Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike Huckabee's "Willy Horton" (UPDATED)

Maurice Clemmons, man wanted for questioning, has troubling criminal history

If this report is true, (and apparently it is based upon Huckabee's response) this will be Mike Huckabee's Willy Horton.

If Clemmons is found responsible, "it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington State," Huckabee said.

That statement tells me that Mike Huckabee has already conceded the facts and is attempting damage control, for what that is worth. As I am quite sure that the minute he makes an announcement concerning his intent to run for president in 2012, the media will be all over him and draping this guy (Clemmons) around his neck like a millstone.

I may be wrong and I would like to believe that I am, but I don't think that this is something that Mike Huckabee can distance himself from. The bottom line, there are four dead police officers in Washington state, who wouldn't be dead right now if they had kept this criminal behind bars in Arkansas. And Mike Huckabee was the man responsible for setting him free.

Huckabee said the criminal justice system “failed miserably” in Clemmons’ case.

"If I could've known nine years ago, looked into the future, would I have acted favorably upon the parole board's recommendation?” Huckabee told Fox News Radio on Monday. “Of course not."

Responding to his critics, Huckabee said, "Politics is the last thing on my mind. It should be the last thing on anybody's mind. To me it's repulsive that people are trying to bring something like that up in the midst of what ought to be a concern for these officer's families.

"The criminal justice is far from perfect and in this case it failed miserably on all sides."

Of course the alibi for Huckabee, is that after he intervened and Clemmons was paroled, he ultimately violated his parole and was re-arrested and after that the subsequent responsibility for his release lay with someone else.

I just don't see the liberal media as looking at the facts and giving him a pass on any level on this.


Police Killings Suspect Warned: 'I'll Kill All You bitches'

"This guy should have never been on the street," said Brian D. Wurts, president of the police union in Lakewood. "Our elected officials need to find out why these people are out."

Huckabee said on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday night that Clemmons was allowed back on the street because prosecutors failed to file paperwork in time.

Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley, whose office opposed Clemmons' parole in 2000 and 2004, said Huckabee's comments were "red herrings."

"My word to Mr. Huckabee is man up and own what you did," Jegley said.

And as of 6:30 EST this morning, the news is reporting that Clemmons has been shot and killed by Seattle police after a shootout with the suspect.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bush Allowed Bin Ladin To Escape!

Bush Allowed Bin Ladin To Escape!

Look for that headline, just as soon as John Kerry and his staff members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and their Democratic majority operatives can package and sell this tripe to their minions in the media.

Senate Report: Bin Laden Was 'Within Our Grasp'

The story might make for some suspense and intrigue if it weren't so obvious that it has been cobbled together as only another means of attacking the Bush administration and the war.

Lest we forget, John Kerry has been beating his drum for the last eight years and shouting his claims that Bush and Rumsfeld let Bin Ladin get away. So this is nothing new and it certainly isn't news. The only thing that has changed is that his guy (Obama) is now in the White house and as a result, he and his partisans on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, can now reassemble their dog eared allegations once again for another run at the people. Only this time, they have the cooperation of liberal appointees in all levels of the government who will facilitate their ruse by manipulating the history with their reports.

Of course, no one in the Obama administration or the Kerry camp will care to remember that their guy (Bill Clinton) had the opportunity to take down Bin Ladin on at least three occasions during his administrations, or that he opted in each case to turn his back on the opportunity. Nor will they care to remember that Clinton saw Bin Ladin as nothing more than a mere criminal and therefore, believed that we as a nation didn't have enough "evidence" to prosecute him.

I wonder if those 3000 plus dead on September 11th reached that threshold of evidence for them? Or if the more than 4000 lost since in the war against the lunatic and his followers globally since, counts as evidence for their much desired criminal prosecution.

I also wonder if they understand that Bill Clinton had direct knowledge of the whereabouts of Bin Ladin and refused to loose the military to get him. Where as the best that this latest democrat revelation can seem to accuse is that "the military leaders in theater" allowed him to escape.

Someone once said that laws and sausages are two things that people should never watch being made. I would include partisan political carping and the manipulation of history for political objectives into that mix. Except for the fact that we as Americans had better start paying attention to all of it. For the Devil is truly in the details when it comes to politics and the democrat methodology of lulling the people with lies and complete fabrications of the truth for partisan socialist objectives.

This report by Kerry's minions on the Foreign Relations committee is nothing more than their latest attempt to build a mountain on a foundation of mole hills and they know it. I sincerely hope that the average American who is ultimately exposed to this tripe by the media, realizes and recognizes that fact. And I sincerely hope that those same Americans remember what truly happened and why and I hope they carry those memories and all that has transpired since into the voting booths next year during the midterms and on into 2012 with them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

America's emphasis on outdated modes of distilling economic value

Time is up for short-term thinking in capitalism

This is an interesting little ditty, appearing ostensibly in the Financial Times this morning, under the joint authorship of Al Gore and David Blood.

Of course, the premise is that we have gotten it all wrong when it comes to the causes and effects of capitalism and our present economic dilemmas. That is why we are presently facing the crisis that we are concerning the economy according to Mr. Gore and Mr. Blood. Our short term approach to capitalism is the wrong formula period and apparently has been all along. We should be (should have been) thinking long term all along according to these two masters of the economic universe.

And who better to point this out to us and make the necessary corrections, than our beloved former vice president Al Gore and his little buddy Mr. Blood. And of course these two as a team while combining their economics research capabilities, they have identified the problem and the solution. And now they are prepared to share their findings with the rest of us. How sweet.

First they identified the problem:

The global financial crisis had its origins in short-term, unsustainable strategies and actions. Before the crisis and since, we (and others) have called for a more long-term and responsible form of capitalism – what we call “sustainable capitalism”. Yet despite our collective best efforts, one year on, the capital markets seem to be reverting to business as usual.

Then naturally they tendered their own reasoned and considered solution.

Winston Churchill said: “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” So what is now required? How do we change? In order to start developing sustainable capitalism, we need to reconsider the basic building blocks of commerce and markets: accounting, disclosure, incentives, regulation and responsibility.

Surely their formula denoting incentives, wouldn't even begin to address oppressive taxes and their economic effect would it? I mean the regulation and accounting parts of their solution would seem to immediately negate all incentives as aforementioned. At least that has been my observation of the socialist plan and mechanism every other time i have seen it displayed and explained.

We all know and we are all aware of the reputation and generous accolades lauded upon Al Gore since leaving office, but who is this David Blood fellow that he has joined partnership with? Well it seems? David Blood is "The wizard behind Generation Management LLC." And none other than Al Gore's business partner in his carbon management front company attempting to further propel and perpetuate the global warming myth. Al Gore serves as Chairman on the board of Generation Management it would seem. How convenient.

On a side note, the name of the company says it all IMO. Could there be a more fitting title for a company whose entire purpose and function, is that of fostering the socialist ideologies of rogue liberal extremist environmentalist and global warming? While their collective celebrity mouthpieces tongue and pen such aberrations of reasoning?

For those interested in peeking inside the minds of a couple of committed anti American socialists and their extremist mentors in the environmental sciences, it is well worth the few minutes spent reading the ramblings of these two leaders in the movement of supposed long term economic thinking.

Then afterward, sit and contemplate just what it is that they have in store for you and I, if they ever find the traction and the following that they so earnestly are pursuing in their quest for power and control over all of us. And don't forget, for them it's not about the money or the accolades and celebrity. It's simply about creating a better environment and a better world for the rest of us.

So why is it that every time Al Gore opens his mouth? I feel like I am getting a digital rectal exam?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

When the other shoe drops? Duck!

Dubai default threat rattles world stocks

The Dubai government announced that it would revamp the Dubai World group and wanted its lenders to extend its maturing debt until at least May 2010.

Dubai added that it had raised five billion dollars in a new bonds issue aimed at helping meet its debt obligations.

So what happens when the other shoe drops? I along with many others in this country, have been wondering for over a year now, as to where the next seismic event in the global economy would occur. Call it as the old axiom says "waiting for the other shoe to drop."

But what happens when that shoe comes flying out of the back rows of the middle east and it is headed right for America's head. Call it a reminiscent analogy of George Bush ducking the thrown shoe during his last visit to Iraq.

This news is not good IMO and it comes in the midst of one of America's traditional four day holidays. Which tells me that it was a planned move by those in Dubai. They and their bankers will have at least four days now, to get their duck in a row, before the American markets can react and even begin to attempt to assess and react to the damage done here by this news.

Dubai has been one of the fast lane players on the world scene for at least the last fifteen years. Seemingly like their neighbors, swimming in oil money and going through that money faster than whale oil through a hurricane lamp.

There has been a boat load of development in Dubai during that period, particularly as it concerns commercial development and real estate. Dubai now has the world's tallest building, not to mention the largest man made series of resort islands, all of which were raised from either barren desert or the depths of the sea.

It only takes money, or so it seems and those in Dubai have not only spent their wealth at an alarming rate, but they have also mortgaged a great deal of their extravagance to the hilt it would appear.

And now the bills are coming due and with the fall of global oil prices? It would appear that those in Dubai are becoming familiar with that old adage about counting your chickens before they hatch. Not unlike California as an example, states and nations cannot charge blindly forth into never ending debt while abusing their ability to repay it, on what they "project" as their income based upon current resources, taxes and trends.

It simply doesn't work that way and California has already seen just how dire that reality can become, once those projected revenues never materialize. Which is precisely what is happening in Dubai and causing the danger now to world markets.

There was a time when bankers globally looked for collateral and they looked at credit history and their potential customer's ability to repay. All that went out the window once the Clinton administration abandoned the "Glass Stegal Act" and allowed unregulated banking and trading. And the trend was picked up in global markets and the bundlers took off like pigs to the trough.

And here we are.

A default by Dubai or even the threat of a default could be that shoe from the back of the room for America. it could be the knockout punch that we have all feared. A round house blow that sends this country reeling and tumbling to the mat.

There are many economist (outside the mainstream bean counters in government) who have said for the past year, that the next crisis to strike the global economy would be the crash of commercial real estate. I happen to believe that it has already begun here in America. I also happen to believe that based on this news of Dubai's troubles? We may be at the point of watching the water draw away from the beach, right before the Tsunami that can kill our economy comes crashing in.

Of course....I could be wrong and I sincerely hope that I am. Arguments in opposition are welcome.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One more reason why

It is possible to contract the H1N1 virus twice, a West Virginia doctor learned the hard way, Charleston's Daily Mail reported.

IMO? this is just one more reason why you should not be getting one of their swine flu vaccinations this year or ever. Or one of the regular ones for that matter.

There are a litany of reasons IMO that people should not subject themselves or their families to these vaccinations, but the article linked demonstrates something that most people are not told. And that is the fact that many of these viruses cannot be stopped with a vaccination.

The premise has always been, that once you are infected with something, your body creates antibodies and therefore, you will never get it again or become sick from it again. That simply isn't true. I knew a number of kids when I was growing up, who got the mumps twice and the chicken pox as an example.

The same is true with these flu viruses. They can mutate so fast there is little that can be done to make yourself immune. Your only real defense is a strong immune system to begin with. And that is something that you build and work on over time. It isn't something that you can turbo boost by suddenly drinking quarts of orange juice once you feel sick.

Prevention is the best policy. That and keeping your system charged up with antioxidants and natural vitamin C and especially vitamin D. So if you want to hopefully dodge the flu this year and here after? Try including lots of raw garlic into your regular diet. It has magnificent quantities of immediately useful vitamin C. Then try to include 4000 to 5000 IU's of a good quality vitamin D into your regime everyday. Especially during the fall and winter months when you don't get enough sunlight. (The source of the majority of natural vitamin D).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cowards are now in control of this country

From the Doctor Bulldog & Ronin

Navy Seals Accused of Assaulting Murderer of 4 Blackwater USA Security Guards

Lt. Col. Holly Silkman, spokeswoman for the special operations component of U.S. Central Command, confirmed Tuesday to that three SEALs have been charged in connection with the capture of a detainee. She said their court martial is scheduled for January.

United States Central Command declined to discuss the detainee, but a legal source told that the detainee was turned over to Iraqi authorities, to whom he made the abuse complaints. He was then returned to American custody. The SEAL leader reported the charge up the chain of command, and an investigation ensued.

The source said intelligence briefings provided to the SEALs stated that “Objective Amber” planned the 2004 Fallujah ambush, and “they had been tracking this guy for some time.”

The Fallujah atrocity came to symbolize the brutality of the enemy in Iraq and the degree to which a homegrown insurgency was extending its grip over Iraq.

Absolutely beyond the pale of incredulity! And you bet your backside, this is the result of a cowardly regime in both the white house and the Pentagon.

What a total load of politically correct BS insanity!

This guy is responsible for the death of four Americans and one of the most horrendous displays of behavior by an animal ever witnessed and he is afforded victim status after having supposedly being punched in the mouth by a Navy Seal during his capture?

This is what our society and our government has come to. Supposedly, as a result of the "Abu Graib" scandal, this is what our brave warriors are left to contend with and to expect at the hands of their own superiors as a result of political correctness gone mad.

What a sickening reality this has to have been for those involved and now standing to be tried as criminals for having violated the sacred rights of a murdering terrorist bastard!

And for what crime? Doing their job? Risking their lives? Serving their country?

America needs to sit up and take notice of this travesty being perpetrated against brave men by our military hierarchy and this white house. This is precisely the type of unmitigated socialist tripe and panty waste pasty liberal whining, that we can apparently expect from this regime in Washington for the duration. Yes, the Obama white house isn't an administration IMO. It is a regime and it is a regime of the lowest and most spineless order.

Not only do they intend to bring those responsible for the 9/11 attack to New York and allow them to use our courts as their own personal soap box, but this president and (his co-conspirator) attorney general Eric Holder, apparently intend to see to it that no crime goes unacknowledged and no crime goes unpunished, especially when it comes to punishing our military personnel and special warfare warriors who remain in Afghanistan and Iraq serving this country.

I intend to send letters to both of my senators and my congressman, deploring this most horrendous act of idiocy against these brave Navy seals. I encourage all Americans who become aware of this travesty of justice to write their senators and representatives and demand that this politically correct circus be stopped and stopped immediately.

Stooping for China

Enough said. The man seems to like to stoop low to kiss the feet of other world leaders on behalf of America. Who knew? All that was required to repair America's image in communist and socialist countries?

Just a little subservient ass kissing.

Inhofe on false science

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life is so unfair to liberals

Anti-Obama billboard stirs controversy

"It's out of control," Sirota said. "This conservative hatred of Barack Obama is out of contol, and this brings together all those strands of it: the racism, the anti-Muslim fervor. It's one thing to criticise the president on health care, or Wall Street reform, or immigration. But this is outrageous. And I think it's a fair question to ask why these questions about religion and ancestry are being directed so viciously at the first African-American President of the United States."

It;s absolutely amazing, watching liberals attempt to straddle the issues while screaming for "fairness."

How about this?

So let's review.....Obama is questioned on his ethnicity, and accused of being a jihadist. and that is unfair and "this conservative hatred has to stop.

Now, re-wind the past eight years and see how many times George Bush was vilified and accused of equal and worse by the liberals.

Just Google "Bush billboards" and go to "images" and have a look around. But now? Suddenly it is the "conservative hatred" that has to stop.

And the guy quoted above? He touched all the bases including the allegations of racism.

I say all is fair in love, war and politics. So get use to it boys, you had your barbs for the last eight years, get ready for ours.

Global warming is the "Big Bang"

‘Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution, dangerous work’

The effects of climate change have driven women in communities in coastal areas in poor countries like the Philippines into dangerous work, and sometimes even the flesh trade, a United Nations official said.

Suneeta Mukherjee, country representative of the United Nations Food Population Fund (UNFPA), said women in the Philippines are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in the country.

“Climate change could reduce income from farming and fishing, possibly driving some women into sex work and thereby increase HIV infection," Mukherjee said during the Wednesday launch of the UNFPA annual State of World Population Report in Pasay City.

Well there you have it folks. Finally! A definitive answer. Scientific proof. Global warming causes prostitution. Apparently? The problem isn't just something recent or of our own age. It's actually a problem that has been with us for thousands of years.

What's really been going on concerning the "big bang."

Global warming must have been around in biblical times, as prostitution sure was. I wonder....could that be why Jesus intervened and prevented the prostitute from being stoned? Could it have been that he was merely taking climate action to prevent a possible climatic action by those who wanted to stone the woman to death.

Go forth and sin no more. Therefore, Jesus must have also been aware of the dangers of global warming and his intercession that day was obviously more important than we ever realized.

And who could could ever forget the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah! Egads! The Lord himself rained down fire from the sky as a result of all the debauchery afoot in them two towns. And here we just thought that it was a little fire and brimstone. but it was actually global warming (the first edition).

So there you have it. To prevent the end of the world and in order to save ourselves from God's immediate wrath? We need to nip it in the bud and we need to do it right now! We need to rein in these temperatures and do it fast, or else every woman on the planet may be in jeopardy of eternal hell fire. Not to mention, the rest of us may have our collective asses scorched by fireballs from the sky.

And all because we failed to prevent cow flatulence and we failed to find alternatives to fossil fuels. Or could it possibly be? We have allowed too many prostitutes to exist at once on the planet. and their combined heat generating properties have collectively raised global temperatures?

Who knew?

Friday, November 20, 2009

The American Express of Racism. Don't leave home without it.

Jesse Jackson: 'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill from Alabama,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Which begs the question....."can you vote for the health care reform bill and still call yourself a white man or white woman?"

I am so sick of this race pimp appearing regularly in the media, hustling his own brand of racism, while the media turns a ubiquitous blind eye and pretends it never happened.

Had a white man made a statement even remotely similar in racial context as to what The revered Jesse Jackson said? His career and his life would have immediately been ruined and ridiculed and he would have been drummed into oblivion by a more than eager to please liberal leftist media.

But the reverend Jesse Jackson or the reverend Al Sharpton, or the reverend Joseph Lowery or others? Well they can say anything they damn well please and they can make the most outlandish and brazenly racist statements possible. And the media simply stands and stares and moves on to something else as if to say "What?"

Jesse Jackson and his ilk have turned racism into a multimillion dollar industry in America and they absolutely refuse to ever allow the cash cow of race baiting to die. Dating back decades to thier escapades of years gone by, where they blackmailed corporate America at every turn, to their continued murmurs concerning "slave reparations," the mantra never ceases and it never ends. And it never will. Fear and guilt are their tools of trade and they have perfected the use of each to a science.

And here we have yet another example. Jackson's remark is relatively plain and easily simple to understand, even for a media moron. It is up front and straight forward. A cut to the chase moment IMO. "How could a black man (congressman) from the great state of Alabama? Vote against a bill that promises to provide more entitlement for the racially deprived?

Therefore, I have a question. How could any reasonably sane human being of any color, sit and listen to the racist rhetoric of Jesse Jackson and not immediate recognize this race pimp for precisely what he is.

That is absolutely disgusting to my sensibilities America, yet the people of this country continue to allow it to go on, while they continue to ignore the reality. Why? Because they suffer from the same disease that our friends and fellow countrymen in the military have demonstrated of late.

America is collectively terrified of being called a racist on any issue. And thus? Americans will march willingly into the ovens and the killing fields of the future if it save them from their greatest fear and real life phobia.

Just don't call them a racist. Please! It's more than they can bear!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ho Ho No: Postal Service Drops Santa Letters Program

The socialists have finally accomplished a milestone. Not even satisfied with attacking the reason for the season, they have now succeeded in going after the jolly old man himself.

The U.S. Postal Service is dropping a popular effort begun in 1954 in the small Alaska town of North Pole, where volunteers open and respond to thousands of letters addressed to Santa each year. Replies come with North Pole postmarks.

Postal Service officials said they are tightening rules in such programs nationwide after a postal worker in Maryland recognized a volunteer in the agency's Operation Santa program as a registered sex offender. The postal worker interceded before the individual could answer a child's letter, but the Postal Service viewed the episode as a big enough scare to make changes to the program.

There you have it. Just another example of big brother's protectionism and how government is always looking out for the best interests of the people.

I am sure that this will make a lot of the green wise mother earth huggers all warm and fuzzy. They will now be assured that their little eggs can be protected from the potential evils of pedophiles. Isn't that grand.

Meanwhile, they will continue to support the laws and the elected officials that continue to allow these child predators to prey upon children. Not to mention their support of laws that allow millions of the unborn to be murdered in this country every year.

But "ByGod! We stopped them from using Christmas as their hunting ground for diddling!

Stories like this would be laughable if they weren't so sick and tragically reflective of our morally debased and diseased politically correct society.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama Lied to the Europeans. Damn! I hate it when that happens!

Obama Lied to the Europeans

Barack Obama cast himself as a "citizen of the world" when he delivered his well-received campaign speech in Berlin in the summer of 2008. But the US president has now betrayed this claim. In his Berlin speech, he was dishonest with Europe. Since then, Obama has neglected the single most important issue for an American president who likes to imagine himself as a world citizen, namely, his country's addiction to fossil fuels and the risks of unchecked climate change. Health-care reform and other domestic issues were more important to him than global environmental threats. He was either unwilling or unable to convince skeptics in his own ranks and potential defectors from the ranks of the Republicans to support him, for example, by promising alternative investments as a compensation for states with large coal reserves.

The Europeans and especially the British are deeply into irony. I imagine then? This is what we in my part of the world call a "real doozy" for them. They must feel like they have been screwed and didn't even get kissed.

Sounds like the Europeans are more than a little pissed with the messiah right now. As they see his promises of old, for the actual hollow and shallow representations that they truly were both then and now.

Thankfully, their loss is our gain. At least for a little while. If he remains bogged down with his health care debacle and cap and trade, it will ultimately be the end of his presidency and his ability to do much more than pay lip service to any other major issue after that. Particularly as it concerns the other great socialist lie of our time "global warming."

But none the less, that won't salve the wounded asses of Europe as it concerns their hopes and dreams. They really thought that they had backed the ultimate ringer.

The tale of the cat

I thought this was pretty funny.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The $250,000 Birds

NFL Owner Fined $250,000

The NFL has fined Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams $250,000 for making an obscene gesture at Bills fans.

A priceless moment.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama finally answers the question truthfully

For those that may not remember, when last asked the question "when does a baby get human rights" in his view? Barack Hussein Obama answered by saying that "to answer that question from either a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with uh.... above my pay grade."

A review....

Fast forward fifteen months? And this is what our now president Barack Hussein Obama thinks on the issue of abortion now.

Axelrod Signals Obama Will Try to Strip Abortion Language From Health Care Bill

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod suggested Sunday that President Obama will intervene to make sure a controversial amendment restricting federal funding for abortion coverage is stripped from final health care reform legislation.

It certainly looks like the messiah doesn't have any compunction now, when it concerns addressing the rights of the unborn. Once again he and his ilk are revealed for who and what they truly are and what they truly represent.

In doing so, the president would be heeding the call of abortion rights supporters like Planned Parenthood that have called the White House their "strongest weapon" in keeping such restrictions out of the bill.

It certainly doesn't look like the issue of abortion is above his pay grade now, but it apparently once was, back when he was entertaining the nation and the pastor at Saddleback on national TV stage during the last of the debates. Back then it wasn't enough for the majority of Americans to see and recognize the aloofness and arrogance of the man vying to be president of these United States. I wonder what these leftist Christians have to think about their choice of president now.

It would be very easy and far too tempting to walk up to these people and face them down and utter that time honored phrase "I told you so." But to what purpose? They knew who and what they were voting for when they ignored the obvious and when they purposely denied the obvious and allowed this man to assume the reins of this country and thus a large portion of the decision making over their lives and the lives of future generations.

Future generations to them mean little more than aphids do to ants. In their relativist world of socialism, future generations are no more than a mechanism for them to further their present control and wealth over the stupid dupes that allow them to do it and get away with it.

I certainly hope that these pie eyed chic socialist in the pews at Saddleback and other churches across America are content with themselves over their decisions and their choice for president of this country. As they will now have to live with the knowledge that through their actions and inaction, they have provided a mechanism for the continued slaughter of millions of unborn children in this country. And the big difference now? They will be paying to subsidize it.

And what was it Planned Parenthood called this White House? Ah yes....their strongest weapon. Yes that was it.

Meanwhile, Obama and Acelrod are engaging in window dressing for the dumb masses.

Congratulations America. You are reaping what you have sewn.

The 7-11 Video

And the denials persist.

Just a disgruntled soldier suffering from "pre traumatic stress syndrome." No ties to terrorism, no ties to jihadist views, no outspoken anger and animosity against his country and the military. And no allegiance to radical Islam.

Just an average guy wrapped in the garb of his Muslim faith and following, stopping for coffee on the morning before he supposedly inexplicably "just snapped" and killed thirteen Americans.

There is a word for this type of denial.


And the treachery runs from the doorstep of the media right through the core of the United States Army and it runs right through to the Army Chief of Staff and the White House.

In the line of duty

Funerals Held for Some Fort Hood Shooting Victims

As the agony of the Fort Hood terrorist attack continues to play out in the media, a very important reality is being missed IMO. And that reality is that we have 12 Army personnel and one civilian who died defending their country during a terrorist attack.

Some may attempt to say that those lost were not engaged in combat against a recognized enemy, therefore, their deaths while tragic, weren't in the line of duty. These are the same one's now baying and shrilly whining that the acts of Hasan were not a terrorist inspired and conducted act.

But I beg to differ. A soldier doesn't have to be holding a rifle on a battlefield far away, to be fully engaged in protecting this country and thus become the victim of a terrorist. And I maintain that these thirteen were fully engaged in defending their country. As I equally maintain and believe that they died at the hands of a terrorist.

They never expected to be called upon to die on their own soil. Not in the relative comfort and safety of their own base, but the enemy within found them and targeted them just the same. Just as assuredly as if they had been deployed in either Afghanistan or Iraq, they were targeted for who they were and what they represented to the enemy. And the enemy they confronted that terrible day was no different than the enemy that their comrades are continuing to confront daily on the known and recognized battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fact that we as a nation have been failed and let down by those in power does not change that reality one bit. The fact that there are still those in our military and in our government, more concerned with being politically correct, than with protecting the lives of our citizens or our military personnel should not come as a shock to those who deal in truth and honesty. Even the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Casey revealed his egalitarian stripe in the aftermath of this massacre. It remains more important to him to protect the sensibilities of those who might become offended, than it is for him to assure the safety of his troopers. How disgusting. and this man wears the uniform of this country and holds the title of Army chief of Staff?

These thirteen fallen heroes were not only warriors for this nation, but they are also now our honored dead. They shed their blood and gave their lives in the ongoing battle and war being waged between freedom and democracy and Islamic Jihad ism.

Make no mistake, these men and women earned our love and appreciation and they are entitled to every honor and recognition that we as a nation can bestow upon them. And that includes the bestowing of medals and honors in all their conspicuous presentation to their surviving family members. And that is as it should be IMO.

We as a nation should not allow the memory of these honored dead to pass into history with no more than the whimpers and cries of their loved ones to stand as testament to their service and sacrifice. The time is not quite yet, but soon. There needs to be monuments erected at Fort Hood and at Arlington commemorating the lives and service of these thirteen who died at the hands of terrorist extremism. And in the interim, the Army should bestow on these families the appropriate combat action medals of this country. In recognition for their service against and sacrifice in the face of Islamic fanaticism.

As a family friend of one of the dead remarked this week as his funeral procession passed by....

"He was killed by a terrorist in my mind but he was still killed in the line of duty. We owe him a debt of gratitude, him and his family and the other soldiers. We owe them our lives, our freedom," she said.

I agree. Honor them and their service. Honor their memories and allow their families the honor of recognition that they both earned and deserve. And hopefully, allow someone with honor and integrity to be the one to present the honors to these surviving families.

Hopefully someone not steeped in the falsehoods of political correctness and the supposed diversity and tolerance and egalitarian bogus lies that led to these deaths.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blindside: The Charlie Wilkes Story

He's Done it Again

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a 1000 words." And if that adage holds true? Then Obama is a fellow who is very much into the image that he wishes to project of America as a weak and subservient nation.

How low will he go? Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a wow bow

Present and future generations will spill their blood addressing the embarrassments and idiocy of this man.

A Return to Insanity

9/11 suspects to be tried in New York

It has been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome, is a sign of insanity. Either that or it is a sure sign of stupidity IMO. Yet that is precisely what Americans saw being done by Washington once again this week.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The accused mastermind of the September 11 attacks and four co-conspirators will be sent to New York for trial in a court near the site of the World Trade Center, the Obama administration said on Friday, as it took a step toward closing the Guantanamo Bay prison.

So what is wrong with this picture. Have we not been down this road before and on a number of previous occasions? Is this not the exact same policy that resulted in the September 11th terrorist attacks?

President Bill Clinton turned a blind eye to global Islamic terrorism and allowed it to build and terrorist attacks to continue against Americans for eight years. He decided that those like Osama Bin Ladin were nothing more than criminal annoyances and therefore, warranted no further action than FBI investigations and possible prosecution, but only after criminal investigations had led to possible indictable criminal offenses. Many will recall? The Sudanese had Bin Ladin in custody and were prepared to turn him over to America, but President Clinton declined, citing a lack of evidence for America "to hold him."

And meanwhile the terrorists plotted and they attacked America and they plotted and they attacked America again and again. And we all know or we all should know what the end result of the Clinton administration's failure to treat terrorism as a crime of war resulted in.

And here we are once again (having elected an appeaser and socialist ideologue) watching our president ignoring the realities of global terrorism and those responsible, while he charges his (play acting) Attorney General with the task of addressing terrorism as if it were simply a crime of inconvenience.

It is more than a crime Mr. president. And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his compatriots drove that point home with emphasis added on September 11th 2001. But somehow you must have missed it. You must have missed the deaths of over 3000 Americans on that September day. Or do you and the gaggle of socialist dupes that surround you and permeate your administration simply not care. Are you so blinded by your socialist ideology and hatred for this country, that you will willingly march this nation into oblivion and death, just to reach your socialist goals?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed isn't just a criminal, he is a "war criminal" and as such, he should be treated accordingly by military confinement and military justice. The Bush administration treated him and his compatriots accordingly, but now we are about to see undone, everything that has kept this nation safe for the past eight years.

And as terrible as that stands to be, the additional insult will be that these murderous animals will be brought to the very city that they attacked and they will be given a public forum to spew and further espouse their Islamic hatred for this country.

President Obama's actions this week, by directing and allowing Attorney General Holder to bring these terrorists to America for a criminal trial, has accomplished nothing but to create a show trial and an international circus as it concerns America's determination and fortitude while facing future terrorist acts.

Through this idiocy we will accomplish nothing short of encouraging further attacks against America while emboldening those who are more than happy to carry out future terrorist attacks against us.

Insanity is a good word to describe this president and his policies.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How are things in Rome

As American soldiers and Marines continue to die in Afghanistan, our modern day Nero is off on a 9 day junket through Asia. He arrived early this morning in Japan where he spoke to reporters alongside the Japanese PM and the global media once again fawned.

Meanwhile, it has been leaked this week that the president is not satisfied with any of the present options or proposals as tendered to him by his military and security councils concerning Afghanistan. Apparently, at least the majority of the advice that he is getting concerning Afghanistan, has indicated the necessity to increase troop levels and that doesn't sit well with the messiah.

Apparently these plans run completely counter to Obama's socialist yellow streak and his long held desire to simply pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq ASAP. I can literally see the man sitting in private and seething over the fact that he cannot simply pull the plug on Afghanistan and redirect the money to one of his pet socialist programs. Based upon his reaction to the plans submitted so far, it appears to me that Obama won't be happy with anything that doesn't provide him an iron clad promise of deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan and an assurance that the Afghanis can hold it down after we leave..

Never mind that there may be fighting left undone that if abandoned now, will lead to the significant loss of American life both in Afghanistan and here at home. Our president wants out and he wants out now.

And the military irony? The general that Obama handpicked has told him what needs to be done, while the Retired General Eikenberry has reversed course from his previous positions and is siding with Obama. Not that his having been appointed ambassador might have colored his judgment in any fashion.

And yes, meanwhile our troops are further demoralized and further jeopardized while the Harlequin president jests about and demands compromises that completely favor his desires, while continuing to cost the lives of Americas in uniform daily.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Justice is finally done

Defiant DC sniper mastermind Muhammad executed

I don't believe that there should ever be rejoicing concerning the death of another human being, but there should be rejoicing when justice is done.

This man deserved his sentence and his fate. Let him now answer to God for his actions and those that remain in loss of their loved ones should know, that this man will never harm another.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What went wrong?

Officials: U.S. Army Told of Hasan's Contacts with al Qaeda

Fort Hood suspect was under FBI probe in 2008

Fort Hood Suspect Warned of Muslim Threat Within Military

U.S. Knew of Suspect’s Tie to Radical Cleric

An interesting question it would appear from the day's headlines. As the appeasers and the egalitarians race about madly attempting to deny the known and supplant common sense and accountability with purposely massaged manipulations, all designed to draw attention away from the facts and cloud the reality.

We will probably never know what really happened inside Hasan's mind. Perhaps Hasan was an alien abductee and having been taken to the planet Zorn? His psyche has been replaced with that of a common garden insect? Therefore, there can be no culpability on his part whatsoever for his rampage.

It's all so confusing to me. I wish Christiane Amanpour or some similarly compassionate middle eastern reporter would step forward and explain it all to us so that we could understand it. Or perhaps someone can see if there is a book deal and or a movie in the offing if Hasan chooses to tell his side of the story as part of our collective insight into the religion of peace.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Barack Is Too Busy,"

Obama Draws Criticism for Sitting Out Berlin Wall Anniversary

As Germany and the world look back and reflect on the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall this week, president Obama won't be present to acknowledge the roll that America and one of its greatest president's played in that history.

Too bad. But then again, who are the Germans or the Europeans to be imposing on the Messiah's time and itinerary right now. The president is a busy man. and besides, his interests and focus are in Asia and the middle east. Places where he feels more at home I suppose.

Which makes me pause and wonder, what will they be writing of his epitaph and legacy in another twenty years or so.

The way we get by

As we approach Veteran's Day this week, I hope that we all will remember what these men and women have sacrificed for us. And take a moment to reflect on what some folks like those in Bangor Maine have been doing to let our warriors know that they care and that there are those of us who are thankful.

Semper Fi.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Ever since the murders committed at Fort Hood last Thursday by the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan, I have witnessed the inevitable denials and attempts by the media and the White House. They have attempted to spin and deflect what has happened and they have attempted to change it into something entirely different from what most of us saw and recognize as the facts as they were initially and subsequently revealed.

Fox News even refused to acknowledge or report the suspect's name for hours after other major news organizations had identified him by his Muslim name. And as the days have passed since then, I have witnessed a bizarre dance between the truth and lies being performed across the board by American media and even the US Army. They are all in denial and they are all attempting to deny any involvement of his Muslim faith in his actions or motives.

A lot may not be known about the shooter's complete motives, but the American media spin machine has been working overtime in it's attempts to formulate plausible deniability for his Muslim connections and any possible influence of his faith on his actions last Thursday.

It's almost as if a veritable cottage industry has suddenly sprung up in defense of Nidal Malik Hasan and his Muslim heritage has suddenly been cloaked and covered over with what the media affectionately likes to refer to as "other concerns."

Apparently the media and those involved in the societal manipulation of our society as a whole, have come together to assert that there must be other dynamics at play and that Nidal Malik Hasan being a Muslim has very little if anything to do with either his life or his actions of last Thursday. Even the higher echelons of the US Army and the Pentagon have seemingly closed ranks and gathered their collective ten foot poles together, in order to push away from anything and everything that either questions Nidal Malik Hasan's Muslim heritage, or his documented outspoken feelings and beliefs as it concerns America's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is this an altered state of reality that I suddenly find myself in? Or is there some strange warping of time and space where the world is turned upside down? Where up is down, left is right and what you see and think are always the reverse of reality. If I didn't know better? I'd be tempted to believe that I have been kidnapped and taken down the rabbit hole of wonderland, but I know I am not dreaming and I know that I am not Alice.

This twisted sense of reality and its massaged manner of altering the facts, are the staples of present day mass media in America. Especially as it is performed and managed by the egalitarian controllers of thought, who manage and control every aspect of what is approved for dissemination from both government and media.

First they enter into a story and assert alternative explanations, then they hammer the truth and re-manufacture their own version of the truth until one easily replaces the other. And suddenly? What you thought was up is actually down and what you believed you had witnessed has been revealed as no more than an untrained, unsophisticated and ill informed observation.

The facts surrounding this massacre are relatively plain. Last Thursday, Nidal Malik Hasan entered into one of the processing centers at Fort Hood Texas and opened fire on dozens of defenseless American soldiers. Killing 13 and wounding dozens more.

I don't recognize this man as a soldier, therefore, it is at the least a misnomer to call him one or to attempt to associate him with his victims on that level of professionalism. I personally feel more comfortable associating him with that which he associated himself with last Thursday and before. He is a professed Muslim and a Muslim terrorist in my opinion. And as such his actions of last Thursday were steeped in the teachings of his faith and his own personal beliefs and expressions in that religion. Therefore, there is no deniability....none.

The Army and the media and the White House can carry forth and continue their disinformation campaign if they choose to, (and they will) but that isn't working on me. I know what has been revealed about this man and who he is and I do not accept the popularized thought police versions currently spewing forth from either the media or their handlers at the White House or in the Pentagon.

Is Nidal Malik Hasan a terrorist?

That seems to be the immediate question that has arisen in the past two days. Almost as if asking it lends credence to the belief in representation that he is not a terrorist.

Well let's see he a terrorist? Well he wasn't a member of any known terrorist cells prior to his rampage. So that clinches it then! He couldn't have been a terrorist. Because he was never identified as a terrorist prior to his actions right? He was and is just some disgruntled soldier with post traumatic stress disorder who snapped. Right?

That may be a nice bedtime story for those gullible enough to swallow it, but it belies something our own dear Hillary Clinton first brought to our attention last year, when she coined the phrase..."the willing suspension of disbelief."

To believe that Nidal Malik Hasan was not engaged in a terrorist act against America last Thursday? Certainly requires a willing suspension of disbelief in my opinion. The man had gone on record both in direct conversations with others and in writing on the internet, both opposing his country's policies and actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also by asserting his belief in the justness of any Muslim who strikes out and attacks America or Americans in either and individualistic or collective manner.

And the real clue to his motives rest in one simple phrase in my opinion...."Allahu akbar! -- Arabic for "God is great!"

What purpose would there be for this man of supposed non Muslim influence, to utter such a phrase while committing mass murder against those in the uniform of this nation?

I could go on with my point but it remains easily simple in my opinion. Nidal Malik Hasan cast his lot knowingly as he was committing mass murder and inflicting terror in the minds of his victims and all who would become aware of his actions that day.

In my opinion, there is no question and there is no debate on that issue. The man is guilty as charged, he is a terrorist. And anyone that believes that he was motivated by post traumatic stress disorder? Needs to first understand that he had never been in combat period, therefore, that is a moot point and a red herring.

The only PTSD that Nidal Malik Hasan will be exposed to, will be provided that he survives his injuries and has to face his own personal judgment as a failure before his God Allah.

Meanwhile thirteen innocent souls are today in the arms of the angels, while the others that he shot and attempted to murder, cling to life while they attempt to repair their shattered bodies and their shattered lives because of the actions of this man.

Is the man a terrorist? You damn right he is and he should be treated as such.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Recurring Calls For Failure in Afghanistan

Gordon Brown: risk of British failure in Afghanistan is real

OK, maybe it is me? But I don't think so. From president Obama's continued couched references, to his out and out refusal to address the military requests for more troops, to his own hand picked general's report, which he has sat on for over two months now.

At each and every turn, there seems to be a growing sense that America is losing or has already loost the war in Afghanistan and that the probable best course of action, is to cut our losses and leave.

Of course, never let it be reminded that this is always the way liberals see the way to fight wars. Just run away. Or better yet, don't bother fighting them at all. Just let them waltz right in and then see what concessions can be bargained for.

And now comes Gordon Brown of the UK. He seems to be parroting the lines given him by Obama now. Bracing his country for the apparent inevitable. and that inevitable is appearing more and more by the day, as if defeat and withdrawal are the only options that either he or Obama are presently entertaining.

Why else the solemn faces and the continued rhetoric for bracing the people for the worst of news.

You decide. I already have.

What's in a name

Petition Calls for NFL Running Back to Be Sacked After Gay Slurs

In today's NFL? There isn't much that seems to phase the fan base, unless it is name calling. Stomp another player in the head like Albert Haynesworth did in a game against Dallas in 2006? And the fans don't seem to care.

Get caught hosting dog fights and torturing dogs for sport like Michael Vick did? And many fans don't seem to have a problem with that either. And apparently neither does the league, as they have allowed him to return to the NFL after serving his prison sentence.

Incidents and transgressions by NFL players over the past few years is quite lengthy and the more thuggish the behavior? The more the fans seem to support them.

Enter one Larry Johnson, a stand out running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems that Larry has finally stumbled upon the single most unforgivable transgression that an NFL player could possibly commit. He has used slurs against homosexuals.

And from the looks of it? He may very well have experienced a self inflicted career ending injury that is non recoverable.

The new don't ask don't tell US policy

Senate blocks census US-citizenship question

That's right. not a US citizen? Don't worry, you have friends in Washington. They are called democrats and they just love to circumvent the constitution and bestow rights on you that you should never have.

Mean while, Americans are being further raped and run into the ground by these liberal socialist egalitarians and their politically correct thought police.

Nice to know that our elected officials in Washington are looking out for the rest of us. Oh snap! Wait a minute governor! It's not us that they are looking out for, it is "them" that they are looking out for. As usual and always. After all, it's not about our better interests, it's about the consolidation of political power and the corruption that permeates Washington from top to bottom.

Only 512,000 jobs lost this past week

US job market grim despite improving signals

New claims for jobless benefits dropped more than expected to a seasonally adjusted 512,000 during the week ended October 31, the first decline following two weeks of increases and the lowest level since January 3, when claims stood at 488,000. Continuing claims also fell.

While this may strike some folks as good news? To me it says that we are still losing 2 million jobs a month and more. and we have been for the past six months.

So where is the end? Where is the silver lining? And when is Obama's stimulus going to kick in and create new jobs? Must stop typing now, as this holding my breath waiting for any of that to happen is causing me to become light headed.

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Barack in Bones

Drudge has been running this story all afternoon, accompanied by recent photographs of Obama looking almost skeletal. According to Obama, he is just skinny and according to the White House, he has just been working out and playing a lot of basketball and skipping a few meals.

Personally? I believe that his outward appearance is more indicative of his image with the public right now. and if anything, he is simply mirroring in the flesh what many have been saying for well over a year now. The man is shallow and of little substance.

Only now? It literally shows.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another RINO Bites The Dust

Republican Scozzafava Endorses Democrat After Exiting N.Y. Congressional Race

Stranger than fiction. I have been watching this race at a distance, as the independent in the race had seemed to really be shaking up the status quo of this congressional race.

Then early this morning came the news that the Republican Scozzafava had abruptly pulled out of the race. While many in the media have chosen to portray her as a "moderate", I saw nothing in her position statements that made her moderate. She was liberal to the bone in my estimation and all it took was one look at her position on abortion and homosexual marriage to see that.

Now she has abruptly thrown her support to the democrat in the race. so what does that tell the average voter. She was/is liberal as they come and IMO, she was nothing more than a ringer in the race. And it would seem that many in the party recognized that reality and decided to put their support behind the conservative independent candidate.

Good for them. I will be interested to see how this election shakes out come Tuesday night.