Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lesson Learned: Life Is Not Fair

What does the face of a killer look like? What could have motivated a seemingly normal kid to become a maniacal killer?  How could this have been prevented? 

Should we blame this all on politicians and the NRA? As the father of one of the victims proclaimed yesterday?

I don't think so.  I don't know the specifics anymore than anyone else does as it concerns this kid who killed six and wounded thirteen in California yesterday, but I do know why it happened.  If you watch his video and read his manifesto, its there.  Plain and clear. As plain as the nose on your face. 

While the media will seek to whip up a public frenzy from this latest incident that they will brand as another senseless act of violence, both the media and their readers and watchers will overlook the truth and the reality staring them plainly in the face. We live in a violent culture. A culture perpetuated by those in media like the killer's father. A culture where forced realities and unrealistic reality are the standard.

Why did Elliot Roger have to die?  Why did he have to kill six innocent people? Why did he have to wound thirteen people and scar them and their families for life?  What form of deprivation or abuse must this killer have endured to want to lash out so violently at innocent people? Listen close, he tells you the specifics and what are those specifics?

Well let's see.  He was a young man from an affluent family. Attending college and seemingly provided with all the trappings of wealth.  His father is a famous director. A man who specializes in making films about teen violence and teens and young adults attacking and killing each other.

So what could it have been that triggered this rampage?  What terrible thing so scarred this miserable soul, as to make him commit the most heinous of crimes?  I say watch his video, read his ramblings.  Watch it and read it while it is still up, because it will eventually be pulled down.  Its all in there.  From the smirks he glares at the camera with to the pseudo laughter that accents his threats to annihilate those responsible for his misery.

Elliot Roger was giving a performance in that video.  This kid was giving a performance that he knew his father would see. A performance that he wanted his father to see. After all, his father is a famous director. A man experienced with creating and filming violence, so what better venue for the son to stage his final performance of life.  But was that the reason?  I don't think so.  As I said, watch the video. Listen to the statements Elliot Roger is making.  Listen carefully to his words.  Its all there.  His motive is laced throughout his rambling dissertation of intended death and annihilation of those he held responsible.

Elliot Roger killed?  Because life isn't fair. It wasn't fair that these women and girls were giving their sexual pleasures to other men.  It wasn't fair that he was 22 years old and still a virgin.  It wasn't fair that they never showed him the respect that he was due.  Therefore, he was going to lash out and get them. He was going to kill them. He was going to annihilate them.

Listen to his own words and two things should become immediately apparent. He was a victim of unfairness and his resolution was the annihilation of those he felt were responsible.  This is the society we live in. This is the society that indoctrinated his mind as it indoctrinates the minds of tens of thousands of others each day.

Everything should always be fair in this world of egalitarian expectations. Equal entitlement for all. Elliot Roger saw it that way. All those responsible for his own personal misery and hell?  Well, they were equally entitled to be annihilated.  Even when an individual (like Elliot Roger) is already more entitled than those he seems to despise, there obviously is room for emotional and sexual deprivation.  This kid had it all, but he couldn't have sex with all those sorority girls he admitted to lusting about.  Going to college, a 75K BMW, money to burn, everything a kid could want, but he couldn't get laid.

In the end, that's what it all boils down to.  Life was unfair and so Elliot Roger was going to kill and annihilate as many people as he could in response.  Think about perspective  then think about the millions of other Americans of this and the previous two generations who share the exact same egalitarian indoctrination of expectations of life.  

Its no longer about equal opportunity in this country, it is about equal outcomes and these kids are damn well going to insure that they get their "fair share."  Six people died, not including Roger and you know what?  By the yardstick of social and economic qualification that our society has chosen to embrace?  Their deaths must be looked upon by some as a fair and just outcome.  Trust me, there are those out there who will see it that way. Just as they will see and understand why Elliot Roger did what he did.  "Its not fair man! It's just not fair!"

So there you have it. Lesson learned:  "Life is not fair." Even when you have money and status and a famous father. Even when you are a "highly functional" Asperger Syndrome individual. Because? If life were fair? We wouldn't have greedy politicians and the NRA and the sorority sluts that deprive just young men of their sexual favors.

Elliot was young, isolated, sexually frustrated, and with victim mentality 

Elliot Rodger was trying to act out the role of a film star when he went on his killing spree – to make up for the fact he felt like a failure in real life. Clearly he did not feel he had the status he deserved. In his last YouTube video, which he explicitly filmed to leave a legacy, he casts himself as a movie star. In another of his clips he appears to reference the film American Psycho, and it might be that he has taken the main character, Patrick Bateman, as a role model.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Old Grey Lady is Out

Does it really make any difference which story you believe? I happen to believe there is probably truth on both sides of this story. Sultzberger was tired of Abramson's shite so he canned her. And after the fact, she plays the sexist card and runs for cover with the progressives screaming how unfair everything is.

The bottom line? in the real world people get fired for a lot of reasons and a few get fired for several reasons. The problem in today's world? Is if the person being fired is a woman or a minority? They can immediately claim racism or sexism and the media will come running to their defense. I literally cannot wait until the NFL has had enough of Michael Sam. Because any fool has to know, that as soon as they do, the homophobe accusations will fly.

NYT Publisher Sulzberger Says Abramson Firing Driven by Conduct

New York Times Co. (NYT) Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. denied gender bias played any part in his decision to fire top editor Jill Abramson, saying she publicly mistreated colleagues and was a poor communicator.

“During her tenure, I heard repeatedly from her newsroom colleagues, women and men, about a series of issues, including arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues,” Sulzberger said in a statement released yesterday.

“I discussed these issues with Jill herself several times and warned her that, unless they were addressed, she risked losing the trust of both masthead and newsroom.”

Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Sunday morning epistle of: Lies, Damn lies, Politicians and The Times We Live In.

A Sunday morning epistle of: Lies, Damn lies, Politicians and The Times We Live In.

There are many Americans who are unhappy with the direction of their country today. They are sickened by the politics and the never ending stories of corruption and malfeasance by those elected to represent them. But what is the solution? Is it simply to vote for new candidates? Is it simply to "throw the bastards out?" I think not. I believe that our problems are far more complicated than that. I believe that the root cause of our misery lies not so much in those we send to Washington and our state houses, as it does with how they are seen and portrayed to us in our daily lives.

I believe that the ultimate coup d'├ętat that occurred in which the very fabric of our nation was changed occurred in the American media. The end of our freedoms as we know them, began with a generation who claimed to be protesting for freedom in the 1960's. Beginning with the reporting of the Vietnam war by those like Walter Cronkite, the American media first learned then perfected the ultimate weapons of mass destruction to be used against the American people. The same tools used to protest the Vietnam war and take down a president like Richard Nixon, are today being used to propagate the misery wrought against America by the present day occupant of the White house. wasn't Nikita Kruchev's thundering threats of "we will bury you" that has brought us to where we are in present time and it wasn't the superiority of the competing ideologies of socialist political governance that has cause it. No, it has been brought about by the subtle manipulations of thought and the ongoing subterfuge utilized by American media in all its forms and incarnations that has caused our present demise and degradation to the point where we stand at a great abyss.

Who would have thought forty years ago when Richard Nixon extended an olive branch to the communist Chinese, that forty years later they would be our bankers. Who would have envisioned the communist Chinese holding the mortgages on America's future. Who would have thought that America would have stood idly by, while at the same time providing them with the capability to threaten and overwhelm America's military might. But it has happened.

Who would have thought after Ronald Reagan rescued this nation from economic collapse and the certain path toward chaos, moral decay and social destruction, that one generation later we would be lead by a president so utterly incompetent, and anti American as to be incomprehensible to Americans over fifty. Who would have thought that after Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviets and brought down the Iron Curtain, that a generation later America would be laughed at and looked down upon by a triumphant and resurrected Soviet regime in the making.

No, voting the bastards out of office isn't the cure. The disease is far to complex and far too advanced for simple surgical removal. Our only hope now is to all but kill the patient and pray for a reincarnation of "what once was." Is America as a nation capable of rising from the ashes of what will certainly have to be destroyed if we as a nation are to survive. In my observation, it is no longer a question of if, it is only a question of when these realities will come to pass and whether or not we can survive them.

Thomas Jefferson once rightfully noted, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Absent from his assessment is the true cause of the threat and the reality of our ultimate present day demise. It is not just tyrants who must be brought to justice by those concerned about the future of our republic. It more specifically is those who give rise to the power and control of tyrants, by virtue of their manipulation of truth and lies to the American people.

The undeniable certainty is that the media in this country is the root cause of our fall from global respect and power and it is the undeniable cause for our ultimate damnation. The one entity singled out for special recognition in the constitution. Given the individual authority to be ever vigilant and the gate keepers of our most cherished possession our freedom.

Those most responsible for the demise of our freedoms, are those who were given the greatest responsibility for safeguarding our freedoms. They are the ones who have failed us far more and far worse than any singular politician or collective political party ever has. For absent the influence and control of American media over the American psyche, the American people could not have been duped and lulled into the mindless state of oblivion that presently exists in this nation.

There are those who may ask the question of themselves and others at this point....."what can I do?" I for one happen to believe the answer to that question is....."not a lot." Aside from having a front row seat of what is about to happen, the situation has gone neglected for far too long. The death spiral of America is a run away centrifuge of forces that can no longer be stopped or recalled. Only the forces of cosmic intervention are left to call full stop before our fate is sealed.

As a matter of fact, I believe our fate is already sealed. In the final analysis, my opinions are of no consequence, because I am no one of any consequence... I just sit and watch what goes on in our world each day and I wonder why.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Racism Alive & Well With Congressman Bennie Thompson & That's Okay...

Obviously, Congressman Bennie Thompson was absent for the eight years of the Bush presidency, or else he would have remembered the anger and vitriol that was aimed at Bush by the liberal sand the democrats on a daily basis. And based on this interview, it becomes glaringly evident that anything that doesn't follow in lock step with the wants and desires of black America immediately equates to racism and hatred in some racial fashion.

I believe the reality of this congressman's opinions clearly delineate the real racism in America. AS Bennie Thompson clearly says, calling others racially charged, insensitive and stereotypical names is obviously not being a racist, as long as you are black...

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Miss) defended his statements from earlier this week that Republicans are racist and that Justice Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom. Stunned CNN reporter Dana Bash barely recovers enough to ask the eleven-term Congressman a follow up question:

Friday, May 02, 2014

A Five Minute Tome On Our World Today

Just about everyone complains about something. There is that one thing that really gets under their skin or really pisses them off. Regardless of what that one thing may be, it is becoming more and more apparent to me, that outside of that one thing or that one issue, most people simply don't care when it comes to everything else. Regardless of how bleak the reality becomes, most people appear content to just stay on the periphery, indulging their own simple pleasures, while either ignoring the deepening crisis' or salving their souls with mindless TV and media reporting of supposed reality TV. And besides, we have those we have elected or pay to be celebrities to worry about all these trivial things. Don't we?

The endless parade of today's reality programming speaks directly to where the minds and interests of most Americans are in my opinion. Just as long as you leave most Americans alone, untouched and unaffected by the day to day affairs and effects of life and living, they could literally care less what happens to everything and everyone else in the world. Americans have become content to sit back and laugh at the fools of the world, resting on our laurels and high fiving ourselves into an oblivious state of self appraisal and self approval. Or at least it seems so at first glance to those who are actually paying attention. But what exactly are these average Americans really so content with?

The more and more I observe the goings on in America today, the more and more I have come to realize that most Americans are truly like the story of the boiled frog. Everyone knows that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water? He will immediately leap out. Recognizing the danger and the immediate threat to life, the frog will not remain there to be boiled alive. But what if the demise is gradual? seems that in the late 19th century "scientists" did just that. They conducted experiments to see what would happened if you slowly cooked a frog and what they discovered was amazing to say the least. They found through experimentation, that the truth of the matter is, if you heat the water slowly enough? That frogs will sit there until it is too late. The frogs will stay put and ultimately be boiled alive, just as long as they don't realize what is happening to them, until it is too late.

Watching the reactions of people in America to the news and the reports of daily events around the world, points me directly to the proven experiments of the boiled frog, with one glaring difference. The key difference to getting Americas to sit still while the water is prepared for their boiling involves entertainment. Give them something to do. Give them something to watch. Allow them the ability to sit and watch other frogs being boiled and they will obediently and contently sit still while you prepare their own heated bath.

As long as it is happening to someone else? It is not only of little concern to the average American, but if anything, it is actually quite entertaining to watch. How else can we explain the fascination with mindless television programming that focuses on the misery, idiocy and lunacy of others. Who would have ever thought that America's number one rated programs would revolve around novice dancers or duck hunters or bounty hunters and repossession specialists or an obese family of five, living in a two bedroom house with one bathroom and a fascination with farting. Gilligan's Island, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Andy Griffith show must look like advanced theories of life, compared to what is considered humorous and entertaining in today's world.

I sit and shake my head in wonder. We begin our days with "Good Morning America." A program more focused on the mundane and simple minded reporting of a Utopian America, than it is about things that really matter in our world. In late afternoon after the work day comes the beginning of the mind numbing programs. Entertainment Tonight! What a wonderful example of the mechanism and focus of the modern day contemporary American mind. Entertainment Tonight! The one stop satisfaction that will tell you everything you need to know about Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga. the Kardasians and Beyonce. Entertainment Tonight! A one stop, one shot power up fix of rapid fire sound bits and glitzy videos about the who's who and minute by minute reality of gossip and mindless drama of down the rabbit hole world of our existence. But its no longer Alice in Wonderland, it's America in Wonderland and Americans cannot get enough of their power shots of Red Bull and Real Bull reality.

Then its time for dancing or singing, or being cast away on an island with others who will each expose their inner most revelations about their relationships and trials of life, all the while surviving little by little from being voted off the island. Gilligan and Skipper obviously had it all wrong.

Really? Yes.....really. That is precisely the world that the majority of Americans apparently exist in today, at least it is if we are to observe and believe the results of our daily lives as seen on television and on the internet. And I haven't even covered the jack assed movies that are now produced with regularity, including believe it or not, an actual series of films proudly marketed and titled "Jackass!" Or should it be called? The adventures of stupid people, doing stupid things, while stupid people watch them and are entertained?

So.....there is no need for me to list or enumerate the present crisis' facing Americans either here or in the rest of the world, because Americans simply don't care anyway. I will do better to just join in with the sharing of the daily dose of mindless interests that everyone else enjoys both here and elsewhere. So I guess I will pass along the things that are considered entertainment like the rest.

Here in the facebook world is the place where we the little people can enjoy the fun that obviously propels our world. Sharing the simple and the amusing and the little things that keep us from paying attention to the temperature of the bath water.

I enjoy this little entertaining world we all share here in facebook land, except I am getting a little wrinkly, so I think I am about done with the bath. So do excuse me if I appear to be sitting on the sidelines sometimes and not enjoying everything as much as everyone else, but I do have my tolerances when it comes to being slowly cooked alive.