The revelations of Jerry Sandusky's illicit pedophilia most certainly led to Joe Paterno's dismissal from Penn State University. Therefore, there is a connection to Joe's death in my opinion. I said when this scandal first broke and the regents and others at PSU fired Joe, that it was only a matter of time before Joe would die. this would kill him. I said the firing and the disgrace of the scandal would kill him and it has. Rest in peace Joe Pa, you had an illustrious career, but in the end, your career ended by your own hand. Sandusky isn't to blame for Joe's death. He was just the causation that Joe should have handled and dealt with when it was originally brought to his attention.
Joe Paterno, who won more games than any other major-college football coach, and who became the face of Penn State University and a symbol of integrity in collegiate athletics only to be fired during the 2011 season amid a child sexual-abuse scandal that reverberated throughout the nation, died Sunday. He was 85.