Sunday, August 13, 2017

America Suffered a Terrorist Attack Yesterday

If we are to believe the media, there is no question of that fact. A terrorist attack correlating to the methods and actions of ISIS, was perpetrated in Charlottesville Va. yesterday and three people are dead as a result.

Even though the individual in question and the individual under arrest, was only directly responsible for one of those deaths. Perhaps there needs to be a review of the twelve police officers who were shot and gunned down, five of which died in Dallas Texas July of 2016. Perhaps an examination of the past can lend context to the present perceptions of terrorism in America yesterday and today.
Keep in mind, at this point, all we know for sure about the individual arrested yesterday in Charlottesville, is what he reportedly did. And yes, I use the pronoun "reportedly" to address what was has occurred. Why? Because that's the assessment a fair and unbiased media always assigns to those arrested for heinous acts.

No one has determined or released the why of this individual's actions yet. When that is revealed? When his motives are released to the public? Then and only then can reasonably minded people, in the absence of a media fury to condemn anything that breeches their sensibilities of normalcy, be considered for its merits and the assigning of motive/s.

Meanwhile, when indisputable terrorist acts have occurred on foreign soil or here in America, the media most frequently remains coy and demur and asserts "we don't know what this attack represents." But not so yesterday. The mainstream American media immediately leaped to a conclusion and assertion, that this was a terrorist act and they have been calling it so ever since.
Be it on foreign soil or on our own, the media remains conflicted by their own bias when it comes to calling a spade a spade. As an observable practice, the media most often accuses those who have lashed out at the perversions of social order as terrorists. As opposed to those who immediately loft their support behind any political ideology or religious fanaticism. By definition a terrorist is: "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

Therefore, it seems rather simple to me, if any determination needs to be made of yesterdays attack on the crowd in Charlottesville? Did the young man in the car in Charlottesville yesterday have any political aims that he was attempting to further?

Or? Was he attempting to pursue and further any religious fanaticism? If so? He is rightly identified as a terrorist. If not? Perhaps once again the media is caught coloring and manipulating their reporting and observations, to meet their own desires and perceptions and political agendas.
Keep in mind, at this point, all we know for sure is what the young man under arrest reportedly did. No one has determined or released the why yet. When that is revealed? When his motives are released to the public? If he is in fact the perpetrator? Then and only then can reasonably minded people, in the absence of a media fury to condemn anything that breeches their sensibilities of normalcy, be considered for its merits of assigning motive or accusatory branding.

What I do know is this. Yesterday's marches and protests in Charlottesville Va. were planned and well publicized. The city, the mayor, the governor and all law enforcement agencies involved, were all on notice well in advance. And what were they aware of? Was a crime about to occur? No....
A protest was about to occur. A constitutionally protected protest. A protest by individuals not unlike any other individuals engaged in similar protests of the last five years. Yet there was going to be a different element to this protest wasn't there? This was not going to be a media favored protest. There weren't going to be celebrities present, or media color commentary from the sidelines in support of these intended actions yesterday.

The white nationalists and the white supremacists and the pseudo Klan members and the militia wannabes who intended to come and protest in Charlottesville yesterday had a unifying purpose that was shared. They intended to protest and defend against the intended destruction of a statue to General Robert E. Lee in that city and hence, the continued attacks on American history, and its agents in government, intent on erasing that history as they see it.

Now, choose your side and choose opinion on the issue as best it suits your beliefs, but the truth of reality about what occurred in Charlottesville yesterday was very predictable. Did those so identified above? Have a right to protest in Charlottesville yesterday? A constitutionally protected right to protest? They most certainly did. As did those who came to counter protest. And if both groups have a right to protest? Then why were their rights not observed and protected yesterday?

I came home and watched much of the media coverage and I viewed and reviewed several videos of the clashes between the two groups of protesters. And what I saw in each instance? Was an absence of the presence of law enforcement to intervene. What happened in Charlottesville yesterday was not America's first rodeo involving protests or potential violence between two groups. We as a nation have been down this path thousands of times. All across this nation over the last sixty years.
I and many others have worked as law enforcement buffers between Klan rallies and protests between the counter protestors here in Atlanta on dozens of occasions. We always kept the groups separated and there never was anything more aggravated that occurred than fowl language and the placards foisted.

But that was not the case in Charlottesville yesterday. I saw plenty of local police and state police after the fact in those videos of yesterday. But nowhere did I see law enforcement engaged and on the line to separate what can only best be described as two rabid elements of protestors intent on violence yesterday.

I believe we as observers, need to examine what happened yesterday in Charlottsville for what it represents in the context of what was allowed to happen. In every instance locally and nationally that I have been involved in over the last forty years, or I am familiar with occurring over the last two years in America?

Precautions have been taken. Specifically over the last two years, precautions have been taken to insure that weaponized vehicles would be denied access to large crowds of marchers or those engaged in parades or protests. Ever since those affiliated with ISIS, began to use weaponized vehicles in terrorism in Europe, agencies here in America have witnessed and responded to those threats and taken actions appropriate to prevent such occurrences here. Not so in Charlottesville yesterday.

In addition to that, in all previous incidents involving intended protests where the clash of opposing elements was imminently present, those involved in preserving the peace, brought in the necessary resources to insure that violence would be kept at bay and reduced to a bare minimum. Law enforcement was present as a buffer between the opposing elements and they were allowed to take actions appropriate to preserving the peace. I did not see that same preparation or actions yesterday in Charlottesville and if it was present, it was not deployed or utilized until after the fact.
What I saw as opposed to riot equipped police keeping protestors at bay and separate? Was riot equipped and helmeted protestors on both sides attacking each other for the media cameras. Including many of those equipped with their own improvised riot shields and bats and other weapons.
What could possibly go wrong with that.

One bystander who witnessed the vehicle that plowed into the crowd yesterday exclaimed: "And the police stood there and did nothing!" If the police were present in that intersection yesterday? They most certainly did nothing. The time to act was prior to the vehicle attack. Not after it. But the same could as easily be said of the videos of the clashes between protestors yesterday. I saw very little visible police presence once the opposing sides went after each other and I saw no police presence attempting to put a stop to it.

What we do know this morning? Is that a twenty year old man from Ohio is in custody. Charged as the driver of the steel grey Dodge Challenger that rammed the crowd on a side street, killing at least one pedestrian and injuring almost twenty others. What we don't know is his motive, his mind set or his affiliation with anything or anyone or any group involved in Charlottesville Va. yesterday.
But what I can say with certainty in my observations? Is that what happened in the streets of Charlottesville yesterday, between the two opposing factions and what occurred on the side street where the car rammed the people and vehicles killing one?

Was predictable.

Those elected to local and state offices and the police both locally and at the state level in Virginia, knew damn well what was about to happen in their city yesterday. They created the stage for it to occur via their pursuit and desire to deny and destroy history to further egalitarian socialism.
They had observed and witnessed same and similar violence in other jurisdictions in the past, and they knew that there would be protests of their actions locally in Charlottesville yesterday. Just as they knew and recognized that their would be counter protestors and violence if the two opposing groups were allowed to make contact. Yet they literally did nothing and allowed it to happen.
And it is my opinion, based upon the videos I have seen of the clashes between the two groups, the authorities without question, allowed and permitted the violence to occur. Just as those in other jurisdictions over the past three years, have allowed rioting and looting and burning and assaults on innocent people to occur unabated. In Ferguson and Baltimore and Baton Rouge and Dallas and elsewhere. Why? Because the police are no longer allowed to do their jobs. Period.

This is what happens when the police are not allowed to do their jobs America, chaos and terror reins. This is what happens when anarchy reins supreme and the media lathers up the crowds in preparation for covering their own bloody creations. This is what happens when social media is utilized to assemble hoards of anarchist and others to attack and assault the very foundations of our nation as a whole.

What happened in Charlottesville yesterday was a symptom of a larger growing disease in America today. A disease that has been created and fostered and allowed to grow over the past eight years. It is the disease of state permitted chaos and acceptable social tyranny of those who do not toe the egalitarian line. The people of this nation are and have been pitted against each other with a sole intended purpose of social, class and racial warfare and those purposes and motivations are beginning to reach fruition.

Wonder not what happened in Chancellorsville yesterday or why. Wonder only where it will occur next and how soon. Wonder only what the catalyst will be the next time. Wonder why those sworn to protect? Will be once again sidelined to allow anarchy to prevail.

We are proceeding down a dark passage my friends. A predictable pathway. A pathway I have seen forming and approaching for years. It is here now and short of a dramatic reversal of social policy and the rule of law? It will continue and it will only get worse.

In a world gone mad is where we exist today. How much worse could it possibly get... Wait, watch and see.

Time To Dust Off The Old Blog Again

Well, it looks like its time to dust off the old blog again.  Not because it matters to anyone other than me. Because it has never garnered much attention in the past. But at the least it gives me a place to vent.