Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apparently? Obama didn't get the memo

43 U.S. Troops Have Died in Afghanistan Since Gen. McChrystal Called for Reinforcements

Once again mainstream media in America remains by and large silent on the issue of what is happening in Afghanistan and the president's obvious refusal to address what is becoming critical, as it concerns American policy and direction and policy of the White House on the war.

In March of this year, the president said.....“I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to prevent their return to either country in the future,”

I am curious Mr. president......what exactly is that focused goal again? And while you are refreshing my memory and the memory of several hundred million other Americans on the topic? Could you maybe share your clear goals with General McCrystal? The guy you sent there to make an assessment? Remember?

I know with all the other things that you have had on your plate lately, that it is difficult to stay focused on the trivial things like wars (a war that you have been opposed to from the beginning), but you really should learn how to keep up appearances for the little people. People have noticed and they are talking Mr. president, even in the midst of a complacent and complicit media.

Meanwhile, while this little pot in Afghanistan simmers and bubbles, what have you been doing to address the lingering questions that Americans have been rightfully asking, since General McCrystal's assessment (which you have now had for a month) was brought to your attention?

Oh....I see. You and the little woman are off globe trotting to Denmark and schmoozing with the cheese eating Vichy socialists of Europe, while you and the wife are pitching the old home town to the international Olympic Committee on the US taxpayer dime. Another tip Mr. president, the Chitown hustle is wearing thin on the American people.

Meanwhile back here at home, there remains the lingering unanswered questions concerning just what you intend to do about addressing the war in Afghanistan and how you intend to address the recommendations of General McChrystal. I am sorry Mr. president, but you can't use that old fall back like you did during the campaign. You can't turn and glare at the antagonistic press and simply bleat that "it's above your pay grade." That quip won't work on this one. (it shouldn't have been allowed on the last one).

Bailing and refusing to address the questions today won't work any better than the news that you have been sitting on the general's report for thirty days has, or that you have only spoken to the man once in the last seventy days. (before today)

And then comes this, from the pearled lips of Robert Gibbs....(White House Spokesman)

Then on Sunday, Gen. McChrystal told “60 Minutes” that he has talked to Obama only once in the past 70 days. At a briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs noted that President Obama “receives a memo every week from General McChrystal.”

Did you know that 43 American have died while you have sat idle and ignored the war in Afghanistan while pursuing your health care reform bill over the last thirty days Mr. president? Do you realize that the American people are watching?

Or did you fail to get those memos also, the same way you apparently have failed to receive the one's from General McChrystal and his assessments that you have failed to make note of or act upon for a month.

And before you leave for your trip to Denmark, your hurried video conference with General McChrystal and your national security team today (only after you had your meeting with legendary golfer Arnold Palmer) literally wreaks of trying to play catch up while coming across as the rank amateur that you really are.

I am sorry Mr. president, but you are definitely a lower case entity and you will remain so in my opinion. As you have absolutely no business being the leader of this country. But none the less we are stuck with you for another three years and three months it seems.

I can't wait until you and the wife return from this latest jaunt.

I will be truly interested to hear what you have to say for yourself.

Whose Minding the Store?

Michelle Obama arrives in Copenhagen for IOC vote

There was a time when our elected representatives actually paid attention to who was spending our money and what they were spending it on. (Back before they learned that they had control of an open end taxpayer funded checkbook).

Then came the Congressional Budget Office. Supposedly created to act as a check and buffer on congressional spending back in 1974. Does anyone really care what the CBO has to say anymore? I certainly don't think that the president or congress gives a rat's rotisserie what they say.

I raise these questions as it has struck me of late, that someone should be checking the odometer on Air Force One. And the odometers on rest of the Air Force executive fleet for that matter while they are at it.

I have no direct way of knowing or checking on how much he has used Air Force One and the other executive assets assigned to the Air Force and at his disposal but I feel relatively sure that this president has been burning up the miles in Air Force ever since taking office. Far more so than his predecessor and definitely more so as far as it concerns the first lady and her ability to fly on her own assigned Air Force Jet.

Obama will fly to Copenhagen tomorrow to make his pitch to the International Olympic committee, in his attempt to sway the vote for the 2016 Olympics in favor of Chicago. Does anyone else find it bothersome that in the midst of two wars, an economy in shambles, unemployment at an all time high and a congress hell bent to spend as much money as they can get away with, that the president of the United States is using "our planes and our resources" to lobby foreigners on behalf of his old buddies back in Chicago?

Or what about the fact that Michelle Obama flew to Copenhagen on her own personal Air Force jet yesterday. She is there (ostensibly) to lobby the same Olympic selection committee as her husband, but she came on an entirely different aircraft and with and almost equal amount of security detail and Secret Service entourage as her husband has around him. I wonder if she will lay back as she did on the European trip, (once her "business" is out of the way) so that she can once again get in more shopping days in a foreign country at the expense of the American taxpayer.

And to add insult to injury? The media is referring to Michelle's Air Force charter that flew her there as "Air Force II!" I wonder where that leaves Joe Biden? Actually....I could care less where it leaves Joe Biden. I would just as soon they give him a bus like John Madden's and be done with it.

The real point IMO, is that we have a president who is literally out of control when it comes to spending our money and borrowing us into the poor house. And he is using the prerogatives and the perks of his office as if he is some "nouveau riche" frat boy who could care less who is paying for it. All the while admonishing the rest of us urbane unsophisticated and unwashed commoners to sacrifice more on behalf of mother earth and good will toward our enemies globally.

I for one am about damn tired of this Vichy arrogance and elitist Fabian socialist waste. Especially when I am watching and observing my fellow Americans in dire straights over the economic situation and unemployment. And the worst of it? Who can we complain to? It's not like we can call or write our elected representatives in the house or the senate and they could or would act to rein in this ridiculous wastefulness in the executive branch.

Hells bells, the majority of them are just as guilty of waste as he is and Nancy Pelosi is leading the parade with her own Boeing 757 that carries her sorry socialist backside back and forth to the land of fruit and nuts sometimes twice a week.

And it's not like we can even complain to the White House, as we all now know that they are taking down names and making their enemies list as we speak. So where do we turn? Survey says! Nowhere. We are stuck with this interloping elitist and his smarmy globe trotting fashion challenged wife, unless and until either the next election, or this country completely implodes and a revolution removes him from office. Of course there is still the outside chance of a meteor strike or of the western half of Africa suddenly sliding into the Pacific and creating a tsunami that eliminates the entire eastern seaboard.

I say it's about time that Americans lay off the milk and sugar and start brewing their tea fast and strong.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rather's Suit Fades Away

Appeals court dismisses Dan Rather's suit vs. CBS

The New York Court of Appeals tossed Dan Rather's specious law suit against CBS today. Too Bad. On the one hand, I would like to have seen CBS forced to pay out millions to their former all star. But on the other hand? It is equally satisfying and more to see Rather lose.

It's rather fitting actually (pun intended). Just think......the loser lost.

Now, if he will just fade to black and go somewhere and cease to be the annoyance that he has been for the last three decades. But alas, that won't happen. He will hang on and remain the ignorant pain in the ass that he has always been. Perhaps Dan and Jimmy Carter can get together and go get themselves captured somewhere in the middle east while pursuing their legacies.

Monday, September 28, 2009

McCrystal's Glass Command

I must admit, I was not a fan of General Stanley McChrystal when president Obama promoted him to four star general, and then appointed him the new commander of American forces in Afghanistan. (Replacing the then commanding General David McKiernan and banishing him to a less than honorable forced retirement.)

And since his promotion and appointment to command in Afghanistan, General McChrystal has done absolutely nothing in my opinion, to either distinguish himself in his new command, or to provide any indication that he was/is the supposed necessary answer, to turn the war around in Afghanistan.

Americans should not be confused as it concerns what is going on in Afghanistan, or with what is going on with president Obama's goals in Afghanistan or the region. And Americans should not be confused as it concerns defense secretary Robert Gates and president Obama's decision to keep him in this administration.

Robert Gates (as Secretary of Defense) didn't make the decision to replace General McKiernan in Afghanistan, he was only the president's message boy delivering the president's message of firing. The fact that Gates remained secretary of defense after Obama assumed the presidency, speaks to only one reality and that reality is that Gates is a yes man and a rubber stamp for this president and he knows it. One misstep? One crossing of the official policy line? One attempt to speak out on his own or take any position contrary to the president's? And Robert Gates will be gone every bit as fast or faster than General McKiernan was.

I don't have anything personal against General Stanley McChrystal. I am sure that he is or was a competent commander, but he made a mistake by taking his present command and by accepting this promotion IMO. I have to question in my own mind, what he could have possibly been thinking when he accepted the position. Did he not realize that he would be nothing more than a caretaker while Obama purposely imploded the war and reduced manpower and funding until defeat was obvious? Did he not realize that he would be absolutely powerless to exert any command prerogative or initiative to affect the direction of the war? Did this graduate of West Point and former Special Forces commander not realize that he was being set up as a "patsy" by this president?

Or was he simply dazzled and beguiled by the thought of that fourth star on his shoulders. Either way, it is more than obvious to this casual observer (and many others for that matter), that since assuming command in Afghanistan, General McChrystal's only accomplishments have been to let it be known that America is losing the war and that if something isn't done soon, we will lose the war completely.

His first warning that we are losing the war (a month or so into his command and assessment) was quickly denied by the White House and the general's statements were disavowed by the Obama administration as having been taken out of context. But the general persisted a couple of weeks later and once again expressed his serious concerns over our capability to fight and win this war under current constraints of manpower and funding.

Then last week the real bomb shell exploded. The media learned (leaked) that General McChrystal had submitted his review of Afghanistan to the president, before Obama had left for Labor Day on Martha's Vineyard. And Obama had done absolutely nothing with the report or the general's recommendations since receiving them, three weeks earlier. we can only assume, that the report includes the general's request for additional troops and funding.

And as of last night's interview with the general on 60 Minutes, it was learned that General McChrystal has only spoken to his commander in chief once since he has been in Afghanistan and in charge of the war. Once in the last seventy days (according to the general's own admission) has he spoken to the president concerning what is going on in Afghanistan. As a betting man, I would be willing to wager that lone conversation occurred not long after after the General's first misstep by admitting that we are losing the war.

(The entire 60 Minutes piece can be viewed) HERE

Having watched the 60 Minutes interview with the General? I am not impressed. My take of his admissions and positions, is that he in attempting to manage the war from a political perspective, as opposed to a military one. Limiting air strikes and daily conference calls with the Pentagon won't win this war. Neither will his other command decisions like ordering flags to not be lowered for our honored dead just to name a few.

General McChrystal may have been sent to Afghanistan to make assessments and determinations, but he wasn't sent there to win a war IMO. The man is not a warrior. He is a military bureaucrat and a power point driven commander in my estimation. Someone that may have been trained and may know in theory what needs to be done? But one who doesn't know how to apply that knowledge and skill practically in a real time environment IMO.

Are we losing the war in Afghanistan? If you asked me, I would say yes, without a doubt. We began losing it just as soon as this president took the reins of office and that was further evidenced just as soon as he appointed General McChrystal to command the war in Afghanistan. Are we losing the war in Afghanistan? At the present time we have already lost it IMO.

Was General McChrystal so stupid as to not know that he was being used and set up for the fall? I don't believe so. The general knew exactly what he was doing by accepting this command. Therefore, his reasoning can only be based in one reality IMO. There was a fourth star in it for General McChrystal. He may have thought that he could make a difference, or that he would be allowed to actually command the war and make the appropriate determinations once he was there, but he has now learned that is not the case. And IMO, he was only lying to himself to ever believe otherwise with this president.

As I said earlier, General Stanley McChrystal was brought on board and promoted by president Obama for one reason and one reason only. He was to be the interim caretaker over the affair, while Barack Obama imploded the war and his leftist media convince America that the war was lost and not worth continuing. Which is a campaign the media in America began in earnest about two weeks ago with their push polls and drum beat of supposed discontent with the war by most Americans.

It's a sad epitaph as it concerns General McChrystal IMO, but he (as we use to say in the Corps) has booked a loser. And the only honorable thing that he can do as a general and as a career Army officer at this point, is to firmly pace the gauntlet on the table with his commander in chief. McChrystal needs to make his positions known to the president and stand by the integrity of his assessment. He needs to stand by that decision on behalf of our men and women in the field who each require no less than integrity from their commanding general.

And if the president refuses to accept the general's assessment on the war and what is needed and what will be required to win it? Then General McChrystal should resign his command and return to Washington. Whereby his last official act before leaving the army, should be to return that fourth star before its cost completely tarnishes his otherwise notable career.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Polanski Farce

Swiss Arrest Roman Polanski for Possible Extradition to U.S. in Sex Case

Most people under fifty have little to no idea who Roman Polanski is, or what he does or what he did, or who he was involved with. But the rest of us remember.

First off and probably most notably, he was the chic European junior director who was married to Sharon Tate of Manson murders fame. Then about ten years later he supposedly was caught having sex with some 14 year old girl and fled back to Europe where he has remained for the past thirty years a fugitive from American justice.

There is only one question that begs the asking IMO. Well actually there are two questions, but the important one is this......"how many people actually believe that the present day United States legal system intends to extradite this pervert back to America for prosecution of what in essence is a statutory rape charge at best.....and thirty years after the fact.

Of course the next question and as far as I am concerned, the equally as important question, (if not more important) is who gives a rat's rotisserie?

It's been thirty years and no one has ever cared enough to arrest this heathen on these charges before now. And it wasn't like he was on Interpol's Ten Most Wanted list and has been hiding in some cave in the Alps. So stop wasting my time and my tax money pursuing some aged moron whose greatest claim to fame is that he was once married to a beautiful woman who was murdered by lunatics.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Returns

Bill Clinton speaks of vast, right-wing conspiracy

Barack Obama and those on his team may have been the one's to first envisioned never letting a good crisis go to waste? But the Clinton's were and remain way ahead of the curve when it comes to the democratic past time of demon branding their political adversaries.

It's 1999 and Bill Clinton is being pummeled by accusations of his illicit affair with a White House intern, and his wife raises the specter of the vast right wing conspiracy. A sinister grouping of adversaries whose sole purpose is to destroy his presidency.

We all know what followed, including his squinty eyed blustering and finger pointing at the camera to attempt and deny the accusations. Remember? Back when he looked America straight in the eye and lied his ass off. "I never had sexual relations with that woman......Ms. Lewinski."

But that was then, this is now. What does the present have to do with the past? Enter one Bill Clinton (democrat fallen patriarch) to explain it to us little people all too well. Barack Obama is now on the receiving end of that same vast right wing conspiracy that attacked Bill! The same people are literally out to destroy his presidency! The same one's that came after Bill!

I wonder? Are conspiracies like other elements and forces in the universe? Are there always equal and opposing forces and entities at work as Issac Newton suggested? Certainly there must be. Have we not just spent eight years watching the democrats and their "vast left wing conspiracy?" Engage in the exact same thing and do all in its power to destroy George Bush?

Is there really any difference between then and now? I mean aside from the outright lies and open attempts at smearing Bush in their seething attempts to bring him down, what difference is there.

But suddenly Bill Clinton would like us to believe that there is some uniquely sinister force afoot. A force whose entire purpose in life is to seemingly smear and debilitate an otherwise good and moral man. Here's a clue.....there are no good or moral men (or women) in politics today. Just look around and try and prove me wrong.

To achieve the office of the presidency in America, one must have long ago forfeited their spine, character and morals and made their deals with the devil.

But it is amusing to see one who was literally the charlatan's charlatan, attempting to broad brush the background and the foreground on behalf of the one who both toppled and ended the Clinton dynasty in American politics.

Politics truly does make for strange bed fellows.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Joe Biden update: He calls some fellow Democrats 'turkeys'

"I don’t have to tell you that you’re in a very competitive state,” the vice president said, according to the press pool notes. “You got some tough votes coming up.”

Biden called the three men “independent minded” and “damn competent,” adding, however, that they were all united on core Democratic Party themes, including energy policy and healthcare.

“These guys are smart, "Biden asserted. "Some of the guys Chuck [Robb] and I have campaigned for are turkeys. Not all Democrats are created equal, while most Republicans are.”

Sometimes, you just gotta let Joe talk. He is the best appointment that Obama has made to date. (From a republican point of view).

Harsh Words and Gun Battles

Obama: Iran Must Cooperate or Face Consequences

I don't know who first coined the phrase, but the truism still holds IMO, 'never come to a gun battle armed only with harsh words.' Yet that is precisely the style of our president and the way that he seems intent upon dealing with the Iranians and their nuclear ambitions.

Is it any big surprise that the Iranians and Ahmadinejad have only become more and more emboldened by our lack of response to their threats and their ongoing pursuit of nuclear weapons over the past five years? Make no mistake, George Bush should have done something about this rogue while he and we still had the chance. But he didn't.
And neither did the UN or Europe who were supposedly keeping an eye on their activities and prepared to intervene.

And now that the task is left to the "appeaser and apologist in chief?" I somehow don't see any major sea change concerning US policy toward the Iranians happening in the near future. If anything, we will retreat further behind the diplomatic apron strings of the UN and its track record of wishing and hoping that problems like Iran will simply go away. Oh! I almost forgot.....there are always sanctions!

The UN is in majority responsible for these rogues like Iran and NM Korea.

The Iranians grow more and more emboldened by the day and as they do, they are increasing their nuclear capabilities to wage war against Israel and to provide nuclear weapons to terrorist that are more than capable and willing to use them against us.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is engaged in the performance of a lifetime. All he needs is a toga and a violin to complete his ensemble and you probably wouldn't be able to tell any difference between him and Nero.

"My offer of a serious, meaningful dialogue to resolve this issue remains open," Obama said. "But Iran must now cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and take action to demonstrate its peaceful intentions."

"Iran's leaders must now choose -- they can live up to their responsibilities and achieve integration with the community of nations. Or they will face increased pressure and isolation, and deny opportunity to their own people."

"On this, the international community is more united than ever before ... that Iran must fulfill its responsibilities," Obama said.

And what do the Iranians have to say about the messiah and his mumblings and rattle sabers?

"This new plant, God willing, will soon become operational and will make the enemies blind," Mohammad Mohammadi-Golpayegani, who heads Khamenei's office, said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

They recognize that hollow sound emitting from the cavity where a back bone has never existed in the man that we elected president of these United States.

Every week there are more and more reports of terrorist being discovered on our shores and planning our demise and attacks against us. So how long before one of them is blessed with the gift of nuclear weapons by Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Ayatollahs or their buddy Kim Jong in N Korea. And for how much longer will the American people allow this interloper to sell our future and our children down the river.

Which brings me to the closing of my comments today. The phrase "selling down the river." It originated to denote the practice during the slave trade to describe how the people of Africa sold their own people into bondage and slavery. Shipping them down the river to the slave traders and a life in servitude.

Therefore, I feel that it is ironic, that we would reach a point in our time and history when a black man would ultimately do to us as a nation, that which was done to his people for generations.

Ironic isn't it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why So Serious Barack?

Iran Reveals Existence of Second Uranium Enrichment Plant

I am not going to belabor the point by going back over the obvious in any great depth, but the bottom line of this news today? Should in all fairness be.....Is this some kind of shock or surprise to anyone?

Hasn't this little tin dick been telling the world for the past several years that he was going to do as he damn well pleased as it concerned his intentions to pursue nuclear assets?

Of course he coyly covered his lies concerning Iran's nuclear ambitions, by attempting to portray Iran's desire to obtain nuclear materials as nothing more dubious than it's interest in only the peaceful use of nuclear power. Of course his lies about that had barely fell silent to the ear before he was threatening to wipe Israel off the map.

And how might one guess that he might accomplish such a task? Provided he actually wanted to carry out that threat. Bingo!

So there you have it friends and neighbors. Why should anyone but especially the president and the democrats be shocked or surprised by today's revelation of Iran's secret nuclear facility.

Or should we not all possibly take the same tact as our loyal opposition of the past eight years? Should we not simply pronounce by acclamation to the world, that this is all a lie and our little Iranian tin dick doesn't have any WMD's now and nor will he ever be capable of possessing them. He's just building reactors for his power grid. Right?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This may be your last wipe

Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper

Yes friends and neighbors, the looney left is now coming after your individual ass. Not satisfied with killing off American industry, capitalism and your way of life, they are now coming after your own dear little back side as their newest target of American indulgence.

They want your toilet paper. And they want your to use something that has been created by one of their recycled visionary wizards of vegan mother earth.

Stand by....there may be a rush for the commodity! The Stock exchange may begin trading in Wiping futures soon. Hoarding will probably follow, but in the end (pun intended) you may be forced to resort to the corn cob twist like they did back in the old days.

And hey! With all those husks left over from bio fuel production? There should certainly be enough cobs to go around. Now, all we have to do is figure out how to flush them things and how to package them.

Obama's New Title "Churlish"

Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgivable

There are several reports in the media this morning, outlining the perceived snub of the British PM Gordon Brown by our dear president. But I found this writer in the Daily Telegraph's version of summation to be personally the most interesting.

David Hughes is billed as the Daily Telegraph's "chief leader writer." And he is credited as having covered British politics for 30 years. Therefore, I can only assume that this dear fellow knows and recognizes churlishness when he sees it. Although I must admit that my less than vast command of the king's English sent me looking for Mr. Webster's tutelage on Mr. Hughes choice of word in describing Barack Obama.

It seems? That "churlish" has two primary definitions. The first: 'of, resembling, or characteristic of a churl : vulgar' The second and more appropriate in its intent as used by Mr. Hughes: 'marked by a lack of civility or graciousness : surly.'

So there you have it. On at least one level, there are those in the UK that saw president Obama's intentional snub of Gordon Brown as churlishness. And somehow? I tend to believe there are probably more than a few in the UK who see it precisely the same way as Mr. Huges.

The surly arrogance of this president has been visited now on several of America's European allies. Lest we forget how President Sarkozy was treated by the insolent rebuff of president Obama during the D Day invasion anniversary ceremonies at Normandy and hosted by the French back in June.

Or what of his snubbing of Angela Merkel the PM of Germany? On the very same trip to Europe as the one where he snubbed Sarkozy. Merkel was given the Obama presidential cold shoulder when he intentionally bypassed Berlin and a meeting with Angela Merkel and opted rather to visit Dresden. Of course PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, never even rated a visit from the messianic one on that trip to Europe and the middle east.

Or what of last week when Obama snubbed the leaders of both the Czech Republic and Poland by withdrawing the promised missile defense shield? And he did it on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland seventy years ago.

So the question almost begs the asking.....Does Gordon Brown feel that he is special? Should the British people feel that they are privileged and should be allowed a special confidence and position influence with this American administration? Apparently not. Particularly if you make the determination of that qualification based upon the actions of this president toward the British to date.

As an observer of very little consequence, I find it almost amusing to see Europe writhing in mass at the insolence of the socialist interloper now occupying the Oval Office and standing this week before the UN and directing to the world what he thinks their level of participation in the grand scheme of his plans ought to be.

I remember now too many years past, when the previous president was perceived as surly for having the audacity to call out the axis of evil (Iran and N Korea). He then told our friends and allies in Europe and the UK that they had better get on board with helping to defend both their own security and our security. Yet the suave socialist controlling most of Europe wanted none of that. They smirked and snided and sniped at George Bush for eight years while demonstrating their own finer skills and talents of churlishness to the American people.

The UK under Tony Blair may have committed British troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and the British people may have been our most supportive Allie in these wars against terrorism, but they have also been on the forefront of criticism against America for having the audacity to defend itself against Islamic created terrorism in the first place.

As an American, I would have thought that after their own attacks of 7/7? That the British (of all people) would have closed ranks and become closer allies with America. But that has not been the case in my observation.

There are many in the UK who have fumed over the UK's involvement in support of the war on terror and they continue to fume and spew their outright hate and disagreement against America at every turn over our involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So now? Americans are supposed to give a twit that the British PM has been snubbed by the messianic one upon arriving at the G20?? I hardly think so.

Gordon Brown's political life light is waning. The man has never struck me as being of more consequence than a lesser player in the now all but dead Labour party in the UK. His party is dying by the day and so is his own political future. Gordon Brown made his overtures to Obama when he visited Washington right after this president was sworn in. And what did that get him? Oh I remember. A dysfunctional set of DVD's and a drubbing by the media on both sides of the Atlantic for not being more of a man and standing up to Obama.

I am sorry, but I have no pity for Gordon Brown. The churlish snub of Gordon Brown is of no greater or lesser consequence of relevance than that of the others who have suffered the same fate at the hands of this sophomore of change since he became president.

IMO? If these European leaders want to get into the swing of things and get themselves invited to the A list of conversations with this president? Then they should pick of the phone and call Hugo Chavez or the deposed dictator of Honduras. Perhaps a call to Fidel Castro or Kim Jon, or Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad. President Obama has already spoken with most of them since taking office and he has expressed a willing interest in doing so with all of them, since before he was elected.

Perhaps Gordon Brown can barter and invite from one of the more notable players in Obama's universe of world leaders that he is interested in speaking to. Of course, there is the possibility that if Gordon Brown were to bow and kiss the hand at his next encounter with Obama before leaving the G20 summit this week? Then maybe, just maybe the messiah could find a few minutes and squeeze him in before Brown leaves for his return to the UK.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar

Critics Assail Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar, Say He's Wrong Man for the Job

So what did the president's newest Czar (the one he recently appointed director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools (OSDFS). have to say for himself in his 2007 autobiography?

Well let's see.....

"I got stoned more often and went out to the beach at Bellows, overlooking Honolulu Harbor and the lights of the city, to drink with my buddies on Friday and Saturday nights, spending hours watching the planes take off and land at the airport, which is actually quite fascinating when you are drunk and stoned."

Where does the president find all of these quality people?

Are you waiting on someone else to take responsibility?

Tough political realities quiet youth 'Obamamania'

Apparently there are a lot of Obama maniacs that thought that all they had to do was vote the messiah into office and the land of milk and honey and freebies for everyone would soon follow.

"It's one thing to get excited about a presidential candidate. It's another thing to become a responsible citizen," says Jennifer Donahue, political director for the New Hampshire Institute Of Politics. She and other political analysts thinks they have yet to prove themselves.

A responsible citizen? Is that what they are calling it? It that what they are attributing this to? Is that what the enlightened academics and the campus student movements see as the real reason that the honey hole remains plugged?

"They're supportive, but in a bystander kind of way," says Laura Katz Olson, a political science professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Well of course they are. What do people expect? That these mush brained masses (raised on the government answers all teat of government and absent ever having taken any personal responsibility in their own lives), are actually going to congeal and come together as a force on any level to effect some form of change?

That ganja these folks have been smoking all those years must be some good quality, cause they forty years later still can't seem to figure out reality.

The reality is pretty simple as my father use to say......"wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which gets full first." And it seems that the cumbaya singers that wanted to teach the world to sing? Have passed those aberrant and defective genes and non existent skill sets of non critical thinking onto their offspring.

Yes, there is a lot to be said for the reality that some people should never be allowed to breed. All you have to do is look around to see that demonstrated ten fold every day IMO. And those that spent their youth and adult years discovering themselves and experiencing life after Woodstock through rose colored glasses, intermingled with hating their country and blaming everyone else for their own personal failures seem to have succeeded in producing successive generations of the same as themselves and worse.

I remember seeing the woman interviewed by the media right after Obama was elected......she was black and appeared maybe twenty something and she was absolutely thrilled at the perceived prospects of not having to pay her house payment or for gasoline etc. because Obama had been elected.

And now that Obama (the messiah) had been elected, he was going to knock the spigots loose on all the honey and everyone would simply bathe and bask in the coming glow of hope and change and just back up to the government filling stations of free money and drink their fill.

Now, fast forward to the present. Since Obama was elected? They have already jacked the prices of tobacco with added taxes and the plan to do the same to colas and anything else that they can get away with taxing. And who do these people think will be paying those added taxes? Certainly not those Americans making under $250.000 a year or less! After all, the messiah promised they would never be taxes by his administration. The same way he is promising now that there will be no added taxation required to fund his socialist health care fiasco and that those on Medicare won't lose any benefits. Problem is? Those in the Congressional Budget Office Who actually know who and how these things get paid for? Are whistling a different tune and telling the people the truth. (Look for them to be muzzled soon).And the truth is? There is absolutely no way to pay for all of this socialist Nirvana without raising taxes on the producers and penalizing the producers and ultimately denying the aged what they presently have as benefits under Medicare and Medicaid.

But there is one glimmer of hope is a few isolated areas....

Erin Carroll, a 19-year-old sophomore at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, blames the lack of engagement on her generation's short attention span. They want change — right now, she says — and haven't gotten it.

"I feel like everybody walks around with their cell phone and their laptops. We feel like we need everything immediately. So that's what we've become accustomed to," Carroll says. "We're the 'me-me-me' generation."

Therefore, I leave you with a couple of simple realities to ponder while you observe the Obama minions and maniacs coming to grips with reality.

"There are three types of people in this world. Those that watch things happen, those that make thinks happen and those that wonder what happened." So all you need to do, is to determine which one of the three that you intend to be and then take some personal responsibility in the outcome of making that happen. Or do nothing and you will by default be a member of the wonder what happened segment.

Lastly, as a great American (John Wayne) once remarked.

"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid."

Something tells me that there are a boat load of these stupid people that are getting ready to learn some very valuable and very painful lessons along those lines. And just remember as someone else said recently? "You can't fix stupid."

Now....entertain yourself with these two videos while you contemplate the messiahs promises this week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McCrystal Unanswered

After listening to several morning radio personalities discussing the issue of Afghanistan and Obama's inaction this morning, I returned home from my morning activities to see what I could find on the internet concerning the war in Afghanistan and any new position statements from the White House or actions by the president.

What was I looking for? Specifically...... what if any media scrutiny was being exerted on the president, for his having failed to address General McCrystal's report on Afghanistan for over a month now.

As I expected, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh's program and web page, the MSM is by and large mute on the issue of Afghanistan and the president's having sat on the general's report for almost a month now.

The problem as Limbaugh aptly pointed out on his program, is that General McCrystal submitted his Afghanistan assessment to the president on August 30th. That was before Obama's Labor day vacation to Martha's Vinyard and it has now been almost a month since he received the report. In the interim, the president has focused almosted exclusively on his health care reform attempts and completely excluded any serious scrutiny or evaluation of what is happening in Afghanistan or the general's report for that matter.

General McCrystal (as most will recall) was hand picked by Obama to replace the then Afghanistan commanding general in theater. Seems the former commanding general's version of the war and what was needed, obviously clashed with the president's goals and objectives, therefore, a fresh perspective was in order for Obama. What was that former general's name by the way? Who cares.... as the president has already wrecked that general's career and besides, some historian will give the fallen general his due note and reference as time passes. But in the interim, we have all been waiting with great anticipation of seeing and hearing what the new commander (General McCrystal) would have to say about the whole affair in Afghanistan.

Which apparently? Could best be summed up with the old retort of one Oliver Hardy to one Stan Laurel........"well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."

I don't know what General McCrystal expected out of this assignment, aside fro his third star, but it appears now via back channel information, that he has had about all that he intends to stomach from his commander in chief and his waffling. Rumor has it, that General McCrystal is prepared to resign if the president doesn't go along with his recommendations for more troops soon.

If I were the general? I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting on the president who made a career in the US and Illinois senate voting present, to make any worthwhile judgement or decision on Afghanistan. The president has to be told by his handlers what he thinks anyway and that could take several more weeks or months. They are the real shadow government controlling this president anyway. And they have been chomping at the bit since the day that he won the election to just pull the pin and walk away from Afghanistan and Iraq.

That is what they want. They want to turn tale and run and finalize their coup de etat by declaring an end to it all and then by placing all blame on George Bush.

But it won't be that simple. The American people are watching and they know who and what is and has been responsible for Iraq and Afghanistan and they know that there was a reason and purpose behind our sacrifices there. We have lost close to 5000 good American sons and daughters and husbands and wives fighting these wars. And the American people will require more to show for it than to have their loved ones branded as nothing more than the price of someone's sad mistake and political football.

Most people are aware that Afghanistan was just a hair's breath away from being won when George Bush left office. All that was required was for the proper leadership and support, commitment from congress and the material to support our troops in theater and the Taliban could have been driven into the ground and defeated permanently and quickly.

But our president has seen fit to insure that will not happen now. Just as he has seen fit to sit on his hands and ride out the weeks since general McCrystal gave him the report with the details of what is needed to end this thing and get our people home.

But this president isn't interested in mundane military trivialities. He has never cared for the price of freedom from the beginning and nothing has changed now that he is the commander in chief.. Much like his predecessor Bill Clinton, he sees the military as a necessary evil at best and a waste of money that he could better spend creating his socialist utopia.

The people are watching mr. president.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing on The Head of a Pin

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? I don't know, but I know how many presidents can dance on one. And Obama is clearly dancing to his own drummer and dictating to the media what he will and what he won't discuss and talk about as evidenced by these two exchanges with George Stephanoploulis Sunday.

He also once again seeks to lecture Stephanopoulis.

And then to turn around and not only admit that he hasn't been paying much attention to the ACORN fiasco? But to say that "frankly, it's not even something that I have followed closely" and "I didn't even know that ACORN was gettin (sp) a whole lot of federal money."

IMO? This smacks of far worse elitism than his statement at the Saddleback church debate where he said that making judgements concerning abortion were above his pay grade.

"George....this is not the biggest issue facing the country and it's not something that I am paying a lot of attention to."

That says it all folks. The man refuses to hear the people and he refuses to be questioned by the media on any of his proposals. And on top of that? He states categorically what he has determined to be important and focused on. Therefore, the voice of the people and even a complicit media have no business questioning him beyond what he came to talk about.

The man's hubris knows no bounds.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

American Abrogation And Capitulation

Last week president Obama in essence turned his back on eastern Europe and conceded appeasement to Vladimir Putin and the Russians on the missile shield that had been agreed upon by us and our allies in eastern Europe.

We turned our backs on them and cowered away from the saber rattling of the Russian bear. Charles Krauthammer says it far better than I can and he brings what has happened into crystal clarity and perspective.

Watch for the next move to be from the Chinese and probably involving Taiwan.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Half Baked Regulations

New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide

As each day of the Obama administration passes, it becomes more evident and obvious to me that there are zealots afoot at all levels of our government now.

While most Americans have been weighing and questioning the validity of potentially allowing the government to manage their health care, the obvious parallels of complete absurdity and incompetence continue to spill forth from Washington like a waterfall.

The analogies and reasons why we should run screaming from any federally mandated health care program are almost endless.

Can a government that cannot even manage a cash for clunkers give away program be trusted with our health care and our children's future? Should a government that cannot even manage a government postal service that is imploding and bankrupt and is completely incapable of competing with the private sector, be allowed to manage our health care nationally?

Should the federal government, who has already turned the Medicare and Medicaid programs into the world's largest and most expensive and unmanageable public health care program, be allowed to pass the same tragedy on to us all?

I ask these questions rhetorically yet they remain prescient IMO. As does another recent revelation of our imperial federal government in Washington. Unbeknown st to most Americans, the Consumer Product Safety Commission slipped a nifty little piece of regulation into law and they are now about to apply it to Americans all across America.

It seems that if you intend to have a garage sale now? You had better down load the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission's manual and obtain a copy of all of their product recalls going back decades. And you had better dutifully search through this government maze of regulation and prohibition? Or else you might be fined from $100,000 to $15,000,000 per violation for selling something you possess at a garage sale. Something as seemingly innocuous as an "Easy Bake Oven."

Heaven forbid that you should offer up a set of lawn darts, or horse shoes or an old wood burning set that doesn't have all it's warning stickers. Do that? And they will probably come down on you like gang busters and be talking prison time.

At what point does the ridiculous and absurd in federal regulation reach a level where the people of this country will say enough is enough? And if this is the government's version of looking out for the interests of our children? Just imagine what they have in store for those who might attempt to sell a firearm to a friend or neighbor.

As a matter of fact? They are already hard at work on that too.

Have a look at Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (H.R. 45)

Meanwhile, take that Easy Bake Oven to the crusher post haste, (while you still have time) or else the brown shirts may be paying you a visit soon. And it probably won't be long before they have government monitors in the check out line. Taking notes on those buying cookie dough in small quantities while pushing children around in their buggy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Michelle Crushed By Lack Of Fashion Sense

Michelle Obama Says Women Are “Crushed” by Health-Care System

A front page story being carried on the Drudge Report right now, cites Michelle Obama's weak attempt today to try and prop up her husband's failing health care plan. Michelle obviously hasn't seen the polls from today, or she would realize that her husband's popularity is sinking faster than the Titanic. And the more that he (or she) continues to talk about it, the worse the numbers have gotten.

But what I found unique about the coverage on Drudge as it concerns Michell's pitch today, was the keying on the wardrobe. They actually referred to Michelle's belt as a bondage belt. And you know what? I can easily understand why. (Click on the photo above to enlarge it and read it more clearly.)

See the problem? The woman has absolutely no fashion sense....none!

Obama's Plan For Illegals

Legalize illegals to get them health care

"Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken," Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. "That's why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else.

Mr. Obama added, "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all."

If there ever was any doubt of this man's intentions concerning illegal immigrants or who he intends to pay for them, then I believe there is no better evidence than the testimony from his own lips Wednesday in his Wednesday evening speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. (excerpt above)

America had better wake up and pay attention to who and what this man is preaching and pandering to. From the issues of our borders and illegal aliens by the millions, to the creation of a socialist welfare state of health care, to taxing this nation into oblivion to pay for his health care and cap and trade fantasies, to basically turning his back on eastern Europe and colluding with the Russians.

America had better wake up and pay attention, because I can promise you that our enemies have and are. From Kim Jong in N Korea to Ahmadinejad in Iran, to the Chinese. They are all sizing up America under the present regime and they are preparing to make their moves and carve out their own spheres of influence in the world.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madam Clueless Speaks on Her Fear of Violence

Pelosi: I'm clueless about cash cut-off

I it fair? To think of Madam Speaker as clueless? You bet it is, just have a look at what Madam speaker had to say about ACORN in the linked story above. Then have a look at her latest expressed fear below.

"Rep. Nancy Pelosi worries about Protests violence"

Now.....have a look at another way she looks at protesters and those speaking out with their grievances.

"Pelosi Tells Anti War Protesters I'm a Fan of Disruptor's"

According to that clip? She loves disruptor's, yet in the previous one she is fearful to the point of tears over potential violence. So which is it Madam Speaker? Is it only the violence potentially created by those in opposition that you are fearful of? Or is it that the violence of those in support of the liberal anti American, anti war left that you find acceptable?

This woman is clueless alright. With her crocodile tears and her remembrances of the 1970's when violence was visited upon San Francisco. She must be alluding to and muttering obliquely about the demise of Harvey Milk.

Perhaps she and Sean Penn can draw up a position paper on what they consider acceptable violence and unacceptable violence, in a post modern psycho babbled world of socialist relativism.

This woman literally makes me sick. Every time I see her and have to acknowledge that she is the 3rd most powerful person in our present government in Washington.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Not Always About Race

Wilson's Outburst 'Based on Racism'

Well the cat is finally out of the bag. Former president Jimmy Carter has finally played the race card. It's been kinda like sitting around the typical Friday night political bridge game hasn't it. Everyone has just been waiting for one of the liberal patriarchs to pitch the race trump car onto the table, in an attempt to end all debate and scrutiny of this president on all levels.

It always seems that the race allegation is the one that finds itself being thrust to the surface, just as soon as the liberal mind senses that it is losing or has lost the debate.

Any time liberal democrats are cornered on any issue? BAM! Someone must be branded a racist or a Nazi. And in the liberal mind? All who are not of a liberal mind set and in absolute agreement with their vision is a racist or a Nazi.

Of course there is racism in America!

Wouldn't it be completely bizarre if there weren't those who are opposed to and despise this president for no other reason than his race? Well certainly it would be bizarre. No different that it is bizarre to attempt to assert and claim that there are no black people in this country who make most if not all of their decisions based upon race. But we don't talk about those do we. And the simple fact remains, neither of these groups are in the majority.

The way the race game is played in America, in particular by the race haters and the race baiters and the race hustlers, is to acknowledge by mass acclaim that white people are always the one and only base group from which racism originates and exists and is perpetuated.

It is both assumed and asserted up front and immediately in all discussions and debates on any subject matter by liberals, that the simple fact and reality is that people of color are incapable of being racist. It's only the white people who can be and are in fact racists. And who better to make that assertion for this president than a former "southern" born president. After all he knows right? He lives in the south.

Can anyone say bull chips!

Are we not tired as a nation of these endless allegations of racism. Unfounded and unsubstantiated other than by an acclamation of mass assertion and drum beating. Isn't that always the way it is? Are Americans both black and white mot bone weary of this endless game of the weak minded and those incapable of defending their position any other way than by screaming racism.

Seriously people, black America needs another device. Black Americans need to throw this crutch in the ditch and they need to begin to stand on their own and in absence of the hustled red herrings that seem to aleays permeate any serious debate in this country.

Jimmy Carter is an anachronism. He is a man of another time who once upon a time made his own rise to prominence hustling these old striped crimson fish. And now he seems motivated only by reminicing about absurdity for the benefit of some vision of legacy that he has kindled in his mind. The first and only US president in history, who has so completely wrecked his one term in office, as to have been obcessed since in creating a new legacy in the aftermath.

Let's face it folks, Jimmy Carter was an aberration born of an era in this country when the people were blinded by their anger over the hyped crimes of the Nixon administration. And it only took one term for Americans to see and understand just how big of a mistake they had made with Jimmy Carter. And it shouldn't take five minutes to see through this facade that he has erected ever since.

It's a different age now. three decades have passed. America has elected their black president. And are they now to be told that this president can never be questioned or held accountable by anyone but especially not by white Americans? For fear of being branded as racists by some old hack the likes of Jimmy Carter?

Please...... It is not only time for black Americans to stand up and throw off the shackles of self serving and hustled racism, but it is also the time for white Americans to stand up and let it be known that the old dog eared brand of racism has no place in the present discussion and they refuse to be saddled with it.

It's not about race or Obama's race. It is about accountability and responsibility in one of the most trying times of our nation's history and the large majority of Americans (black and white) are tired of being purposely distracted by these snake oil race hustlers rattling their sabers and casting ghosts in sheets on the wall.

"It's not always about race!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liar! Liar! Pants On fire!

House admonishes Wilson for his 'You lie' outburst

Who gives a flip what a partisan hack Pelosi led lynch mob did today concerning admonishing Congressman Joe Wilson. None of them gave a flip when their other president lied both under oath and to the American people.

And none of them cared enough one way or the other after the House impeached Bill Clinton and the senate later exonerated him.

So I as an American am supposed to be all hot and bothered that this congressman received an official congressional rebuke for saying what millions of Americans know to be the truth?

Not in this lifetime.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Right To Remain Silent

Pledge of Confusion? Schools Wrestle With Flag Policy in Classroom

“The Pledge of Allegiance creates a constitutional problem. You have to tell students they can opt out,” the Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, told FOX News.

The Rev. Barry Lynn.....Another advocate of the "American religious left." I had to know, so I googled him and there it was.

If anyone is interested in looking at the root causes of what is wrong with this country and why, then they need look no further than the American religious left and their pals at the ACLU.

These people have no allegiances to anything other than their idolatry of mammon and their worship of all things in direct opposition to their country and the moral standards of Christianity.

I often wonder who and what they pledge their allegiance to. It certainly isn't their God or their country.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Wilson's War

Rep. Wilson: No second apology for `You lie' words

A few may remember the less than block buster film of 2007, staring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts titled Charlie Wilson's War. It wasn't panned by the critics favorably and soon became one of both Hanks and Roberts lesser cinematic efforts. It chronicled the efforts and exploits of another US Congressman and his efforts to lead one helluva covert war in the middle east.

But I thought that the present controversy involving another congressman Wilson was fitting of perhaps a re-visitation of the concept portrayed in the Tom Hanks film.

Having committed the audacious and less than cheeky act of speaking out during the messiah's speech before congress last week, Congressman Joe Wilson has seemingly forever more cast his everlasting memory in the hallowed halls of congress as "the mouse that roared."

Of course Congressman Wilson immediately capitulated and threw himself on the mercy of the chamber and begged forgiveness for having committed this travesty of proper decorum. He later immediately phoned the White House to tender an apology directly to the president and according to last reports, the messiah has accepted the apology.

But not the wicked witch of the house chamber. No way no how is the speaker Madam Pelosi going to allow Joe Wilson to get away with this without a more prolonged public blood letting. Not without a complete cleansing by fire and a liberal led exorcism before the entire house.

Madam Pelosi? Is demanding congressman Wilson return to the chamber and tender a public apology to the entire house. I suspect under her direct supervision and tutelage.

Never mind that Congressman Wilson has already apologized to the president and for nothing more than blurting out what millions of Americans were thinking at that very moment when he uttered his now famous "you lie!"

Any sophomore politico familiar with the goings on in Washington over the past sight years knows and recognizes immediately, that President Bush endured far more and far worse slings and arrows than the messiah has or will.

The 2005 State of the Union address. Listen for yourself at what the opposition was doing while the president spoke to the joint session....

And Madam Pelosi now wants another pound of flesh and another talent from congressman Wilson? So that she can hopefully sooth the savage beast of hate against republicans that rages inside her being daily? I don't think so.

And apparently congressman Wilson doesn't think so either.

Good for him.

Contact Congressman Wilson's office and let him know that you support him and his decisions in this matter.

By the way.....does anyone ever remember receiving an apology from that other Joe Wilson? The one who was a former US ambassador? The one that is married to Valerie Plame? The one that took an all expense paid trip compliments of the CIA to Africa? Then returned and wrote a lie published as an editorial in the New York Times?

Anyone heard any apologies from that Joe Wilson for his having lied to the American people?

I didn't think so. And you won;t ever hear one from the New York Times either.

We The People

If you build it will they come? Apparently not. Apparently that old adage only works with fantasy stories of baseball, because it certainly doesn't work with American media.

Although there seems to have been a time when it did work. There seems to have been a time when words similar to those were inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration

The British media saw what was going on this weekend in Washington, but not the American media. The American media has ignored it. As they have continued to do since the tea party movement and the awakening of the people first began back in April.

I have spent the last two days scanning American news sites and with the exception of the Drudge Report and Fox News, the mainstream media in America seems to have completely missed a million Americans who came to Washington to have their voices heard and to send a message to their president and their elected representatives.

I wonder what happened? Not enough pre-event media? Did someone forget to hire a national public relations firm to get the word out? Should they have offered prizes for the media to attend one of the largest assemblages of "we the people" in the history of this nation?

Or was it simply the wrong cause and the wrong political philosophies that kept the media away in droves?

I tend to think and believe that what was missing in media this weekend in Washington, were those committed to the principles and rights that were given to protect this nation as a people one and all. And IMO, the rights of the people were abridged this weekend in Washington. And it was the media that abridged them.

One million Americans, sincerely concerned with the loss of their personal freedoms and the threats to their futures and the threats to the future of their country and the fact that their elected representatives in Washington are not listening to them? And the fact that their elected representatives are spending them into oblivion?
Those concerns seem to have been an invalid cause of either news or of interest to the present cadre of American media.

Many across this country have long ago seized upon the necessary cure for the malaise and partisan liberal treachery that now permeates the halls of our congress and senate. And they are all too aware of the sorely needed cure.

"Throw the bums out!" That's the cure. That is the only cure IMO.

That is what needs to happen. That is what should happen. Problem is, we have at least another year before the sorely needed elections to accomplish that reality will come to pass. And a lot can happen and go wrong in a year's time. I tend to think that those who came to Washington this weekend know that as does a complicit media.

Meanwhile, the American people are sending a message to these rogues and socialist anarchist that are attempting to ram these liberal socialist ideologies down our throats in Washington. And that message from the heartland and the people is NO!

NO! we don't want your health care reform! No! We don't want your cap and trade! No! we don't want your deficit spending. And No! We Can't Afford it!

The media that appears drunk on it's own power and press clippings, and these myrmidons of Obama's socialist change are ignoring the people and forging ahead as if there is no one in opposition to what they are doing and no one capable of stopping them.

We as Americans not only need to throw these bums in Washington out, but we also need to throw out these bums in media. And we have a lot faster and more effect means of accomplishing that IMO. Simply don't patronize their outlets and refuse to patronize their sponsors.

If American businesses and corporate interests want to continue sponsoring the manufacturing of the silk ropes that will ultimately be used to strangle the life blood out of their businesses and their country? There is only one thing that the American people can do in response.

Refuse to allow these traitors to this country to flourish on our dollars. We must refuse to continue to finance and enrich them.

If those we have elected and sent to Washington are refusing to listen to the people and the media is refusing to acknowledge our presence by the throngs on the mall in Washington this weekend? Then we need to begin immediately and we need to attack them where they live. We need to attack their corporate dollars. We need to use the one weapon that they understand. (the almighty and weakening dollar).

We may have to wait a year before we can vote and get rid of those in Washington who have refused to listen to the people, but we don't have to wait another minute for our voices or our money to be heard in the corporate board rooms of media and at the cash registers that finance them across America.

Some may say that boycotting those who support this liberal media lunacy is futile and won't work. I say on the contrary. If millions of people can cut and collect coupons and count calories and read labels each week to determine which foods and other products are best for their pocketbooks and their health? Then those same people can be brought together (and more) to get involved and examine and determine who is involved and idestroying this nation for the almighty dollar.

If millions of Americans can be brought together to attack a disease such as breast cancer through awareness? Then we can certainly come together to attack the disease of socialism that is killing this nation through a similar effort of awareness and teamwork.

The power to accomplish much still resides in the hands of the people as it always has. But the people must know and recognize that they possess that power before it becomes effective and a force to be reckoned with. Someone was charged with the responsibility of informing the people and bringing them together as a democratic force for the benefit of their own better interests and their better interests as a nation. And that someone was the press.

The founding fathers recognized that necessity and they entrusted the responsibility of bringing truth to the people into the hands of the press. That is why that the right and power of the press was one of the first rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights by the founding fathers.

"Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech or of the press. Or the right of the people to peaceably assemble?"

Does anyone truly remember these core rights and values? Or the responsibilities as they were literally carved in fire and blood on the soul of this nation when it was created?

The American media (the press) was given one of the most important rights and responsibilities by the creators of this nation. They were given the right and responsibility to tell the truth to the American people and to insure that this nation and it's freedoms would never be usurped by the dark and sinister forces that would see our freedoms taken away or torn asunder by the forces of evil.

But now it is that very media that has joined with the usurpers and those who will willingly hand this nation, it's people and our freedoms over to those who will gladly see us perish. Our fore bearers saw the dangers. They lived them. They sacrificed their blood in order to temper the steel that would become this nation. And now as we stand in the first decade of a new century, the very ones entrusted with the power and responsibility of protecting our freedoms, are using their power to propagate lies and policies that will ultimately lead to the destruction of this nation.

The American media by and large has become nothing more than propagandist for the current administration. And they are openly and blatantly turning their backs on both the people and their responsibilities to the people.

Don't let them get away with it America. Stand up! Be heard! Shout it from the mountain tops! We are not going to be silenced. We are not going to go quietly into the night of darkness, to be spoon fed our thoughts and enslaved. We will not trade our freedoms for the promises of evil or the chains of socialist slavery.

The choice is yours America. Stand up and stand up now for what is right and just and for what millions have sacrificed for, or just continue to lay down and become the trodden under and the defeated and the forever conquered.

I for one refuse to be silenced. I refused to be enslaved. I refuse to be co-opted or told that my freedoms are based upon lies and the falsehoods of socialist relativism. Join me. Join in saving yourselves. Participate and demand that your media and elected officials tell the truth and demand that they recognize the rights of the people.

Join me in turning your back on those who finance the treachery and treason to the American people that is rampant in American media today. It is our money and we had better decide and decide quickly on who will be enriched by our financial support.

They will listen America, provided you speak in unison and swing a big stick.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CNN Completely Blew It

CNN was caught flat footed earlier today. What did they do? They took something that they "heard" on a scanner and blew it into a full scale national scare on the anniversary of 9/11.

CNN ought to change its name to MMN for "manipulated and manufactured news." Because that is precisely what they were trying to do today. CNN took what they hoped would turn out to be some terrorist act and used it to terrify millions of Americans who believed what CNN was broadcasting as fact.

The only facts involved though, were that CNN had its facts wrong and never checked or verified what they were reporting before they aired it nation wide. It was just too damn juicy and inviting of a potential story for their little weasel minds to let be clouded by actual journalistic integrity or responsibility.

I stopped watching CNN years ago. Today just reinforced my reasons why.

The Anniversary and Things Remembered (edited)

Today is the eighth anniversary of the terrorists attacks of 2001. We all remember where we were and what we were doing when the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center sunk in that morning. And later when the Pentagon was hit and the towers came down and the news of Shanksville further numbed our psyche.

I am sure that the media will put together their various remembrance's and video collages and look backs to note the anniversary properly. And they will all attempt their nefarious levels of either abject detachment or pseudo emotional representations in the process.

But what will really be remembered by most Americans today.

I remember the eight years since our world was changed that terrible day. And I remember all that has transpired in the interim and who has been involved. Right down to and including the commentaries of last year. Commentaries that seemed to seek agreement that the remembrance required little more than some passe acknowledgement and that it was becoming blase for most of the enlightened liberal class to even bother with. After all, they were looking forward to the new liberal era of Obama and hope and change.

I also remember those who swore that we would never forget that day.

But now I have to wonder if many Americans haven't already forgotten. I also have to wonder how much longer our bubble of safety will last, before we are once again viciously attacked by murderous Islamic militants.

When I was a boy, there was frequent mention of the Pearl Harbor attack and my parent's generation looked upon that day with reverence and long remembered heartfelt pain. As they also looked upon the subsequent sacrifices made by those who never returned from defending this nation during that war. Theirs was a blood sacrament paid on the alter of freedom in our behalf.

What a difference a couple of generations makes.

Many in my generation (the generation that followed) were demonized and spit upon for having served this nation and for having attempted to defend her freedoms and heritage. While many others who never served went on to join the ranks of anarchist and Marxist and were schooled in the methods and tactics of socialist fifth column warfare against the nation of their birth. And now the product of the last forty odd years of their efforts and teachings has come full circle and is visible for all to see.

We are now reaping our reward as a nation for having raised a generation of moral cowards and those who shirked away from individual responsibility and allegiance to the country of their birth. After all, they have spent a lifetime hating this country and actively engaged in inflicting the wounds that would ultimately lead to what we see now and what we have seen for the past eight years.

Make no mistake, they saw the September 11th attacks of eight years ago just as we did that morning, but they did not mourn the nation's loss as we did. They did not feel the same pain. They may have bowed their heads and given the outward impression that they were being solemn in their reactions to what had occurred and what was unfolding, but secretly and down deep inside they were in personal celebration.

They were pleased with the fact that their country had been attacked for it's supposed arrogance and superiority and abundance and they relished the reality that the great imperialist leader of freedom in the world had been wounded by a vicious terrorist attack on it's people on it's own soil.

These are the same people who have been with us ever since that September day eight years ago and before. They have protested and slandered our troops and our nation, while all the while attempting to wrap themselves in the the flag and it's freedoms that they truly do not know and have never understood and would just as soon destroy.

These people have never served anything or anyone, outside of their own twisted liberal political agendas and ideologies and themselves. They know not what patriotism is, because patriotism is something that to them has always represented some alien concept of arrogance.

Who would have believed eight years ago that we would still be engaged in a war against Muslim militants in Afghanistan. Who would have believed eight years ago that there would be those who would openly question the value of our commitment to our own freedom and future.

Who would have guessed that they these myrmidons of socialist and Marxist angst, would once again challenge this nation to just walk away and allow those who would destroy us to gain another victory.

That's the funny thing about war. Wars are either won or lost but they are never simply walked away from. But that is how our video game generation of cumbaya and their drop out parents see things. That's the way they have always seen them. The generation of Haight Ashbury, Woodstock and the Manson family and peace and love is still with us. And they are still at it.

And their version of vision and leadership?

Just hit the reset button. Or just download the cheat codes and move on people. Just re-spawn another life and have another Coke and a smile. Life is good after all. Isn't it? "Don't Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me." The sad thing is? That really has become our official version of US diplomacy from this administration. Just send the Secretary of State to Russia with some candy a s s mock up of a reset button and all will be fine after that.

I wonder what Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart and Conan O"Brien will have to say about today and the eighth anniversary. Probably something snappy and obliquely twinged with the back handed humor that has come to represent the twisted sensibilities of today's generation of enlightened liberal Americans and their version of comedy.

It's sad really.

But I will remember.

I will remember that day and those who died.

I will remember those who have died since in the service of this nation and I will remember those who caused their deaths and those who will gladly see more American blood spilled in pursuit of their radical philosophies and socialist agendas.

There are a few things in life that are simple truths IMO.

There are no reset buttons.

There are no do overs.

There is no Nirvana.

There are only consequences.

And those who forget or fail to remember will pay dearly for their folly.

Edited*** to correct some typos and add proper emphasis that was left out when I originally put thoughts to page earlier this morning.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The You Lie! Fiasco

Biden says congressman's outburst was embarrassing

About the only truth in that statement is that Joe Biden has a lot of experience in embarrassing. I saw this report on the news this morning after last night's speech. As I didn't sit in rap attention completely enamoured by the messianic one like many do, I obviously missed the great dramatic moment when the republican congressman Wilson got carried away and blurted out.

But having heard the outburst now in various forms all day and having seen and heard the video clip early this morning, my immediate reaction was, "I bet most Americans have never heard or witnessed what goes on in the British parliament on a regular basis."

Oh the Horror! A US congressman blurts out what at least half of the country and more is thinking. And suddenly he is cast by the media as "Peck's bad boy" and here comes the likes of John McCain and his less than two cents worth of politically correct chastisement.

Give me a break. If the Brits have anything at all in their system that is sorely missing in ours? It is the right of congress to openly challenge a sitting president "to his face and in front of a regular joint session" of congress, as it concerns his actions, policies and proposed legislation that he is sponsoring or supporting.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Born on Cinco De Mayo

Stone film says U.S. demonises Chavez, other leaders

Born on the Fourth of July? I saw the movie, along with several other Oliver Stone films such as his supposed classic film "Platoon."

I saw them once they were released to general television and I didn't have to pay to see them. I vowed long ago to never enrich these people by contributing my money to the purchase of their lies.

I will never pay to see an Oliver Stone film, as I discovered early on by reading the honest reviews of his films and then ultimately seeing the product, that the man is nothing less than an anti America apologist and just another Fabian socialist that hates this country. And Stone's latest film effort fits neatly into that anti American genre that he has become known for IMO.

Is it any big surprise that the privileged of Hollywood and the socialist elite gravitate toward Hugo Chavez and praise him as some form of modern day Che? So why would Oliver Stone be any different.

It's a relatively predictable equation IMO. These people (my generation of hippies and angst filled drop outs and socialist academics) have for decades sought out the most decadent and anti American representations that they could produce, as if their efforts were a right of passage into some enlightened Nirvana of socialism and communism.

Make no mistake, I make no apologies for my complete revulsion at these people and my complete rejection of everything that they represent. Those like Oliver Stone are not Americans IMO. They are not Americans because the are the antithesis of everything that this country was founded upon and everything that this country represents and they always have been. The only thing that even remotely bestows on them the title of America, is their birth right. And that is something that they have long since traded on the alter of egalitarian relativism.

It would be simple to identify these socialist and their relativist brethren as simple basal anarchist but their treachery runs far deeper than their simple traitorous acts and public pontifications. These people truly hate this country and they have spent a life time gladly putting their sentiments of hate on display, while stuffing their own bank accounts by hustling their socialist anti American tripe to the young and the stupid.

Oliver Stone served in Vietnam, then returned home and betrayed the sacrifice of the thousands who died there, by portraying them in his films as cowboy aberrations filled with blood lust and murder. I don't know what Oliver Stone did in Vietnam while he was there, but according to his biography and press clippings, he somehow won a bronze star and a purple heart. Under normal circumstances I could both respect and honor those awards, but not as it applies to the likes of those like Oliver Stone or John Kerry.

They each returned to this country and launched into careers of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, by virtue of their political actions and traitorous attacks against those who remained and those who had already served and against those who had sacrificed and died.

Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that Stone is once again engaged in using his Hollywood persona and reputation as a A list director to bash America and hold up a socialist dictator as a leftist hero for his own profit.

I sincerely hope that the people of America recognize this scum sucker and belly crawling coward for what he is and represents and I hope that they turn their backs on his latest offering of tripe and hyperbole, masquerading as his most recent leftist epiphany of hollow truth.

Oliver Stone wasn't born on the fourth of July. Not by a long shot. And his latest film is nothing less than an anti American propaganda piece for Hugo Chaves and the Colombian F.A.R.C guerrillas.

May it rot.