Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Screen? Or Not To Screen? Is That a Fair Question?

Calls for Full-Body Screening Devices Grow After Terror Attempt

Where are the Shakespeare's of life when we need them? Where are those capable of asking and answering the momentous questions of life. Should we be screening every single airline passenger on the face of the earth? In the off chance that we might (just might mind you) pick out a potential terrorist with our idiotic methodologies of scatter gun approach and denials of reality? While spending billions in the pursuit of multicultural fairness and equality of purpose for all? Just as long as we don't make anyone mad or hurt their feelings. We wouldn't want that now would we, but we are suppose be tolerant of the deaths of hundreds or thousands of our fellow Americans. Is that how it works?

I think not.

Since the revelations of the foiled Christmas Day terrorist attack aboard an American airliner inbound to Detroit, many Americans have awakened to the reality of their sheltered lives and the fact that the government (their government) that they saw as the source of all power and authority to make the world a fair place?.....just might not be able to protect them now or in the immediate future as it concerns the wanton and ongoing desires of murderous Islamic Jihadist globally. And apparently there is something more than unfair about that reality to the average American. Could it possibly be that they have been lied to?

Forget about the past eight years since the 9/11 attacks and the fact that America was not attacked again on Bush's watch. The attacks of that September day should have been a wake up call to all Americans and in all fairness it was. Right up to the point that the liberal democrats and their minions in the media, were allowed to politicize the subsequent war on terror and the pursuit of terrorists and then to use George Bush as their whipping boy for the past eight years.

But who do they blame now? I say it's Obama's ballgame now. And he is at bat and looking at a full count.

Meanwhile? We as Americans were being told by the leaders of the democrat party, that George Bush had taken his "eye off the ball" while in the pursuit of those responsible for 9/11. We were told that America had absolutely no business in Iraq. Question......who's eyes are on or off the ball right now? (as we speak) Who is watching out for our interests and safety as it concerns Islamic terrorism and those bent on doing us harm, both individually and as a nation? Is it our vaunted Department of Homeland Security? Once again, I don't think so. Personally? I don't think that they have a clue over at Homeland Security.
They are so consumed and absorbed in the political correctness of insuring that Muslims don't get offended or their feelings hurt? That a bus load of terrorist sporting bomb vests could waltz right by most of them and they would never know the difference.

And they would be the forst in front of the cameras telling us what a great job they were doing. (Kind of like Big Sis Napolitano did this week.)

What should have been the most dramatic act of terror (9/11) since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor sixty years before, somehow got lost in the background noise of partisan politics and a liberal democrat desire to defeat George Bush and his policies at all costs. Even if that meant and means that this nation is served up, exposed and made willingly oblivious to the attacks that are now coming forth and in progress once again.

The democrats have literally won their war (the war on Bush) but they are just as willingly losing the war on Islamic terrorism globally. James Carville once notably stated "it's the economy stupid." Someone needs to do the same thing now. Except they need to shout at the democrats....."it's the economy and terrorism stupid!"

Most Americans conveniently forgot that it was the failures of the Clinton administration as it concerned it's dealings with terrorism globally, that led to the 9/11 attacks to begin with. And those who refused to forget about the realities and facts surrounding the numerous terrorist attacks that occurred against America under Clinton, were anesthetized by a media that was complicit in the cover up and failures of his administration. And it is Deja Vu all over again IMO zs it concerns Obama SSDD.

Big Sis Napolitano tried to soothe us all this week by assuring us that the "system had worked" as it concerned the latest terrorist attack on America. But the reality of her own idiocy quickly jumped up and bit her in the butt and she was forced to admit that nothing in place in our present security network had really worked at all. Or how else could this individual have boarded this plane and almost succeeded in killing hundreds of Americans in the air and on the ground.

America has spent billions since 9/11 on its pursuit of protecting the citizens of this country and yet the Obama administration has seemingly turned it's back on the realities of terrorism and literally opened the door and put out the welcome mat for Islamic terrorism globally. Everything that this president has done in the past year has sent a clear message to Islamic terrorists, that they have a free pass and are at liberty to do as they please. Because once again, the American government perceives them as no more dangerous than petty thieves. And besides, we have a global image to worry about.

Part of that socialist relativism and anti capitalism no doubt, but just as deadly to those of us who are being left bare and exposed by the politics of deceit and lies that this administration is floating as policy. And as it concerns the very real threats of Islamic terrorism that are facing this nation? Those threats are still here and they have not been appeased or bought off by the administration and endless speeches or talk of sanctions by Barack Obama.

So here we are once again it seems. The public debate on terrorism raging, while the realities remain what they have always been as it concerns terrorism and who is responsible for the majority of it globally. We as a nation can spend trillions on security, but if that money is spent in denial and that money is spent in attempts to dress up reality in a guise of false reality and facades? In the end the result remains the same. The terrorists will continue to attack us and soon they will begin to score successes because of our own idiocy and refusal to protect ourselves, for fear of offending someone. Political correctness is the fifth column in America today and has been for a generation.

As it concerns the Obama administration and their approach of diplomacy and denial and appeasement? If the difference between my living and dying rests on whether or not I piss someone off or hurt their feelings? Or my country does? I have absolutely no apologies on either level. It is absolute idiocy that we as a nation are not taking direct and effect action to stop those that we know to be the origin of Islamic Jihad and Islamic inspired hatred and terrorist murder attacks against this nation.

Should we be screening those entering our country as potential terrorists? I say hell no. Forget the entire concept of screening. There in lies the fatal flaw and the literal joke of this relativist bull crap that the socialists and Marxists of the world have been hustling for the past fifty years.

Hell no we shouldn't be screening people as if we were trying to sift pebbles from sand on a beach. We know who these people are, we know where they come from and we know what they look like. Therefore, put the sieves on the shelf and break out the shovels and rakes and front end loaders. We know who and where these people are. No mystery, no guess work. Deal with it and deal with them.

We don't need to be wasting time and billions screening millions of passengers in this country annually, when we already know who and what we should be actively looking at and seeking out as potential threats and danger to America.

And if that hurts the feelings of those in the Arab and Muslim world? Once again I have absolutely no apologies for them. Call me old fashion? But I have never felt a need to apologize to anyone for the right to protect myself from zealots, maniacs, or religiously inspired terrorist criminals......or anyone else out to do me or my country harm.

We as a nation need to get past this apologists guilt trip mentality and begin standing up for what is right. Truth hurts, but the truth will set you free. While lies and denials will enslave and ultimately lead you to death.

I for one am sick of it. But for the quick actions of a passenger on that plane, we as a nation would be watching the coverage of hundreds of funerals this week.

Enough is enough and we need to be sending that message to Washington now.

The Termites Are Coming!

Plan to turn farms into forest worries Obama official

The last time I checked? Termites were the only creature known, that is capable of digesting cellulose (wood). Therefore, it's an interesting proposition to consider reducing our existing farm land and replacing it with forests.

Of course, this is just more hocuspocus coming from the Marxist 'environMENTALIST' brigades. Those that believe that man is a cancer on the planet and that they must do us all a service and eliminate billions of humans in order to return the planet to it's once great (pre-Darwinian) state of mother earth Nirvana.

Meanwhile, starvation is but one of many tools that these Marxist eco-ideologues are pursuing. They will literally stop at nothing to reach their rose colored world. And that most certainly includes destroying their country in advance of destroying its people.

So unless you are a termite? If these folks get their way, wood may be about all there is to eat in a generation or so. But don't worry, it will all be done for the good of the planet and the future generations of bacteria and forest dwelling insects and plant fauna that will thrive in the absence of man. They will be eternally grateful for our sacrifice.

I can hardly wait.

PS. Where is the Obama bus right now? I think that it is backing up in preparation of a new guy getting pitched.

Monday, December 28, 2009

'More Like Me'

FAILED plane bomber Umar Abdulmutallab has bragged to FBI agents that there are more young men plotting to launch attacks on the West.

The 23-year-old Nigerian has told security chiefs of a sinister network in Yemen who are ready and waiting to strike.

No worry. Big sis (AKA Janet Napolitano) our director of Homeland Security, has told us that all is well and that the system worked. Well not exactly. It seems that after she declared that the system worked?

She had to retract and qualify that statement by saying, "it worked after the fact." Which is a comforting thought, seeing as the billions we are spending to supposedly detect and thwart these attacks.

But then how do you thwart or prevent anything, when you have an apologist weakling as a president, who is backed up by a gaggle of myrmidon idiots making statements like Napaolitano?

The sad reality is, that we have an administration in power, that is completely incapable of recognizing threats and could care less to begin with. Protecting America simply doesn't jibe with this administrations socialist goals and strategy of appeasement.

Meanwhile as is once again obvious, our enemies plan and smile as they watch their paths being eased and greased for them to accomplish that which they will soon be able to pull off compliments of willful neglect and intentional refusal to protect this nation.

All I can say is this. When the mushroom cloud rises over America? I sincerely hope that ti is parked right over those most responsible for allowing it to happen.

Mights is on chickens

And maybes don't fly in December.

At least that is what my grandmother use to say.

Detroit explosive common, easily detectable

Investigators say Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab hid an explosive device on his body when he traveled from Amsterdam to Detroit. They say PETN was hidden in a condom or condom-like bag just below his torso.

Crippin and law enforcement officials said modern airport screening machines could have detected the chemical. Airport "puffer" machines - the devices that blow air onto a passenger to collect and analyze residues - would probably have detected the powder, as would bomb-sniffing dogs or a hands-on search using a swab.

However, most passengers in airports only go through magnetometers, which detect metal rather than explosives.

Hidden in Abdulmutallab's clothing, the explosive might have also been detected by the full-body imaging scanners now making their way into airports.

But Abdulmutallab did not go through full-body imaging machines in Nigeria or Amsterdam, said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. King has been briefed on the investigation.

Both airports have body scanners. The Amsterdam airport has had a long reputation for good security, King said, while Nigeria's airports have been more of a concern.

The U.S. provided full-body scanners to all four international airports in Nigeria, according to the State Department. The scanners were installed in March, May and June of 2008.

Abdulmutallab was on a broad U.S. terrorist watch list but he was not designated for special screening measures or placed on a no-fly list because of a dearth of specific information about his activities, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday. She said he was properly screened before getting on the aircraft in Amsterdam. Abdulmutallab has claimed to law enforcement officials that he received training and instructions from al-Qaida operatives in Yemen.

And it looks like she was right.

Drunk and disorderly on the floor of the senate

You decide. Listen for yourself.

Looks like we have an heir to the Kennedy legacy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Looking to gain the edge

Absolutely amazing. No, the amazing part is not about the democrats cramming another lie up the backsides of the American people. The amazing part is the part about the two parties (supposedly) vying to gain a potential edge with the 2012 voters, as a result of the travesty of a liberal socialist health care plan.

Both Parties to Highlight Bill in Bid to Win Over 2010 Voters

Both parties will battle to shape public views of the health legislation, looking to gain an edge ahead of the 2010 elections.

Democrats are energized by the likely achievement of a century-old goal. But they also fear consequences for pushing a divisive bill while the economy is struggling. In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 41% of voters thought it was better to pass the bill and 44% preferred leaving the U.S. health-care system alone.

Every poll for weeks and months has shown that the majority of the American people did not want this bill and they did not want congress or the Obama administration screwing with their health care plans. But.... "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Pelosi and Reid obviously missed the memo from the American people.

And on top of that, they have apparently already conceded the fact that they will lose seats in both the house and senate as a result of their actions concerning this legislation. But not enough seats to throw the balance back to the republicans or to tip the balance significantly one way or the other for that matter.

No friends and neighbors, the end result of this travesty called health care reform (AKA affordable health care) won't be fully felt by the American people for at least the nest two years after it becomes law. Then and only then will the American people have had the proper time to taste and savor the fetid and putrid results of a democrat socialist (progressive) controlled America. Then and only then will the American people possibly be angry enough to truly make a change that matters.

That is provided that the GOP can find a viable candidate for the White Hosue and viable candidates for congress. And what would a viable candidate be for president? To begin with, that candidate must be someone capable of overcoming the liberal media bias that will inevitably be present and firmly in the democrat camp once again in the coming election. And a viable GOP candidate must be able to accomplish the almost impossible financially, based upon the purposeful hamstringing of the McCain Feingold act that truly led to the present regime and shower in power.

That candidate must do thrice as much with thrice as little as the competition in order to win back the White House. Does anyone really see that happening? Will winning a few house seats and a couple of senate seats, dramatically change anything? I don't believe it will.

Can the GOP ever return to the position that it enjoyed with the American people after the "contract with America" was first proposed? I'd like to think that it can, but I simply don't believe they can pull it off. I tend to believe that the next GOP contract with America, is going to have to be "one helluva deal" before America will buy into that again. I tend to believe that it will take more than that before the American people wake up and realize that they have been enslaved by the socialist and communists of the world masquerading as progressive democrats.

So go ahead and vie for the love and affections of the American people in 2012. The bottom line, the American people haven't been sufficiently prepped to be able to reverse and stop what they so willingly accepted and bought into creation with their votes last year.

But that time and that day are approaching.

Meanwhile, what say let's all enjoy our open and honest government shall we.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking the momentum of our new young president.

"They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of president Barack Obama. The Birthers, fanatics, people running around in right wing militias and Aryan support groups! It is unbearable to them! That president Barack Obama should exist."

I don't know about all that? But I do know that it is unfathomable to me, that this bigoted moron is a sitting US senator and allowed to spew this type of vitriol form the well of the US senate.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Of infidelity and shattered dreams

Most people are aware of the complete collapse of American golfing legend Tiger Woods since Thanksgiving. So there is no need for me to belabor the facts that the tabloids have uncovered and reveled in over the past three and a half weeks. So I will just address what I see as the obvious problem that remains.

From the beginning, after I got over the initial shock of reports of his supposed serious auto accident on that morning, I knew instinctively that something was wrong. Something was amiss. In retrospect? That was one helluva understatement.

In either event, I have known for the past couple of weeks, ever since we past about number four of the identified mistresses, that this man could not have screwed his life and career up worse, had he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

And that is the part that concerns me now. I have like many people, been watching and cheering Tiger Woods since he first turned pro and began his odyssey and assault on the record books and legends of professional golf. I think the one thing that captured my interest as I am sure it captured the interest of millions of others, was the fact that for the past ten years, we actually had a sports figure that we could believe in.

Someone who was clean and wholesome and beyond and above the day to day flotsam that surrounds so many and taints and tarnishes the rest of the lot that call themselves celebrities and stars. But as we all now know, that was not the case. Tiger Woods was and is every bit as bad of a bad boy as they come and the emperor's new clothes in this case, are definitely in tatters now.

How this all plays out in the end is certainly anybodies guess, but I see a deeper and more sinister end to the drama, than simply his wife leaving him and his major sponsors backing out on him. I see a far worse melt down and a far more sinister final chapter to this tragedy.

Tiger Woods is not your average athlete or your average thug for that matter. He has spent a lifetime being trained and crafted to play a game and fit into a system that was and remains completely alien to his racial heritage. And much in the same as when people undergo a makeover of appearance, tiger Woods underwent a makeover of persona from the day he was born until the day his mentor (his father) passed from this world.

Tiger's world as a world class and legendary professional golfer and seemingly perfect family man, has not only been shattered and completely destroyed IMO, but it has left the man abandoned now. Tiger Woods the man is now existing inside the matrix world that was created for him from the day that he was born. the problem is, that now he has been unplugged. He no longer fits. He is out of touch and he is metaphorically pacing around inside his personally created hell, searching for that one phone call that is the out. The means by which he can be extricated from this nightmare and returned to his life of bliss and loving cups and multimillion dollar endorsements.

That is all gone now and it won't return ever, no matter how badly either Tiger or his fans wish for it. A career and life that is literally irretrievably broken, cannot be mended by either hiatus or therapy. Which brings me to the next reality of this tragic drama.

Tiger Woods is in a lose lose proposition of emotions in my opinion. He has lost his career and his family and now he is sitting and watching his fame and legend as they are slowly eroded and taken away by the very circumstances that he is responsible for creating. If Tiger Woods was any one of a hundred other professional black athletes? I would say that he would roll with this and in the end come out on the other side with a book deal and legions of adoring fans who would gladly accept him back while laying the demon seeds of what he did to his family onto his wife.

But that won't happen here and I am not the only one who recognizes that. And worst of all.....Tiger Woods recognizes it. Therefore, I see a continuing spiral into oblivion for Tiger. He may in the near term opt to move his hiding location to France as has been reported. He may dive into the bottle or the prescription meds seeking solace from the waking hours that he can never reverse or change. But in the end, every time Tiger wakes up from here on out, all that he will see is what remains of a shattered storybook life.

And that is what in my opinion will lead to the end of Tiger Woods permanently. At the beginning, I said that Tiger couldn't have screwed his life up worse, if he had placed a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Sadly, I am now convinced that as each day passes, Tiger will come to that conclusion more and more. and in the end, there will be no other place for his tortured soul to turn.

I say that within the next year, we will one day awake to the news of the death of Tiger Woods, by his own hand. There is no other outcome for the man now IMO. All the kings horses and all the kings men can't help him now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The new politics of Chrysler

As an American past the half century mark, I have seen a lot of classic American cars in my life time and I have seen a lot of classic automobile advertising. But I have yet to fathom what is going on with Chrysler of late.

I say that I have yet to fathom it, but that is only half true. I fathom the part aimed at the politics of seeking the freedom of a socialist revolutionary all right. The part I find hard to fathom? Is precisely why the new Chrysler motor company is investing a major advertising campaign, based upon a political prisoner in a third tier country.

Many may have forgotten the recent history of Chrysler, but last year this time, Chrysler was on its death bed. Then in stepped Barack Obama who mandated that Chrysler take on the partnership of Italian auto maker Fiat? Or else there would be no taxpayer funded bailout for Chrysler.

Now, fast forward about nine months? And here we have what use to be the American Chrysler corporation, pitching its lineup under the banner of Fiat and Obama's tutelage and hustling socialist oriented political ads as it's supposed means of generating interest in the new product. I first remember seeing these ads about two weeks ago and now it seems like they are airing daily.

Does this pitch by Chrysler make me feel all warm and fuzzy and ready to run down to the local Chrysler dealership to buy a new Chrysler product? I don't think so.

Call me old fashioned? But I liked Chrysler better? When the answer to the question...."Does that thing got a Hemi in it?" was yes, rather than what I see being the standard question being asked now. Which is, "do those things have a commie in them?"

You decide for yourself. I already have. My last three vehicles have been either Dodge trucks or Jeeps, but not anymore based upon what I am seeing behind this company now. Like I said, I am an old head. I have been watching and admiring American made cars for almost fifty years. I remember when the Oldsmobile ads of the early 1980's touted the tag line in their commercials that said...."This isn't your father's Oldsmobile." As a result, Oldsmobile lost a lot of market share over a seeming advertising coup that turned into an advertising blunder.

I could care less if some dissident is being held on house arrest in Burma when I am looking to buy a new car. What I am looking for is price, quality, durability and company track record. And I am no longer seeing that with Chrysler. And I don't think that I am the only one based upon the most recent and continuing sales figures for Chrysler.

Workers of the world? Buy a Chrysler. Mean while here in America? I'll look elsewhere.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Rebels and Health Care

Left rebels against health reform

As America eases into the final week before Christmas, there are promises being made once again in Washington. And there are threats emanating from there once again too. On the one hand, Speaker Pelosi and Majority leader Reid are promising health care reform bill passage by Christmas. Even though no one has seen their finished bill or been able to read it, (and won't) they intend to hammer it all out and rush it to passage before the house and senate as fast as they possibly can.

Meanwhile, president Obama is admonishing those in congress, while chiding the American people, that if this bill isn't passed now? Then we are all headed to hell in a hand basket. According to the president, America will go bankrupt if this bill isn't passed. Stating that if we fail to pass this bill and pass it now, that America will be unable to pay the burgeoning costs of health care and in essence go bankrupt in a generation.

But then what is the president and congress' plan? I am not so sure myself and from what I am reading daily in the media reports that are attempting to parse it for the dumb masses, no one else short of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi knows for sure what they are trying to run past the nose of the American people either.

Twenty five hundred pages and 1.9 trillion in additional spending is all that the American people have been told for sure as it concerns this supposed rescue plan. And no one knows what is in this bill aside from the proposed price tag and the fact that Pelosi and Reid are hell bent to get it passed. And we all know from experience, that whatever congress promises something is going to cost, is usually less than ten percent of the final tab for their dabbling and socialist engineering schemes.

And to add sauce to the goose? Some of the most prominent and rabidly left members of the democrat party are absolutely beside themselves that Obama and his speaker of the House, have seemingly agreed to leave out their promised "government option." Which is actually a code phrase for "free" amongst liberals.

According to Howard Dean (former chairman of the Democrat National Convention) “As it stands, this bill would do more harm than good to the future of America,”

And from the Daily Kos

Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos, wrote on his Twitter feed: "Time to kill this monstrosity coming out of the Senate." And "Kos" blogged: "You pass a s——-y program now that further bankrupts our nation, and we won't be talking about 'fixing' it in a few years, but whether it should even exist."

And Keith Olbermann told viewers Wednesday night....
"that the Senate version has become “unsupportable … a hollow shell of a bill”: “This is not health, this is not care, this is certainly not reform.”

So what does all this really mean? Prominent liberals like Pelosi and Reid and others are pushing full steam ahead, while still other prominent liberals are pushing back just as hard and claiming fowl by the president and his congressional leaders for not keeping the public option.

An interesting comment was made by David Axelrod on the opposition to the bill by some prominent democrats....

“To defeat a bill that will bend the curve on this inexorable rise in health-care costs is insane,” Axelrod said. "I think that would be a tragic, tragic outcome. I don’t think that you want this moment to pass. It will not come back."

Axelrod is obviously just parroting the chosen metaphor and talking point for the president's position on his signature legislation on health care, but an interesting choice of word and euphemism it is in my opinion.

President Obama spoke to the country the other night during his 60 Minutes interview and he mentioned this supposed bending of the rising costs of medicare and medicaid via his health care reform act. The fact that he has allowed Pelosi and the yellow dogs to craft it is an entirely different matter, the fact remains that he is claiming it and he is defending it. But what does this "bending" of the cost metaphor really represent?

IMO? It doesn't mean reduction of deficit or obligations to medicare or medicaid. What it means is what it says it means. It's a "deflection" of funding to more desirous providers and to those uninsured voters who lined up in legion to vote for their slice of Obama's promised change. Which means what? The American people should be asking these questions and they are not. And no one is asking them for them. The America people are being lulled into a stupor by those telling them that all is well, the recession is ebbing and happy days are on the way again, "once we pass this piece of landmark legislation" of course.

The president's defense of this legislation is not only questionable, it is completely ludicrous after even the most cursory examination of what has been proposed to this point. We all know that America is in dire straights concerning a projected thirty seven trillion dollars in "unfunded obligations" for medicare and medicaid by 2050. Not to mention another fifteen to thirty trillion dollars in unfunded obligations for social security. But Obama and Pelosi and Reid and the rest have yet to explain how that their spending of almost two trillion dollars in money that we don't have right now, will somehow eliminate our projected debt over the next forty years or how that will even impact that debt at all other than to increase it.

Not only does their landmark health care reform act not eliminate the future debt? But there is absolutely no way in hell that it can even reduce it. Meanwhile, the double speak of this liberal shell game is mind boggling. Spending more by the trillions to get "everyone affordable health care" and doing so by hijacking 500 billion dollars from existing resources earmarked for medicare? Somehow works out to providing "more affordable" health care for existing medicare recipients? While at the same time exponentially increasing the number of people who will be able to benefit from the plan.

Will someone please explain to me just how that works out to any deficit reduction over all, as it concerns medicare and medicaid obligations in the future?

Congress and the president are going to rob Peter to pay for Paul's pipe dream of supposed affordable health care today? While in essence further burdening our future that much more. While at the same time denying benefits to existing recipients now, in order to pay for it. And all under the auspices of somehow making medicare and medicaid solvent by 2050? While spending more and taking in less by the day? And they intend to do all that by not only expanding the program to include more people than it does now, but they also want to tax more Americans in order to pay less for medicare providers in the future.

The major problem with the scheme is of course, capitalism doesn't work that way. In a capitalist society, the service provider can simply decide to no longer provide the service to those unable or unwilling to pay for it. Which leaves only the socialist/communist versions of commerce. That which is accomplished at the end of a bayonet or the barrel of a gun.

The simple reality remains, the bill being hustled and hammered by the liberal left right now in congress, is dead on arrival as it concerns any potential ability to extricate America from the abyss of financial collapse in the future. And the combined weight of medicare and medicaid and social security are bearing down with unrelenting pressure and will continue to do so until real and honest reform is put on the table.

While our government and our representatives should be looking at ways to reduce health care costs? They are claiming that the only way to do that, is to include more people into the mix and spend more of the money that we don't have.

Once again, the reality remains contrary to the hustle. Someone has to pay for it all, they always do. And the great lies of the new deal and the great society created under FDR and later LBJ are now being shown for the hollow schemes that they really are. The greatest Ponzi schemes ever devised IMO.

The bill on social security and medicare and medicaid has been coming due for over twenty years and all that we have done is to refinance those bills to the future. And now that the debt is at critical mass? The best that the democrats can come up with is to attempt to refinance it all once again.

There is a crash coming and once the American people see that crash and have to live with this train wreck of supposed health care reform? There will truly be hell to pay.

Amazing Grace in Lights

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now is the time for all good men

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. If there ever was a time when that statement were true, now is the time. And those like Allen West are where we should begin IMO.

Allen West for Congress

A story of triumph over tragedy, mercy and grace and a sacred acre

Take the time to be blessed and watch this touching true story of God's grace and a man that made a difference in so many lives.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season for Humbug

And I ain't taking Ebenezer Scrooge and Christmas either.

I don't know about everyone else? But I am pretty damn tired of living in a Nanny state. America was founded on the principles of pursuing life liberty and happiness, but it seems that for the past twenty odd years at least? There has been a significant cadre of individuals, both inside and outside of government, hell bent on deciding what the the rest of us are to be allowed to do. And I for one am about sick and tired of it.

Who are these people and who are these government agencies, to have a right to cause me to not only not be able to enjoy simple pleasures, but also to have to pay through the nose due to the idiocy of a few and the tragedy of a few others.

A contemporary comedian currently has an entire routine that he goes through that culminates in the assertion (and correctly so) "that you can't fix stupid." But it would seem that we have a never ending bureaucracy and legions of others in government agencies who are hell bent to nanny us into oblivion. They act like it's their established right to tell the world what to do, except as it applies to terrorism.

I direct your attention to today's most recent example of Nanny state.

Kid Deaths Prompt Recall of Blinds, Shades

(AP) Six companies are recalling millions of window blinds and shades, following the deaths of three children who got caught in cords that help the coverings move up and down.

The recalls, announced Wednesday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, involve some big-name companies, including Pottery Barn Kids and IKEA as well as smaller companies that sold their window covers at retailers such as Target.

No deaths were associated with the blinds and shades from Pottery Barn Kids and IKEA, but CPSC says there have been six reports of children becoming entangled in the inner cord of the Pottery Barn Kids shades.

What we have here are certainly examples of simple tragedies, but do these three instances warrant a multimillion dollar recall effort and the banishment of devices that have served mankind
for generations?

I think not, but am I in the minority? I don't believe that I am, but I do believe that the average American company and the average American consumer, have been so thoroughly cowed by the vaunted Consumer Product Safety Commission (among others), as to believe that there is absolutely no recourse and there is no defense once these predators set upon you. If some poor individual tips over on a ladder? The nest thing you know the ladder companies are being sued and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is requiring them to add additional decals to all their ladders. Not to mention the studies that must be done while examining the supposed improved warning signs and systems. The end result? The cost of ladders goes up again.

And in the end, it is you and I who foot the bill for it. And in addition to that we lose entirely the freedom we once enjoyed on the matter period.

Venetian blinds and other blinds have been around for over 100 years. And I am sure that during that time, a few un-managed children and a few stupid adults have figured out a way to hang themselves accidentally and or on purpose with the cords.

But does that necessitate a multimillion dollar recall and a complete refitting by the industry because of three deaths? And what of those of us who have these blinds. What of us who are perfectly satisfied with their performance and what of us who possess the seasoned ability to actually operate them without fear of strangulation to ourselves or our children?

Are we to be forced to turn in our blinds in exchange for purchasing more safety conscious models? And who pays for all that? Will there be any government subsidies for that? And should there be? How many more jobs are we going to have to lose in this country due to this kind of regulatory lunacy, before the American people wise up and shout enough is enough.

When are Americans going to wise up to that little known quantiative called personal responsibility? And when are they going to start taking some personal initiative and stop whining over their own idiocy. The answer to those questions trouble me, as I know for an almost certainty, that unless and until some people are forced to, they will never accept responsibility for their own lives.

That is why there are so many Americans today, who are so completely willing to give over their freedoms in a heart beat. For the promises of government to look after them and make their decisions for them? They will gladly hand over their entire lives and freedoms. These people are no better than robotic lemmings in my opinion, as they are no different than slaves.

The only difference being, the average slave at least possesses the intelligence enough to know that he has been enslaved. While the majority of Americans march dutifully forward each day and accept their daily doses of government sponsored pablum, as if there was no other source of independent thinking available.

And I am sick of it. I am sick of being told that I can't do this and I can't do that because some other individual or group of individuals is either so Lilly liver-ed or so stupid as to be in sheer terror of my possession of a set of window blinds that has cords. Or that they are so terrified that I have a firearm or an SUV or an unregulated pair of hedge trimmers.

I for one intend to make a stand. Here and now. I refuse to be assimilated into the collective of controlled thought by these idiots and their masters. I refuse to have my individual freedoms taken from me by a state sponsored program more concerned with protecting idiots and morons and fostering a socialist collective, than protecting me and my family from the real threats of the world today.

I will keep my blinds and thank you very much. I will also keep my incandescent light bulbs. Go ahead! Stop making them. I am already hoarding enough to last me through the rest of my life. I refuse to participate in this lunacy and when I have the opportunity and ability to vote with my pocketbook? I do so readily. And if more Americans did the same, we could end this lunacy full stop in less than six months.

Marx's chant was "workers of the world unite!"

My belief is that free men and free women better unite and begin to control and influence their own world and environment, or else there are those who will be more than willing to do it for them.

I'm off to Ebay now to see if I can find me a set of lawn darts at a reasonable price. And I think I will buy some horse shoes and a bad mitten set before they ban them too.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wasting away again in BarackObamaville

Welcome to Obamaville

I can imagine that this would stir up quite a controversy. The truth hurts. I wonder if Jimmy Buffet could pen some lyrics.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jon Stewart's take on the peace speech

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Of Gutter Snipes and Liars

And interesting piece that aired on O'Rielly Thursday night. Bill calls it absolutely correctly when he calls this guy Dick Wolfe (who produces Law and Order) a gutter snipe and a liar. Let's see what Mr. Wolfe's response is to O'Rielly defending himself.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mystery Solved?

Is the mystery solved? I don't think so. The Russians may have owned up to a failed ballistic missile test, but nothing like this has ever been seen in the sky before that I can remember, missile test or no missile test.

Something is going on. The question is what.

My guesses....

The Large Hadron Collider


Of course, there is always Luke 21.11

Tribute to Lakewood Washington's 4 Fallen Officer's

The Obama Paradox

Wartime President Obama Picks Up Peace Prize

Today is the much awaited day. Barack Obama arrives in Onslo to receive his Nobel peace prize. Hallelujah! The angels will certainly applaud. Meanwhile, America's generals are alternating between trying to accomplish their task in Afghanistan with less than the troops needed to do the dob, and alternately proffering explanations of why we will lose this war and suffer more casualties in the process.

The media has settled on the paradox of Obama receiving the peace prize, while engaged as a war time president who is increasing troops in the middle east. Somehow they seem to be overlooking the nuances coming from interviews with Generals Petreaus and McCrystal as it concerns their predictions for success in Afghanistan. Then of course there are the recent musings of Admiral Mullen (JCOS). He keeps sending up trial balloons of doom and openly stating that we are losing the war in Afghanistan.

It might just be me? But if memory serves? We seemed to be holding our own at worst in Afghanistan prior to the arrival of the Obama administration. and ever since he took office, it has been one report after the other citing how we are losing the war or have already lost it.

But never mind all that and disregard the purposeful propaganda that the administration is spreading like leaves in the wind. Our president is in Oslo to receive his peace prize today. And after taking two 747's and two C-141's loaded to the gunwales with his entourage to Oslo to receive his prize, he will fly it all back home then turn right around and fly it all back to Copenhagen. Where he will join in gladly in the willing bartering away of America's wealth and future.

But let us not dwell on the paradoxes. Let us rather bask in in the glory of the Obamamessiah and his glorious age. At least while we still have coal to heat our homes and food on the table.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Of Iron Gloves and "Fisting"


If this story isn't enough to make the average normal person sick to their stomach, I don't know what is.

In March 2000 the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) organization of Massachusetts held its 10 Year Anniversary GLSEN/Boston conference at Tufts University. This conference was fully supported by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Safe Schools Program, the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and some of the presenters even received federal money. During the 2000 conference, workshop leaders led a “youth only, ages 14-21″ session that offered lessons in “fisting” a dangerous sexual practice. During another workshop an activist asked 14 year-old students, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?” The unbelievable audio clip is posted here. Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings is the founder of GLSEN. He was paid $273,573.96 as its executive director in 2007. Jennings was the keynote speaker at the 2000 GLSEN conference.

Absolutely unbelievable! Listen for yourself.

“Like the Parents Rights Coalition and the Department of Education, GLSEN is also troubled by some of the content that came up during this workshop,” said Kevin Jennings, national executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

He said people who run workshops in the future will get clearer guidelines, though Jennings said the network’s annual conference at Tufts University should not be judged on the 30-student seminar “What They Didn’t Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class.”

“We need to make our expectations and guidelines to outside facilitators much more clear,” said Jennings. “Because we are surprised and troubled by some of the accounts we’ve heard.”

Well isn't that special. GLENSEN is troubled, but apparently no concerns by president Obama or anyone in the MSM for that matter. this story and these facts are readily available on the internet and verifiable? and yet neither the Whit4e House or the piss stream media has seemed to show any interest. Too many other things going on with the health care reform act and whether Reid and Pelosi will be able to park their socialism in our backsides, for the media to concern themselves with what one of Obama's Czars has been packing in his.

Realities like the ones presented in this report are just one of many reasons why the many is as dangerous to this nation as any cancer or infectious disease. Hr and his cronies are now in the process of infecting the bloodstream of this country's culture and policy top to bottom. And if they get their way? Whether or not your teenage daughter will have access to a publicly funded abortion absent any knowledge of yours will be the least of your problems.

Given the opportunity and the here to fore unobstructed ability to appoint policy makers like Kevin Jennings will be able to present homosexual "fisting" to your sons as an "approved alternative lifestyle."

Monday, December 07, 2009

Of Reid and Red Fish

There is one thing that you can always count on from a yellow dog democrat and that is that regardless of the issue involved, when all else fails, they ill either attempt to brand the opposition as Nazi's or as racists.

Enter one senator Harry Reid (senate majority leader). Who today likened any opposition to the democrat plan on health care reform, to those who attempted to cling to slavery over one hundred years ago. And if that weren't enough sauce for the goose, he threw in the accusation that these were the same type of folks who argued against women's suffrage. Talk about wielding red herrings....

"Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all the Republicans can come up with is, 'slow down, stop everything, let's start over.' If you think you've heard these same excuses before, you're right," Reid said Monday. "When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said 'slow down, it's too early, things aren't bad enough.'"

He continued: "When women spoke up for the right to speak up, they wanted to vote, some insisted they simply, slow down, there will be a better day to do that, today isn't quite right.

"When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today."

Which leaves only the accusation that republicans are akin to those who manned the Nazi death camps and simply plead for more time to reach their "final solution."

What a load of bollocks and unmitigated trip!

Harry Reid is doing nothing more that bleating and beating the drum of the same dog eared rhetoric of the last thirty five years of the democrat party. If everyone is not in lock step with their socialist version of reality, then that person or group must surely be either a Nazi or a racist or some other brand that they keep hung within easy reach for those times when they are at a loss for cogent response or mature reasoning. Which by the way, seems to be more and more the case as time passes.

Harry Reid is an anachronism and a throw back to a time when Americans could be easily brow beaten into submitting to the name calling of liberals who felt that all they need to do to win an argument, was to assert that their opposition were racist. Well those times are past tense Senator Reid. So take your red herrings and adios!

Today we all become criminals

Click to enlarge graphic

If we are to believe the once rhetoric that is now to become law? Yes....you (and I) are now criminals. Our crime? Breathing. We are all now criminal polluters to be specific. For the mere act of breathing, you and I are now emitting a poisonous gas according to the federal government and the EPA. And if that isn't enough to make you turn blue? Our dear president will soon be headed to Copenhagen to collude with other world leaders and green weenies to determine just how much more their third world buddies can squeeze from the collective "gonads" of the west.

As of today, the EPA has declared carbon dioxide a pollutant, so every time you take a breath and exhale? You are creating a polluting emission. So how much longer before you are taxed for merely breathing? How much longer before you are forced to wear a carbon dioxide capturing mask of some sort, to prevent you from polluting the atmosphere with your fowl breath.

On a lighter note.....Those incessant joggers that we all see running willy nilly about? Well they are now on a level of criminal culpability that they probably never dreamed of. Just imagine how much carbon dioxide each jogger emits on the average two mile run. The amounts must literally boggle the mind and they most certainly must warrant some form of criminal sanction by the EPA.

And what about all those green plants spread all across the planet? The one's that depend on carbon dioxide for their very life and existance. Forget about the exchange issue and the benefit that they provide and the oxygen that they produce in exchange for the carbon dioxide that they ingest. So how long before the EPA bans oxygen? Or will we all be required to get federal permits just to breath and failing that, will we have to go to the black market for enough oxygen just to survive each day?

Sounds ludicrous right? Well of course it does. But it is no more ludicrous than the fact that our government is now going to penalize us all, for the hyped and irresponsible pursuit of carbon reduction as some supposed life saving benefit to the planet. The penalties and regulations that are about to be levied against all businesses will ultimately be paid by us. That's the way it works. Government taxes or regulates business? And business passes it along to you and me in the form of "the cost of doing business. At least to the point where the people give up and quit buying that particular commodity.

The Copenhagen conference this week will utilize 1200 limos and 140 aircraft, just to ferry around all the attendees who will be chomping at the bit in anticipation of dividing up the penalties that they intend to assess against America and the west.

They will create more carbon there in one week, than the gross output of carbon for 40 of the world's countries this year, but that is OK I suppose. Just as long as it is for a good cause right? And what better cause than socialism and Nirvana.

There are a lot of stories on the internet addressing the facts concerning this travesty of treason against us all today and I am sure that there will be more as the days pass and the people wake up to the reality of just how badly they have been screwed by their government. But if the people of America believe that NAFTA was a bad Idea or Cap and Trade is a worse idea? They had better have a look quick at what has now been imposed on them as it concerns the global lie of global warming and the expense and havoc that it will wreak on this nation and them all across this nation.

A date that lives in dwindling memory

Franklin Roosevelt called it a "a date which will live in infamy," but does it really. how many people will stop today to reflect on the most horrendous attack on America prior to the attacks of September 11th 2001.

Vigilance is the only means of preventing what happened that day from ever happening again. America has many enemies in this world and always has had. They hate us now because of our freedoms and prosperity. And given the opportunity, they seek to take that which they envy, including our lives.

Freedom isn't free. someone paid the price for it and 68 years ago today, 2403 Americans made the down payment on what would come to be known as world war two.

Whether today's date remains a date that lives in infamy is no longer the question. The question is....how long will the date of December 7th 1941 remain in the collective American memory period.

God bless the souls who died that day and all those who have paid with their lives since, to attempt to insure that America remains free. Remember those that died on that date so long ago, as we remember those who have died since and those who continue to be thrust in harms way.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Brutally Honest: Theocentrism vs. Egocentrism

Brutally Honest: Theocentrism vs. Egocentrism

An excellently written explanation of observation of liberalism and how it has taken hold of America and replaced the founding principles of Judeo Christian heritage.

Published at Brutally Honest, this commentary by Deborah Tyler at The American Thinker is definitely well worth reading and reflection.

An example of Ms. Tyler's perfect reasoning and understanding of the problem with liberalism.
liberalism is not insane. It is a highly adaptive ego device that enables people to violate commitments, vilify those who are true to their faith, and avoid personal sacrifice while feeling great about themselves.

Friday, December 04, 2009

William Ayers throws Obama under the bus

One of the most visible and vocal members of radical America (Bill Ayers) has apparently parted ways with his buddy Obama over the president's plan to surge troops into Afghanistan.

If there was ever any doubt in the minds of those observing, the radical left that helped propel Obama into the presidency, certainly expects more from their guy in the way of formalized socialist values that what they are getting.

And he isn't living up to their expectations.

A letter to the editor

To the editor:

I don't understand why the White House is so upset about the two party crashers at Barack Obama's steak dinner the other night.

Is it really appropriate and politically correct to call them party crashers just because they trespassed on Mr. Obama? Does that make them criminals? Isn't that discrimination? Shouldn't they be rewarded for such bold and brave behavior? Maybe they were just trying to feed their family?

I would suggest that it's more appropriate to call them "undocumented guests."
Just because they weren't officially invited doesn't mean they should be treated like criminals. Maybe they should get free health care, free housing, free legal services and free White House green cards so next time they can enter legally. And they should be able to bring all of their relatives and family members, too.

How can Mr. Obama be mad at them just because they crossed over some arbitrary man-made border? They were there only to do the things that regularly invited guests didn't want to do. (Like hang out with Joe Biden.)

How can the White House punish these poor oppressed undocumented visitors?

Received in an email from a friend of mine.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Will the last American leaving Richmond, please bring the flag.


Yet another example of a PC home owners association gone mad.

The man is a Medal of Honor winner for Christ's sake! Do these people have no shame?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Life ain't no box of chocolates Tiger

Forrest Gump's mama may have thought life was like a box of chocolates, but the reality remains, most things in life are pretty damn predictable and there is usually a long history of others who have taken the same paths at one time or another. So this should have been a no brainer for you Tiger. You should have known what you would get in the end, by playing in these candy boxes.

Not even the president of the United States is immune from the sage wisdom. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Good grief Tiger, if Bill Clinton couldn't get away with it and pull it off? And here he has the best security on the planet? What in hell were you thinking that you were going to do? Did you honestly think that these trysts would never come out? That these young ladies would remain faithful and silent and take one for the team?

I can literally see Bill Clinton sitting somewhere chuckling as he reads and watches the latest reports of the Tiger Woods saga. What a difference a day makes. And what a difference a simple audio recording can make.

Tiger was busted, the minute that this tape surfaced today. Absolutely no plausible deniability there buddy. You established your culpability the minute you said hey, "this is Tiger." Then the sauce for the goose is your follow up plea to attempt to get this little gal to change her voice mail message. And the bleating plea in your voice? Well that is priceless.

Tiger, you are from the generation that coined the phrase "well duh!" Did you honesty believe that you could pull this off? With not one but with three separate women? You silly fool! All that is missing from this debacle is you facing a camera at a news conference, while pointing a crooked finger at the camera and announcing that "you did not have sex with that woman!"

Bill Clinton had it all going for him as it concerned his lie, right up to the point that Lewinski produced the blue dress. And here you are leaving voice mails identifying yourself? And thinking what? That no one would ever know? That this little slice on the side would be a nice girl and delete it?

This not so dumb little punch board that you have literally destroyed your career and family over? Apparently had already been playing your voice messages for her co-workers and she was probably showing them your text messages too. The 300 plus text messages that she apparently saved for "future reference?"

Here are a couple of tips Tiger. If Bill Clinton calls and asks you to meet him for 18 holes somewhere? Make sure that it is a golf course that he is talking about. Then listen to the man and his council. He has a lot more experience dealing with these matters than you do.

Number two, go ahead and brace yourself for the 100 million plus hit that your brand is going to take as a result of your own stupidity. I suspect that Nike and the rest will be backing up and taking a long look at their commitment to the Tiger Woods brand now that these revelations have surfaced.

Then of course, there is the situation with your wife. She owns you now buddy. Lock, stock and barrel. And if she decides to walk? Your divorce costs will make Paul McCartney's divorce look like a fire sale and one helluva deal.

You could not have possibly screwed up your life worse if you had tried Tiger. Short of putting a gun in your mouth and ending everything, you have succeeded in wrecking and mucking up your life permanently. People will not forget this Tiger. Your brand is forevermore tarnished now. Regardless of how the liberal left comes back around to embrace you (and they will), the main stream fans will always look at you with a dim view from here on out and you will never be Mr. Squeaky clean ever again.

A wrecked Cadillac $8000
Property damages $3000
A traffic fine $164
A ruined career $250,000,000
A divorce $500,000,000

The dumbest and costliest affair ever? Priceless!