certainly not interested in those figures, because those figures serve only to cloud the perceptions the media is attempting to create in the minds of Americans.

The mainstream media is far more content to throw out cherry picked raw numbers and then weave their desired assertions of bias and racism into their spin cast of the news.  There are no racially charged connections to be made in the minds of the easily led, if all the media ever does is to tell the citizens at large the truth.  These citizens at large have no capability of discerning the truth any way, so why not tell them your truth and help them come to the conclusions that you would like for them to arrive at.

"A year after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, unarmed black men are seven times more likely than whites to die by police gunfire"

That's right and that statistic is correct!

The problem is?  No one in politics or media is ever interested in plugging in the other statistics. When the media talks about the disproportionate numbers of blacks being arrested, the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, the disproportionate number of blacks being shot by police officers; no one ever considers that the disproportionate number of blacks involved and the disproportionate number of blacks being talked about, are the disproportionate number of blacks who represent 6% of the overall population of this country.

So in the fair analysis of racial demographics and crime and police intervention in America, it has to be recognized and realized that you are talking about 6% of the population that is responsible for at least 50% of all crime.  Therefore, the statistical probabilities that the 6% of the population, who are committing the largest volume by race of crimes statistically,  are going to be arrested, imprisoned or end up being shot by the police more often. 

It is really not any statistical anomaly at all, once you look at the overall numbers.  What it is and what it truly represents is the smoke and mirrors being used to deceive the American people and those willfully being lied to and those willfully accepting the forced perspectives of race bias where no race bias even exists.

If tomorrow 10,000 Martians came to earth and began committing crimes of the magnitude and frequency as to account for 50% of our crimes every year, Would it be considered racist to point out that all those crimes were being committed by a minority of 10,000 Martians?  You damn right it would be and there in lies the real problem of race and racism in America.  Its racism because the media says its racism and the politicians and the sheep follow those representations and willfully accept the falsely created reality as the undeniable truth.

Blacks in America are more likely to be shot by police for one reason and one reason only. Blacks commit the largest proportion of crimes annually in America.

Friday, August 07, 2015

The Socceress And The 2016 Fox News Debate Circus: Trump Wins.....

Different people can witness the exact same event and come away with entirely different perceptions. Nothing unusual there.  Such was the case last night as it concerned the first Fox News GOP major debate of the 2016 election.  Fox had already hosted an earlier and lesser GOP debate of the seven not so shiny candidates who were not invited to the big stage last night.  The major difference that I could see between the two debates, was that  Fox News didn't try to ambush the seven lesser candidates in the first debate; but they sure as hell did try to ambush the ten prime time candidates and Donald Trump had the largest bulls-eye on his backside of any of them.

Brett Behr opened the Fox News circus by coming directly after Donald Trump with the obvious question that was designed to attack Trump on his position concerning a third party run.  From that point forward in the debate, every effort put forth by the Fox News panel seemed to be aimed more at proposing "gotcha" questions to Trump and the other nine candidates, than pursuing genuine lines of questioning.

A debate is supposed to be the opportunity for the people to see a comparative analysis of varying and differential political opinions by the candidates.  Apparently Fox News didn't get the memo on that little nuance of debate.  Each of the Fox all stars seemed more interested in sniping the candidates and sarcasm; than they were at obtaining genuine position statements from the candidates concerning their positions on the issues that concern American voters.

When the Fox debate panel came after Donald Trump (once again) on his previously widely publicized and equally widely criticized illegal immigration comments, Trump rightly responded that they would not even be talking about illegal immigration if it weren't for him have raised the issue and taken exception to it. Trump stood his ground and good for him.  On a side note, Jeb Bush had enough presence of mind to not allow them to put words in his mouth either.

No, Donald Trump is not the most poised or polished political candidate on the landscape and I for one consider that to be one of his strongest assets.  As Trump rightly noted last night as the panel continually attempted to paint him into politically correct corners. Politically correct driven politics and weak and stupid leadership is precisely what has gotten this country into trouble and it has to stop.  The "tone" has to be one of leadership and not one of worry over which malcontent minority segment of the country or the world, is going to be offended by truthfulness and honesty. 

I cannot say whether Donald Trump will be able to sustain his candidacy and survive the collective attacks of media from all corners to garner the GOP nomination, but I do know this.  They won't shut the man up by throwing politically correct allegations at him, or by attempting to twist his words.  No more than Megyn Kelly's failed attempt to visibly demonstrate her disgust for Trump during the debate last night.  Her misogynist allegations and attempts at baiting Trump as some Neanderthal women hater, failed as quickly as a fart in a crowded elevator.  Personally, I have been over Megyn Kelly's cutesy glamour and stylized reporting as a fox babe for quite a while now and her actions last night during the debate;  just reinforced my previous decisions and opinions of her less than admirable talents as either a reporter or as a debate host.

The really bothersome revelations that are beginning to surface this morning for Fox News are two fold. First, while CNN and the rest of leftist media are doing the "libtard electric leg spasm" (of Chris Matthews ilk this morning), the majority of mainstream conservative Americans didn't seem to get the same thrills as Fox News and the rest of the liberal media did last night from the Fox circus. 

As a matter of fact, it appears the Fox News antics during the debate last night only served to piss off a lot of conservative Americans. Secondly, the initial polls of the reactions and over all performance recordings of the candidates during the debate last night?  Seem to reflect that Trump was the winner (once again) by a large margin, followed by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee.  Jeb Bush paled in comparison to the entire panel of candidates in my observation, with the possible exception of Rand Paul, who made a complete ass out of himself. Ben Carson was funny at times, but obviously out of his depth, as was Chris Christie and the other lesser known candidates.

My thinking going into the debate last night was simple.  For Trump to remain a leader of the GOP field, all he needed to do was "not play the other man's game."  I believe he succeeded on that count.  He refused to play the games of Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace or Brett Behr.  Trump came away as the winner of those sparring matches and the Fox News panel came away looking like partisan amateurs, more suited to moderating some leftist chat forum than a nationally televised political debate.