Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here's Iowa's Guy two years ago

As we move toward the Iowa caucuses next week, Americans need to know who they are supporting in droves in Iowa.  I wonder how many Iowans know the true side of Ron Paul and all that he really represents.

He doesn't like Israel and he obliquely and directly is supporting Hamas.

Your bulb is about to be phased out

Regardless of some last minute assurances a couple of weeks back that republicans had interceded to stop the lunacy of completely outlawing and eliminating incandescent light bulbs forever, the forces behind the push to force all of us to use those squiggly fluorescent bulbs have prevailed.

So if you want to forestall the inevitable perhaps it isn't too late for you to go out this last few days of the year and scarf up several dozen incandescent bulbs for your own private use. Or else in another month or so? You may be looking at the last of your bulbs as some once did the carrier pigeon. AS of January 1st. they are illegal to sell. That's all folks!
Say goodbye bulb
New light bulb efficiency standards will begin phasing in on Jan. 1 despite intense opposition from conservatives, who have blasted the rules as a textbook unnecessary federal regulation.

While Republicans secured inclusion of a measure blocking funding for enforcement of the standards in a year-end spending bill, energy efficiency groups say the provision will have little practical impact. The Energy Department rules will nonetheless go into effect at the start of 2012.

"The [spending bill] cut funding for enforcement, however the law is still in effect," said Jack Gillis, spokesman for the Consumer Federation of America. "It is our expectation that companies will still comply with the law."

Steven Nadel, executive director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, said companies have been preparing for the new light bulb efficiency standards since Congress passed the 2007 energy law requiring traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more efficient starting in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

North Korea holds funeral for Kim Jong-il are the little tindick dictator of a small Asian country. You are rich and powerful and all knowing and all that any little tindick dictator can be. Except for one thing. Death catches up with you. So when they hold your grandiose send off in the snow? How do they dress you out?

They put you on the roof of a 1972 Lincoln Continental limousine so that you look like some pimp daddy from a seventies superfly movie. Meanwhile, the lead car carries your enlarged photo like a billboard.


Killer Santa was a Muslim

Some may have seen or read of the seven people who were killed by a man in a Santa suit. All appeared to be family members adn those visiting the family on Christmas morning. The part that the media has failed to update on the story, is that the shooter was a Muslim.

Not a factor you say? you are probably right. A Muslim man dressed in a Santa suit kills his family and several others on Christmas morning, because his daughter wants to date men other than Muslims.

You're right. Probably not a story.....

The details here....
A conflicted picture emerged Tuesday of a Colleyville man believed to have fatally shot six people, including his estranged wife and two children, and then himself on Christmas morning.One woman who was part of a happy hour group that included Aziz "Bob" Yazdanpanah described him as a sweet joker who adored his family. But another said she received a puzzling text message from him on Dec. 4, a few months after his wife and two children moved out of their Colleyville home and into a Grapevine apartment complex. The shootings occurred inside the apartment amid opened Christmas gifts, police said.The message, the friend said, went like this: “What do u call a guy who’s born in Austin and grows up in Dallas and then dies in Grapevine? ......... DEAD.""He was always telling a joke," said the friend, who asked that her name not be used because she doesn't want to get involved in the tragedy. "But when he sent me this, I thought it was weird. I didn't even respond."Yazdanpanah had attended several happy hours at a Colleyville restaurant with the two women and others in the past six months."He was just a sweet man," said Colleen Gedrose of Bedford. "He was outgoing, kind and adored his children."Gedrose said Tuesday that Yazdanpanah didn't talk about problems with his family."I never saw him angry," she said.On Christmas morning, police said, a middle-aged man dressed as Santa Claus fatally shot two men and four women and then himself inside a unit at the Lincoln Vineyard Apartments. Police said the attack was planned.Police have yet to identify any of the victims, but various friends and neighbors said Yazdanpanah was believed to be the gunman.Police recovered two handguns in the apartment, a 9 mm and a 40-caliber, at least one of which Yazdanpanah had owned for years. One of the weapons was found next to the shooter, and the other next to a victim.The 40-caliber can hold 10 rounds and the other 15, police said. There was one round in each weapon and police said both weapons were used in the shooting. But police declined to say how many rounds were fired.

Ron Paul leading in Iowa

All I can say is this. If the people of Iowa actually believe that Ron Paul is the answer, then I am quite positive that they don't have a clue what the question is or ever was in the first place.

Personally, I am long since tired of the mad rush by media every four years to see what they think in Iowa. I don't care what they think in Iowa. I want to know what people are thinking in states that really matter. States like New York and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Illinois and Florida and Texas and yes, even California. Because that is where the majority of the population exists. Hells bells! We have more people in Georgia than they do in Iowa by half again. So maybe let's have a look at what ewe think about all this.

Iowa is for Ron Paul? Well slap my dog and call me a hound! And by the way, someone check real quick and see just what the hell it is they are feeding those people up there. There must be a negative cognitive reasoning saturation point for corn intake.

Newt Gingrich’s new Iowa tour has officially started but with greatly slimmed expectations.
Gingrich's press bus (Jason Clayworth/The Register)
The “Iowa Jobs and Prosperity Bus Tour” will make 22 stops between now and the Jan. 3 caucuses. That’s exactly half of the 44 he said he would make last week when announcing the tour during a stop in Davenport.
Spokesman R.C. Hammond said last week that the downsizing was to make sure the former U.S. House Speaker and 2012 presidential candidate can make all of his stops and have time to meet with Iowans rather than to jam an unruly number of stops into a whirlwind tour.
Hammond on Nov. 14th told The Register that Gingrich planned to spend about 30 days in Iowa between then and Jan. 3. He has spent 11 so far.  He will spend eight more between today and Jan. 3 for a total of 19.
Gingrich’s campaign over the weekend did not meet a deadline to collect enough signatures to be on Virginia’s primary ballot, which the campaign compared to Pearl Harbor.  In recent weeks he has also fought attacks from special interest groups and other GOP candidates who have contributed to a dip in some recent polls.
It all points to the perception of organizational shortcomings in the Gingrich campaign, said Christopher Larimer, an associate professor of political science at the University of Northern Iowa.
“To this point, the problems have been somewhat difficult to measure beyond the number of offices in the state,” Larimer said. “Now, with Virginia ballot situation and now scaling back in Iowa at just the moment when the campaign needs to make a real push is a cause for serious concern,” Larimer said.
Gingrich’s first public stop today is in Dubuque at 1 p.m.   A press bus with 14 media employees left Des Moines at around 8:45 a.m.

Man loses service dog to codified idiocy

Man loses service dog

More egalitarian motivated and politically correct inspired idiocy. When are Americans going to stand up and start acting like Americans again? Replacing personal responsibility and accountability with government regulation has never worked and it will never work.

We make criminals out of little children who have plastic knives in their lunch boxes to eat with and we criminalize little girls who have Motrin in the pocket given to them by their mothers for menstrual cramps. We penalize and attempt to criminalize veterans for flying American flags and here we are demonizing a man for having the audacity to have a mixed breed service dog.

Everything in our secularized God forsaken egalitarian society must be first run through censors and the thought police before we are allowed to do anything. And we have the temerity to actually believe that we are living in a free country?

I don't think so.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The White House: No Christmas card

The White House
Sarah Palin has no holiday cheer for the latest holiday greeting card to come from the White House.
The former Alaska governor focused her ire on the fact that the card does not mention the word "Christmas" and focuses on Bo, the First Dog, sitting by a fireplace.
The inside of the card reads, "From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season." It also features the presidential seal.
The front has Bo lying next to a fireplace. There is holiday greenery over the fireplace mantle and presents underneath a poinsettia on a table, but no Christmas tree.
"It's odd," Palin told FOX News Radio , asking why the card focuses on the dog instead of traditions like "family, faith and freedom."
Mean while in other news, Kwanzaa seemed to fair pretty well.....
 Statement by the President and First Lady on Kwanzaa

Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those celebrating Kwanzaa this holiday season. Today marks the beginning of the week-long celebration honoring African American heritage and culture through the seven principles of Kwanzaa -- unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. We celebrate Kwanzaa at a time when many African Americans and all Americans reflect on our many blessings and memories over the past year and our aspirations for the year to come. And even as there is much to be thankful for, we know that there are still too many Americans going through enormous challenges and trying to make ends meet. But we also know that in the spirit of unity, or, we can overcome those challenges together. As families across America and around the world light the red, black, and green candles of the Kinara this week, our family sends our well wishes and blessings for a happy and healthy new year.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wanna talk about governent regulations?

Anyone want to talk about absurd government regulations? What about the mental giants of bureaucracy who enforce this type of idiocy. I am sorry, but headlines like this absolutely infuriate me. What level of idiocy is involved in a decision like this? What level of training and screening are these people given and what the hell kind of regulations are they arbitrarily enforcing.

It would seem to me, that this little boy had to fly down there in the first place, so how in the hell did that happen. Someone needs to be fired in my opinion, to hell with refunding these people their air fair, the airline should be forced to repay that and more if you ask me.

8 Year old forced to give up his chair to idiocy.
Eight-year-old Nicholas Dainiak, who suffers from Batten disease and cannot hold his body upright, was removed from his protective travel seat by a Southwest Airlines staff member, forcing his parents to hold their son for the flight.

He and his parents were heading home from Walt Disney World in Florida on Friday when the incident occurred.

When his parents strapped him into his protective seat, an airline staff member approached the family and expressed concern that the chair may not be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be on the plane.

Rather than miss the flight, the Dainiaks relented and handed over the chair. Nicholas' parents held their son in an upright position for the entire three-hour flight.

Southwest Airlines said they were looking into the incident.

"We are working directly with the family after sincerely apologizing and issuing a full refund for their less than positive travel experience," the company said in a statement to

Friday, December 23, 2011

Of Loons and Money

A man without a party? How about a man without a brain.... The man is a first rate loon. the only thing that separates him from Gomer Pyle is his bank account. It amazes me that people like this can amass that amount of money and media attention.

Donald Trump Bolts Republican Party, Eyeing Other 2012 Options

  Donald Trump is officially a man without a party.

The real estate mogul whose flirtation with the 2012 presidential race has never really ended despite announcing seven months ago he would not seek the Republican nomination has been signaling he wants to find other ways onto a presidential ticket.

Trump took another step in that direction on Thursday, switching his party affiliation from Republican to “unaffiliated,” according to a source close to the reality television star.

According to the source, he did so because he is “disgusted” with the way Republicans are handling matters in Washington, including the recent payroll tax cut deal. But the move also sets Trump up for a potential third-party run for president — a possibility he began talking about almost as soon as he told his fans in May he wasn’t running.

Trump has sought to reach out to the group, Americans Elect, an online, independent presidential nominating organization that has already made it on the ballot in several states, including California.

That sounds selfish?" Michelle Obama: "No, no, it's practical

The arrogance of this presidency is palpable. I may be in the minority of those observing this travesty of an administration through clear eyes, but in my opinion, if there is one person who is possibly more arrogant and disrespectful to this nation than Michelle Obama, then I have yet to see them.

This woman is the epitome of a modern day incarnation of Marie Antoinette and she is unashamed of her conduct.
First ladies first

  First lady Michelle Obama tells Barbara Walters in a 20/20 special that it is "practical" for her to put her self highest on her priority list.

Obama says she found her self slipping "pretty low" on her own priority list because she was "so busy caring for everyone else."

Michelle Obama says she spends time with girlfriends and going out in her attempt to put herself higher on her priority list. Transcript below.

Barbara Walters, ABC News: "Mrs. Obama, you've recently said something that I thought was very interesting for other women to hear. You said 'you put your own self highest on your priority list.' That sounds selfish?"

Michelle Obama: "No, no, it's practical. It's something that I found I needed to do for quite some time, even before the presidency. And I found it other women, in similar situated balancing career family, trying to do it all and a lot of times we just slip pretty low on our own priority list because we're so busy caring for everyone else. And one of the things that I want to model for my girls is investing in themselves as much as they invest in others."

Great News Today! Two days left to share!

It's two days before Christmas and my wife and I are completing a week spent at our local animal shelter volunteering and trying to find homes for abandoned and surrendered animals. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and there is a lot more to do there, including a short visit the shelter one last time before Christmas.

I have no way of knowing how many followers I have on this blog other than those who have joined or how many people regularly stop by this little piece of cyberspace to read my commentaries each day, but I am wishing each of you a blessed and Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year. And I am asking that each of you try and identify something that you can do or contribute to this holiday season or in the coming year to the betterment of our fellow man or animal.

Something to benefit your fellow man or those in the animal world that have no way of reaching out or asking for help. Shelter animals are not there by there own doing, they are there because of people. People have abused them, people have abandoned them and irresponsible people have been the cause of their birth and misery. And if we as people do not intervene, we are all responsible for their deaths in one way or another.

So take the time to contemplate what you can do as an individual to make this life better for people and animals. We certainly can't wait on our supposed leaders to do it. So maybe if we began to make a difference on an individual level? Who knows...we might actually one day make a difference that people would notice. We certainly couldn't make things any worse by helping those in need in either our world or the animal world.

Semper Fidelis! And have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.......

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Iraq's budding democracy

It hasn't been a week since the last American troops exited Iraq and already the signs are becoming clear how this is going to work out and where it is headed.

Wave of Bombings Across Iraqi Capital Kills At Least 57
A wave of violence ripped across Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 57 people and injuring nearly 200 in a coordinated attack designed to wreak havoc in the Iraqi capital just days after American forces left the country. The blasts were the worst violence since a political crisis between Iraq's Sunni and Shiite factions erupted this weekend. The political spat, which pits Iraq's Shiite prime minister against the highest-ranking Sunni political leader, has raised fears that Iraq's sectarian wounds will be reopened during a fragile time when Iraq is finally navigating its own political future without U.S. military support.
So, let's review. America invests nine years of blood and treasure into routing a sadistic dictator reducing the ability of terrorists to operate from the country. All the while, fighting tooth and nail with our own dissidents both politically and in the media. And now that this president has pulled our personnel out and walked away, the militants are moving in quickly to fill the void. I have said give it six months and see what happens. I don't think we are going to have to wait that long from the looks of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Help you make it to your flight

America's New Navy

"America's Navy, a global force for good" according to their recruiting messsage. I wonder if that motto changes now.

Revelations on Ron Paul

Troubling information surfacing now on Ron Paul. It would seem from reports that Paul has had quite a lengthy association with the Neo Nazi left. They (The National Alliance) supported him four years ago and contributed to his campaign. no word on the money being returned.

Ron Paul's support from the Neo Nazi Extreme

Originally, when I began reporting on the Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theory driven right wing extremists and their associations with Ron Paul, I assumed they were a fringe group who jumped on to the Ron Paul bandwagon. Then after doing extensive research, I realized that not only did the Neo-Nazis and the John Birch/Timothy McVeigh based conspiracy theorists support Ron Paul, but Ron Paul supports the views of the Neo-Nazis and the conspiracy theorists.

There are several pieces of evidence tying Paul to both white supremacists and right wing conspiracy theorists. One connection that ties Paul to both Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists, is his close connection to the John Birch society. The John Birch Society is a group that has been called, paranoid, radical, racist, and extremist, and believes in a Jewish/Freemason conspiracy to transform the world into a communist “New World Order.”

And there is more archived information at The American Thinker

White Supremacists rallying around Ron Paul's Presidential campaign

And there is much more on google

The bottom line, there apparently is a plethora of information dating back over twenty years on Paul's associations with fringe groups and conspiracy theorists as it concerns his belief in a looming race war twenty years ago and his most recent alignment with the 9/11 truthers.

And as I heard one local radio host state today, if Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucus? then that should forever more relegate the Iowa Caucus to the looney tune fringe of irrelevancy in America politics.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jon Corzine, a millstone around Obama's neck

Of course the media doesn't see it that way. Yes, for those who remember, three years ago, Jon Corzine was the 'go to guy' for the Obama administration. Lauded by the village idiot Biden, 'as the first person I called.' But then again, so did president Obama. Watch the video... and remember.

Newt under attack

The last several days, Newt Gingrich has been under attack with a vengeance it seems. His numbers have dropped and the media and those in his own party have sought to bleed the ox as much as they can while they feel he is wounded.

We shall see how this plays out wit the public as we approach Iowa in two weeks.

Newt takes a drumming

Slipping in polls under an onslaught of attacks, Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich promises to wage a sharper and more aggressive campaign in the final two weeks before Iowa kicks off the party's nominating race.

Gingrich says he will be quicker to respond to attacks and more agile in getting his message across to voters who may have lost faith in him after rivals launched a withering barrage of criticism of his past as a Washington insider.
A 44-stop bus tour in the run-up to the January 3 Iowa caucus, daily calls with supporters to respond to new criticisms and another round of television ads will be cornerstones of the response by Gingrich, who will focus most of his efforts in Iowa for the next two weeks.

"I think a certain amount of drop in polls was to be expected given the amount of negative campaigning that has been going on," said Linda Upmeyer, the Iowa House Republican leader and the state chairwoman of Gingrich's campaign.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's always helpful in politics to have a useful idiot on staff. Someone who can make the boss look good. Someone who can always be depended on to step up and take one for the team. Even if the idiot involved doesn't have sense enough to know that he is an idiot.

Enter one Joe Biden, vice president of the United States. Obama picked a winner with this guy. And to think, the left and their friends in media, actually had the audacity to criticize Bush as incompetent. Obviously they must keep Biden sequestered somewhere away from the media until it is time for him to perform.  What an idiot yes, but what a dangerous idiot. Joe Biden make Neville Chamberlain look like a genius.
White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn't U.S. Enemy

The White House on Monday defended Vice President Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban isn't an enemy of the United States despite the years spent fighting the militant Islamic group that gave a home to Al Qaeda and its leader Usama bin Laden while he plotted the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

"It's only regrettable when taken out of context," White House spokesman Jay Carney said of the vice president's remarks in an interview published Monday.

"It is a simple fact that we went into Afghanistan because of the attack on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. We are there now to ultimately defeat Al Qaeda, to stabilize Afghanistan and stabilize it in part so that Al Qaeda or other terrorists who have as their aim attacks on the United States cannot establish a foothold again in that country," Carney continued.

During Biden's interview with Newsweek last week, the vice president said it's "good enough" for the U.S. if Afghanistan stops being a "haven for people who do damage and have as a target the United States of America" and its allies. He added that the U.S. is supportive of a reconciliation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban even if it's questionable whether a reconciliation is possible.

"Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That's critical," Biden said. "There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy, because it threatens U.S. interests. If, in fact, the Taliban is able to collapse the existing government, which is cooperating with us in keeping the bad guys from being able to do damage to us, then that becomes a problem for us."

Holder plays the race card.

 Nothing is ever their fault. Everyone is against them simply because they are black. the fact that they are fabian socialist and adherents to Saul Alinsky's desires to see this nation destroyed never enters into it.

So let's review.

If you disagree with the president, you are a racist.
If you disagree with any of his cabinet, you are a racist.
If you disagree with any of his policies, you are a racist.
If you dare to question his inability to adress unemployment or the economy, you are a racist.
If his attorney general engages in verifiable illegal actions, you must be a racist.

Stand by, the list will certainly grow.......

 "This is a way to get at the president"
Attorney General Eric Holder accused his growing chorus of critics of racist motivations in a Sunday interview published in the New York Times. When reached by The Daily Caller Monday morning, the Department of Justice provided no evidence to support the attorney general’s claims.

Holder said some unspecified faction — what he refers to as the “more extreme segment” — is driven to criticize both him and President Barack Obama due to the color of their skin. Holder did not appear to elaborate on who he considered to make up the “more extreme segment.”

“This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” Holder said, according to the Times. “Both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

The White House hasn’t returned requests for comment on whether President Barack Obama agrees with his top law enforcement officer’s allegations of racial motivations.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Act of Valor" SEALS

If this film is half as good as the trailer promises, it will be a classic.

Semper Fi !

Gingrich says he would defy Supreme court

There is something that is certainly bold and fresh about a statement like that. Especially when it is compared in the context that Gingrich is explaining it. He is absolutely correct. To defy the supreme court would not be a president setting issue for him or any other president.

Obama has already done the exact same thing with his response to the supreme court decision on involving campaign financing when he remarked: “open the floodgates for special interests” to spend unlimited amounts in support of candidates.

It remains to be seen how Gingrich's remarks will be perceived, just as it remains to be seen if he can obtain the nomination or the presidency.

As another example: The state of Georgia became involved in a contentious jurisdictional dispute with the Cherokees, culminating in the 1832 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Worcester v. Georgia), which ruled that Georgia could not impose its laws upon Cherokee tribal lands. President Andrew Jackson is often quoted (regarding the decision) as having said, "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!"

Defying the Court
Newt Gingrich says as president he would ignore Supreme Court decisions that conflicted with his powers as commander in chief, and he would press for impeaching judges or even abolishing certain courts if he disagreed with their rulings.

"I'm fed up with elitist judges" who seek to impose their "radically un-American" views, Gingrich said Saturday in a conference call with reporters.

In recent weeks, the Republican presidential contender has been telling conservative audiences he is determined to expose the myth of "judicial supremacy" and restrain judges to a more limited role in American government. "The courts have become grotesquely dictatorial and far too powerful," he said in Thursday's Iowa debate.

As a historian, Gingrich said he knows President Thomas Jefferson abolished some judgeships, and President Abraham Lincoln made clear he did not accept the Dred Scott decision denying that former slaves could be citizens.

Relying on those precedents, Gingrich said that if he were in the White House, he would not feel compelled to always follow the Supreme Court's decisions on constitutional questions. As an example, he cited the court's 5-4 decision in 2008 that prisoners held by the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had a right to challenge their detention before a judge.

"That was clearly an overreach by the court," Gingrich said Saturday. The president as commander in chief has the power to control prisoners during wartime, making the court's decision "null and void," he said.

Is it finally over?

 Is it finally over? After nine years? Apparently so. I would like to think so. I would like to hope so. I would like to believe. But somehow I can't help but feel that we will be back.

Last American Troops Leave Iraq Marking End of War

The last U.S. soldiers rolled out of Iraq across the border into neighboring Kuwait at daybreak Sunday, whooping, fist bumping and hugging each other in a burst of joy and relief. Their convoy's exit marked the end of a bitterly divisive war that raged for nearly nine years and left Iraq shattered, with troubling questions lingering over whether the Arab nation will remain a steadfast U.S. ally.
The mission cost nearly 4,500 American and well more than 100,000 Iraqi lives and $800 billion from the U.S. Treasury. The question of whether it was worth it all is yet unanswered.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

No Merry Christmas from Congress

One more notch for the anti American, anti Christian, anti Christmas brigade. Egalitarianism stikes again and the band plays on......

Congressmen can't say 'Merry Christmas' in mail

  Looks like the PC police have threatened members of the House of Representatives against wishing constituents a "Merry Christmas," if they want to do so in a mailing paid for with tax dollars.
Members who submit official mailings for review by the congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail to determine if it can be "franked," or paid for with tax dollars, are being told that no holiday greetings, including "Merry Christmas," can be sent in official mail.
"I called the commission to ask for clarification and was told no 'Merry Christmas.' Also told cannot say 'Happy New Year' but can say 'have a happy new year' – referencing the time period of a new year, but not the holiday," said a Hill staffer who requested anonymity.
Another Hill staffer told The Washington Examiner that "we were given that advice after submitting" a draft mailing.
Members of Congress send millions of dollars worth of mail to constituents every year but there are official rules that govern what can and cannot be said in those mailings. Members are barred, for example, from saying anything that might be construed as advocating their re-election.
But saying "Merry Christmas" is also not permitted, according to a Dec. 12 memo from the "Franking Commission Staff" concerning "Holiday Messaging." The memo explains:

I hope it sucks to be those responsible for this travesty


This is the first release of the photograph that I have seen involving the scandal at Lackland Air Force base Texas. With that said, it isn't as I had feared. Obviously this is a staged photo and not involving an actual casualty transport as I had feared. None the less, the conduct is atrocious and it should be dealt with by the Air Force directly and in a forceful disciplinary manner.

There should be no room in our military for individuals and especially non commissioned officers, who would either participate in or tolerate such conduct in their presence. I sincerely hope to read of direct action being taken against those involved in the near future.

Casket photo sparks investigation at Lackland
The commander of the 37th Training Group at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, has launched an investigation into a photo of 15 airmen posing with an open casket, in which another airman is posed with a noose around his neck and chains across his body.

“Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt …. Sucks 2 Be U” is written under the photo, which was emailed to Air Force Times. In the picture, tech sergeants and staff sergeants stand with junior airmen surrounding the metallic casket, similar to those used to carry war dead home to the U.S. The purpose of the photo, its inscription and its intended audience are not known. It surfaced one month after the public disclosure that the Air Force’s Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, Del., had lost and mishandled the remains of hundreds of fallen troops.

Finally, a bright idea from Washington

I am glad to see that the "40 watt bulbs in congress," were overshadowed by the brighter members of our elected representatives on this issue. My wife and I have been dreading this law and as a result, we have been stockpiling incandescent bulbs for the day that this stupid law went into effect.

The bottom line, there are millions of people adversely affected by fluorescent lighting and fluorescent bulbs. The effects of the light emitted is a health issue and my wife is one of those affected. I also do not like the light given off by these new generation fluorescent bulbs or their delayed response in coming on. No do i care for the supposed environmental benefits, when the first thing i have to do is dispose of them as a "HAZMAT" related item.

People should begin writing their representatives again to thank them and tell them that they do not want the government mandating what kinds of light bulbs they can buy.

Congress overturns incandescent light bulb ban

 Congressional negotiators struck a deal Thursday that overturns the new rules that were to have banned sales of traditional incandescent light bulbs beginning next year.
That agreement is tucked inside the massive 1,200-page spending bill that funds the government through the rest of this fiscal year, and which both houses of Congress will vote on Friday. Mr. Obama is expected to sign the bill, which heads off a looming government shutdown.

Congressional Republicans dropped almost all of the policy restrictions they tried to attach to the bill, but won inclusion of the light bulb provision, which prevents the Obama administration from carrying through a 2007 law that would have set energy efficiency standards that effectively made the traditional light bulb obsolete.

Stopping the bulb ban was a chief GOP priority coming into this year, with all of the candidates seeking to become chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee saying they would push through a repeal. That bill cleared the House but Democrats blocked its consideration in the Senate.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stolen honor again

Sorry bastards.................These people who are stealing wreaths and the bronze markers from graves all across America should be prosecuted and imprisoned for 5-10 years once they are caught.  there is no excuse for this. There is a link to the local TV report at the link below. I didn't embed it as it has an auto start function that immediately starts the player, but is is click-able at their site.

Stolen Wreaths of Veterans
 Law enforcement are searching a person, or persons, responsible for stealing Christmas wreaths, placed on the graves of United States Veterans, from a Kalispell cemetery.

Over the weekend, an estimated 170 wreaths were nabbed from graves at the Glacier Gardens Memorial Cemetery.

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said each wreath has a value of $15, making the total theft worth nearly $3,000, which would make the crime a felony. The wreaths were placed by the Civil Air Patrol during a ceremony called "Wreaths Across America.

Curry said he was disgusted by the crime.
"They were placed on graves of veterans at that cemetery, Very tragic crime, we hate to see anything like this happen. Our concern is that someone then may attempt to sell those wreaths."

Sheriff Curry says his office wants to prevent the stolen wreaths from being re-sold. These wreaths are 12 inches in diameter with a red bow on the front.

They have a metal frame on the back and they had stickers on the back with the words "Made in Worchester, Maine".

No really....that's not what this is about....really!

Fast and Furious Scandal Gives Rise to Gun Regulation Debate That would have been 'Foolhardy"
"There's a lot of talk that President Obama stated that he is working for gun control with alternative methods," said Arizona gun dealer Jeff Serdy.

"I hope this isn't one of them." Serdy and others suspect the Obama administration used the gun-running operation to support regulations Congress would not even consider, namely, a rule requiring gun stores in the Southwest to report anyone who tries to buy multiple "long guns," or rifles, in a one-week period.

"If the American people learn that the motivations for all of this was to make a case to deprive them of their Second Amendment rights or to make a case to further the (Justice) department's ability to further regulate gun rights within the United States, that would make them very angry," said Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks.

Holder insists that's not accurate. "Clearly, an attempt to use Fast and Furious as a way to bolster the request for that long-gun regulation would have been foolhardy," he told the House Judiciary Committee last week.

There is no evidence the administration initially considered using the operation to justify stronger gun laws. But as the investigation dragged on, and Washington saw more and more weapons from U.S. gun stores show up at Mexican crime scenes, at least some officials saw a political argument developing to support their legislative agenda.

In March 2010, Holder's Chief of Staff Gary Grindler attended a detailed briefing on Fast and Furious in Washington. In handwritten notes, Grindler wrote the words "long rifle," "multiple sale" and "need regulation" in the margin of a briefing paper.

On July 14, 2010, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Assistant Director Mark Chait asked then-ATF Phoenix Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell "if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long-gun multiple sales."
No....there is no evidence of anything is there. Only the evidence that thousands of guns, primarily assualt weapons were willingly walked across the boarder with the aid and assistance of American ATF agents who not only encouraged it, but at times financed it.

There is no evidence that any of those guns have been used for any criminal conduct either in Mexico or here in americ now is there... We have a dead Border Patrol agent who was murdered with one of those weapons, but that proves nothing right. And the ATF with the direction of Eric Holder's Justice Department, had no ill intent toward any Americans legally owning firearms.

This was all just one big misunderstanding. An experiment gone awry. Nothing to worry about folks, move along, nothing to see here., The government is on top of everything and they are looking out for your best interests. Isn't that right mr. attorney general.

If this is true? Heads should roll?

If these allegations prove true, heads need to toll in the Air force. From the personnel involved to the command structure of the base where it occurred and was allowed to happen. It is totally unacceptable to me that something such as this occurred in August and the Air Force is just now learning about it and responding to it. Stay tuned.....

Casket photo sparks investigation at Lackland

 The commander of the 37th Training Group at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, has launched an investigation into a photo of 15 airmen posing with an open casket, in which another airman is posed with a noose around his neck and chains across his body.
“Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt …. Sucks 2 Be U” is written under the photo, which was emailed to Air Force Times.
In the picture, tech sergeants and staff sergeants stand with junior airmen surrounding the metallic casket, similar to those used to carry war dead home to the U.S.
The purpose of the photo, its inscription and its intended audience are not known. It surfaced one month after the public disclosure that the Air Force’s Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, Del., had lost and mishandled the remains of hundreds of fallen troops.
 “I cannot help but picture the faces of my dead [soldiers] that we drug out of burning vehicles, dug out from collapsed buildings,” Staff Sgt. Elias Bonilla wrote in an email to Air Force Times.
Bonilla said the photo, together with the Dover revelations, made him worry that he could not trust the Air Force with transporting the remains of his men, especially because the photo included noncommissioned officers.
“I cannot understand the behaviors of the United States Air Force,” he wrote. “I refuse to accept that military personnel could be so far removed from their own identity as a military unit to permit such disgraceful conduct.”

While you slept, your rights were taken

Americans remain asleep and comatose to the realities of this white house and the powers that are being both taken and assumed by this president. It was four short years ago when liberals and the mainstream media were decrying the Bush administration for both Guantanamo and the Bush white house practice of intercepting overseas phone calls with 'known terrorists.'

What a difference an administration and a complicit media makes. America now stands on the precipice of a brave new world of thought and speech control. The arrest of American citizens by military operatives and the detention of American citizens absent any constitutional protections is about to become law.  And even those in congress applaud these egregious acts as needed protections for us all.  Posse Comitatus is about to be no more? And the American people haven't as much as whimpered.
Obama has dropped his threat to veto the bill and is now expected to sign it into law. Remember – it was Obama’s White House that demanded the law apply to U.S. citizens in the first place.
The bill which would codify into law the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens is about to be passed and sent to Obama’s desk to be signed into law, even as some news outlets still erroneously report that the legislation does not apply to U.S. citizens.

“The House on Wednesday afternoon approved the rule for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), setting up an hour of debate and a vote in the House later this afternoon,” reports the Hill.
Mainstream news outlets like The Hill, as well as neo-con blogs like Red State, are still pretending the indefinite detention provision doesn’t apply to American citizens, even though three of the bill’s primary sponsors, Senator Carl Levin, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham, said it does during speeches on the Senate floor.
“It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next,” remarked Graham. “And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

"those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither.' ~Benjamin Franklin~ Our forefathers are literally rolling over in their graves.

This administration sees the world as a battlefield, because they see Americans as their enemies. And they have now succeeded in crafting the law to accomplish that which our fore fathers sought to protect us from.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Supporting Gingrich is racial, according to Glenn Beck

Really Glenn? I knew there was a reason behind why you bowed out at Fox News and that reason is becoming more and more apparent by the day. The train of cogent reasoning has left the station my friend. Without you I might add.

There was a (brief) point right after Glenn Beck came to Fox, where his opinions and talking points were salient and reasoned and they seemingly made sense. That moment in time was short lived. Somewhere along the way after that brief moment, the man simply lost it in my opinion. In my humble opinion, he literally became a legend in his own mind and began spewing such babble, that I couldn't listen to him anymore.

And here he is attempting to make himself relevant by trashing Gingrich as nothing less than a racial candidate. I suspect that Beck's horse is Romney. Just one more reason why I will no longer consider anything Glenn Beck says as relevant or rational thinking. The man is now pissing off his own base, so I say that not too long after this election cycle, Glenn Beck will be a footnote in the memory of most conservatives.  

Supporting Gingrich is racial.  
Glenn Beck is catching heat from the Tea Party movement that he helped champion -- and helped champion him -- after suggesting Tea Partiers who support Newt Gingrich over President Obama would do so only because Gingrich is white.
The former Fox News host made the comments in an interview over the weekend on Fox Business Network. Beck, after calling Gingrich a "progressive" and the "only candidate" in the Republican presidential race he could not vote for, issued what he described as a "challenge" to the Tea Party base -- which in large part has flocked to the former speaker's candidacy.

"NBC demonstrated an appalling lack of judgement"

MSNBC admits to being incendiary and irresponsible. Watch out! I believe I Just saw a flying pig.....

No word on this from the Romney campaign yet.

 Watch closely in the background. I know I saw a pig fly across the screen.....

"Where Congress Is Not Willing To Act, We're Going To Go Ahead And Do It Ourselves"

America beware. you have a president who is a heartbeat away from dictating by caveat. Yes, 'dictating.' As in 'dictator.' Laugh at the possibility and your own peril. Barack Obama fully intends to retain control of the white house, regardless of what the majority of Americans vote for next fall.

Once again, if you have been paying attention since the 2010 midterms and the American mandate given to congress, those like Pelosi and Reid are not listening and they could give a damn what you or the rest of America thinks about their liberal agenda. 

Via....Real Clear Politics
In an interview with KOAA-TV, a local news channel from Colorado Springs, Colorado, President Obama says if Congress is not willing to pass legislation he wants, he will do it himself in order to win another term. Read the transcript below.

Rob Quirk, KOAA-TV: "And one year from today we will know if this a one-term or two-term president. So, I asked the president what will it take from now until then to not only win Colorado again, but reelection as well."

President Obama: "Well, what we're going to have to do is continue to make progress on the economy over the next several months. And where Congress is not willing to act, we're going to go ahead and do it ourselves. But it would be nice if we could get a little bit of help from Capitol Hill."

Obama Campaign Collecting GOP Emails

The Obama presidential campaign is launching an effort to collect Republican email addresses by inviting its supporters to submit information about their Republican associates to the Obama 2012 website.

The effort could help the Obama campaign build a database that would enable it to target Republican voters during the general election campaign. But, more perniciously, it could also become part of an Democratic effort to influence Republican primary voters to select a candidate Democrats think Obama could most easily defeat.

And? They could also be perniciously building a potential enemies list by utilizing 'people's neighbors' to report their neighbors. Liberals view all opposition to their skewed views as enemies. Therefore, if you are in that bible, gun loving, God loving segment of America? You are already on their short list of enemies.

Reflect back on statements made by Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder to date and if you can't see that correlation, then you live in a cave.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sacrifice and honor mean nothing to Hollywood

"The right wing haters wnat someone nasty"

Chris Matthews comes unhinged. I guess he is getting those tingles up his leg again. Look to find him dry humping a cardboard cutout of Obama soon.

Look what "we've done for you!"

One thing is for sure in this election, whoever wins or loses? The media is going to take credit for it. Newt Gingrich was dead on the vine, his own people turned their backs on him and fled to the Perry campaign. what a difference a couple of months and a few debates make.

Even as the media purposely tried to shun Gingrich in the first debates, his persona and intelligence shown through enough to generate the initial swell of interest that is bow peaking and will continue to carry him into the nomination.

The media hasn't had a damn thing to do with it. If anyone wants to see what the media is doing about Gingrich? Have a look at the last ten days of media coverage. Slam after slam and the majority coming from those in the republican party. The media is reveling in those attacks by rove and Beck and Coulter, but sad to say, their mus isn't sticking.

Newt is affable and intelligent and he is one step ahead of them and the know it. so they are playing catch up and since they cannot at this point derail his candidacy? They are trying to claim credit for it.

Gingrich bashes, employs media to get ahead

Newt Gingrich has made a point of ridiculing the press during his presidential campaign, but he actually owes the media a debt of gratitude. Without the free coverage he has received, the money-challenged Gingrich campaign might never have gotten off the ground.
“Free media propelled Herman Cain from nowhere to somewhere and back again. And it resurrected Newt from the ashes,” said Mark McKinnon, vice chairman of Public Strategies Inc., who worked as a media adviser to the presidential candidacies of George W. Bush and John McCain.
Odds are, after stumbling badly out of the gate last summer, Mr. Gingrich would be swimming in a sea of red by now, as his last campaign finance report showed him nearly $1.2 million in debt.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama displaying his 'Christian faith?'

One of his team players in the media wrote a fluff piece to try and assuage and beguile Americans into believing the tripe that Obama is a Christian, but it just doesn't wash for me. Looking at Obama calling himself a Christian, carries about as much weight with me as Nancy Pelosi call herself a Catholic.

Every time the man speaks about 'his Christian faith,' it's like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Quotes from Charlie Speiring's article
"For me and for millions of Americans, the story has filled our hearts and inspired our lives. It moves us to love one another, to help and serve those less fortunate, to forgive, to draw close to our families, to be grateful for all that has been given to us. To keep faith, and to hold on to an enduring hope in humanity." Obama added, "Service to others; compassion to all; treating others as we wish ourselves to be treated -- those values aren’t just at the center of Christianity.

Those are values that are shared by all faiths." The president concluded, "So tonight let us all rededicate ourselves to each other, and in that spirit, from my family to yours: Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.”

Could we have our drone back ..Please!

Yeah right....."we'll see how that goes"....Right....?

What if Tebow were a Muslim?

That question begs to be asked, simply because Tim Tebow is a Christian. and as such, he has been and continues to be ridiculed for acknowledging God and his faith in and thanks to Jesus Christ. I say Halleluiah! God will gain the glory.....

This seems to be a recurring refrain in a number of columns and editorial pieces that have surfaced over the past week. Tim Tebow is seriously making a lot of people mad. He is also seriously pissing off a lot of people in the NFL and the media.

And his sin? Giving thanks to God Almighty for the day, his life and his talent. Read some of the commentary below: By all means follow the links and read the entire articles.

This from a column by Todd Starnes

Imagine for just a moment if Tebow had been a Muslim. Imagine Tullock sacking the quarterback and then pulling out a prayer rug and offering a mocking prayer toward Mecca. Imagine that. But the attacks on Tebow started long before he started playing professional football. NBC Sports reported on an incident that occurred at a Scouting Combine.

Tebow suggested the group pray. Another player told him to “shut the f*** up.” Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer told the Daily Mail, “I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates.” A particular disappointment has been the criticism levied against Tebow by his fellow Christians.

“It seems Tebow might help himself and the kingdom by getting off his knees, taking the verses off of his face, and being faithful to Christ without the public acts like all the other Christians in the NFL have done for decades,” wrote Anthony Bradley, an associate professor of theology and ethics at The Kings College in New York City, in World Magazine.

Perhaps the good professor would suggest Christians enter restaurants through the back door and use separate drinking fountains? “Put down the boldness in regards to the words and keep living the way you’re living,” opined Kurt Warner in a Washington Post story. So Warner wants Tebow to water down his boldness. Exactly, how does one do that, Mr. Warner?

Perhaps the sad part of this episode is that Tebow is an anomaly in a professional sports industry searching for a moral compass. They take great pride in putting bad boys on superstar pedestals. At the end of the day, though, which NFL star would you want your little boy idolizing? A dog killer? A guy who beats up his girlfriend? Someone who is communicable? Or a man who loves Jesus, helps orphans and builds hospitals for the needy? I’ll take Tim Tebow in my huddle any day.
And this by Jen Engel
Imagine for a second, the Denver Broncos quarterback is a devout follower of Islam, sincere and principled in his beliefs and thus bowed toward Mecca to celebrate touchdowns. Now imagine if Detroit Lions player Stephen Tulluch and Tony Scheffler mockingly bowed toward Mecca, too, after tackling him for a loss or scoring a touchdown, just like what happened in October.

I know what would happen. All hell would break loose. Stinging indictments issued by sports columnists. At least a few outraged religious leaders chiming in on his behalf. Depending on what else had happened that day, they might have a chance at becoming Keith Olbermann's Worst Person In The World.

And there would be apologies. Oh, Lord, would there be apologies -- by players, by coaches, possibly by ownership with a tiny chance of a statement by NFL commish Roger Goodell. You cannot mock Muslim faith, not in this country, not anywhere really. It is primarily a respect issue, because religion is sacred and should be off limits.

Yet when Tulloch and Scheffler dropped to a knew to mock how Tebow prays -- an action known as "Tebowing" that has gone viral among the public, too -- we yawned and told Christians to lighten up. We blamed Tebow for making a show of honoring God rather than himself in moments of joy. We excused them because Tulloch said he was mocking "Tebowing" not God.

Because ridiculing a man who chooses to honor God is so much better, right? Nor has the ridicule abated as Tebow grows in football prominence. He is 6-1 since being named Denver's starting quarterback, has engineered a string of amazing comebacks, is improving as a passer and many still rip him for pointing to heaven as a thank you to God after a good play.

His religious fervor is an easy target for the vitriol spewed from those who dislike him, but the reasons are much deeper than that. From his advocacy of abstinence and pro-life to his infamous "You will never see another team play this hard" speech at Florida, it is like he is too good to be true. He is too nice, and thereby we want him to trip up so we can feel better.

We want him to be revealed as a hypocrite or insincere, and when that fails to happen, we settle for gleefully celebrating his failures on the football field. Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer recently opined Tebow needed to quit whipping us with his belief. And why? Because he dares to say thanks?
There is more, there is a lot more. All you have to do is Google Tim Tebow and you will come across all of it.  Americans are worshiping at the temple of egalitarianism and bearing false witness against those who testify to their faith and belief in God.

Americans are worshiping wanton paganism and denigrating the morally righteous, while at the same time collectively smirking at any and all (like Tim Tebow) who dare to profess their faith and belief  in Jesus Christ.

The authors of the two pieces above are absolutely correct. If Tim Tebow were a Muslim? There would be a thunderous cacophony of back cracking as all involved in the NFL and media would be bending over backwards to kiss the feet and hind parts of any and all offended Muslims. The apologies to Islam would rain down endlessly. But Tim Tebo isn't a Muslim. Tim Tebow is a Christian. And as a Christian, it is time for other Christians to stand and come to his defense, but more importantly, come to the defense of the one true God.

Tim Tebow is the instrument and he knows his place and he gives the praise where the praise is due. Amen.......

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The passing of a legend

We lost a legend this week, Harry Morgan. The affable commander of the 4077 M*A*S*H*. someone who many of us remember affectionately as Colonel Sherman Potter.

I go back a little further with Harry. i remember him from his days on Dragnet and his appearances in a number of legendary films that are highlighted on this clip. What a marvelous career and what a personable man. Having worked in the industry for over thirty years locally and having met a number of actors through the years, I came to realize long ago that we like and admire these people, because what you see on the screen is who they truly are for the most part.

They are just saying different words and wearing a different wardrobe in each incarnation, but beneath the grease paint remains the true spirit who is conveying the emotion on the screen. Harry Morgan was one such man. A humble spirit and a man who thoroughly enjoyed bringing his characters to life. And in doing so, he always instilled a large part of himself into each role. That spark that made it believable and sealed the deal was what makes the greats great.

The heavens are welcoming an old soul and a true piece of Americana today.

Semper Fidelis Harry and as the public address system said at the close of M*A*S*H* and the final episode. "That is all"

John Kerry meets with America's enemies (again)

For those curious to know how things are going in Egypt since the overthrown of Hosni Mubarek? Well let's see.  The Muslim Brotherhood has won a majority and  indicated that they will be following the dictates of Sharia law. At this point I can here the voice of one Gomer Pyle shrilling: "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Meanwhile, America has dispatched one of our most experienced and premiere negotiators, at least as it concerns dealing with our enemies. John Kerry, the former member of Vietnam veterans against the war. The author of the Winter Soldier Report to congress, and one of several who went to Paris in the 70's to negotiate with the North Vietnamese behind our backs, is in Egypt and given this administration's blessing to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood on our behalf.

Stay tuned to see how this works out.......
Senator John Kerry Meets With Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo Sen. John Kerry has met in Cairo with members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that's set to dominate the new parliament. In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood says three of its top officials attended the meeting with the Massachusetts Democrat, who was accompanied by
U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson. Brotherhood officials vowed to respect civil rights and international treaties that have been signed in the past. That assurance could be an attempt to calm fears that the group may try to re-examine Egypt's peace treaty with Israel. The group says Kerry told the Brotherhood's members that he's not surprised by their success in parliamentary elections. The elections were the first since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Obama isn't a weatherman.

It's interesting to to listen to Obama's latest blame analogies for the economy and everything else. They are getting ready to lay off military personnel and Postal employees and God only knows how many others will lose their jobs this year and the man actually thinks that he can bring unemployment down to 8% with more of the same of his failed policies?

 Drudge on Obama
STEVE KROFT: Do you think that you might have the unemployment rate down to 8 percent by the time the election rolls around?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I think it's possible. But…I'm not in the job of prognosticating on the economy. I'm in the job of putting in place the tools that allow the economy to thrive and Americans to succeed. Sometimes when I'm talking to my team, I- describe us…as…I'm the captain and they're the crew on a ship, going through really bad storms. And no matter how well we're steering the ship, if the boat's rocking back and forth and people are getting sick and…they're being buffeted by the winds and the rain and…at a certain point-- if you're asking, "Are you enjoying the ride right now?" Folks are going to say, "No." And are they going to say, "Do you think the captain's good—doing a good job?" People are going say, "You know what? A good captain would have had us in some smooth waters and sunny skies, at this point." And I don't control the weather. What I can control are the policies we're putting in place to make a difference in people's lives.

STEVE KROFT: Did you overpromise? Did you underestimate how difficult this was going to be?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I didn't overpromise. And I didn’t-- underestimate how tough this was going to be. I always believed that this was a long-term project…And-- you know, for individual Americans, who are struggling right now, they have every reason to be impatient. Reversing structural problems in our economy that have been building up for two decades, that was going to take time. It was going to take more than a year. It was going to take more than two years. It was going to take more than one term. Probably takes more than one president.


Watch it if you can

And listen to the rhythmic poem of despair.

The latest in a growing list of Gingrich attacks

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal joins the growing list of those setting their sights on Newt Gingrich. It is a well thought out and well written piece, but it raises some interesting questions. by all means follow the link and read the entire article.

Gingrich Is Inspiring—and Disturbing

I had a friend once who amused herself thinking up bumper stickers for states. The one she made up for California was brilliant. "California: It's All True." It is so vast and sprawling a place, so rich and various, that whatever you've heard about its wildness, weirdness and wonders, it's true.

That's the problem with Newt Gingrich: It's all true. It's part of the reason so many of those who know him are anxious about the thought of his becoming president. It's also why people are looking at him, thinking about him, considering him as president.

Ethically dubious? True. Intelligent and accomplished? True. Has he known breathtaking success and contributed to real reforms in government? Yes. Presided over disasters? Absolutely. Can he lead? Yes. Is he erratic and unreliable as a leader? Yes. Egomaniacal? True. Original and focused, harebrained and impulsive—all true.

Having read Noonan's article, the first thought that comes to my mind is: "what is is about Newt Gingrich that scares people?" As it concerns liberals, that is a relatively easy question to answer. Gingrich represents the antithesis of everything a liberal holds sacred. But what is it about Gingrich that scares conservatives?

We know that the liberals and by default the liberal media don't like him, but when it comes to those in his own party now joining the band wagon of political and personal attack, one has to stop and reflect on why. The simple answer is that he is a non conformist to party boiler room tactics. His policies, politics and commentaries aren't first vetted through the approved filters of the party elite; therefore, they don't like it. Newt says things that they don't like a lot apparently. In other words, when the GOP machine is trying to court the supposed 'moderates' (which they have been attempting and failing at for decades now), it bothers them when a staunch hard line conservative spoils their effort by being shown as one of their party and not in step with their own moderate and progressive party line.

Newt may be a lot of things but he isn't stupid. The man is a genius when it comes to politics and history and what it takes to motivate people. those are qualities the party could have tapped into in the last decade or more since Newt has been out of office. But they chose not to. The party would rather listen to the likes of a Karl Rove than listen to an astute and well read observer and participant of both history and politics.

Newt Gingrich has a hard road ahead. Now that he is the bona fide front runner and the media and the GOP cannot deny it, they are both turning their most savvy operators loose to move in and begin slinging the mud. The pundits have already begun the assault and the media have been at it for weeks now, but the true assault on the Gingrich beach head has not begun yet. I say it begins now and follows him into the primaries like hyenas circling a hopefully soon to be wounded animal.

Will it work? That remains to be seen. I am reminded of that closing scene in The Green Mile when Paul Edgecomb asks: "But one thought more than any other......keeps me awake most nights: if he could make a mouse live so much longer do I have?"

If America could elect a Jimmy Carter.....and then a generation later elect a Barack Obama? Then how much longer before this nation will finally rise and elect someone based upon something other than the media hype and the faux popularity generated by these campaigns. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

They all that hope and change....

Chris Christie addresses some of the radical loons of occupy land who tried to disrupt his appearance at a Mitt Romney event. He also gives Obama a scathing and warranted critique.

Obama celebrates Hanukkah two weeks early

A truly great story. Make sure and visit the link to read all about it.

Obama celebrates Hanukkah at White House 

The man is literally a joke........

War may be just around the corner

You haven't seen any mention of this in American media that I am aware of. Other than some lip service and playing down of any real danger. Just the Chinese bloviating according to American sources. Perhaps it's time to start paying attention to more than the economy and the GOP primaries and whether or not the president is going on vacation in Hawaii for the holidays.. The European Union Times
A grim Ministry of Defense bulletin issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev today states that President Hu has “agreed in principal” that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through “direct and immediate military action” and that the Chinese leader has ordered his Naval Forces to “prepare for warfare.” Hu’s call for war joins Chinese Rear Admiral and prominent military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong who, likewise, warned this past week that: “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War,” and Russian General Nikolai Makarov who grimly stated last week: “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.” A new US intelligence report has also stated that China has up to 3000 nuclear weapons compared with general estimates of between 80 and 400. To further pour more gasoline on the fire, the Washington Times has just reported that North Korea is making missile able to hit the US. The raising of global tensions between the East and West was exploded this past fortnight when Russian Ambassador Vladimir Titorenko and two of his aides retuning from Syria were brutally assaulted and put in hospital by Qatar security forces allegedly aided by CIA and British MI6 agents attempting to gain access to diplomatic pouches containing information from Syrian intelligence that the United States was flooding Syria and Iran with the same US-backed al Qaida mercenaries who toppled the Libyan government.