Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Justice Denied

Marine's Father Will Not Pay Court-Ordered Funeral Protesters' Fees

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters told Fox News he will defy a court order and not pay the protesters' appeal costs.

Albert Snyder, of York, Pa., told Fox News he does not intend to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps, the leader of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Church, which held protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral in 2006.

"I don't think I'm going to be writing a check until I hear from the Supreme Court," Snyder told Fox News on Tuesday. "I'm not about to pay them anything."

My opinion?

Simple "Semper Fi!"

The man's son paid the ultimate sacrifice and these shameless cretins slandered not only a fallen hero, but they also inflicted a pain and injury that can never be salved on this father's soul.

I don't blame him one bit and I support him one hundred percent.

I would go to prison before I would pay these sick bastards one dime. And I would tell this pathetic excuse for a judge as much to his face.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama Mocks God's Word

Listen to what he says and the way he says it in his smirking condemnation of the republican metaphor. IMO, there is more than just the simple condescending belittlement of political opponents. The man is literally smirking at the entire conceptualization of revelations and the prophesies foretold and the words of Jesus.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Fault Again.

WH Drug Czar: U.S. Shares the Blame

White House Drug Czar Chief Gil Kerlikowske said on Saturday that the U.S. has a responsibility to bear when it comes to the ongoing drug war in Mexico.

Speaking on Fox News, Kerlikowske admitted that the U.S. is “a large consumer nation” of drugs and that the Obama Administration is working hard to combat the problem and “reduce the amount of drugs that we consume.”‪

What's that you say? America to blame for drug violence and drug cartels in Mexico? The hell you say! According to the white house it is our fault? You don't say. So does it go without saying? That if there is a problem or an evil in the world? Then America must be at the root of it.

The bible said....the love of money is the root of all evil. I believe that a new scripture need to be written. America is the root of all evil. Has to be. how could it be any other way. Just as our apologist in chief., He will tell you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

That Hope & Change Ain't Working

There is a daily rancor of noise being generated on both sides of the political isle these days. Mean while, America slides closer and closer to the great abyss of complete economic and financial collapse.

We simply cannot sustain the runaway train of more and more entitlements and more and more spending. And at a time when we have literally reached critical mass, the answer certainly isn't to spend more money that we don't have and to continue that spending with wild deficits. Yet that has been the only plan put forth by the Obama administration from day one. And fifteen months into this lunacy of a socialist administration, those that are paying attention are noting that things are not getting any better at all, they are getting worse.

CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

President Obama's fiscal 2011 budget will generate nearly $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next 10 years, $1.2 trillion more than the administration projected, and raise the federal debt to 90 percent of the nation's economic output by 2020, the Congressional Budget Office reported Thursday.

In its 2011 budget, which the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released Feb. 1, the administration projected a 10-year deficit total of $8.53 trillion. After looking it over, CBO said in its final analysis, released Thursday, that the president's budget would generate a combined $9.75 trillion in deficits over the next decade.

"An additional $1.2 trillion in debt dumped on [GDP] to our children makes a huge difference," said Brian Riedl, a budget analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "That represents an additional debt of $10,000 per household above and beyond the federal debt they are already carrying."

The federal public debt, which was $6.3 trillion ($56,000 per household) when Mr. Obama entered office amid an economic crisis, totals $8.2 trillion ($72,000 per household) today, and it's headed toward $20.3 trillion (more than $170,000 per household) in 2020, according to CBO's deficit estimates.

That figure would equal 90 percent of the estimated gross domestic product in 2020, up from 40 percent at the end of fiscal 2008. By comparison, America's debt-to-GDP ratio peaked at 109 percent at the end of World War II, while the ratio for economically troubled Greece hit 115 percent last year.

Regardless of partisanship and party loyalties, someone had better be listening to the congressional budget office and what they say is headed right for us like a runaway train.

America is in line for a literal cataclysmic event of biblical proportions and the day of that arrival is literally right around the corner. The CBO says so and has been saying so for over a decade now. No one is listening. Mean while, our president presses ahead full tilt and ignores the realities of his unabated socialist expansion of entitlement programs and how that weighs on our already depleted and dying economy.

America cannot sustain the weight of this runaway debt and deficit spending. Our nation will collapse and when it does, there will be no similarities to the great crash of 1929. Back then we only lost about a quarter of our economy and jobs and only 20% of Americans were out of work. This time the entire mechanism stands to crash from sea to shining sea our nation will literally die as a result.

And this time it won't just be hard times and bread lines and hobos. This time it will be famine and pestilence and anarchy and chaos in the streets.

Prepare yourself America, the only light at the end of the tunnel is the train wreck that is headed our way on greased rails.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

America's Trojan Horse Coup

The following is an excerpt from an article published in the America Thinker by Lloyd Marcus. An interesting and thought provoking analysis to say the least. I would recommend that all Americans follow the link and read the entire piece, especially the end.

Lloyd Marcus seems to think of it as the progressives perfect
Trojan horse. I tend to look at it as more of what it really represents. A Trojan horse coup.

The Progressives' Perfect Trojan Horse

Ironically, proving that America is completely the opposite of the evil, racist country they relentlessly accuse her of being, progressives used America's goodness, guilt, and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered America a modern-day Trojan Horse, a beautifully crafted, golden, shiny new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lauded Obama as the first clean and articulate African-American candidate. Democrat Harry Reid said that Obama uses a black dialect only when he wants to.

White America relished the opportunity to vote for a black man, naïvely believing that they would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. Black Americans viewed casting their vote for Obama as the ultimate Affirmative Action for America's sins of the past.

Then there were the entitlement loser voters who said, "I'm votin' for the black dude who promises to take from those rich SOBs and give to me."

Just as the deceived Trojans dragged the beautifully crafted Trojan Horse into Troy as a symbol of their victory, deceived Americans embraced the progressives' young, handsome, articulate, and so-called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusations of being a racist nation. Also like the Trojan Horse, Obama was filled with the enemy hiding inside.

Sunday, March 21, 2010, a secret door opened in Obama, the shiny golden black man. A raging army of Democrats charged out. Without mercy, they began their vicious, bloody slaughter of every value, freedom, and institution we Americans hold dear, launching the end of America as we know it.

Wielding swords of votes reeking with the putrid odor of backdoor deals, the Democrats landed a severe blow to America and individual rights by passing ObamaCare.

The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black Tea Party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question: "Why are you siding with these white racists against America's first African-American president?" I defend my fellow patriots who are white, stating, "These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama's skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama's race is not an issue."

Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama's race not being an issue. In reality, Obama's presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator's virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into ObamaCare. Obama's race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate, and most recently, even the Constitution of the United States. ObamaCare forces all Americans to purchase health care, which is clearly unconstitutional.

No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said "no" to both presidents' proposals, and that was the end of it. So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger? The answer: He is black.

Who Originally Championed Eltism in America

Who originally championed elitism in America? An interesting question in and of itself if you ask me, but more so interesting once you examine it through the prism of media and how elitism has become not only a political science but an industry in this country. Especially as it concerns the media.

I was listening to Glenn Beck's radio program earlier today and he was attempting to explain why the majority of media in this country is so determinedly liberal. He attributed much of it to the teachings of a man named Walter Lippmann. A man who it seems has become the iconic figure of reason to all journalists in this country over the past seventy five years. A man whose reasoning and philosophy (according to Beck) are taught to this day as required reading to all journalism majors.

So when I returned home today, I did a little research on Mr. Lippmann and the information that I soon found, speaks volumes to precisely what Beck was referring to.

Wiki reference
According to Lippmann, however, the public does have one specific role, one particular capacity, which is to intervene during a moment of social disturbance or “a crisis of maladjustment.” In such a crisis, “It is the function of public opinion to check the use of force” (74) by using its own force. Public opinion responds to failures in the administration of government by deciding—through voting—whether to throw one party out in favor or another. The public, however, moves to such action not by its own volition but by being led there by those insiders who can identify and assess the situation for them. The public is incapable of deciding rationally about whether there is a crisis: “Public opinion is a rational force … It does not reason, investigate, invent, persuade, bargain or settle” (69). It can only exert force upon those who are capable of direct action by making a judgment as to which group is better able to address the problem at hand: “When men take a position in respect to the purposes of others they are acting as a public” (198). This check on arbitrary force is the most that can be expected of the public. It is the highly circumscribed but “special purpose” of public opinion.

There is much written on Mr. Lippmann and the peculiarities of his observations and perceptions of his fellow Americans in the early twentieth century, but the wilkipedia excerpt above fairly summarizes the crux of the man's ideology and the subsequent perceptions of generations of journalists who have been steeped in his teachings once you stop to think about how media operates in
America today.

The question therefore, begs asking again. "Who originally championed elitism in America?" The same people who perpetuate it and cultivate it to this day. The media.

Republican Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

I love how democrats love to turn a phrase.

I wonder what messer Clyburn thinks about this?

Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at Wednesday night, Fox News has learned, the latest in a rash of apparent threats and acts of intimidation against members of Congress.

Cantor being a republican? I wonder how that plays against Clyburn's world view of republican terrorism. The next thing you know he will be warning us against republican terror bombers.

Apparently, this is why democrats have such a problem recognizing terrorists and terrorism to begin with. Some how if it isn't directed at them personally? Then it can't be terrorism.

Well here is a news flash rep. Clyburn. Our little buddy Osama Bin Ladin (remember him) released a new tape today stating that if America executes Kalid Sheik Mohamed upon conviction of his 9/11 terrorist attack on America? Then Bin Ladin says that Americans will die.

I imagine if that attack happens? The death toll will include a fare share of republicans and democrats.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's Openly Racist Health Care Tax

Reform's tanning-bed tax may save lives

Dr. Bruce E. Katz, educational spokesman for The Skin Cancer Foundation, says there are more than 3.5 million estimated cases of skin cancer detected each year -- making it the most common cancer in the United States. Research has proven an association between all forms of skin cancer and ultraviolet radiation, including the ultraviolet radiation from indoor tanning beds, Katz says.

On an average day, more than 1 million Americans use tanning salons. First exposure to tanning beds in youth increases melanoma risk by 75 percent, Katz says.

"This tax is a master stroke, akin to the sin tax on cigarettes; both tanning and smoking are activities scientifically proven to cause harm to the human body," Katz says in a statement.

A real master stroke indeed once you stop to think about it. With this new tax on tanning beds included into the health care reform act of 2010? The Obama regime has figured out a way to creatively tax 'only white people.'

Yes.....it's really that simple when you think about it. White people are the ones that frequent tanning beds. And for what purpose? Apparently to look a little darker.

So if we extrapolate this line of reasoning concerning looking out for the health and better interest of the people? Then we need to contact our representatives in congress and see about getting them to include into an amendment to the Health Care Reform Act, a provision to include a 10% tax on all hair relaxing products for instance. Seeing as the chemicals involved have to be bad for one's health and therefore, should naturally fall under these new interpretations of sin taxes that are in all of our better interests.

Congratulations America...in one single piece of legislation? We have permitted the taxing of a service that only white people engage in and we also have approved a provision that gives extra money and credit to universities that recruit more minority students into med schools. (which means by default, to the exclusion of white candidates).

Under the Democrats' health care bill, if a medical school wants to increase its chances of receiving many different kinds of grants and contracts from the federal government, it should have a demonstrated record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups. This is because the Democrats' health care bill requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to give preference to the entities that have demonstrated such a record in the awarding of these contracts to medical schools and other institutions.

American Thinker: Racial Preferences in the Democrats' Health Care Bill

Steny Hoyer Fears Violent Backlash

Amazing.....the democrats act as if they are the only ones who have ever received death threats or threats of violence. Forget the fact that republicans, including former President Bush were the constant targets of death threats and threats of violence for the past nine years.

Anyone remember the shoe throwing at President Bush on his last visit to Iraq? I don't seem to recall Mr. Hoyer or any other democrats condemning that actual act of violence against President Bush.

The bottom line, only morons and spineless cowards make such threats to begin with. 99.9% of the time they are nothing more than some sock spun jerk flapping his gums. But that doesn't justify it.

I am of the opinion that if the democrats want to call for the republicans to condemn these threats? Then they need to put on their big boy pants and do some condemning of their own and forget the partisan bull crap that they have engaged in for the past nine years now, while they ignored threats to their opposition.

What say they condemn the treatment of our Navy SEALS by a morally corrupt command structure of the Navy and the Joint Chiefs for a start. What say they condemn those who go after republicans like Sarah Palin regularly and launch death threats at her and her family.

What say the democrats step to the front row and condemn what happened to Ann Coulter last night up in Canada?

No, sir.....like I said Steny, put on your big boy britches and start acting like a man as opposed to whining like a little girl because someone said something that scared you or threatened you or the rest of the rogue band that passed that travesty of a health care bill.

Rep. John Dingell's Slip of The Tongue

This clip speaks for itself.

James Cameron throws down the gauntlet ..UPDATED

I say let's get it on. I certainly hope that Glenn Beck will accept the challenge and invite this jerk onto his program. My money says? That after attacking and insulting Beck? Cameron will refuse to come on Beck's program.

I have one thing to say to James Cameron.......excuse me sport, but is that fudge behind your ears?

James Cameron trashes Glenn Beck

"Avatar" director James Cameron lashed out at Glenn Beck at a press conference Tuesday, offering to debate the Fox News personality on environmental and political issues.

Asked what he thought about Beck during a junket appearance in support of the "Avatar" home-video release, Cameron said: "Glenn Beck is a fucking asshole. I've met him. He called me the anti-Christ and not about 'Avatar.' He hadn't even seen 'Avatar' yet. I don't know if he has seen it."

Cameron was apparently referring to Beck's reaction to his 2007 documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," which casts doubt on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and makes the case that the ancient "Tomb of the Ten Ossuaries" belonged to Jesus' family.

After blasting Beck, Cameron, surrounded by journalists inside a West Hollywood hillside mansion, seemed to reconsider: "I think, you know what, he may or may not be an asshole, but he certainly is dangerous, and I'd love to have a dialogue with him."

What makes Beck dangerous, THR asked Cameron at the junket.

"He's dangerous because his ideas are poisonous," Cameron answered. "I couldn't believe when he was on CNN. I thought, what happened to CNN? Who is this guy? Who is this madman? And then of course he wound up on Fox News, which is where he belongs, I guess."

Asked by THR if he felt the right wing's attacks against him were continuing, Cameron replied: "They're not attacks. They're just people ranting away, lost in their little bubbles of reality, steeped in their own hatred, their own fear and hatred. That's where it all comes from. Let's just call it out. Let's have a public discussion. That's what movies are supposed to do, you know, you can have a mindless entertainment film that doesn't affect anybody. I wasn't interested in that."

The "Avatar" director was equally unsparing in his comments about those who don't accept global warming as fact.

"That's right," Cameron said. "I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads."

Turning more serious, he added: "Anybody that is a global-warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their ass I'm not sure they could hear me."

And the rebuttal by Glenn Beck

We Were Warned

Yes, we have been warned.

Benjamin Frankin warned us when he said....."those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither."

We were warned when Thomas Jefferson said......"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

We were warned by Thomas Paine when he said....."A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right."

Yesterday we were warned again.....

"Our children and our grandchildren, they're going to grow up knowing that a man named Barack Obama put the final girder in the framework for a social network in this country."

Vice president Joe Biden, March 23rd 2010...commenting on the passage of president Obama's socialized medicine act of 2010

Yes, we have been warned of the actions of those like Barack Obama and his minions......"for a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously"

Adolph Hitler 1925 Mein Kampf.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He may be the village idiot?

But by God he is our village idiot!

You have to love Joe. The man simply cannot escape himself.

So what did he do 'this time'?

In case you miss it in the tape or you can't hear what he says when he embraces the president?

He said "this is a big fucking deal!"

Don't he make America proud!

Obama seems to think so. The look on his face says it all after that embrace IMO.

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Much For More Smoke and Mirrors

Today is the first day after the passage of Obama's great health care reform act. Tomorrow the president signs it into law. But today was the day for the republicans to strike back. Several have supposedly already set pen to paper authoring bills to be proposed this week to repeal the president's bill. Then of course there are the attorney generals of several states proposing legal action and suits against the federal government over the passage of this law.

The republicans are pointing a crooked finger at the democrats and wagging their tongues to the tune of "Wait until November!" So what happens in November? ....is there something going to happen that is completely unforeseeable? Will the republicans gain back seats in the house and the senate? Probably. Can they potentially win back a majority in the house? Certainly. Can they repeal this socialist travesty by doing so? Absolutely not.

It is really quite irrelevant whether the GOP re-takes control of the house or even wins back a few senate seats. The reality remains, that regardless of whatever the republicans can pass in any attempt to repeal Obama's health care legislation? It is immediately defeated by the presidential veto once it reaches his desk. So unless the GOP intends to somehow obtain a two thirds veto proof majority in both houses? Any proposed repeal simply ain't gonna happen.

Which means that at best, provided the GOP can win the White House in 2012 and maintain a majority in the house and at least a 51 majority in the senate, it will take until at least 2013 until anything can be effectively done about repealing this bill.

So everything that we are seeing right now is just so much more political flotsam and bloviating. We have allowed this to happen and we are going to have to live with the result for at least the next four years if not longer, if not forever. An the lawsuits? They will take at least as long to wind their way through a Obama controlled Justice Department and federal judiciary.

The Day Liberty Died in America

Having witnessed the passage of the president's socialist health care bill last night in the house, I am literally awe struck with what I have witnessed in my own country. And I am forced to come to grips with the reality that I no longer recognize my country.

A quantum shift in reality has occurred and regardless of what the people have to say, the shower in power right now has completely ignored both the people and the the process of laws that were given to us by the founding fathers.

There were headlines rightly exploiting the reality last night as the house prepared to vote on the bastardized and cobbled together socialist take over of America. Those headlines ran the gamut from "Drop Dead America", to "The Myth of the Pro Life Democrat Revealed."

And as I perused the web and watched the cable channels yesterday and into the night, I came to the realization that what was being observed and reported by the minority, was in fact the reality. The US congress, led by progressive Marxist has literally accomplished a political "coup de etat" before our eyes.

With the laughable Bart Stupak negotiated agreement provided by the president to placate the supposed pro life democrats, all real obstacles to the take over of Americas health care system was removed. And the fact that Bart Stupak actually stood before the cameras and smiled while praising the president's proposed executive order to placate the democrat holdouts, was little more than a sick little piece of political drama.

I wonder.....will Bart Stupak become the Neville Chamberlain of this generation? I certainly believe so. The man sold his soul to the devil then went on national television and told us all what a great deal that it was for him and us.

Meanwhile, other reports reflected the reality of what was happening. While tens of thousands lined the mall and the approaches to the capitol and vociferously voiced their opposition to this travesty in progress, Madam speaker engaged in nothing less than stage political drama and the rubbing of America's nose in the fetid excrement that she and her cohorts in congress were paddling gleefully past the people.

What purpose was there to the staged walking of the gavel used to pass Medicare to the Capitol. All the while being cradled by Pelosi and touched by John Lewis and others, as if they were presenting the Holy Grail to the people....

Of all that occurred yesterday, this single act of arrogance and disrespect to the people of America angered me most of all. Nancy Pelosi was presiding over the largest act of cretin political drama ever to occur in my lifetime and she was reveling in it for all to see, while literally taunting those assembled to protest or act to intervene.

Yes.....the headline that blared "Drop Dead America" was right on target if you ask me. How better to sum up what we all have just witnessed. Never before in the history of this nation have so many people turned out in opposition to a piece of legislation, only to be smirked at by the arrogant elite and ultimately ignored by those we supposedly elected to do the people's bidding.

This morning those in the republican party willing to be interviewed are promising a revolution come November and they are promising a repeal of the travesty that we are all now the victim of. But somehow, I don't see that happening. A lot will come to pass between now and November and now and 2012. And I am afraid that we as a nation will have much larger fish to fry at both junctures in time.

If anyone happened to notice last night, Lady Liberty faltered as her legs were cut from underneath her by her very own.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here'

'Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here

"This is one of those times where you can honestly say to yourself, 'Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here,"' he said. "'Because I believe so deeply in this country and I believe so deeply in this democracy and I'm willing to stand up even when it's hard."'

It may be why you came there mr. president, but it is not why the people sent you there and it isn't why we elected representatives to go to Washington to represent the people.

The problem is.....when you abrogate your responsibility to do the will of the people, you are not doing what the people sent you there for. You may think that your ideologue desires justify your actions and your opposition in the face of the people, but they do not.

The American people are angry mr. president and they are angry at you and those of your ilk. Those who have seized the opportunity to challenge and change this nation on a level and scale never dreamed of.

America isn't a socialist nation mr. president and it will not long stand still for those who would reduce it to the level of some third world statist existence.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Ratings Sinking Faster Than The Titanic

But is anyone in the media really paying attention to it? Or are they seemingly at all concerned? You would never know it to watch or read main stream media in America this morning.

A:;; the focus is on the 'big vote' tomorrow. Meanwhile, a number of prominent weekend radio pundits and bloggers are noting another staggering factoid coming out of other polls. and that factoid is that upwards of 45% of doctors polled, said that if the president's health care reform act passes and becomes law, they will be leaving the profession.

Which leads to an interesting quandary for this administration. Aside from the fact that the math involved in this bill simply doesn't work and everyone from the CBO on down has said so, we are now to believe that we will insure an additional thirty million people and provided affordable health care to them and everyone else?

With 45% fewer doctors?


The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 23% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President (see trends).

Each time the President leads a big push for his health care plan, his job approval ratings suffer. While some portions of the plan are popular, others are not. Most voters oppose the proposed Medicare savings and the taxes involved. As a result, most voters continue to oppose the legislation. Just 20% of voters believe that most Members of Congress will understand the proposed health care bill before they vote on it. From a political perspective, 50% are less likely to vote for a Member of Congress who supports the health care reform plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Definition For Patriot

Holder: Detainees’ Lawyers Are “Patriots”

“Those who reaffirm our nation’s most essential and enduring values do not deserve to have their own values questioned,” Holder told a group of lawyers who offer "pro bono," or voluntary, legal services. "Let me be clear about this: Lawyers who provide counsel for the unpopular are, and should be treated as what they are: patriots."

Of course, Holder isn't just speaking of simple 'pro bono' lawyers. He is speaking of the seven who previously represented terrorist. The same ones he has now hired as 'Justice Department' lawyers.

Two weeks after a conservative group disparaged Justice Department lawyers who previously represented terror suspects, Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday weighed in for the first time, calling such lawyers "patriots."

Pelosi Seeks Divine Intervention on Health Care

This interloping narcissist retch of a woman literally make me want to vomit.

What a hypocrite!

The Anchoress has some excellent commentary on Ms. Pelosi.

This woman is a profound grotesque who gets virtually everything wrong here, from what feastday it is, to the kinds of Catholic religious sisters supporting her monster’s bastard of a bill.

Note, because it is important in the face of her stupidity, her mendacity, her slander and her willingness to use any-and-all means to achieve her ends, the Catholic sisters who vehemently oppose this health care bill, and are not considered news-worthy by the media, or relevant by this glammed-up guttersnipe, Pelosi.

First off, Nancy, this is not the feastday of “St. Joseph the Worker.” That feast day is May 1, and it is a simple (and optional) memorial. TODAY is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, in his role as the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Provider and Guardian for the Child Jesus. A solemnity is not an optional feastday, and Pelosi, who was educated by religious sisters and went to a Catholic college, should know that.

Her ignorance is almost sublime. “Italian Americans” certainly do honor St. Joseph, but they do not “pray” to him. They ask him to pray for them, before the Throne of his most holy and almighty step-son, the Christ.

And there is more.

Thanks to Rick at Brutally Honest for finding the Anchoress link.

What Part of NO! Do You Not Understand!

The president's approval rating hit it's lowest point ever today. As low and as bad as George Bush's was by the end of eight years in office. Obama has accomplished that same level of disapproval as Bush and he has done so in a little over one year in office.

And it's no mystery how he has done it. From the time that he first set foot in the White House, the man has completely turned his back on the nation and it's welfare as a whole. He has spent the majority of his time apologizing for America, while pushing for legislative changes that the large majority of Americans do no want.

This health care bill is an abomination....So......"what part of No! Do you not understand mr. president! What part of No! do you not understand madam speaker. What part of No! do you not understand mr. majority leader!!

And the word on the street? Is that as soon as Obama gets this pig of a health care bill passed, he will set his sights on his next socialist dream piece, which is immigration. Never mind that for the past two years the American economy has suffered more and lost more than it has since the great depression. Never mind that unemployment stands at 10% and greater in many places nationally and that is truly a conservative estimate.

This man is hell bent to shove socialism just as far up the American backside as he possibly can. And if it costs the democrats come November or again in 2012? They don't really seem to care. No matter what the polls say, no matter what those who have amassed in the tea party movement say, no matter what every gradient of example in the spectrum says, this man is hell bent to wreck this country completely in his first term. He has as much as admitted that himself, saying that he is not looking past his first term.

We are literally down to the short hairs this weekend America. This bastardized socialist bill will rise or fall based upon what we as Americans allow the congress to do with it by the time it comes to the Sunday vote that Nancy Pelosi seems to have set for the final show down. If America wins this vote and stops this travesty in progress, we have only just barely saved ourselves. If we fail to stop it and they pass it by a combination of deeming it passed and reconciliation, there will be a literal avalanche of bills to follow between now and November. And that avalanche of bills will have one purpose and one purpose only. The aim will be to put lipstick on this pig and to dress it up to become the harlot of socialism that it truly is. They will subsequently put back in everything that they were forced to camouflage out when they were hiding their true intent.

All I can say is that I sincerely hope that the large majority of people in this country who will be affected by this treachery, will remember these traitors and all those responsible come November. And who are the majority of people who will be affected by this bill and those to follow?

The middle class.

That's right....those very same people that were told by the great messiah that he would never do anything to raise their taxes? Well they had better be ready to bend over and grab their ankles, because the raping by taxation is about to begin.

The inflation and $7 a gallon gasoline and all the rest will be headed our way on a greased rail if this bill on health care passes. And all the while, our great leader will continue to engage in his global apologies and appeasements. And in the end? After America is collapsed and reduced to third world status, he will exit and be lost to obscurity while those left behind are left to try and salvage what they can from the wreck of America.

Some day soon, we may all look back on this day as the moment that America was staggered and fallen from within.

Did The Lights Just Blink?

Did the lights just blink?

Or was that life as we know it that is about to blink.

If sometime later next week? You suddenly see the lights blink? Then that may be a sign that they have accomplished their stated desires at CERN in Geneva. Of course if it is a weird kind of blink with spirals and auras? And we all suddenly find ourselves floating in some spectral flotsam in another dimension of existence? Then I suppose that all of our worst suspicions and greatest fears will have been realized.

GENEVA -- Operators of the world's largest atom smasher on Friday ramped up their massive machine to three times the energy ever previously achieved, in the run-up to experiments probing the secrets of the universe.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, said beams of protons circulated at 3.5 trillion electron volts in both directions around the 17-mile tunnel housing the Large Hadron Collider under the Swiss-French border at Geneva.

The next major development is expected in a few days when CERN starts colliding the beams in a new round of research to examine the tiniest particles and forces within the atom in hopes of finding out more about how matter is made up.

The collider in December had already eclipsed the record of the next most powerful machine, the Tevatron at Fermilab outside Chicago, which has been running just shy of a trillion electron volts, or TeV.

The extra energy in Geneva is expected to reveal even more about the unanswered questions of particle physics, such as the existence of dark energy and matter. Scientists hope also to approach on a tiny scale what happened in the first split seconds after the Big Bang, which they theorize was the creation of the universe some 14 billion years ago.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arrogance and Idiocy

How many passes does the man get before any form of serious scrutiny is brought in to question his statements. These are not merely slips of the tongue, but rather significant misstatements of facts.

And the band plays on.......

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama threatens to withdraw support

Ouch! That could leave a mark!

Seriously.....what person in their right mind would consider having Obama come to their state to campaign for them as a good thing? Or a carrot and stick?

Barack Obama threatens to withdraw support from wavering Democrats

Barack Obama has said he will not campaign for any Democratic congressmen who fails to support health care reform.

Ok, here is the deal sparky.....I don't believe that there are too many democrats seeking reelection that want to see Obama's teleprompter in their district before the fall elections period.

Aside for Harry Reid, who really wants Obama to come campaign for him, seeing as Reid is going down faster than the Titanic, I don't know of anyone who is seriously entertaining having Obama pay them a visit. With the possible exception of John McCain, who might actually boost his numbers with RINOs via a presidential visit.

So this is one of the most hollow threats that I have ever seen offered by a sitting president.

The bottom line....whoever votes for this health care bill is knowingly placing their seat in jeopardy and commiting policital suicide, so who in hell thinks that supporting the bill, then having Barack Obama to come and stump for them is going to make any difference at all.

That makes about as much sense as putting a pistol in your mouth, then telling the president to come tidy things up for you after you pull the trigger.

Amazing 100-year-old Doctor

Truly amazing.

Stupidity should be a crime

And some people should be sent away for life.

Donna Simpson , who weighs 600lbs, tucks into a McDonalds at her home in in Old Bridge, New Jersey Photo: BARCROFT

Donna Simpson: woman who wants to be world's fattest

Miss Simpson, 42, from New Jersey, USA, already holds the Guinness World Record as the world's biggest mum.

She was 520lbs when she had daughter Jacqueline, three, becoming the largest woman to give birth.

Now she weighs a mega 600lbs, or 43 stone, and hopes to break the 1,000lbs or half a ton mark.

Miss Simpson, who wears XXXXXXXL dresses, eats whole cakes and bags of donuts and tries to move as little as possible.

"I'd love to be 1,000lb," she said.

"It might be hard though. Running after my daughter keeps my weight down."

She runs her own website where people pay to watch her eat, or see her wash her huge body.

The cash helps fund the family's $750 a week food shop, which Miss Simpson carries out in her mobility scooter.

She met her partner Philippe, 49, seven years ago on a dating site for plus-size people.

Philippe, who weighs just 150lbs, is a self-confessed fat admirer, who will only look at a woman if she weighs over 28 stone.

But Miss Simpson, who has an older son Devin, 14, from a previous relationship, insists she's healthy.

"My favourite food is sushi, but unlike others I can sit and eat 70 big pieces of sushi in one go," she said.

"I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favourite."

I always wondered what 'mad cow disease' actually looked like.

Compliments of Brutally Honest Blog

Monday, March 15, 2010

Respect Lost for Tom Hanks

I will ultimately watch the mini series The Pacific. I am sure that with Spielberg producing, it is up to the standards of his previous war epics. However, the remarks of Tom Hanks have caused me to have a great loss of respect for the man.

America's War on The Border

Mexico gunmen kill American consulate staff

When you say the word war in America today, most people are immediately drawn to the middle east and our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we have a war much closer to home. Right on our door step as a matter of fact.

Gunmen in the drug war-plagued Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez killed two Americans and a Mexican linked to the local U.S. consulate, an attack U.S. President Barack Obama said "outraged" him.

An American woman working at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas, and her U.S. husband were fatally shot by suspected drug gang hitmen in broad daylight on Saturday as they left a consulate social event, U.S. and Mexican officials told Reuters.

So what is it going to take to awaken America to the fact that we literally have marauding butchers operating within sight of our borders? And the realization that they are now openly preying on our people just across the border. Officials of our government no less.

Never fear some might say.....president Obama has the situation in hand and a plan in the offing. He just has to get this sticky business of health care out of the way first. Right?

I say? Before this year is out, we will see the cartels coming across the border and wholesale murdering people on our side of the border. And our leadership in Washington will do absolutely nothing about it.

"The president is deeply saddened and outraged by the news," said White House National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer. He said Obama "shares in the outrage of the Mexican people at the murders of thousands in Ciudad Juarez and elsewhere in Mexico."

Well at least the president is "outraged."

Oh! Scratch that!

The president isn't outraged over the killing of these three Americans. The president is outraged over the murders of thousands of Mexican people in Ciudad Jaurez and elsewhere.

I sure am glad that he clarified his position on that.

Too bad Teddy Roosevelt isn't available. Or else he might be headed south with a mechanized version of the Rough Riders to put an end to this idiocy.

But then again probably not.

America does have an image to worry about and we wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize Obama's carefully crafted image of American appeasement.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama suggest abridging the right to privacy?

It's the right thing to do according to our president. Barack Obama appears to care less about the protections enumerated in the fourth amendment, than he does for what he thinks is best for America.

What seems important to him is felling that it is "the right thing to do."

“It’s the right thing to do,” Obama replied. “This is where the national registry becomes so important, because what you have is individual states — they may have a database, but if they’re not sharing it with the state next door, you’ve got a guy from Illinois driving over into Indiana, and they’re not talking to each other.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34097.html#ixzz0iCUPNnqb

I am a firm believer that once a person has been convicted of a crime? They forfeit certain rights to protection under the constitution, but not when they have simply been arrested and charged. And there is a difference between being arrested or charged with a crime and being convicted of a crime.

My real problem is when those like Obama want to eliminate the presumption of innocence and replace it and a myriad of other things that they disagree with, with their own presumptions of what is right and wrong for society.

Dictators always begin by attempting to convey their love and benevolence for the people they intend to enslave.

Obama At The Bat

I sincerely hope so.

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Freedoms To Be Lost

Today's headlines indicate that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has recommended "black boxes" be included into all new vehicles.

US mulls 'black box'

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief David Strickland told a congressional hearing on Thursday that the regulator is considering whether to make "black boxes" mandatory for all new vehicles. [ID:nN11246251]

The devices can capture data on speed, braking effort and other details which can be vital in reconstructing accidents.

The devices can capture data on speed, braking effort and other details which can be vital in reconstructing accidents.

Now....aside from the fact that this proposed regulatory imposition would add additional costs to vehicles, is this something that is really needed? Or is this just yet another example of an ever increasingly intrusive government.

I have never seen this level of intrusive legislation being put forth in my life time, as i am currently witnessing. In just the past week we have seen senators Shumer and Graham proposing biometric ID cards to be required of all American. In addition, part of the proposed health care reform act includes similar provisions where biometric medical records are to be obtained and kept on all citizens. That has already begun via the HIPAA regulations that we allowed to be enacted several years ago.

For those who might question what is going on and what is next? Look no further than the next step in the advance of the death of freedom in America. That next step will be the micro chipping (RFID) of all commerce, consumables and commodities.

That's right, everything that is bought or sold or consumed will be chipped and registered into a data base and that will include who bought it, where it was sold and at what price.

Has anyone mentioned the chipping of people yet? That is on the way also. Along with the elimination of all paper currency and the complete transfer to digital currency.

And the benefits? Well for one thing, you won't have to file your taxes any more, that is for sure. As the government will have a moment by moment spreadsheet of your life at their finger tips and they will be able to summon up your entire life with a few mouse clicks or screen taps. So anytime they need a few extra billion? They will just reach into the data base and take it.

Doesn't that make everyone feel better?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harmless Data Mining?

Harmless data mining. Would that be an oxymoron? I am not so sure that it isn't and this report will give you an idea as to why.

CDC uses shopper-card data to trace salmonella

How serious could a little harmless gathering of personal data really be? I mean after all, as one of those who became a victim of it in this report said......he wasn't hiding anything. Is that really the point? Is it really the point that as long as you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear? I am afraid that most of us would answer that query in the affirmative and I am equally afraid that most of us would be dead wrong.

Are we being seriously short sighted in our decision making, as it concerns what and how we allow our government to use of our personal data? Is all this mining simply a harmless accumulation of information designed only to help us? Again, I don't think so.

Keep in mind, this story involving the CDC is but one example of the uses of information that can be applied to our everyday lives. There are far more worrisome concerns looming on our horizon right now. And each is being cleverly cloaked in the representation that it will be for our own good in the end.

In the example cited in this report, people's information concerning their shopping habits and grocery purchases were scanned and investigated by the CDC, in order to help them track a salmonella outbreak. But what if they were looking for say "spending habits" as compared to reported income? Far fetched? I don't think so. All it takes is a representation that it is in the better interest of public safety, and suddenly all those barriers that the constitution promises are breached and set aside.

As they scrambled recently to trace the source of a salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds around the country, investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention successfully used a new tool for the first time — the shopper cards that millions of Americans swipe every time they buy groceries.

With permission from the patients, investigators followed the trail of grocery purchases to a Rhode Island company that makes salami, then zeroed in on the pepper used to season the meat.

Never before had the CDC successfully mined the mountain of data that supermarket chains compile.

"It was really exciting. It was a break in the investigation for sure," CDC epidemiologist Casey Barton Behravesh said.

Wow! "It was really exciting!"

Imagine that. Of course exciting is not an adjective that I would use to describe what is being done and explored as it concerns the violating of our privacy and the ongoing mining of personal information being used by our government.

"I don't have any secrets, so I'm not worried about it," he said. "It's kind of like the whole airport security and all that. I'd rather fly on a safe plane."

Shopper cards have been around for more than a decade, offering customers discounts in exchange for letting supermarkets track their buying habits. The cards are used to build customer loyalty and help stores market their products.

So what is next?

Well let's see. Presently, our friend in the senate (Lindsey Graham) is sponsoring and pushing a bill to require every American to obtain an ID card, just to be legally employed or remain legally employed in this country. And not just a regular ID car, but a "biometric ID card." A card capable of encoding the person's fingerprints and other biometric data and capable of being scanned or downloaded by a reader.

And what of the HIPAA regulations that are already in effect. Those provisions that supposedly protect your patient confidentiality and right to privacy, but only after you provide in depth and extensive personal information to your health care provider and your pharmacist for their data base.

Anyone other than me? Been confronted in your doctors office recently? With the "Let's play twenty questions about your private life" aspect of "updating your medical files? I first experienced it last year during my annual physical, when the nurse practitioner came into the room with the portable laptop and began asking me questions that had absolutely nothing to do with my health. How many people lived in my home, were they relatives or others, how many firearms did I own etc.

I balked and refused to answer these invasive non health related questions, but I am sure that millions have simply prattled on when asked and answered everything that was asked of them. Because as they say...."they don't have anything to hide" and after all, "as long as it helps the government? What could go wrong?"

Which leads to the reality of the real threat in the end, once this personal information has been collected and correlated and cross referenced by multiple government agencies. Should the time ever arise when your rightfully did have something to hide from an oppressive and intrusive government, the probability will be that it will be too late at that point. Particularly if you have allowed the data mining of your life for years. You will already be so thoroughly engrossed and indexed into the government's data matrix of cross indexed files, as to make every aspect of your life an open book to any and all in any government agency that wants to access them.

So think about that the next time you fill out that simple form or apply for that 'convenience and discount card' at the local grocery or pharmacy. Meanwhile, I began a while back either getting rid of these convenience cards completely. Or I have been re-submitting applications for them with my personal information obscured or purposely deleted.

I would recommend that everyone do the same.

Singing Like a Canary?

Report: Captured Taliban No. 2 'Singing Like a Male Canary'

So exactly what does this report and banner headline represent?

If there a difference between male and female singing canaries? Or is the analogy a bit more complex or convoluted and involved than simple semantics?

I am curious.........

The former operations chief and second in command of the Afghan Taliban has been "singing like a male canary" since his arrest last month in Karachi, Pakistan, counterintelligence officials said Wednesday.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was captured by Pakistani authorities in a raid, has become "a vital asset in gathering information on the Taliban and other extremist groups operating in the region," an unnamed Pakistani official told The Washington Examiner.

So what is the motivation behind the actions of this supposed singing Al Qaeda canary? It would appear on the surface (at least to me) that there is a recurring subliminal message being represented in these reports. And that subliminal message seems to be the brazen braggadocio of those involved and their preference to treat these thugs like common criminals....is somehow working.

Suddenly it would seem, our formerly incompetent and impotent national security agencies, incapable of producing any worthwhile intelligence information for the last eight years outside of the use of torture, have somehow stumbled upon and discovered the keys to unlocking these fanatical Muslim canaries. And it was as simple as just asking them in a nice way.

Some will remember, it was only a little over a year ago that we as a nation were still being told how wrong we were for ever having allowed enhanced interrogation techniques against captured terrorist and enemy combatants. We were told that what we were doing was torture and it would immediately cease under the new management at the white house. So what happened? What changed? Was it as simple as saying that we were closing Gitmo and that we planned to Mirandize all captured terrorist and afford them the right of protection as enumerated by 'our' constitution?

It really would make a lovely story for Hollywood to capture if it were true, but sadly, as most of their tripe reflects, theirs is a fairy tale world. And I am afraid, the same is true of these revelations of sudden cooperation by both those that we have in custody and those that we have recently acquired.

To borrow the tag line from that old Wendy's commercial ....."wheres the beef?" More specifically.....where is the substance of evidence that:

a. these detainees are talking
b. that the information being provided is valid
c. that we are acting on that information and obtaining results.

I am sorry, but I don't see it. What I do see is this.

The intelligence gleaned from Baradar is aiding both U.S. and Pakistani efforts to seek out the terror group's leadership in the region, the officials said.

"He obviously does not want to be released under any circumstances. He would not survive after the information he has given the government," one Pakistani official told the paper.

The Afghan Taliban's leadership has dispersed to cities across Pakistan to avoid arrest after the recent detention of senior militants, officials and militants told The Wall Street Journal. Western officials say the growing pressure on militant leaders, if maintained, represents one of the best hopes for undermining the twin insurgencies threatening Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I see wishful thinking and suggestive assumptions, but I don't see any products or substance of the Obama administration's tactics of appeasement and apology.

Another question that comes to my mind is this..... Just who is interrogating these new acquisitions that we are capturing in Pakistan? Would the reason that these captives are now talking so willingly? Be that they are being interrogated by the Pakistanis and the Pakistanis could care less about our opinions of their methods? I believe that a peek behind that veil could very well cause consternation and embarrassment to this administration.

Of course, no one in the present state controlled media of America is interested in taking that peek into the substance of these reports. So that leaves us peons to watch and wonder.And I do wonder.

A Cyber Security Agenda?

Most people saw the reports earlier this week, warning that the Drudge Report had been declared a source of viruses and therefore, the US house and senate and their staffers, were warned away from using Drudge as a source.

A couple of observations are in order IMO. If this rumor were true, I more than suspect that the public at large would have recognized the threat, way ahead of those in government.

Secondly, Drudges competitors would have seized upon the reality and used it to beat the drums against Drudge, while marketing their own alternatives. But they didn't in either case and they didn't for a reason.

The reason no one bought into this ruse, is because most people 'considered the source' of these rumors and acted upon their own personal knowledge of the issues at hand.

As my title implies....it appears to me that there is some form of a cyber security agenda taking shape in Washington. Not that this is anything new. Dating back to Clinton's administrations, there were those afoot wanting to be able to completely control the internet.

And you know what? Matt Drudge was at the root of that attack too. It all began with a little known intern named....Monica Lewinski and ended with a blue dress and an impeachment.

So stay tuned. There is probably a yet to be perceived reason that they are once again going after Drudge.

A Cyber

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Minutes of a Raving Loon

I wonder? Did Dennis Kucinich yield to "the gentleman from Rhode Island," because he knew that Patrick Kennedy was about to become a raving lunatic?

We can only assume.

Either way, the man (Kennedy) goes a long way in establishing that schizophrenic absurdity that his father was famous for.

Patrick Kennedy was born in July of 1967; therefore, he was but a tike when Vietnam was at issue. Which means, that aside from rhetoric and political gerrymandering of the facts and reality, this little snot nose elitist from Massachusetts has absolutely no recollection of Vietnam, either in context or out, to be speaking as reference to his diatribe.

This diseased alcoholic (in a line of alcoholics) can't leave the tainted halls of congress quick enough if you ask me. He is the last of a legacy of priviledged boozers from the boot legging legacy of the patriarch Joe and should be shown the door poste haste if you ask me.

The man's rant on the floor of the house is an embarrassment to the institution. If that were still possible.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Glenn Beck Gets Had On Live TV

I am sorry, but I could have told him this would happen. I could have told him that this Massa guy was a loon and I gathered that much, from simply reading and watching the news of the last couple of days.

The best thing that came out of this Massa resignation affair so far, was the one video showing him and Rahm Emanuel in 2006 when Emanuel was talking to him on a live mike.

Aside from that, there simply wasn't any substance to Massa's claims and assertions. And Glen Beck jumped all over it and devoted an entire hour to interviewing the man, only to be made out to be a fool for having given him a public forum to waffle and retract.

Beck has his good points and his high moments, but this certainly wasn't one of them IMO.

May I See Your Papers Comrade?

Many of us grew up watching films depicting Nazi Germany of the 1940's and later the cold war era of the Iron Curtain in Russia and the eastern block.

Many of us feared the bomb and what the Russians might do if provoked, but I don't recall ever being worried about ultimately ending up living like some peon in a Russian ghetto, or being worried over having to "show my papers" while traveling anywhere in America. But that day is coming and it is almost upon us. And it is far worse than even dreaded if you ask me.

ID Card for Workers at Center of Immigration Plan

Under the potentially controversial plan still taking shape in the Senate, all legal U.S. workers, including citizens and immigrants, would be issued an ID card with embedded information, such as fingerprints, to tie the card to the worker.

And guess who is in the middle of it and championing it on the republican side?

The uphill effort to pass a bill is being led by Sens. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), who plan to meet with President Barack Obama as soon as this week to update him on their work. An administration official said the White House had no position on the biometric card.

Yep....you guessed it. Our boy Lindsey Graham.

This should be a wake up call that sends shivers down the backs of anyone that recognizes that our freedoms are in the process of being bartered away on the alter of supposed security solutions in the new century of egalitarian socialism and secular humanism.

But the truth is quite different once you look past the hype and hysteria being used to supplant the freedoms of Americans, while convincing them that these policies and procedures are really in their best interest.

One way or the other, we are entering into a dark age America. An age where the reality is rapidly becoming "so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name."

Many will laugh and scoff at the warnings and prophesies of the bible. They always have, but the realities coming forth in the world can no longer be denied IMO. The bible foretold of these days and they are now upon us.

I have often wondered of late, precisely how this coup would be accomplished against the constitution, I believe now I know how it is being accomplished. The implementation will be implemented via a two fold approach. That two fold approach will be presented via a mechanism to supposedly improve the services of health care for all Americans, while at the same time supposedly protecting our borders via the combining of immigration information.

In the end, it's not an ID card or some biometric card that we need to be concerned about. In the end as was foretold, the mark will be forced upon us all. Either in the forehead or in the hand and no one will be allowed to buy or sell or receive any service absent having accepted the mark.

By all means, follow the link and read the entire piece. Perhaps it will be enough to scare you into being shaken to the reality that is bearing down upon us all.

Monday, March 08, 2010

"but he couldn't sell watermelons to"

There is one thing for sure on the wacky left of the moon liberal perspective....when Dan Rather writes you off? you are toast.

Of course after this little poignant piece of analysis, I believe Dan Rather is toast. Burnt toast as a matter of fact.

What he actually said....

RATHER: Part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be, uh, President Obama's leadership, and the Republicans will make a case -- and a lot of independents will buy this argument -- "Listen, he just hasn't been (mutters). Look at the health care bill, his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through, and he had to compromise it to death," and a version of, "Listen, he's a nice person, he's very articulate," this is what's going to be used against him, "but he couldn't sell watermelons to --"


Note how quickly Chris Matthews cuts him off and glazes over the FUBAR.

Too bad the pedestal that Dan Rather currently occupies is about the size of a child's milking stool. Or else it might have been entertaining to watch as the race hyenas feasted on his moldering white bones for slandering the messiah.

500 Christians Hacked To Death

Watch closely now. Watch for all the major networks and cable news stations to jump all over this story. The New York Times and the Washington Post and the rest should be running front page coverage of this massacre by tomorrow right?

Go ahead.....watch and wait.

Just don't hold you breath while you wait.

Appeals for calm after Nigerian sectarian slaughter

JOS, Nigeria (AFP) – UN chief Ban Ki-moon appealed Monday for "maximum restraint" amid revulsion at the slaughter of more than 500 Christians in Nigeria, as survivors told how the killers chopped down their victims.

Funerals took place for victims of the three-hour orgy of violence on Sunday in three Christian villages close to the northern city of Jos, blamed on members of the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group.

While troops were deployed to the villages to prevent new attacks, security forces detained 95 suspects but faced bitter criticism over how the killers were able to go on the rampage at a time when a curfew was meant to be in force.

Media reported that Muslim residents of the villages in Plateau state had been warned by phone text message, two days prior to the attack, so they could make good their escape before the exit points were sealed off.

Survivors said the attackers were able to separate the Fulanis from members of the rival Berom group by chanting 'nagge', the Fulani word for cattle. Those who failed to respond in the same language were hacked to death.

One local paper said the gangs shouted Allah Akhbar before breaking into homes and setting them alight in the early hours of Sunday. Churches were among the buildings that were burned down.

The Vatican led a wave of outrage with spokesman Federico Lombardi expressing the Catholic Church's "sadness" at the "horrible acts of violence".

Ban told reporters he was "deeply concerned".

"I appeal to all concerned to exercise maximum restraint," he said.

Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”

Linked from Brian's Blast

Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”?

This is not a joke and this is very serious. Just read it all and think about what has gone on of late.

Since the establishment media is convinced that tea party members, 9/11 truthers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and basically anyone with a dissenting political opinion is a likely domestic terrorist, they should be celebrating the fact that a new bill would allow the government to detain such people as “enemy belligerents” indefinitely and without trial based on their “suspected activity”.

The “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010,” introduced by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday with little fanfare, “sets out a comprehensive policy for the detention, interrogation and trial of suspected enemy belligerents who are believed to have engaged in hostilities against the United States by requiring these individuals to be held in military custody, interrogated for their intelligence value and not provided with a Miranda warning,” The Atlantic "A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully"...

The bill does not distinguish between U.S. citizens and non-citizens, and states that “suspected belligerents” who are “considered a “high-value detainee” shall not be provided with a Miranda warning.”

A person is considered a “high value detainee” if they fulfil one of the following criteria.

(1) poses a threat of an attack on civilians or civilian facilities within the U.S. or U.S. facilities abroad; (2) poses a threat to U.S. military personnel or U.S. military facilities; (3) potential intelligence value; (4) is a member of al Qaeda or a terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda or (5) such other matters as the President considers appropriate...

Pay specific attention to the powers given to the President in part 5.

I talked and warned about this back last spring when the MIAC report and the Homeland security reports came out. In the reports it describes patriots, gun owners, anti-abortion, Christians, anti-tax, end the Federal Reserve protesters, and Veterans as domestic terrorists. Get ready folks cause Nazi Germany on steroids is coming up on us here in America. I hope not but it doesn't look good.

Son of The Devil's Spawn

Eric Massa and his comments concerning the Obama administration and Rahm Emanuel in particular, concerning his reasons for being driven from the US House of Representatives and forced to resign are interesting to say the least.

Would Emanuel and Axelrod and Pelosi do such a thing? You betcha. I for one believe so.

I don't know how believable this guy is, or whether he is just another in a long line of loony democrats who have been caught like Blago, but he certainly tells an interesting tale.

An interesting follow on piece from back when Massa was running in 2006. Note the open mike and the commentary by Emanuel on two different occasions.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Adam Kadan Captured (Not)

About damn time.

Looks like they blew it again

Lillie & Joe

Is America Watching?

I literally wonder whether my countrymen are watching what is unfolding and what if any their response will ultimately be. The president promised to focus on jobs and the economy back during his state of the union address, but in every act he has taken since then, he remains focused on ramming health care through regardless of the cost, while continuing to ignore rising joblessness and a tanking economy.

Obama Pushes for Health Care While Americans Worry About Jobs

President Barack Obama's furious, final push to get a health care bill passed threatens to shove aside the message he promised would top his list this year: creating jobs.

No, it doesn't threaten to shove the unemployment and economic crisis aside, it already has shoved them aside and even a blind man can see that.

Even as the White House juggles several enormous issues at once, the public takes its cues about the president's chief concern from how he spends his time, energy and capital. As Obama himself put it on Wednesday, from now until Congress takes a final vote on a health care overhaul, "I will do everything in my power to make the case for reform."

That kind of now-or-never campaign means America can expect a debate consumed by health care, again, for weeks.

Mean while his cabinet, his shadow cabinet and the media are doing all in their power to divert the American people's attention away from jobs and the economy, while the Juggernaut of Obamacare proceeds to stampede forward to its culmination of forced victory by reconciliation.

The American people have been watching and they have been voicing their opposition to the democrats and the president's tinkering with their health care plans for months. In poll after poll, their proposals and bill have struck a sour note with the majority of the people. For the past year to be exact. And yet Obama and Axelrod and Rahm and Pelosi and Reid act as if they are tone deaf and stone blind to the will of the people on the issue of socialized medicine.

In my opinion, this isn't an act on their part. They are tone deaf and stone blind to the desires and wishes of the people, because the desires and wishes of the people simply don't jive with their Chicago machine world of socialism and forced perspectives via political thuggery. And these rogues continue to ignore the caveats and the mandates of the people.

These modern day Marxist masquerading as progressives are in the house and they are going to use that to the fullest. Until they are either voted out or forced out. 100 Pennsylvania Avenue is now ground zero for the Marxist progressive movement in America and as such, they are going to ram their socialist agenda just as far and just as fast as they can. Before the people wake up completely.

And you don't have to be a Harvard trained economist to see what is going on, or to recognize the smoke and mirrors being deploy in media and by media to deceive the people. Their math simply doesn't work and it doesn't work any better than their explanations and alibis attempting to assuage the American people, all the while continuing ahead with their devious and sinister plans.

Can November come quick enough? I don't believe so. They will have accomplished their philosophical coup long before the November votes are ever tallied. And if forcing socialized medicine down the throats of America costs them seats in the house and senate? They could care less. Nancy Pelosi has already gone on record and said as much as well as Harry Reid.

America? Are you listening?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fiddler of the Aloof

National debt to be higher than White House forecast, CBO says

President Obama's proposed budget would add more than $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, congressional budget analysts said Friday. Proposed tax cuts for the middle class account for nearly a third of that shortfall.

The 10-year outlook released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is somewhat gloomier than White House projections, which found that Obama's budget request would produce deficits that would add about $8.5 trillion to the national debt by 2020.

Congressional estimates show grim deficit picture

WASHINGTON – A new congressional report released Friday says the United States' long-term fiscal woes are even worse than predicted by President Barack Obama's grim budget submission last month.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Obama's budget plans would generate deficits over the upcoming decade that would total $9.8 trillion. That's $1.2 trillion more than predicted by the administration.

How much longer before America awakens "to" this nightmare?

Positive Jobs Report Doesn't Ease Worries of a 'Double Dip'

Even as the jobless rate held steady at 9.7 percent and the 36,000 workers laid off in February was much less than expected, economists and investment analysts said it's still too early to discount the economy's chances of revisiting recession.

"Eight months into the much-touted recovery, the economy should be adding jobs not just losing jobs at a slower pace," University of Maryland economist Peter Morici wrote in an analysis.

"No study of economic history could yield a conclusion other than that the US economy (walks) along the precipice of a double dip recession."

Many people like to use the analogy of placing a frog in cool water and then watching it sit there as the pot is slowly brought to the boil. Personally, I feel that it is far more dire than that. America is sitting and watching the body of the nation being consumed daily and yet they act as if they are oblivious to the reality. That is nothing short of the herd mentality.

All eyes still seem to rest on Washington for answers, as opposed to accepting the reality that Washington is the problem and Washington is what has caused the problems. Both democrats and republicans are responsible for the dire realities of this nation's economic demise today. And both parties share equal responsibility for allowing it to continue.

The dire economic signs are out there daily for those willing to see them and open their eyes to what is being reported. Or as some would say, the writing is on the wall. But where is our champion? Where is our Daniel? Where is our leader capable of grabbing the American people by their collective necks and forcing them to look at and see the realities that America is precipitously close to utter collapse.

Meanwhile, our great leader Obama continues to fiddle while the puppets Pelosi and Reid dance.