Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joe Tuna At It Again

Once again the master of the gaffe and the red herring hustle is out hustling his specialty to the world on the morning talk shows. Matt Lauer basically tells Dumbo Biden up front, that he is about to serve up the "gotcha" question? And dumbo falls for it. Hook line and sinker.

Biden would avoid subways, planes after swine flu outbreak

“I would tell members of my family – and I have – I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now,” Biden said on NBC’s “Today” show.. “It’s not that it’s going to Mexico. It’s [that] you’re in a confined aircraft. When one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the aircraft. That’s me. …

“So, from my perspective, what it relates to is mitigation. If you’re out in the middle of a field when someone sneezes, that’s one thing. If you’re in a closed aircraft or closed container or closed car or closed classroom, it’s a different thing.”

Way to go Flipper!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is the Clock Ticking?

Political Correctness On a Grand Scale?

Or are we witnessing missed opportunities as a result of political correctness.

And on a scale that will result in the death of millions?

You decide.

The present flu endemic is an almost amusing affair to behold IMO. I say almost amusing, as it would be amusing if it weren't potentially deadly. Presently the authorities in many countries around the world, seem hesitant to classify it as either an epidemic or pandemic. Yet a simple recounting of the facts over the past week, should reflect rather clearly that the virus has at the least reached epidemic level.

In a week's time, we have seen this virus go from an eruption in Mexico, to a world wide scare. I personally realized that the situation was a bit more than was being reported, when I read of the first cases being reported in New Zealand by last Saturday. I knew then that it would only be a matter of days before the rest of the world began experiencing their own outbreaks. Such are the wonders of modern air travel and the global community. It makes one wonder how did these little microbes manage to get around 100 years ago. And how did the pandemic that killed millions in 1918 manage to reach around the world so quickly back then.

In any event, this little bugger? Is presenting itself as more than a handful to all involved. Here in America, our trusty leaders have pre-staged Tamiflu and antivirals. Enough to treat roughly 1/6th of the population for symptoms, as they admittedly have absolutely no vaccines either capable or in production to deal with it. For the past several days and since Sunday, we have been treated to the calming words of our president and his rogues gallery of secretaries of various federal agencies. First telling us that there was nothing to fear, but offering no indication of any official actions either anticipated or planned.

Then the vaunted Centers For Disease Control (CDC) basically came out of the starting gate and immediately said that there was absolutely nothing that they could do. Janet Napolitano our Secretary of Homeland Security said Sunday that there were no plans of closing the US Mexico border or restricting air travel etc. That was then, this is now.

As of today, the president has indicated that school systems where there are identified cases, 'should consider closing.' And as of right now? There are about a dozen states with confirmed cases in America. And that is in a week's time. I figure that by this time next week, that number will increase two fold.

Meanwhile, here are some headlines from the front page of the Drudge report over recent days. If you click on them, they will enlarge to become readable.

Drudge Headline of April 26th 2009

Drudge Headline April 29, 2009

It is going to be interesting to see what becomes of all this over the next six weeks.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Worth Going Against My Conscience

Specter says he's switching from GOP to Democrats

I have known for quite some time that Arlen Spector was nothing but a RINO. Today removes all doubt and suspicions in my mind. Now all that needs to happen, is for Olympia Snowe and a couple of others to follow suit and the matched set of closet liberals will be firmly entrenched in the enemy camp.

Let them revel in their ideological heresy and individual treachery to those that elected them. For the 2010 midterms are shaping up to be a barn burner and by the time we get there, the memory of the first two years of the Obama disaster will be fresh in everyone's mind.

But to watch that video above and to see that little weasel faced coward make the statements that he made and then today, to turn and abandon the party? Well that makes me sick. But I and many others will remember. Arlen Specter can count on it.

"I deeply regret that I will be disappointing many friends and supporters," Specter said at a news conference on Tuesday.

"I can understand their disappointment," he continued. "I am also disappointed that so many in the party I have worked for for more than four decades do not want me to be their candidate. It is very painful on both sides."

Nope, sorry. He can't begin to fathom the disappointment. But he could fathom his own, just as soon as he saw the numbers of what his treachery had brought to any potential reelection in PA as a republican.

The national GOP needs to begin a relentless campaign now, preparing to take this traitorous bleating heart liberal down and permanently come November of next year. I know that if I have the extra money, I will be glad to contribute to his defeat.

Look a Likes and Fascimilies

White House Apologizes for Air Force Flyover

At 4:39 p.m. Monday, the White House issued an apology for the flyover. Louis E. Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, who served in the Clinton administration as secretary of the Army, said in a statement:

Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision. While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it’s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption. I apologize and take responsibility for any distress that flight caused.

The mission on Monday, officials said, was set up to create an iconic shot of Air Force One, similar to one that was taken in recent years over the Grand Canyon.

I am sure that the several thousand New Yorkers that were terrified out of their wits yesterday, will find comfort in that concession and apology.

Meanwhile......according to other White House sources.......

When President Obama learned of the episode on Monday afternoon, aides said, he, too, was furious. Senior administration officials conveyed the president’s anger in a meeting with Mr. Caldera on Monday afternoon.

Anyone else picking up on this? The director of the White House Military Office? Calls up a special flight of one of the two 747's that are used as Air Force One? At a rate of $70,000 an hour in operating costs? And he supposedly does so in order to capture an "iconic" photograph of the aircraft? Not to mention the cost of two US Air Force F-16's and their operational costs.

Perhaps that is one of the major differences between this administration and the former. This administration sees terrorism and terrorist threats as overseas contingency operations. While they utilize state of the art military aircraft as chase planes and photography platforms for their visions of icons.

And the dismissing of the plane as a "look a like" air craft is completely lame and laughable. It is one of two aircraft completely equipped and outfitted to perform the function of Air Force One.

But according to the junior G man and his grateful dead stylized camp followers? It's just a look a like or a facsimile. I have a news flash for them. The people need to have a closer look at their president and they will discover what the real look a like and facsimile is.

Canadians Conclude Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed

From Dr. Mercola's Blog this morning.

Canadians Conclude Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed.

An article by J.B. Williams in the Canadian Free Press paints a stark portrait of the actions of the current U.S. government -- actions that have been met with silence by the bulk of the U.S. populace.

According to Williams, “After trillions in taxpayer debt has been foolishly poured into the bottomless black hole ... Geithner asks Congress for even broader power to seize private firms as the average American stumbles through their daily routine as if nothing is happening.”

He notes that the new administration has taken the nation from a trillion in debt to over $4 trillion in debt in the first 60 days, with even more federal spending promised.

“I don’t know what it will take to wake up the average American,” writes Williams, “but whatever it is, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Aside from the brief uproar over the AIG bonuses and the recent “tea party” protests on tax day, Americans have, indeed, been largely silent about the state of the economy.

And although the Federal Reserve has reported the economy may be “leveling out,” just last month U.S. trend forecaster and author Gerald Celente, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, predicted an unprecedented global economic collapse was still to come.

Citing extreme drops in retail sales over Christmas of between 23 to 35 percent, bankruptcies of major retailers, store closings, and the financial collapse of banks, bonds and brokerage firms in 2008, Celente paints the picture of dire straits ahead that will surpass those of the Great Depression.

He projects that the commercial real estate collapse about to occur this year will dwarf the residential real estate collapse we’ve just experienced, and continue to address.

Other predictions include unemployment rates that will rival that of the Great Depression as well.

“Using 1930s models to get us out of this is really stupid,” says Celente, because back then most people didn’t own homes; there was no such thing as a home equity loan. They didn’t have credit cards, and consumers were not 14 trillion dollars in debt. We also had a manufacturing base in the U.S. at the time -- something we no longer have.

“We will see crime levels in the U.S. that will rival that of a third world country,” says Celente. “When people lose everything, and they have nothing to lose, they lose it.”

With this dreary picture that the U.S. economy as we now know it is plummeting down a rocky slope, Americans should be up in arms, demanding real change to get us out of this mess. But as J.B. Williams suggests in the above article, most are not even blinking an eye. He says:

“50% of their life savings and 30% of their home values have already evaporated into thin air. National unemployment is driving towards double digits as home foreclosures continue to mound.

With their backs against the wall, confused by a daily diet of media manipulated headlines aimed at scaring the public into submission, convinced that our nation’s complex woes demand a solution far too complicated for the average peasant to comprehend, the people find themselves in a state of terminal paralysis.”

Is the Economic Stimulus Plan Only Making Things Worse?

Chicago Tribune 1934

Chicago Tribune, 1934
Those who fail to heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. A review of the economic history of the 1930’s demonstrates that Roosevelt’s government spending programs failed to turn the economy around.
The photo at right is from a 1934 issue of the Chicago Tribune ... and it shows that more of us should heed the lessons of history. As it stands, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is one of the few who has continued to push for level-headed sanity during this economic breakdown.

He is also one of the few courageous enough to point the finger of blame where it belongs, in large part on the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve system is a primary cause of inflation and one of the reasons why your financial future is unstable, insecure, and likely to include more inflations, recessions and depressions, like the one going on right now.

We got into this mess, as Paul says, by spending too much, running up debt and printing too much money. In the heels of another just-passed “stimulus” package, Paul explains that this move can only delay recovery and prolong economic agony.

A recent article from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons reports that the bailout already tops $8.7 trillion. According to AAPS, the bailout includes:

• More than $1.5 trillion in Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. loan guarantees, including a $139 billion assist to the lending arm of General Electric Corp.
• $1.8 trillion in cash, tax breaks, and loan guarantees doled out from Treasury to taxpayers, financial institutions, and credit companies
• $300 billion for homeowners from the Federal Housing Authority
• $25 billion to auto companies from a program overseen by the Energy Department, which is separate from the bailout proposal that failed in the Senate
• $5 trillion in new money, loan guarantees, and loosened lending requirements from the Federal Reserve Bank

It’s Time to Wake Up

Congress should be cutting spending, not increasing it, and instead putting the control of what to spend on in the hands of the people … not the government.

Unfortunately, the United States appears to be addicted to easy money, the inflationary programs of the Federal Reserve, and deficit financing. As Ron Paul said regarding the last bailout involving the U.S. housing industry:

“If we quit, there will be pain, but if we don’t, we’ll kill the patient; in this case, the dollar.”

J.B. Williams asked in his article what it would take to wake up the average American and allow them to really see what’s going on. One of the first steps, I believe, is to stop being afraid.

One of the biggest dangers facing the U.S. economy is fear. Once you become afraid and focus on your financial fears, you put your intention on what you don’t want. By doing this you activate powerful natural forces that tend to provide you with whatever thoughts you are attaching strong emotions to.

So the more you fear a financial collapse, the more you are actually focusing on having that very event happen. This is why it’s important to yell “CANCEL” anytime negative thoughts about the current financial situation in the United States enter your mind.

You can also use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help release negative financial thoughts that are bothering you -- and visit this audio page from Dan Sullivan once a day for a five-minute boost, or listen to all five audios at once if you have time.

I have been participating in a coaching program run by Dan Sullivan for the past year; he is an amazing mentor and has helped me in many ways. I suspect his audio page will help you too.

The more you and others overcome your financial fears, the more likely we will all reap the benefits of this positive focus and intention.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Can't Believe The Utter Stupidity!

Jumbo Jet, F-16 Buzz Lady Liberty, Put New York on Edge

This is too bizarre to make up! I cannot believe that in a country that was attacked by low flying large jet liners, that the White House would approve a stunt like this and not warn the public of what was about to happen. Especially over New York City of all places!

If there ever was any doubt of the sophomoric level of understanding and complete juvenile approach to decisions that is now present in the halls of the White House and the thinking of this administration? I don't know what does.

View more news videos at:

It wasn't an attack, or even a drill -- it was a government sponsored photo op.

The Pentagon did tell local authorities about the startling fly-over that sent a Boeing 747 and a F-16 fighter screaming over New York's scarred skyline, but officials said they couldn't share the information with the public. They couldn't even share the information with the mayor.

Mayor Bloomberg said he was "furious" and criticized both the feds and his own administration for failing to issue a simple warning to the public in a city that is still somewhat traumatized by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

"The good news is it was nothing more than an inconsiderate, badly conceived and insensitive photo op with the taxpayers' money," Bloomberg said.

"It's completely asinine after 9/11 to do that," said Keith Mercantine, who witnessed the chaos in Jersey City. "I saw ambulances out here with pregnant women."

An Air Force One lookalike and one or possibly two F-16s buzzed the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor in the morning, halting work on nearby construction sites, causing resident and office workers to flee their high-rises and giving thousands of people in downtown Manhattan and New Jersey a major fright.

At least two people were treated for minor injuries at Jersey City Medical Center after falling during the rush to exit their buildings.

"Everybody panicked," said Daisy Cooper, a Merrill Lynch worker in Jersey City, who lost a nephew on 9/11. "Everybody was screaming and we all ran downstairs. I'm devastated...Everybody was running, we didn't know why we were running. We just knew it was a plane, there we go, 9/11 again."

Rocket Man Jumps The Gun

Living and dying by the teleprompter. Does this man have any original words or ideas? Things that spring from his own mind with spontaneity? Or is he spoon fed every word everyday?

Don't Panic...Just Don't Visit America

That's right friends, The EU has put America on the no fly list, based upon our association and proximity with Mexico and the present flu outbreak. Talk about an object lesson in guilt by association?

EU health chief: Don't travel to Mexico or U.S.

LUXEMBOURG - The European Union's health commissioner urged Europeans on Monday to postpone nonessential travel to the United States or Mexico due to swine flu.

EU Health Commissioner Andorra Vassiliou met with the EU foreign ministers on the subject as Spain reported the first confirmed case of swine flu in Europe. That was also the first swine flu case outside North America.

On arriving in Luxembourg, Vassiliou advised Europeans to reassess their travel plans.

That's right, the first European case arrived in Spain, via a returning visitor from Mexico and suddenly America is included in the no travel recommendation by the EU.

That is fine by me, I don't see a need to have these Europeans roaming around America to begin with. Most of them detest us anyway, so I fail to see their interest in traveling here to begin with. Perhaps we should reciprocate. By banning their visas and passports because they refuse to deal with and address the other virulent disease infecting the world....Islamic fascism. And it is far more deadly than any flu IMO.

And besides, we have our own problems with an unsecured border with Mexico and an absolute nut case in charge of Homeland Security on top of that. Ms. Janet Napalitano's latest pearl of wisdom yesterday, aside from the fact that "she" didn't think that anything needed to be done with the border, was that regardless of the severity of the present flu outbreak, we should prepare for another one to follow.

So what is it that those in government know, but are not telling us. First they claim that there is nothing to fear, yet the CDC folded tent and surrendered immediately and this was with less than 20 reported cases in America.

Then Napalitano and others are summed to issue a rare Sunday news conference on the issue, only to tell us that there isn't a lot that they can do, but the one thing that they are not going to do, is close the border with Mexico.

So you see, it makes little difference if it is illegal aliens crossing into America to take jobs and rob our social services, or Mexican drug gangs spilling across the border and shooting people in America, or some pandemic of swine flu originating in Mexico that could kill thousands of Americans. Either way, out government is on top of it and plans to do absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, the Japanese are using infrared cameras to scan all returning passengers from Mexico, to see if they are running a temperature when they arrive home. Once again, those in other parts of the world are demonstrating more common sense than our own leaders.

But one thing is for sure IMO and that is if the people of this country are going to be protected from anything? They are going to have to protect themselves. Because the government damn sure isn't going to do it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Epidemic, Pandemic, or Plan?

Mexican Doctor: Real Figure Is 200 Dead, Situation Out Of Control

Last Sunday there were a number of stories in the news as always, even on slow news Sundays there is always something to report. The stories covered a wide variety of crisis's and other looming dangers and scandals, but no mention of a possible influenza pandemic just around the corner that threatens us all in less than a week.

Yet by mid week, we were beginning to see sudden and dramatic reports of a new flu virus literally flooding Mexico and coming across our own border. In the past two days alone, the reports have gone from tragic to potentially life changing, yet it is a report that was printed today, that I find most disturbing.

I work as a resident doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Mexico City and sadly, the situation is far from “under control”. As a doctor, I realise that the media does not report the truth. Authorities distributed vaccines among all the medical personnel with no results, because two of my partners who worked in this hospital (interns) were killed by this new virus in less than six days even though they were vaccinated as all of us were. The official number of deaths is 20, nevertheless, the true number of victims are more than 200. I understand that we must avoid to panic, but telling the truth it might be better now to prevent and avoid more deaths.
Yeny Gregorio Dávila, Mexico City

That's right. According to a doctor on the scene in Mexico? This virus killed two of his colleagues (interns which means young men) in a space of less than six days of contracting it. We haven't even been aware of this virus for six days in America and already the reality of its potential lethality is beginning to seep out and reach the rest of the world.

In today's world of jet travel? This virus has already made it's way around the world. So there is no need of others sitting back and waiting and watching to learn from what happens here in America. And apparently there are no vaccines available to combat it in advance. And even if there were, it takes weeks for the human body to create antibodies after receiving a vaccine.

Swine Flu Likely Spread To New Zealand

I don't think that you can possibly get farther removed from Mexico, than to be in New Zealand, but the virus has already found its way there, arriving via returning students who had recently visited Mexico. Therefore, I am confident in believing that the virus has already reached all of the other populated areas and continents of the world as well.

What remains to be seen and determined IMO, is where did this beast microbe come from. Was it spawned spontaneously in nature? A simple mutation of nature? Or is there possibly another answer that people will not want to openly discuss.

The virus is supposedly a combination of three viruses. Human influenza, swine influenza and avian influenza. The flu pandemic of 1918 involved a combined paring of swine and avian influenza. That one killed over six million people globally. So what is the added danger of a virus when a third element is combined with an already known evil paring.

And again, where did this hell's creation come from? A little research reveals that in 1976 a similar flu virus to the 1918 pandemic appeared at Fort Dix NJ and killed a number of soldiers there. Why Fort Dix?

And then there is this....Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility

And no one knows when these vials came up missing, but they do know this.....

The vials contained samples of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, a virus that sickens horses and can be spread to humans by mosquitoes. In 97 percent of cases, humans with the virus suffer flu-like symptoms, but it can be deadly in about 1 out of 100 cases, according to Caree Vander Linden, a spokeswoman for the Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

That is certainly some discomforting information.

Meanwhile, we must wait and see what tomorrow brings. Will this thing grow exponentially and globally and threaten us all? I tend to believe that by this time next week? We may be seeing the global pandemic that many have feared and an amoral media has been hoping for, ever since they learned of the possibility and probability of one arising was possible.

And the other question that will eventually be asked, "is this a contemporary reality of an Andromeda strain scenario of biological dabbling gone wrong?

I sincerely hope this all fades away quickly, but I am not optimistic about the potential of that happening. I believe that some form of Genie has escaped the bottle and is loosed upon the world. All that remains to be determined is the lethality, and who was responsible. Nature or man.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Orwell Was Twenty Five Years Early

Most of us have grown up in the generation of awareness of writer who attempted to perceive the future. George Orwell was no different in that respect, but what he wrote of in his classic dystopian novel of 1949.

The only problem with Orwell's analysis? He came about his tilted world of big brother about twenty five years of it actually coming to pass. And those that still believe that Orwell's vision was just some psychosis propelled dream scape?
Need to have a look around and take stock in what is presently happening in America and what has already happened in the UK.

For that matter and to be fair and objective in analysis of George's original premise, he may have been closer to spot on as it concerns the British than us here in America. After all, he was British and he was writing from a British perspective. And they have certainly attempted to live up to his worst expectations in the years since the publication of his famous work 1984.

And America is now following suit with a vengeance. With the advent of the Obama administration, there seems to be an unprecidented rush to relinquish all rights and reason to an omnipresent federal government. And the driving force behind this wave of sentiment, could very easily have been orchestrated for this eventual outcome by the powers that be. On both sides of the political isle.

For it is certainly a Brave new world of one wold and new world order that is daily being forecast and put forth as the only possible cure for what ails us as a nation and as a planet.

Personally? I fear that Orwell's vision was but the tip of the iceberg of what is in store in the near future.

Of course I may be wrong. And the God's of Mount Olympus may continue to allow us to live in bliss and ignorance of that which we know not. But I doubt it,

The Democrat Assault on Free Speech

Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify

If anyone wants to see what the liberal socialist version of freedom of speech actually looks like in practice? Have a look at what happened to the UK's Lord Christopher Monckton this week in Washington.

Monckton flew to Washington for the express purpose of testifying as an expert witness before the US congress on the issues of purported global warming. His purpose was ostensibly to add counter balance of opinion to the planned testimony of Al Gore. Who is the former US vice president, poster boy advocate of the climate change myth and recent star of stage and film and recipient of the Nobel prize for popularity amongst the committed leftist of the world.

But Monckton's debate with Gore was not to be, as truth spoken in Washington these days is truth denied.

“The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”

I have to agree with Lord Monckton's summation. However, I must point out that his descriptive analysis of American democrats, leaves wanting the other most recognizable identifier of them and their traits as a class IMO. That of being liars and purveyors of purposeful propaganda and misinformation. Everything designed to squash any and all debate on any issue that they oppose is their stock and trade since once again assuming the majority.

“The Democrats have a lot to learn about the right of free speech under the US Constitution. Congress Henry Waxman's (D-CA) refusal to expose Al Gore's sci-fi comedy-horror testimony to proper, independent scrutiny by the House minority reeks of naked fear,” Monckton said from the airport Thursday evening.

“Waxman knows there has been no 'global warming' for at least a decade. Waxman knows there has been seven and a half years' global cooling. Waxman knows that, in the words of the UK High Court judge who condemned Gore's mawkish movie as materially, seriously, serially inaccurate, 'the Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view,'” Monckton explained.

Therefore, absent the ability to produce one of the premiere voices of opposition (Lord Monckton) to challenge more of the Al Gore fantasy climate change road show, the GOP hastily called former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich before the hearings to attempt to have their opposition opinion heard and on the record at the least.

Which only further serves to verify the present reality of a Washington sickened with democrat control of both houses and the White House IMO. This rogues gallery of the cobbled together dregs of 1960's hippies and their communist environMENTALIST friends of the earth and their other committed leftist brethren of this nation and the world, are going to run full tilt toward anything that they see as damaging to America. And right now, the global warming myth is their holy grail epoch.

Be it cap and trade, Kyoto, carbon credits hustled by the UN or any other policy (official or otherwise) that they see as damaging to the overall viability and survivability of America period. That is what they want and that is what they are after, make no mistake.

And of greater importance to me, is the reality of what they are presently engaging in and being allowed to get away with in the public arena of speech. Which is a full scale frontal assault on freedom of speech in America and their ability to control the media to camouflage and conceal their real designs on policy and law via manipulation of both speech and the press while formulating both policy and law.

What better example of a denial of freedom of speech and a collusive media partaking, than the Lord Monckton affair of this week before congress? What better example of a liberal house of representatives drunk with power and capable of openly attacking the first amendment of the constitution in broad daylight and getting away with it.

And not one peep from the very media that the first amendment was created to also protect.

And these actions are but one more example of the catharsis of democratic thinking and their mentally aberrant reasoning, as it applies to any delineation between what they consider free speech and what they brand as hate speech for the purposes of their own political demonization of all opposition.

There is no freedom of speech in the world view of any socialist analysis of freedom that clashes with their own desires of attaining totalitarian rule. And that includes the supposed freedom and right of speech on any level that they don't approve of. The citizens of America and elsewhere around the world who love freedom, had better wake up and see what is afoot in the Obama world view of change and they had better see it soon.

The lies of global warming have been continually and soundly defeated and shown for the heresy that they are, since before AL Gore ever starred in his made for TV spectacular of convenient lies. Yet both he and those who idolize him on the liberal left, continue to run with this tattered bag of lies and half truths, as if their realities of earth and nature sprang from the very lips of Moses.

As an American, I am ashamed of what those in congress did this week. What they contrived and allowed to pass as reasonable discourse and discussion this week on the people's behalf, was nothing less than an abomination of the democratic process. These interlopers aren't serving me or the people of America and worse, they aren't serving the purposes of truth and freedom for which they were elected to public office. The time has come to throw these bums out and the 2010 midterms cannot arrive soon enough IMO.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Flu Pandemic

In less that a weeks time, we have been given word that there is a potential virulent flu virus never before seen, born in Mexico and already impacting Americans along the border states with Mexico.

Mexico City Closes Schools Amid Swine Flu Outbreak

"We are very, very concerned," said Thomas Abraham, a spokesman for the agency. "We have what appears to be a novel virus and it has spread from human to human." If international spread is confirmed, that meets WHO's criteria for raising the pandemic alert level, he added.

And there is more....

CDC says too late to contain U.S. flu outbreak

WASHINGTON, April 24 (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday it was too late to contain the swine flu outbreak in the United States.

CDC acting director Dr. Richard Besser told reporters in a telephone briefing it was likely too late to try to contain the outbreak, by vaccinating, treating or isolating people.

"There are things that we see that suggest that containment is not very likely," he said.

Having admitted that the genetics of the virus in Mexico and those infected in America are one in the same. And the CDC has already thrown in the towel and there are not plans to close the borders or even attempt containment.

Shades of the 'Andromeda Strain' IMO. This virus if reported to be a mutant virus.

New mixture of viruses in flu never seen before

The World Health Organization said tests showed the virus in 12 of the Mexican patients had the same genetic structure as a new strain of swine flu, designated H1N1, seen in eight people in California and Texas. [nLO274836]

It first looked mostly like a swine virus but closer analysis showed it is a never-before-seen mixture of swine, human and avian viruses, according to the CDC. [nN24420522].

"We do not have enough information to fully assess the health threat posed by this new swine flu virus," Besser said.

The media and the ecology nuts have been foaming at the mouth over the potential for a pandemic virus striking mankind like the 1918 pandemic that killed millions.

They may have just gotten their wish.

Hide and Seek

Holder (says he) won't selectively release terror memos

Holder won't selectively release terror memos

"It is certainly the intention of this administration not to play hide and seek, or not to release certain things," said Holder. "It is not our intention to try to advance a political agenda or to try to hide things from the American people."

Really? You don't say Mr. Holder....

Well of course all that is being asked for, is simple honesty and an assurance that information being released by the administration is not being cherry picked. After all, the public has the right to know the truth. Don't they?

I mean the constitution does still provide for a certain level of transparency in our government doesn't it? Or have you and the master of the house succeeded in changing that too?

"I'm the attorney general and I don't control many of the memos you might be talking about," said Holder."

Poor pitiful little attorney general. Are you the same guy that recently called white Americans cowards over your own perspectives of racial issues in America and how they are dealt with? Yet here you are with a rather glaring yellow streak running down the back of your political tawny backside, attempting to squeeze past the reality while seeming to pass off as truth that which you know to be a lie. As if no one will notice your less than suave moves? Surely you jest.

Stop playing games. You know where the memos are and what they reveal (all of them). And as attorney general, you have the power and authority to get to them and advise the president to declassify them. You (and he) probably had to dig your way past a ton of them to get to what you thought would be the smoking guns against the Bush administration that you both were so feverishly seeking.

So quit your quibbling and your partisan bull chips, parsing and dodging, while trying to prop up the policy of this president by lying and denying the truth. You know the game that you and the administration are playing and so do all Americans capable of simple comprehension of facts and recent history.

We actually lived it remember? And enough time hasn't passed for you and yours to get your talons into that history and attempt to remake it and deny that it ever happened. No more than you can deny that the measures taken and the policies implemented by the Bush administration, protected this country and kept it's people safe for the past eight years.

And that includes the likes of your sorry backside and that of that equally classless boss of yours.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Sources: GM to shut most US plants up to 9 weeks

The only really remarkable aspect to what we are seeing now concerning the demise of General Motors? Is that this all should have taken place eight or nine months ago. General Motors has not been a profitable company for several years. And the consensus of knowing opinion in the industry and on Wall Street, has been that the legacy costs of union contracts burdening GM, combined with federal CAFE standards and significant trade imbalances have all combined to drive the company toward the great abyss of bankruptcy.

And now bankruptcy is finally arriving on the doorstep of GM. Only now, it is occurring after 15 billion dollars in American taxpayer money have been pissed down a sink hole trying to keep the union demands on the company afloat, while the Obama administration prepared to pick the bones of what was left, before discarding it entirely for the socialist government model.

George Bush erred when he first provided bailout money to GM and Chrysler last year and I can't help but wonder if there wasn't some sinister back channel dealings between the Bush administration and the Obama team before Barack Obama took office.

A deal potentially getting Bush to agree to and go along with the GM and Chrysler bailouts, on the promise of future better dealings for these companies by the Obama administration, would lead them back to prosperity. The old "keep them afloat until we can get in there and fix this problem" routine. The only problem being with that presentation, was that never was the intent or the plan of the Obama administration period IMO.

They have moved too swiftly to knock GM down and oust the CEO and place their man in the chair, in order to expedite the bankruptcy and demise, of what was once America's premiere company and the flagship of western capitalism, for that to have not been their original intent.

So somehow I can't help but believe that there was and is more to this scheme than is being represented and fed to the media for media reports. And GM is only the beginning of the larger plan to seize control of the economic engine that has powered and sustained America for over 120 years now.

We have been asleep at the wheel and we have allowed the greed of a few and the power hungry in Washington, to usurp the country into a staggering level of debt and overextention of incapability to sustain. And now the note is due.

The final stage is being set for the death of General Motors and what will follow will not be recognizable to those who were born and riased underneath the shadow and protection of the greatest economy to ever exist in the history of the world.

"Was there ever a people whose leaders were as truly their enemies as this one?"
- Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Next? Prima Noctes?

The UK seems to be headed down a dark an desperate road, where all stops are being pulled to try and keep the socialist state afloat and financially solvent.

Govt hikes top income tax rate to 50%

Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Wednesday as he delivered the government's annual budget. "In November, I announced a new rate of income tax of 45 percent on incomes above 150,000 pounds -- the top one percent of taxpayers," Darling said in his budget speech.

"In order to help pay for additional support for people now, I have decided that the new rate will be 50 percent and will come in from next April -- a year earlier."

For the uninitiated....150,000 pounds sterling works out to $219,465.08 (US) at the present rate of exchange. Which leaves the British government with a tidy profit of 109,732.54 pounds on just the bare minimum 50% taxation of the rich at presently increased rate.

Think of the joy they will obtain from taking 500,000 of every million earned and so on.

I wonder what Sir Paul McCartney thinks of that. Or Madonna for that matter. In any event, the larger looming reality is the justification that Mr. Darling puts forth as his justification and reasoning for increasing the tax to a staggering rate of 50%. Almost as if a passing afterthought of commentary, Darling lets the cat out of the bag obliquely.

Darling's comments: "In order to help pay for additional support for people now."
Which in my estimation, provides more than a terrifying peek in the box of Christmas future as it concerns what is in store for the people of the UK. What Darling's remark and action clearly demonstrate to me, is that the socialist facade of entitlements has finally reached the tipping point in the UK.

In the absence of taking more money from more and more citizens who have earned it, to give to those who have not? The socialist pyramid begins to collapse and it soon becomes evident to all that there is no more money. The reality becomes plain, that the government is in fact running and inverted pyramid Ponzi and always has been.

There has been a lot made of late in the media of one Bernie Madoff and how he managed the supposed largest Ponzi scheme in history, but the reality proves that assertion wrong on its face, once the Ponxi schemes of government are revealed.

And the largest Ponzi schemes ever created on record are those of social security. Throw in the myriad of other social giveaway programs that have been stacked on top of it, in both the UK and America? And the shear weight of these entitlement programs demands an eventual collapse from the simple inability to maintain funding through taxation. It simply cannot be sustained. It never could be.

And that is precisely where Mr. Darling and the Brits now find themselves. Fifty percent of all income above the 150,000 pound income mark today. Tomorrow the mark will be lowered to 100,000. Then eventually down to 50,000

And they will take it ever lower and just as far as they can, until the ruse is finally revealed as it collapses the entire mechanism of government and social welfare and ends in anarchy and chaos.

Welcome to the 21st century as envisioned in the 19th century by the gentleman Marx.

Castro Balks at Endorsing Obama Offer

Fidel Castro: Obama 'Misinterpreted' Raul's Words

Looks like the junior G man and presidential understudy has once again misjudged the playing field an put cards on the table that have been immediately trumped. And as everyday passes, the other lesser players at the table are raising the ante and watching the inexperienced president squirm in anticipation of what cards to play next.

The bottom line, Barack Obama is out of his depth. Many people tried to connect the dots and reveal the usurper for what he actually represents over a year ago. But no one was listening. And they weren't listening because the American and world media purposely increased the volume level of background noise, to a point that insured that no collective awareness or scrutiny by the voters could ever emerge.

Fidel Castro's remarks are just the latest example of Obama's misguided and inept amateurism when it comes to international discourse and diplomacy. Fidel Castro has not maintained a strangle hold on Cuba for the past fifty years by caving into the wants of any US president. Castro's rigid communist position was first fired and tested under John Kennedy and not a lot has changed in the past forty seven years.

Nor will it as long as Fidela and Raul are alive and being supported by other committed communists like Hugo Chavez and their newly found pals in south America.

There was a brief period in the 90's when America could have put an end to the Castro regime, once they had lost the support and funding of their former benefactor the Soviet Unions, but Bill Clinton literally 'diddled' those opportunities away. (Along with giving the Chinese our missile technology and allowing Islamic radicalism to fester and boil).

And now comes the Obama messiah, fresh off a career of socialist mentoring by the likes of Saul Alinski and William Ayers and a host of other committed anti American communists? And he is quickly learning that the application of American communist academic theory? Is quite different from the actual practice and those countries long established and committed to communism and its first cousin socialism.

According to Fidel:
"Affirming that the president of Cuba is ready to discuss any topic with the president of the United States expresses that he's not afraid to broach any subject,"

Which simply put means this....he may be agreeable to talking to the junior G man, but he is not prepared to make any concessions or, buy into any agreements of principle. Especially as it concerns the long standing practices of the Castro regime and its control over Cuba.

So it looks like back to the drawing board again for the junior president. He has struck out at the G20 conference, the conference of the Americas and now with his overtures toward Cuba.

It looks to me as if it is not only Obama who has glaring ineptitude when it comes to international diplomacy and policy approach, but also his A team of background advisers and academic socialist who are spurring him forward and writing his scripts for the teleprompter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's 100 Days 100 Million & 100 Billion

Obama proposes $100 billion U.S. loan for IMF

President Obama came out this week at his first cabinet meeting and told his assembled cast, that he wanted them to make a sincere effort to trim 100 million dollars from their collective agency budgets.

What a wonderful idea. I think I may now be inspired to do more for my own budget this week in solidarity. Perhaps I will not purchase a pack of chewing gum. There! that should be sufficient to mirror the effects on my budget, that Obama's directive will have on the US budget deficit.

And he follows up act one with act two. Which is then to call for 100 billion in American taxpayer dollars to be given to the IMF. And his reasoning is beyond the pale IMO.

In a letter to U.S. congressional leaders, Obama said the U.S. funding "does not represent a budgetary expenditure or any increase in the deficit since it effectively represents an exchange of assets."

Its a change of assets alright. Its called the great scheme of socialist wealth redistribution. Remember that? He said he would do it and now he is doing it and on a grandiose scale.

The American economy is headed toward the cliff? and the president is driving the bus and standing on the gas pedal every inch of the way.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California Denied For Being Honest

You be the judge.

Then watch what the person that the Miss America pageant decided to allow as a judge for the competition.and his explanation for himself.

Torture In a Word

The word torture is a word that has been bantered about and used as a weapon for at least the last five years in America. Is torture justified? Is it appropriate? Is it ethical? Should America engage in torture even to prevent future terrorist acts and protect the people of America.

I believe that torture as a word, has been changed like so many other words in the American lexicon, to be something entirely different from what it originated as or was meant to represent. A simple look at the long standing definition of the word, or any word for that matter, should be sufficient to answer or dispel most any inquiry into the issue or concern of whether America has been engaged in torture.

But as has become the case with so many other words in our language, we allow ourselves to be led to believe that the old or original definitions are no longer applicable and that the new understandings of applicability should completely replace both common sense understanding and reason when using the words of our language to either defend or assail a position.

There are plenty of other words thrown around regularly in discussions and during the criticisms of others, that long ago lost any semblance of their own original intent or meaning. Racism, gay and Nazi are just a few of the examples that come to mind. None of which now resemble either their original descriptive intent or definition. These words have been hijacked and claimed for absolute right of use by leftist and their socialist multicultural agenda.

These words and others, have been taken over by political agendas and altered to comply with narrow political perspectives of the left. They have no semblance of their original meaning or intent now. And neither does the word torture in my opinion. It too has been modified and re-crafted to more closely embrace the intended desires of those who use it as a political weapon rather than a descriptive word that defines a clearly delineated action.

Certainly, there are other words that have been denied their original intent or taken completely out of contextual use in the language. As example, it is no longer considered acceptable to use words that are perceived as critical of others features or stature.

You can't say that a person is fat, or short, or ugly or even a midget or a dwarf. All of these words have been removed from common use and understanding and replaced with euphemisms and other less offensive code words in the new speak of socially approved verbiage. Of course other words are purposely used to harm and injure those that don't meet with the socially acceptable genres, and these words are perceived as acceptable terminologies for use by those who would attempt to use the known black list words. These people are usually referred to as 'retards' or 'tards' or 'phobes' of one stripe or another. Or 'neo' something or another by the socially acceptable multiculturalist and those in the know and practiced in the new speak.

All part of the new deal of language in my opinion. Or as Orwell once noted? All part of the 'new speak.' (the man was way ahead of his time) We in the west can no longer engage in any discourse of free or unrestrained thought or conversation, as even our words and language have been corrupted, infected, hijacked and infiltrated with the disease of relativism.

And what follows is the far more sinister reality that our words are not only being weighed and measured against political agendas and how we view and accept those agendas, but the words themselves are also being categorized into potential evidentiary examples of what is now recognized as hate speak. Which left unattended? Will result in the round up and prosecution of all who would transgress proper thought and attempt to use them.

Hate speech being the present language identified for future criminal prosecution and imprisonment of thought. And by any and all who transgress the acceptable and approved list of words and definitions as approved. Hate speak is the new tool of language crafted by the egalitarians and the socialist who would have you (us) think that the saving grace to all of our supposedly socially destructive constructs is simple fairness of thought and speech. (Just as long as "they" get to decide what is fair and legal).

There is nothing fair about egalitarianism or social relativism. Each are specifically designed to steal from freedom and democracy the very things that make them desirable and worth protecting. And the theft is accomplished by draping new meanings and representations on words and societal mores. And by painting them over with lies and deception is the favored means and mechanism of socialist relativism.

The truth is obscured and replaced with alternatives that seem to fit and produce a more desired outcome in the eye of the beholder. But what outcome is really brought forth from half truths and lies purposely fostered in order to deny the truth and the reality to only the elite? What has been accomplished when false facades have been erected in order to protect that which it is known to be not right and an out right lie on top of it.

Such is the case with one of our latest additions to the world of new speak. The definition of the word torture. Websters and most other dictionaries of the English language, define torture as.....'an anguish of the body or mind.'

'Something that causes agony or pain. The infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding)to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure.' So what is or was the torture as applied by US intelligence officers against captured Al Qaida operatives known to have engaged in terrorism against America?

What was it that was done to them that was so terrible or torturous?

It seems that the three biggies are 'water boarding.' sleep 'deprivation,' and the playing of 'Rap music' for long periods of time for the individuals in question. And possibly the varying of temperature in their cells. And who can ever forget the making of men wear panties on their head or the forming of nude pyramids at Abu Graib while dogs barked at them.

Now, think about and consider what has actually been done to secure the safety of America, versus what has been alleged to have been torture. Then consider what Al Qaida considers torture. The removal of eyes, being drug behind vehicles, suspended from wires with electrodes attached to the genitals, hacking off of digits and limbs and a personal favorite.....interrogation with a blow torch I personally believe that the obvious becomes immediately apparent. And that obvious difference is the difference between the inflicting of intentional extreme or sadistic pain? Or the infliction of 'fear or discomfort' as used as a tool designed to encourage an individual to cooperate and give up information.

And for those who seem confused as to realities? I suggest they have a look at what went on at the Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam. And what went on in Nazi concentration and prisoner of war camps. Have a look at what the Japanese did to Nanking and later to Americans. Then perhaps people will be able to look at a revealing gradient of what true torture and sadism really is.

But in all fairness? Those are already academic arguments. As the messianic one has already decided and made his decisions official US policy. Now all that is left to do? Is to simply wait and see how that all works out. I say we won't have long to wait.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Biden's Ugly Little Secret of The Double Dip

While millions of Americans are seeing their retirement portfolios evaporating at an alarming rate in this economy? There is more good news. Social security which is literally hanging on by a thread and will go bust in the not too distant future, is being bled by none other than the likes of our vice president.

That's right folks, Old Joe is drawing the pensioner's pension while knocking down some big salary for being the Louisville lip of vice presidents.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced last month that Social Security beneficiaries will get one-time $250 stimulus bonus payments beginning in May.

He didn't mention that he will be one of the recipients.

That's right. The vice president of the United States is drawing social security benefits. A man who has always been in the upper 10% of wage earners in America. A man that last year was paid $169,300 by the tax payers as a US senator and who this year will be paid $227,300 as vice president.

Under social security benefits, Joe Biden will be "entitled" to receive $13,560 in social security benefits this year, having already drawn over $6000 while still a US senator in 2008, prior to becoming the VP. And that doesn't include his Senate pension which he is now collecting to boot. Oh yes, he gets a rather nice little stipend from the American people for his service as a US senator too.

Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they've completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Member's of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

The amount of a Congressperson's pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest 3 years of his or her salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member's retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.

According to the Congressional Research Service, 413 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service as of Oct. 1, 2006. Of this number, 290 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $60,972. A total of 123 Members had retired with service under both CSRS and FERS or with service under FERS only. Their average annual pension was $35,952 in 2006.

Which means, Joe's tenure in the senate, which ran from 1972 to 2008, gave him 36 years of service and qualified him for the 80% of his existing salary as pension. Which puts his pension at over $135,000 a year. That is on top of his $277.000 he is receiving for being vice president and that does not include the over $13,000 he will get in social security benefits.

And just to answer any lingering curiosity? Former vice president Dick Cheney was 67 when he left office and according to his tax returns for 2006-2008? He never attempted to qualify for or attempted to draw social security benefits while in office.

Now ask yourself a simple question. "Who is kidding who when it comes to the better interests of the people and serving the people through their elected offices?"

While Biden and others in the Obama administration have been venting their spleens over the AIG bonuses? I wonder why no one was concerned about our vice president triple dipping his snout at the trough of public money.

Joe Biden is literally a walking paradox and example of how liberals and socialist democrats see the system and their own entitlement to huge slices of the public pie. The same pie that they would like you to believe? Is being raided and corrupted by the so called evil rich. Which every good little liberal democrat socialist knows, can only be conservatives and republicans.

Obama's Latin Education

Obama Gets History Lesson From Latin American Leaders

From the looks of it? President Obama has a lot to learn concerning international gamesmanship and political intercourse. And he has more than a few new teachers interested in tutoring and lecturing him at this years summit of the Americas meeting in Trinidad.

From the remarks of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who each voiced their complaints against America's drug wars in Latin America to the American president, to their desire to see the 47 year old embargo against Cuba brought to an end. On all counts and in all corners the messianic one was taken to the wood shed and give the Latin equivalent of his comeuppance by the assembled tutelage of Latin America.

He asked for it after all. He came with head bowed and embracing defeat and contrition once again, to believed appreciation of tin horn dictators and other tin dicks, as he arrived to the watching eyes of the world for his latest meeting with Latin leaders. What else should have been expected? And man oh man did he get an earful from his new Latin friends.

President Fernandez of Argentina was probably one of the more direct and forceful presences when confronting the junior president from America and had this to say:

“For many years, there have been traumatic relations,” Fernandez said. “I want you to know, Obama, that this is in no way a reproach against you. It’s simply an exercise to look back at what happened.”

(note the absence of official title while addressing the American president. Just the "I want you to know Obama")

The messianic one may have thought that the best way to approach his fallacious American image rebuilding program with the other leaders of the world, was by continually throwing the previous administration and it's polices under the bus, but the reality is shaping up to be something far from what the novice of international diplomacy ever imagined.

As he is discovering, he can no longer stand outside the circle of assembled socialists and Marxists and launch his own barbs in unison at the evil beast America as he has done in the past. Seeing as he is now center stage and center ring and the bullseye is now attacked to his own backside by our enemies by default.

Whether he will learn anything from his recent meetings at the G20 and now this one with Latin American leaders remains to be seen. As does the level and extent of long term damage to the United States by a contrite and submissive US president.

From Venezuela's Chavez, who last month referred to Obama as an "ignoramus" to the present greetings he received from Daniel Ortega and Cristina Fernandez collectively, it is becoming more and more apparent as each day passes, that whatever fear or anger toward America that may have existed under the Bush administration against America, has not been replaced by any love or admiration simply because we have a new president and he is supposedly an understanding socialist. And if anything is becoming more and more apparent, it is that Obama's contrite and apologetic approach to these meetings with his new friends, combined with his bowing presence to the Islamic world, has more than left an impression on the rest of the world of a weak America.

Little big man Hugo Chavez of Venezuela even gave Obama a Spanish-language copy of Uruguayan historian Eduardo Galeano’s book “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.”

I suppose he has been watching Obama's gift giving of late and decided that it was an appropriate offering for his Yankee socialist cousin.

And even Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva let the junior G man have it and told him that holding any further summits of the Americas in the absence of participation of Cuba was simply unacceptable.

I wonder if Obama is beginning to understand the feeling of the old lion being pushed aside by the pride of lesser lions of the plains? As he stands before them in his purposely tattered attire and bearing his non threatening and toothless grin. What else did he expect on the world stage of king of the hill and the herd mentality of attack, attack, attack?

None of these little junior wanabes is capable of inflicting any serious damage against the lion that is America, even in it's weakened state, but their efforts combined can have the same effect as the Spaniard's "estoque" on the bull. Enough thrusts from enough directions and eventually the most formidable of foes can be reduced to it's knees and dealt the final death blow.

Almost without exception, the common theme of the combined attack against the American president this past week, seems to center on the pressure to allow the viper (Cuba) into the tent of respected nations. Almost all of these Latin presidents and socialist dictators are demanding parity for Cuba. And they equally let it be known to the messianic one, that his recent policy changes on easing travel and the status of Cuba by America just doesn't go far enough.

They want complete surrender by the Yankee president on the Cuban issue. And you know what? They will get it. By this time next year, people will be shaking hands and smiling with our newest best friends forever Cuba.

It appears that Cuba is symbolically important to many of these Latin leaders and tyrants, as their own checkered paths to glory have followed a similar revolutionary path. Therefore, it seems the least they can do is to get Cuba and the old man Fidel his and Cuba's just rewards. And the messianic one is playing right along. " “equal partnership” with other countries in the Americas. Regional leaders “cannot let ourselves be prisoners of past disagreements,” Obama said.

Nor did his subsequent remarks hold any sway over the assembled gallery when he said? "“You can’t blame the U.S. for every problem in this hemisphere,” Obama said. “I am very grateful that President Ortega didn’t blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”

Was this an attempt at a fall back position by the one? Much the same as the one he used during his campaign when attempting to dodge responsibility for friendship and kinship with the communist anarchist William Ayers? It certainly struck me in that fashion. Just another example of Barack Obama attempting to outrun and distance himself from anything that he senses as personally damaging.

Although what he was really saying if you listen to his words, was not so much that you can't blame America for problems in the hemisphere, as much as you can't blame me. What the junior G man continues to fail to grasp? Is that he is now the living and breathing effigy of everything that these second rate and wanton tyrants have always hated about America. It makes them no difference that he is a committed socialist or that he is engaged in the process of serving up America to the weaker second hand lions of the world.

Suffice it to say, that the man just doesn't get it but he will. And so will the rest of us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Protester Speaks Out

The World On Ice

Ice is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.

More evidence that the global warming hype is bullocks and bull chips. And the band plays on. Meanwhile, Colorado and Wyoming are expecting up to 24 inches of snow this weekend in late April.

This global warming is going to freeze us before it cooks us.

Barack's Newest Buddy

Was there ever any doubt that this meeting and photo would occur?

Obama, Chavez shake hands at Americas Summit

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (AP) - Presidents Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist leader, met Friday and shook hands on the sidelines of a summit of their hemisphere's democracies.

Obama walked across a hotel meeting room to meet Chavez for the first time, said a senior U.S. administration official who witnessed it and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the details of the event. The official said Obama initiated the encounter.

Chavez has been a fierce critic of the United States during President George W. Bush's tenure.

"It was very, very short," the official said of Friday's meeting. "The president shook his hand, smiled and then went back to his position in the line."

The encounter comes as Obama softens U.S. policy against Cuba, a Chavez ally.

Asked later about the meeting, Obama elicited laughter from reporters with a brief response: "I said, 'Como estas?'"

That's the familiar form of Spanish for "How are you?"

Chavez was more forthcoming with reporters.

"We shook each other's hands like gentlemen, and it was predictable this would happen," Chavez said.

"We don't have any complexes that would prevent us from extending our hands to each other. I'm grateful for his gesture."

All smiles and handshakes, yet it was the Venezuelan media who got this photo out to the world first. Makes you wonder what the American press corps traveling with the president was up to. Did they miss it? Or was it just to0 much for them to grasp and comprehend and report to the folks back home. (or were they too embarrassed?)

The messianic one has said all along, that he would be more than happy to coddle up to America's enemies once he was president. What he didn't let on was the fact that he would personally enjoy belittling this country in front of the world. As he has been demonstrating now for the past two weeks. All smiles and handshakes and bows at the appropriate times it seems.

And now after his bowing stunt to the King of Saudi Arabia at the G20 meeting two weeks ago, I'll bet he couldn't wait to get to this meeting of the Americas for his photo ops with his newest buddy the socialist/communist dictator of Venezuela.

And before this trip is over? Look to see photos of him cuddling with Raul Castro of Cuba and yucking it up for the cameras again.

Thank you for nothing mr. president (lower case as intentional emphasis) and here's a tip. If you feel compelled to continue to embarrass yourself on the world stage? Try to remember that you are representing this country in your limited capacity to understand the responsibility that you have. And the rest of this nation that didn't vote for your sorry ass are watching and remembering and taking note of the buffoon that now wears the title of president of this country.

And guess what? When it comes to you? We are dissidents. Remember that term? The one that the democrats have clung to for the past eight years that according to them? Was more than indicative of their patriotism? Well get use to it buddy boy, cause you have engendered and entirely new wave of patriotism in America. And those sentiments will continue to grow exponentially as the people of this country are exposed daily to just who and what you are.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a Tough Job. But Who is Being Protected

Obama consulted widely on memos

I remember well the election of 2004 and how during each of the debates when pressed, President Bush would say that being president was a tough job. But that was only during the debates. I never heard him mention it personally or any in his administration, either before or after that election. And I feel that the reason he made the points of discussing it with the people then, was due to the fact that his opponent John Kerry, had become almost flippant in his approach to weighing and criticizing the decisions of the man he hoped to defeat.

Fast forward four years and we now have Barack Obama in the White House. He is the one making those tough decisions now. Except the decisions now are seemingly more weighty and the public must be reminded almost on a daily basis of that fact by the president or his team.

While I will agree that the weight of many decisions involving the presidency are weighty, I disagree with the necessity of continually reminding the public of that fact. To do so, comes across to me as being more concerned about personal image than with the weight or effect of the decision in the first place. The decisions are tough. That is why he was elected. We know that, we get it. Now get on with making those decisions and if the necessity arises? WE will ask you what were the facts and basis for your decision.

Yet weighted decisions are being made and reported daily by this president and I for one am of the impression that he is grossly misjudging the importance and effect of many of these decisions that he is trumpeting as examples of his leadership.

As example, his recent decision to release the memos of the Bush administration, covering and dealing with terrorism and the use of both overt and covert interrogation techniques used to obtain valuable information from those who can potentially harm millions in this country.

A decision such as this certainly has all the earmarks of weighty importance, but was it a decision that had to be made? What was the requisite necessity that required this information to be released to the "public?" Regardless of the belief of necessity of transparency, there becomes a point in time when your supposed transparency becomes dangerous to the people of this nation.

One opinion of the president's decision to release the information follows:

“I don't believe Obama would intentionally endanger the nation, so it must be that he thinks either 1. the previous administration, including the CIA professionals who have defended this program, is lying about its importance and effectiveness, or 2. he believes we are no longer really at war and no longer face the kind of grave threat to our national security this program has protected against.”

So it's either a case of the president felt that those involved in the national intelligence of this country were and are simply lying? Either that, or he believes that we are no longer at war with Islamic extremist and therefore, the necessity of secrecy involving security classification of intelligence practices no longer exists?

What form of lunacy could formulate such a bizarre extrapolation of reasoning? Neither of these reasoning's are palatable to me as justifications, no more than they are for the man who was called upon to produce them as speculative analysis of the president's decision. But what else are we left to believe, when we see and American president acting in such an irresponsible and politically motivated manner.

The unnamed former member of the Bush administration went on to conclude:

“It's damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama's action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake."

The defense to the release of this information, is that the president was acting under a deadline. An imposed time line by a judge and a court. Based upon the entertaining of a lawsuit brought by none other than the ACLU. Only this time? They are seeking to protect the civil liberties of non Americans against Americans. (once again. imagine that)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Documentary Film Maker Arrested at Couric Award Ceremony

Link: Ziegler Detained

OK. Watch the video, then ask yourself if Michael Moore would have been treated like this by the campus police. Then determine if you can, precisely what "law" this man violated. The officer told him that he was being arrested for violating the "rules."

Then, after physically arresting the man and transporting him to an entirely different location? There is suddenly a change of heart on the part of the police, who begin to bargain with the man for his release.

I am sorry, but once you place handcuffs on a person and remove them from one place to another? You have arrested them. And just like the old adage that "you can't un-ring a bell?" You can't un-arrest someone after you have arrested them.

This is a clear case of false arrest and detention, if not kidnapping and whoever this man is? He should sue this college and all parties involved for damages.

No INRI For Obama

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”--symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.

There is a lot that could be said about this outrage IMO, but I feel that a few passages of scripture have already addressed it best.

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours." John 15:18-20

"Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.
1 Peter 4:16

Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name."
—1 Peter 4:12-14, 16

The French Political Fashion Sense

Nicolas Sarkozy puts Barack Obama in the doghouse

France has been cooing along with everyone else over the arrival of Bo Obama at the White House, but the master of America's new First Dog is no longer in good odour with President Sarkozy.

Apparently Nicolas Sarkozy is the first in Europe to step to the forefront of world leaders and speak openly about the emperor's wardrobe and the fallacious economic representations of the American president, during his European visit last week.

Not the least of which being, what Sarkozy both sees and knows to be the abject fluff of Obama's economic optimism, which is clearly lacking substance when scrutinized by any rational mind. Whether other world leaders will openly admit it or not, Europeans have grown accustomed to strong American presidents and strong American policy. Presidents who whether they agreed with their polices or not, they were forced to pay attention to.

Not so the case with Barack Obama obviously.

From the minute he set foot in Europe last week, it became obvious to Americans back home and to the European audience, that most of that shine that he wore so lovingly through his European and world tour last year has now worn off.

And that was immediately obvious by the reactions of both Sarkozy of France and Merkel of Germany, as it concerned Obama's plan to attempt to infect the European economic system, with his scheme of spending our way out of economic crisis and potential destitution, via mind boggling deficit spending.

Thank God, that at the least these two saw through the smoke and stated up front and immediately, that they weren't interested in buying what the messianic one was hustling on economics. And the same became true concerning Obama's attempts to stimulate increased NATO participation in Afghanistan later in the week.

While he was able to garner some promises of a meager 5000 rear echelon support personnel (trainers) to be committed to Afghanistan, no one was buying into his requests for increased levels of non American combat troops. Which in essence was revealing of just how America and our newly minted president are viewed concerning the war in Afghanistan by Europeans IMO.

Perhaps those opinions will change in the future, once Al Qaida has revisited more terrorism and violence in the capitols of Europe, but not for now. IMO, It is obvious that the rest of the world is content to allow America to go it alone in Afghanistan in the fight against Islamic terrorism, regardless of who is in the White House.

And this too was a reality that was not lost on Nicolas Sarkozy and his observations and summations as it concerns the new president. It's as if these leaders in the EU know and recognize that Obama is not what was advertised and they are now more and more prepared to step out and cross blades with America and the man who claimed change. Obviously they aren't buying his change either.

And if there was one item on the agenda that Obama's handler's and advisers should have known would be like pissing down the legs of most of Europe last week, it was the Obama statement that he felt that Turkey should be brought into the EU.

The issue of Turkish membership in the EU, has to this point been krytonite to most who have attempted to touch it in the majority of Europe. And Obama will fair no better in the opinions of Europeans on that issue, than others who have stubbed their own toes on the topic.

And lastly, while there may be many who enjoy sitting around in circles singing we are the world and imagine, those others who haven't completely lost their minds know, that this is a dangerous world that we live in. And all the more dangerous everyday, as we watch rogue states like Iran and N Korea and their nuclear ambitions. Not to mention the present unstable circumstances in Pakistan that could flash over at any moment.

Now is not the time to become misty eyed and enamoured with fantasies as it concerns nuclear weapons and a world free of nuclear weapons. Because that isn't going to happen regardless of how many revisions of script for Nirvana are submitted by the Obama administration. Yet Obama is preparing to not only draw down American military capability globally and eliminate most systems for future defense, he is also preparing to draw down the American nuclear deterrent period it would seem.

And this in the face of N Korea's defiance of the world and Iran's open defiance and challenge to all western interest or concerns, as to their building of their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. Not to forget their aims and designs on Israel.

What is amazing to me? Is that most Europeans could possibly believe, that they would somehow be spared from being splashed by the aftermath of a nuclear attack on Israel.

But at least for now, it is worth watching the reactions of European leaders as they attempt to navigate their relationships with the new Obama administration. I wonder if Sarkozy has recommended any tailors to the emperor?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extremism as Practiced by Extremist

Napolitano stands by 'extremism' report

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report sent to law enforcement that lists veterans as a terrorist risk to the U.S. and defines "rightwing extremism" as including groups opposed to abortion and immigration.

There is some extremism going on here alright, but it isn't any so called right wing extremism. There is something systemically wrong with our leadership in Washington and those appointed to serve the people of this country, when they can assert and defend allegations that veterans returning home from war to this country, are some how immediately warranted of being suspected of extremist viewpoints.

Could this liberal branding possibly be due the fact that the large majority of those serving in the military, are presently and historically conservatives?

"I was briefed on the general topic, which is one that struck a nerve as someone personally involved in the Timothy McVeigh prosecution," Ms. Napolitano said.

And what of those who are pro-life? Being against the killing of unborn children is suddenly considered and extremist viewpoint?

"Let me be very clear: we monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States. We don´t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence," Ms. Napolitano said.

No, let's be perfectly clear period. Ms. Napolitano could care less about any groups, terrorist or other wise, unless they are in opposition to liberal socialism. There is where the focus of this witch hunt is focused and I believe that it is high time for the people of this nation to demand that this woman be terminated from any position of authority in government. Every American should be calling their representatives and demanding that an end be put to political profiling and persecution of conservative minded Americans by Obama's Homeland Brown Shirt Branch.