Saturday, July 31, 2010

The big "O" says it's time to go Charlie

 Looks like the bus is about to pull away from the curb again and it is time for another sacrifice to the ongoing saga of one Barack Obama. Facing certain defeats in the house and devastating loses in the senate come November, the Obama administration is pulling no punches when it comes to trying to prop up the failing regime. And Charlie Rangel is just the most recent casualty of a complacent administration that cares more about it's legacy than it's patriarchs.

Not that Charlie doesn't deserve it? But he might have at least thought that the great one would spare him the indignity of a shove under the bus. Not so with this messiah.

Obama: Time for Rangel to end career "with dignity"
President Barack Obama has kept mum on the fate of Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) for days -- but he tells CBS News that it's time for the embattled 80-year-old former Ways and Means Chairman to end his career "with dignity."
"I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served-- his constituents very well. But these-- allegations are very troubling," Obama told Harry Smith in an interview to be aired on the "Early Show." and first broadcast on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.
"And he'll-- he's somebody who's at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I'm sure that-- what he wants is to be able to-- end his career with dignity. And my hope is that-- it happens. "

A contemplative read for a Saturday morning

During a private discussion amongst friend earlier, the topic once again arose as to how much longer this nation will endure under the current pressures of an omnipresent and non responsive government. Then this morning, I was immediately reminded that I am not the only one viewing the present in the same light and from the same perspective.

Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

The Internet is a large-scale version of the "Committees of Correspondence" that led to the first American Revolution — and with Washington's failings now so obvious and awful, it may lead to another.

People are asking, "Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?"

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.

Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There's no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do.

Bill Clinton lowered the culture, moral tone and strength of the nation — and left America vulnerable to attack. When it came, George W. Bush stood up for America, albeit sometimes clumsily.

Barack Obama, however, has pulled off the ultimate switcheroo: He's diminishing America from within — so far, successfully.

He may soon bankrupt us and replace our big merit-based capitalist economy with a small government-directed one of his own design.

He is undermining our constitutional traditions: The rule of law and our Anglo-Saxon concepts of private property hang in the balance. Obama may be the most "consequential" president ever.

The Wall Street Journal's steadfast Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote that Barack Obama is "an alien in the White House."

His bullying and offenses against the economy and job creation are so outrageous that CEOs in the Business Roundtable finally mustered the courage to call him "anti-business." Veteran Democrat Sen. Max Baucus blurted out that Obama is engineering the biggest government-forced "redistribution of income" in history.

Fear and uncertainty stalk the land. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says America's financial future is "unusually uncertain."

A Wall Street "fear gauge" based on predicted market volatility is flashing long-term panic. New data on the federal budget confirm that record-setting deficits in the $1.4 trillion range are now endemic.

Obama is building an imperium of public debt and crushing taxes, contrary to George Washington's wise farewell admonition: "cherish public credit ... use it as sparingly as possible ... avoiding likewise the accumulation of debt ... bear in mind, that towards the payment of debts there must be Revenue, that to have Revenue there must be taxes; that no taxes can be devised, which are not ... inconvenient and unpleasant ... ."

Opinion polls suggest that in the November mid-term elections, voters will replace the present Democratic majority in Congress with opposition Republicans — but that will not necessarily stop Obama.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A sad testimony for an old friend

This is a sad day for me. To see someone I grew up admiring, taken advantage of by this administration to hustle it's health care bill on the unsuspecting and trusting elderly.

Many people grew up watching and trusting Andy through the years, so it is sad for me to see him belittle himself like this.

If they are talking about you? You must be getting to them...

I have never seen a White House as obsessed with certain elements of media and punditry as this one. or more prone to reduce things to personal attacks against those that they feel threatened by.
Personally, I look at Rush Limbaugh as one of many highly over paid entertainers in this country. But apparently, the White House, the president and Robert Gibbs see Limbaugh as a constant source of pain that must be isolated and demonized as best the little press secretary can.

Gibbs Takes on Rush Limbaugh (Again)

At a briefing today to discuss the administration’s efforts to rescue the auto industry, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs took on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh—and every other critic “sitting in the cheap seats” –for criticizing the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler as a “government takeover” that smacks of socialism.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Told by a reporter that “You had Rush Limbaugh today — today or yesterday — talking Obama Motors again,” Gibbs, who doesn’t often provide free advertising by taking on his critics by name from the podium, let fire.

“Look, Rush Limbaugh and others wanted to walk away. Rush Limbaugh and others saw a million people that worked at these factories, that worked at these parts suppliers, that had — that supported communities, and thought we should all just walk away. The president didn’t think that walking away from a million jobs in these communities made a lot of economic sense,” Gibbs said.

And once again, in his haste to isolate and demonize, he mucks up the details and the facts he is attempting to use to represent context and comparison.

God how I miss Tony Snow

Read the whole article if you can stomach it.

A Real Hero

An American Hero
While serving as an Army Medic in Afghanistan, Sergeant Joseph Lollino had one goal for himself: keep his Soldiers alive. On June 20, 2008, he knew that the mission that day would be an important test of his abilities.

"I just wanted to make sure the guys were safe. They were good friends of mine," he said. "I had a goal – I didn't want anybody in my unit to die."

On that day in June, Lollino’s unit and its column of 30 armored vehicles had to drive through "ambush alley" in Paktika Province, an infamous road squeezed between two mountain ranges that were full of insurgents. What he and his Soldiers didn’t realize was that they were embarking on a 14-hour journey near the Pakistani border that would test Lollino’s vow to bring all his men home alive.

"There were two mountainsides on both sides, with a small dip on the left side of the road, so that makes it very difficult to maneuver around. It was very rocky with some trees," he said.

The military vehicles were moving through the area when they were ambushed by armed insurgents using rocket-propelled grenades. During the barrage of enemy fire, the third vehicle in the convoy was disabled by a rocket-propelled grenade and pushed out of the kill zone. Lollino drove his Humvee directly into the firefight to help the wounded and set up a casualty collection point behind the disabled vehicle. Directly under enemy fire, Lollino treated four wounded Soldiers and used his personal weapon to fire back at the insurgents. Three of the wounded soldiers were hit by shrapnel, and a fourth suffered from smoke inhalation.

"As the (casualty collection point) started taking fire, I returned fire," he said. "I used a couple of magazines until the truck got behind us, then the .50 cal (machine gun) and the Mark 19 (grenade launcher) took over."

The enemy fire intensified, and Lollino was hit by shrapnel while trying to cover the wounded with his own body. Despite his own injuries, Lollino loaded the four wounded Soldiers in another vehicle and continued to treat them while the convoy fought through the three kilometer kill zone.

"They shot RPGs at us, and I got down to cover one of the wounded who had very bad shrapnel wounds," he explained. "I just wanted to do my job, fix the guys, make sure no one died. Everybody has a family we all wanted to go back to."

In combat zones, Medics often need to take on more responsibility than just treating the wounded.

"I learned that even as a Medic, you're always going to be a soldier first," said Lollino. "When it comes down to it, when we start taking fire, you have to fire back."

For his "gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty," Lollino earned the Distinguished Service Cross, the military's second-highest honor to recognize valor, as well as the Purple Heart. He was presented with the honor by Lieutenant General Eric Shoomaker, Surgeon General of the Army, on May 17 during the Army Medical Symposium in San Antonio, Texas.

"It’s a good feeling," he said. "But I did what any medic would do."

Lollino, a native of Streamwood, Ill., is currently working in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blacks are just a mongrel people

That's right, blacks are just a mongrel people. It must be true, because the mongrel in chief said it was and then qualified the statement by juxtaposing his own background onto his assessment, quickly followed by the ultimate qualifier of expertise, that being black people know more about it than white people.

So does this make it alright to now remark that black people are mongrels? Or is it once again just another example of something a black person can say, but something that is strictly forbidden for whites to even whisper.

And I won't even address the realities of what would have been said if a white president had made these remarks.

President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’

President Obama waded into the national race debate in an unlikely setting and with an unusual choice of words: telling daytime talk show hosts that African-Americans are “sort of a mongrel people.”

The president appeared on ABC’s morning talk show “The View” Thursday, where he talked about the forced resignation of Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, his experience with race and his roots.

When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: "We are sort of a mongrel people."

"I mean we're all kinds of mixed up," Obama said. "That's actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it."

And predictably, the media immediately seeks to cover for him and his racial faux pas.

The president did not appear to be making an inflammatory remark with his statement. The definition of mongrel as an adjective is defined as "of mixed breed, nature, or origin," according to

Oh certainly, this was not an inflammatory remark because Barack obama was making it. I wonder how it would have been viewed if Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich or a host of others were to have made it.

I wonder? Have any prominent whites ever made such a comparison or uttered such words? It appears that our recently deceased senator Robert Byrd once spoke to the issue directly.

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side.… Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

That quote along with a very interesting summation of race and politics as recently written on the heals of President Clinton's eulogy of rober Byrd can be found here at

GO ahead, read it. Then contemplate what our president had to say today.

Old Butch

 This came in email.......

Old Butch
John was in the fertilized egg business.

He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.

This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.

Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all!

When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.

To John's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring.

He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Saint Lawrence
County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the "No Bell Piece Prize," but they also awarded him the "Pulletsurprise" as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren't paying attention.

Vote carefully this fall, the bells are not always audible.

What has America become

A letter written by a man who lives on the east coast of the Michigan peninsula.  I believe he covers it all and rather well.

"What Has America Become" was the title of a letter to the editor written by Ken Huber of Tawas City, Michigan.   It contains a series of comparisons and contrasts which causes one to think about the double-standards and conditions under which we now live here in America.  

A reprint of the article has been circulating online (see photo with this article) finding its way to Fort Worth and possibly all over the nation.  It was originally printed in the Iosco County News Herald on June 9, 2010, published in the Opinion column.  Please read, post your thoughts, and as always feel free to subscribe for future articles and/or
share with others.
What has America become?


Has America become the land of the double standard?

Lets see: if we lie to the Congress, it's a felony and if the Congress lies to us its just politics; if we dislike a black person, we're racist and if a black person dislikes whites, its their 1st Amendment right; the government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and they do almost nothing for the victims; in public schools you can teach that homosexuality is OK, but you better not use the word God in the process; you can kill an unborn child, but it is wrong to execute a mass murderer; we don't burn books in America, we now rewrite them; we got rid of communist and socialist threats by renaming them progressive; we are unable to close our border with Mexico, but have no problem protecting the 38th parallel in Korea; if you protest against President Obama's policies you're a terrorist, but if you burned an American flag or George Bush in effigy it was your 1st Amendment right.

You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas; we have eliminated all criminals in America, they are now called sick people; we can use a human fetus for medical research, but it is wrong to use an animal.

We take money from those who work hard for it and give it to those who don't want to work; we all support the Constitution, but only when it supports our political ideology; we still have freedom of speech, but only if we are being politically correct; parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games; the land of opportunity is now the land of hand outs; the similarity between Hurricane Katrina and the gulf oil spill is that neither president did anything to help.

And how do we handle a major crisis today? The government appoints a committee to determine who's at fault, then threatens them, passes a law, raises our taxes; tells us the problem is solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

What has happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?

- Ken Huber
Tawas City

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yet another example of the crime of Christianity

That's right, once again a federal court has ruled that it is OK to discriminate against Christians and Christian beliefs, especially when they conflict with the secular views of homosexuality.

So how long before it ceases to be cases of dismissal and becomes cases of criminal prosecution. I say not long at all.

Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality

A federal judge has ruled in favor of a public university that removed a Christian student from its graduate program in school counseling over her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong. Monday's ruling, according to Julea Ward's attorneys, could result in Christian students across the country being expelled from public university for similar views.

“It’s a very dangerous precedent,” Jeremy Tedesco, legal counsel for the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, told FOX News Radio. “The ruling doesn’t say that explicitly, but that’s what is going to happen.”

U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh dismissed Ward’s lawsuit against Eastern Michigan University. She was removed from the school’s counseling program last year because she refused to counsel homosexual clients.

The university contended she violated school policy and the American Counseling Association code of ethics.

“Christian students shouldn’t be expelled for holding to and abiding by their beliefs,” said ADF senior counsel David French. “To reach its decision, the court had to do something that’s never been done in federal court: uphold an extremely broad and vague university speech code.”

Eastern Michigan University hailed the decision.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How long before Christianity becomes a crime

How long before instances this becomes common place. How long before children and young people alike are branded as moral misfits, criminals and haters by the homosexual transgendered agenda of demonized branding. It's happening now.

It's happening now and it has been happening. With the Obama administration in place, there is an increased tempo and more and more of these cases are coming to the surface and more and more
Christians are being persecuted.

Since when is it a crime to be a Christian in America? Apparently not to far off in our future, if we fail to stop these attacks on Christianity. If we stand idly by, one day it will be a crime to even utter the name of Jesus Christ.

He told us this would happen and it is happening.

College Ordered Student to Alter Religious Views on Homosexuality, Or Be Dismissed
A graduate student in Georgia is suing her university after she was told she must undergo a remediation program due to her beliefs on homosexuality and transgendered persons.

The student, Jennifer Keeton, 24, has been pursuing a master's degree in school counseling at Augusta State University since 2009, but school officials have informed her that she'll be dismissed from the program unless she alters her "central religious beliefs on human nature and conduct," according to a civil complaint filed last week.

"[Augusta State University] faculty have promised to expel Miss Keeton from the graduate Counselor Education Program not because of poor academic showing or demonstrated deficiencies in clinical performance, but simply because she has communicated both inside and outside the classroom that she holds to Christian ethical convictions on matters of human sexuality and gender identity," the 43-page lawsuit reads.

Keeton, according to the lawsuit, was informed by school officials in late May that she would be asked to take part in a remediation plan due to faculty concerns regarding her beliefs pertaining to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

"The faculty identifies Miss Keeton's views as indicative of her improper professional disposition to persons of such populations," the lawsuit reads.

The remediation plan, according to the lawsuit, noted Keeton's "disagreement in several class discussions and in written assignments with the gay and lesbian 'lifestyle,'" as well as Keeton's belief that those "lifestyles" are cases of identity confusion.

If Keeton fails to complete the plan, including additional reading and the writing of papers describing the impact on her beliefs, she will be expelled from the Counselor Education Program, the lawsuit claims.

Keeton has stated that she believes sexual behavior is the "result of accountable personal choice rather than an inevitability deriving from deterministic forces," according to the suit.

"She also has affirmed binary male-female gender, with one or the other being fixed in each person at their creation, and not a social construct or individual choice subject to alteration by the person so created," the lawsuit reads. "Further, she has expressed her view that homosexuality is a 'lifestyle,' not a 'state of being.'"

In a statement to, Augusta State University officials declined to comment specifically on the litigation, but said the university does not discriminate on the basis of students' moral, religious, political or personal views or beliefs.

"The Counselor Education Program is grounded in the core principles of the American Counseling Association and the American School Counselor Association, which defines the roles and responsibilities of professional counselors in its code of ethics," the statement read. "The code is included in the curriculum of the counseling education program, which states that counselors in training have the same responsibility as professional counselors to understand and follow the ACA Code of Ethics."

David French, senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund, which filed the lawsuit against Augusta State University on Keeton's behalf, said no university has the right to force a citizen to change their beliefs on any topic.

"The university has told Jennifer Keeton that if she doesn't change her beliefs, she can't stay in the program," he told "She won't even have a chance to counsel any students; she won't have a chance to get a counseling degree; she'll be expelled."

Keeton, who is not available for interviews according to French, believes that people have "moral choices" regarding their sexuality, he said.

"A student has a right to express their point of view in and out of class without fear or censorship or expulsion," French said.

"WE" The People

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can we say....Pot, Kettle, Black?

Far-Right Addicted to Paranoia About Race

 According to a Georgetown scholar.

Sensational accusations of racism propagated by the far-right are depriving America of the chance to talk about more substantial issues like poverty and education, prominent racial scholars said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"The Obama administration has been intimidated by the far-right wing, which is addicted to a kind of paranoia of race that then leads to paralyzing racial conversation," Rev. Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of sociology at Georgetown University and an author of many books on African-American issues, said. "There's no word from the White House that's positive about the issue of race."

There's an old adage when it comes to liberals...."admit nothing, deny everything and launch counter accusations." To which we should also add, using the mirror reflection of practice and painting your enemy with it as if it is something entirely new to you and it has never been used by your side ever.
This Dyson character is priceless. I believe he must have spent a large portion of his life watching and imitating Pee Wee Herman reruns and practicing the line....."I know what you are but what about me?"


This would be funny stuff if it weren't so serious and if mainstream media didn't lap it up like emaciated cats suckling a bowl of milk.

"The Obama administration has been intimidated by the far-right wing, which is addicted to a kind of paranoia of race that then leads to paralyzing racial conversation,"

And just what does this mind brain from Georgetown think that blacks have been doing  to Obama's prede3cessors for the previous two generations?

All is right once again with the world

Shirley Sherrod Gets White House Apology

Stating that "a disservice was done," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs today apologized to former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod over her firing after a conservative news outlet posted an out-of-context video of comments she made two decades ago. "I think without a doubt is Sherrod is owed an apology," Gibbs told reporters. "I would do so certainly on behalf of this administration."
Sherrod, who watched the briefing, immediately responded on CNN that "it makes me feel better that the apology is finally happening." "I accept their apology," she said.

Well there you have it. Apology tendered, apology accepted. Now all that's left to do is for Sherrod to accept the deputy directorship of the agency and begin negotiations on the books rights and the movie. 

Meanwhile, the overall reality is once again ignored while the background noise and mantra once again rises to a crescendo and drowns out all but the desired and socially acceptable conversations.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racism in the NAACP? You Betcha...

Briebart and Herman Cain explain on Hannity what happened in the incident concerning the take of the USDA official from Georgia who resigned and why.

As revealed, the argument of context concerning the tape as it is now being defended by the NAACP is a straw man argument. The woman (Ms. Sherrod) while addressing an NAACP meeting in March in Georgia, recounted her own racism in her treatment of a white farmer years before. During the retelling of the story, the audience is heard laughing as the story is told.

Subsequent to the revelations revealed by this tape, Ms. Sherrod was forced to resign her position with the USDA on Monday. Then as of last night, the NAACP who had previously condemned her actions, suddenly changed positions along with the White House, and called for an investigation into her dismissal and reinstatement.

Several points are purposely being overlooked in this case. Not the least of which being that admitted racism and supposed redemption were never the precursors to Ms. Sherrod's speech. No one knew while she was speaking, that she would supposedly offer redemption of her position and viewpoints later on in the speech.

Rather, those members present from the NAACP laughed and applauded verbally when the story of racism against None stood at that the end and applauded the supposed actions of Ms. Sherrod where she supposedly took this poor white farmer to "one of his kind" and got him help.

And no one in mainstream media seems to care that Ms. Sherrod's advice to those present concerning the current downturn of the economy and unemployment, is to seek jobs in government. Specifically with the US Agriculture Department, where they won't be fired or laid off according to Ms. Sherrod.

There are points of context about this speech that have been missed alright, but they don't support reinstating this woman to her former job and they certainly don't reflect the NAACP as anything other than the racist hypocrites that they really are. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ain't no stealth racism at the USDA

This tape speaks for itself. So this begs the question, what would happen if this was a white person talking about a black person

It's enough to know that she cares.

Got this in my alternate email account today. The one I used to send an email to the White house 18 months ago. Now....I get these things all the time.

It's so refreshing to know that Michelle shares our pain.  Don't you think?

Dear (fill in your name)

When you hear about the new health reform law these days, too much talk is focused on the political.

What I've found is that most Americans just want to know how this new law helps their families stay healthy -- and how it reduces their costs.

The first thing I tell people who ask about the Affordable Care Act is that, for moms like me, it makes our lives easier. It gives families control over their own care. And it gives us the comfort of knowing that our insurance will be there when we need it most -- especially if we get sick. Then I tell them that it gets better, but there's a lot to know. To help, this administration has set up, where folks can see customized information about how care will improve for their families.

So much of what makes this law great is its emphasis on preventive care -- right now, too many people aren't getting the check-ups or the screenings they need to stay healthy. Twelve percent of kids haven't seen a doctor in the past year. And 59 million adults -- and 11 million children -- depend on an insurance plan that does not cover basic immunizations.

Health reform is changing that. Under this new law, all new private plans will provide basic preventive services -- things like childhood immunizations and checkups, mammograms, colonoscopies, cervical screenings, and treatment for high blood pressure -- absolutely free of charge. No copay. No deductible. No co-insurance needed.

And, on, you can not only learn what preventive steps will help keep your family healthy, but also what insurance coverage options are available based on your needs.

A focus on prevention will help us to combat diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure -- chronic illnesses that right now lead to seven of ten deaths in the United States and 75 percent of our national health care costs.

And it will help us tackle an issue that is dear to my heart -- childhood obesity. As some of you know one of my top priorities as First Lady is the Let's Move! campaign, where we have made it our goal to put a stop to the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so children who are born today grow up at a healthy weight.

Each of us needs to take responsibility for our own health and the health of our families, and the new health reform law can help. That's why I'm writing today -- to make sure you and Americans across the country know how their health plans are getting better day by day under reform.

Please visit and find out more about your care:

Thank you,

Michelle Obama

Time for some BS removal

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is freedom of religion at risk in America?

Some might ask......."is freedom of religion at risk in America?"

If you ask me, I'd say that it has been at risk for the past forty five years and it is presently under all out assault by secular humanist and their egalitarian socialist brethren, especially those presently situated in the White House.
Yes it may be true that there are two prominent Jews present in this administration, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, but neither qualify as religious people if you ask me, regardless of their birth rights.
I found this article today while reading the net and thought it to be not only thought provoking but also spot on the money as far as the realities that we are facing in this country today as it concerns the constitutional right to practice religious freedom.

The change in language was barely noticeable to the average citizen but political observers are raising red flags at the use of a new term "freedom of worship" by President Obama and Secretary Clinton as a replacement for the term freedom of religion. This shift happened between the President's speech in Cairo where he showcased America's freedom of religion and his appearance in November at a memorial for the victims of Fort Hood, where he specifically used the term "freedom of worship." From that point on, it has become the term of choice for the president and Clinton.

In her article for "First Things" magazine, Ashley Samelson, International Programs Director for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, stated, "To anyone who closely follows prominent discussion of religious freedom in the diplomatic and political arena, this linguistic shift is troubling: "The reason is simple. Any person of faith knows that religious exercise is about a lot more than freedom of worship. It's about the right to dress according to one's religious dictates, to preach openly, to evangelize, to engage in the public square. Everyone knows that religious Jews keep kosher, religious Quakers don't go to war, and religious Muslim women wear headscarves-yet "freedom of worship" would protect none of these acts of faith."
Take the time to go and read the entire article Obama's Moves
The Catholics certainly seem to sense it as do many others in the Christian community who have been watching the actions and policies of this presdient as they have been being implemented.

Make no mistake, this change in represented perception as it concerns religion is not something to be taken lightly. The thought police and those in media responsible for formulating public debate are very keen and practiced on the effects of language and it's use to control mass thinking.

There is no mistake in what is being attempted as it concerns this administration publicly drifting further and further away from our Christian founded principles and the tenants of faith that have been the foundation of this nation since it's birth.

Just as there is no mistaking the overtures being made to Islam and the Muslim world by this president almost non stop since he assumed office. This isn't about winning hearts or minds, or about repairing this nation's supposed tarnished image.

This is about the complete subjugation of this nation and Christianity to the preferred religion of those now controlling the policies and international interactions of this nation. They (and Barack Obama is "they number one") intend to appease and bow to Islam and Muslim nations at every opportunity.This president has been doing it since day one and his polices are now reflecting what we saw in those bows to Muslim kings over a year ago.

So is America being purposely steered away from the practice of freedom of religion? You can count on it. And if we are not careful, we may one day wake up to the sounds of these alien religions as the established and permitted norms all across America.

Read the article and think.

Type Casting

In Hollywood they use the term type casting to denote those who seemingly can only play one type of roll or one type of character. But what of type casting in politics? Seems our president was cast as the agent of change back in 2008. The one man capable of bringing hope and change to America. The man whose roots in community organizing could lead and propel this nation forward?  But where are the goods two years into this grand experiment of leadership by America's 'first black president?'? Almost two years into his administration? And all the man seems competent at doing is to continue blaming the republicans for everything that he as president has been incapable of addressing.

Have a look at excerpts from his weekly address this week. He is speaking about his supposed efforts to turn around the economy and the jobless rate and  his even more elusive accomplishments. And once again, (according to Barry) it's those obstructionist republicans who are holding America back in the face of his wondrous leadership and economic policies.

Well.....let's have a look see through the mind of a president obsessed more with his golf game than settling the problems of America,a s it concerns how he sees things.

"Too often, the Republican leadership in the United States Senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress. And that has very real consequences,"

Yes, the republicans trying to staunch the flow does have consequences, but what are the alternatives? And I believe that is the point intentionally missed and intentionally misrepresented by this president. Every economist consulted over the past six months and the last two years has concluded that the "American recovery and reinvestment act" isn't working to either stabilize the economy or to create more jobs. On top of that, the country is still losing jobs at an alarming rate monthly.

Yet the president wants to filibuster on his own and continue to throttle the ship of state toward the economic icebergs that will rip our economy and our nation to shreds if we continue to burn through money like we have been doing under his presidency.

"Think about what these stalling tactics mean for the millions of Americans who've lost their jobs since the recession began. Over the past several weeks, more than two million of them have seen their unemployment insurance expire,"

Stalling tactics? Is that what fiscal restraint represents to today's liberal socialists like yourself mr. president? Apparently so. While the democrats in congress and this president continue to go in the opposite direction of the desires of the majority of Americans as it concerns fiscal restraint, this president sees those majority desires as being obstructionist. Well he has a point. It is obstructionist to his wants and desires. Just like the bucket brigades of old were obstructionist to the fires consuming homes and businesses during the great San Francisco earthquake.

We have had a major earth shattering quake to our economy and Americans have been trying to form bucket brigades to quench the flames and restore common sense in the aftermath. And all this president can seem to do is to complain about their efforts while sending in his federal agencies to oppose every state and local initiative to stop the flow of red ink. Not to mention their taunts and attacks on those who have formed and are joining the ranks of the new American Tea Party.

Every economist not on the payroll of the DNC or the Obama administration has categorically stated that Obama's unbridled spending cannot be sustained. That a major crash of our economy is in the offing if we do not commit to a major sea change right now. Even the Congressional Budget Office has tried to warn the people, but Obama laments that if we don't spend more billions that we don't have on unemployment benefits and other programs? Then more people are going to suffer and his plans are being thwarted.

How about this mr. president? What say we actually do something to create jobs instead of simply pouring money we don't have on people who are out of work. It's a simple premise...Create jobs, people work, the more people work the more taxes are collected, the more money is spent and the faster the economy recovers and the faster people are restored to solvency.

But no!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's just do nothing about these people who have no jobs and no hope for jobs. Let's just keep paying out unemployment and in the end it will all get better on its own. Right.

More of the rhetoric.....

"They say we shouldn't provide unemployment insurance because it costs money," chided Obama. "So after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit, including a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, they've finally decided to make their stand on the backs of the unemployed," he said.

Hello mr. emperor. It's not conservatives making their stand on the backs of the unemployed, it's the democrats and their socialist brethren and the Marxists lurking in the shadows of your administration who are doing that. 

"They've got no problem spending money on tax breaks for folks at the top who don't need them and didn't even ask for them; but they object to helping folks laid off in this recession who really do need help," Obama said.

As Ronald Reagan might have said? "Well there you go again Barry."

It's the economy stupid! It's jobs stupid! And you don't fix either by simply raising taxes and increasing spending and expanding and creating more social (list) programs. You have to lower taxes and decrease spending to turn this train wreck around. But you can't do that while clinging to your socialist revolutionary allegiances now can you.

See you at the polls this November mr. president. We'll see how this all works out with the people and their sentiments concerning who has been filibustering their lives and remaining as entrenched obstructionists to their hopes and dreams then.

PS....In the free market of individual beliefs? This man doesn't rate to have his name or tile capitalized by me. It's a free market concerning thinking and opinions. At least for the moment. Therefore, this man doesn't rate any upper case notoriety on any level.
Four dead in Juarez bombing don't think that our open borders don't present much of a problem or any danger to this nation. You feel that the federal government is doing an adequate and even commendable job of protecting this nation's borders and Americans in general.

You believe it when Janet Napalitano says that there is no way that we can ever expect to close all of the borders and completely stop the influx of illegal aliens (undocumented workers) into this country. You believe it when the advocates of amnesty tell you that there is no harm being done to this country by 12-15 million illegal aliens.

You believe what you have been told by those in Washington, that these people (by the millions) are just "undocumented workers" coming here to do jobs "that Americans don't want." You believe that there is no serious potential for terrorists to exploit these avenues of entry into this country and our porous borders. You believe all these things because your government and the propagandist mainstream media repeats these mantras to you daily.

So what do you think about this?

Juarez-- People in Juarez are recovering from a car bomb that killed four Thursday night. The victims include two federal agents, an ambulance worker and a doctor who was in the area when the bomb went off.

Tonight, we have learned that it was a car bomb that was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

A number of people were injured during the attack. Today we know that seven federal police agents were severely injured. A news photographer from channel 5 in Juarez remains in critical condition. One woman who owns a business nearby talked to us about her fears.

"As it is, we are not selling much. Can you imagine right now people are scared. We used to have many American customers. Right now that has drastically decreased," says the business owner.

According to police, it appears a Ford Focus was driven into a police convoy crashing into two federal police units. Information from officials indicates that there were hand grenades attached to the gas tank of the car in order to cause the explosion. Juarez mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said today that the general public shouldn't be worried because recent attacks have been focused on police. "Luckily it has been limited to either the police or the members of those two groups of organized crime. We don't have any information that leads us to believe any attacks are going to be made on the population itself," states Ferriz.

Law Enforcement has arrested the man they say masterminded the attack. The man is identified as Armando Acosta Guerrero. Authorities say he is a high ranking member of "La Linea", the enforcement arm of the Juarez cartel.

Seems to me? Our adversaries in the middle east are on the scene and presently being hired out by the drug lords of Mexico. HAMAS, Hezbollah and Al Quaida apparently already have their ambassadors and representatives present and on the ground in Mexico. And those elements and their agents are apparently doing a little bit of community organizing on their own. They are helping to deal with and settle the disputes and conflicts that are arising amongst the various Mexican drug lords.

Fear not, these bombers have a very narrow interest and their targets will remain limited to the opposing cartels they are being paid to eliminate. You believe that right.?

And there is no way that these middle eastern bomb makers might be taking the dope money they are earning from constructing car bombs for Mexican drug lords? And using it to fund attacks here in America later on down the road right?

Surely they wouldn't. And if they ever did? Our government would be honest with us about it and tell us. Right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kathy Griffin needs to be De-listed

She ought to be on the F list. F for frigging loser

She is definitely on my sh*t list

Prayer in America vanquished to the gutter

Apparently, the only place appropriate for prayer in our nation's capitol, is in the nearest gutter. Read on and let the reality of what has occurred swirl around inside your mind for a few moments.

A group of Christian students was allegedly ordered to stop praying outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on May 5 because a court police officer told them it was against the law.
The students were part of a junior high school American History class at Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona. After taking pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court building, their teacher gathered them to a side location where they formed a circle and began to pray.
According to Nate Kellum, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, a police officer “abruptly” interrupted the prayer and ordered the group to cease and desist.
“They were told to stop praying because they were violating the law and they had to take their prayer elsewhere,” Kellum told FOX News Radio.
A spokesperson for the Court said the Marshal of the Court will look into the events alleged by the ADF.
“The Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer,” said public information officer Kathy Arberg in an email to FOX News Radio.
So the group of 15 students and seven adults left the Supreme Court and relocated to a sidewalk – where Rigo said the children stood in a gutter – and continued their prayer.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This doesn't meet broadcast standards at NBC & CBS

I say fine. Then every American in this country should agree with them and tell them so by telling them that nothing that they produce meets broadcast standards and therefore, we aren't watching.

I sincerely wish all Americans would boycott the three major networks. Maybe if we put these bastards out of business, someone who actually cares about this country will fill the void and not simply be propagandist for the secular humanist and the egalitarian socialists who have controlled this country through it's media for the past fifty years.

NBC, CBS won't air anti-mosque ad

Two major broadcasters have refused to air an advertisement that urges Americans to protest the building of a mosque and Islamic cultural center just blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center.
NBC and CBS refused to broadcast the 60-second ad, which is sponsored by the National Republican Trust, a conservative organization that promotes "American values" and supports candidates running for government positions.
The ad, titled "Kill the Ground Zero Mosque," has received more than 134,000 hits on YouTube as of Thursday afternoon. It contains graphic footage of the September 11 attacks, including a clip of one of the planes crashing into one of the Twin Towers and a man plunging to his death. It also captures images of Islamic militants.
The ad encourages Americans to join the fight to "kill the Ground Zero mosque."
"On September 11, they declared war against us and to celebrate that murder of 3,000 Americans, they want to build a monstrous thirteen-story mosque at ground zero," the narrator says. "Where we weep, they rejoice. That mosque is an monument to their victory and an invitation for war. A mosque at ground zero must not stand."
NBC Universal advertising standards manager Jennifer Riley said the use of the word "they" is open for misinterpretation.
"An ad questioning the wisdom of building a mosque at ground zero would meet our issues of public controversy advertising criteria," she wrote in a letter. "However, this ad, which ambiguously defines 'they' as referenced in the spot, makes it unclear as to whether the reference is to terrorists or to the Islamic religious organization that is sponsoring the building of the mosque. Consequently the ad is not acceptable under our guidelines for broadcast."
Although CBS did not issue an official statement, a spokesperson told The Washington Times that the ad "did not meet broadcast standards."

Coming to a mall near you?

Compliments of our friends in the UK and their obsession with being politically correct and culturally balanced.

Squat toilets in Rochdale shopping centre

Special squatting toilets have been installed in a Greater Manchester shopping centre after its bosses went on a cultural awareness course.

Rochdale Exchange Centre has introduced the "holes in the ground" otherwise known as Nile pans. Ghulham Rasul Shazhad, who gave the course, said there was a large Muslim Asian community in Rochdale who preferred to use the squat toilet.

Two of the 14 toilets have been converted to nile pans.
Mr Shazhad said: "I identified a need in the community as there were a lot of empty water bottles found by the Western public toilets in Rochdale.

"In the Muslim culture we prefer to use water after relieving ourselves which is used with the squat style toilets.
"In local mosques there are usually six or seven nile pans alongside just one or two Western toilets.

"When I explained this to shopping centre bosses on my cultural course we thought it would be a good idea to introduce these in Rochdale." long before we begin to see these in shopping malls around America? I'll bet our man already has NASA working on it.

Very Stimulating

Now? All we need to do is figure out a way to inject Viagra into the stimulus package.... and then we will have a lot more hard and fast money to burn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What color is the sky in Harry's world.......

Can someone say absolute denial?

All hands on deck is about right!

A Tea Party group in Missouri, reacting to the NAACP's plan to take up a resolution branding the conservative movement as "racist," has drafted a resolution of its own condemning the civil rights group for reducing itself to a "bigoted" and "partisan attack dog organization."

The St. Louis Tea Party had an all-hands-on-deck response to the NAACP's plan to denounce the nationwide network of activists at its annual convention across the state in Kansas City. The NAACP as early as Tuesday could take up language to "repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties" and stand against the movement's attempt to "push our country back to the pre-civil rights era."

Well you know what? It's about time someone stood up to these state and media sponsored race pimps and bigots. I for one am sick of listening to them and their constant and incessant accusations of racism, You don't see them denouncing the Black Panther Party for their open and undeniable racism and racist remarks that were caught on tape in Philadelphia in 2008. Nor do you see them denouncing the racism and Jew haring bigotry of Louis Farakan and his Nation of Islam.

The NAACP is a transparent sham of a an organization that fosters racism against white people and has for decades in this country. The organizations on contribution and talent observed since the 1960's? Is racial branding and corporate extortion. I say hallelujah! Go tell them Tea Party. America eyes are finally being opened to the real racists of record in this country over the past forty years.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The continuing misunderstanding with the American authorities

As the 'church lady' on Saturday Night Live use to say? "Well isn't that special!"

It seems that the Swiss have made their decision as it concerns the famous pedophile Roman Polanski. Seems the United States failed to satisfy the Swiss requirements of law and 'justice', in order for them to comply with the extradition warrant requesting the arrest and extradition of the now aged pedophile Roman Polanski.

Filmmaker Roman Polanski will not be extradited to the US, the Swiss Justice Ministry has decided.

"The reason for the decision lies in the fact that it was not possible to exclude with the necessary certainty a fault in the US extraditionary request," the Swiss Justice Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The announcement follows months of uncertainty over whether Polanski would have to return to the United States to face sentencing for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

"Considering all the aspects of this case – and in particular the extradition request which is not satisfying as far as the presentation of the facts of the case is concerned and the principles of state action deriving from international public order – the extradition request has to be rejected," the statement concluded.

According to Swiss Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, the United States has accepted the decision. The US does not have the possibility to appeal.

At a press conference in Bern on Monday, Widmer-Schlumpf emphasised the fact that Switzerland had acted without pressure from other countries.

Quoting one of Polanski's attorneys......"I pay tribute to the Swiss justice system; its legal analysis is very fair," said Kiejman, adding, “I think the continuing misunderstanding with the American authorities will be easier to settle and I hope he will one day be able to return to the US.”

That settles it then. The doddering old fool and widower to slain actress Sharon Tate, gets to return to his French villa and resume his bizarre little life. But we must give the Swiss credit though. They did arrest him back last September, and allow him to live unfettered in his Swiss villa all these months. (Them Swiss really know how to hurt a guy.)

Personally, I believe that this case should establish a precedent concerning international law and extradition treaties between America and other countries. Personally? I believe that if the Swiss can allow "convicted" pedophiles to walk free? Then we here in America certainly should allow those not ever convicted of crimes during WWII, from being extradited back to Israel to be tired and executed for things that occurred over sixty five years ago.

Let's just call a full stop to cooperation with any nation that seeks to have their criminals detained and sent back for justice. Let's simply look at the Swiss model and model our response accordingly.

After all, they do make a pretty fair chocolate bar and some good cheese.

The flanks and the spine are collapsing

Governors: Obama's Immigration Suit Is 'Toxic'

Democratic governors expressed "grave" concerns to White House officials this weekend about the Obama administration's suit against Arizona's new immigration law, warning it could cost the party in crucial elections this fall, The New York Times reported late Sunday. 

The closed-door meeting took place at the National Governors Association in Boston on Saturday, according to two unnamed governors who spoke to the Times.

"Universally the governors are saying, 'We've got to talk about jobs, and all of a sudden we have immigration going on,'" Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, was quoted as saying. "It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats."
The Arizona law, which is facing a U.S. Justice Department challenge, requires police to question people about their immigration status while enforcing other laws if there's reason to suspect someone is in the country illegally.
"I might have chosen both a different tack and a different time," Gov. Bill Ritter Jr. of Colorado, a Democrat, was quoted by the Times as saying. "This is an issue that divides us politically, and I'm hopeful that their strategy doesn't do that in a way that makes it more difficult for candidates to get elected, particularly in the West."

So what does it mean when the backbone of your party expresses grave concern? I tend to think that the message is being sent loud and clear by these governors. "We are in deep doo doo with the voters and it's your fault." Even his base in media and the staunch liberal left think tanks are crumbling as evidenced by this news from the flanks.

In a 17,000-plus-word piece published in The Nation on Thursday, journalist Eric Alterman calls the Obama presidency “a big disappointment” for progressives and blames a broken system in Washington that he says allows the minority party to rule with impunity — and special interests and big money to dictate legislative policy.
Although, the loony left seems to forget when they were the minority party and tweaking the noses of the republicans and pretty much getting their way on everything during the Bush years. Now? Suddenly? It's not fair that the "minority party" should have any say so in "our" affairs.

To borrow a phrase from our beloved court jester vice president Biden, "Liberals.....God love em."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Multiculturalism personified

When is multiculturalism at its best? When it can put on a display like the one this weekend for the Weiner wedding. That's right folks, we will have a Jewish man marrying a Muslim woman and the former first black president and philanderer extraordinaire on hand to say a few words and seal the deal.

They couldn't dream up a script like this in Hollywood.

Bill Clinton is not giving away his daughter Chelsea’s hand in marriage for another three weeks. But he is going to get a little practice at the altar on Saturday, when he officiates at the wedding of Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
The ceremony will be at Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y., in the early evening.
Matt McKenna, a Clinton spokesman, told The Associated Press that Mr. Clinton would conduct the ceremony and was authorized to do so, but did not elaborate. Aides to Mr. Weiner, who represents Queens and Brooklyn, declined to comment.
Mr. Weiner, 45, has been a longtime ally of Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Weiner, who is Jewish, has also been considered one of the most eligible bachelors on Capitol Hill. Ms. Abedin, 34, who grew up in Saudi Arabia and is Muslim, was once featured in a Vogue fashion spread.
The two have been dating for about two years, and announced their engagement last summer, not long after Mr. Weiner decided not to mount another run for mayor of New York.

The passing of an American lady

A dear and sweet hero of a lady passes? And the media never notices. But let Lebron James up and move to Miami? Or Lindsey Lohan go to jail for 90 days? And the world stops on its axis in American media land and everyone swoons.

Ever wonder what's wrong with this country? Well there are a lot of things that are wrong with this country. Too many to mention here, but what better example of one of the major things wrong, than the fact that this dear lady passed away back in April of this year. And no one really knew of her passing or who she was or what she did for those who served this country.

Pam Murphy: Audie Murphy Widow
Pam Murphy, the widow of Audie Murphy, was involved in the Sepulveda VA hospital and care center over the course of 35 years, treating every veteran who visited the facility as if they were a VIP. Pam Murphy died last week at the age of 90
After Audie died, they all became her boys. Every last one of them.
Any soldier or Marine who walked into the Sepulveda VA hospital and care center in the last 35 years got the VIP treatment from Pam Murphy.
The widow of Audie Murphy – the most decorated soldier in World War II – would walk the hallways with her clipboard in hand making sure her boys got to see a specialist or doctor — STAT. If they didn’t, watch out.
Her boys weren’t Medal of Honor recipients or movie stars like Audie, but that didn’t matter to Pam. They had served their country. That was good enough for her.
She never called a veteran by his first name. It was always “Mister.” Respect came with the job.
“Nobody could cut through VA red tape faster than Mrs. Murphy,” said veteran Stephen Sherman, speaking for thousands of veterans she befriended over the years.
“Many times I watched her march a veteran who had been waiting more than an hour right into the doctor’s office. She was even reprimanded a few times, but it didn’t matter to Mrs. Murphy.
“Only her boys mattered. She was our angel.”
Last week, Sepulveda VA’s angel for the last 35 years died peacefully in her sleep at age 90.
“She was in bed watching the Laker game, took one last breath, and that was it,” said Diane Ruiz, who also worked at the VA and cared for Pam in the last years of her life in her Canoga Park apartment.
It was the same apartment Pam moved into soon after Audie died in a plane crash on Memorial Day weekend in 1971.
Audie Murphy died broke, squandering million of dollars on gambling, bad investments, and yes, other women.
“Even with the adultery and desertion at the end, he always remained my hero,” Pam told me.
She went from a comfortable ranch-style home in Van Nuys where she raised two sons to a small apartment – taking a clerk’s job at the nearby VA to support herself and start paying off her faded movie star husband’s debts.
At first, no one knew who she was. Soon, though, word spread through the VA that the nice woman with the clipboard was Audie Murphy’s widow.

It was like saying Patton had just walked in the front door. Men with tears in their eyes walked up to her and gave her a hug. “Thank you,” they said, over and over.
The first couple of years, I think the hugs were more for Audie’s memory as a war hero. The last 30 years, they were for Pam.
She hated the spotlight. One year I asked her to be the focus of a Veteran’s Day column for all the work she had done. Pam just shook her head no.
“Honor them, not me,” she said, pointing to a group of veterans down the hallway. “They’re the ones who deserve it.”
The vets disagreed. Mrs. Murphy deserved the accolades, they said.
Incredibly, in 2002, Pam’s job was going to be eliminated in budget cuts. She was considered “excess staff.”
“I don’t think helping cut down on veterans’ complaints and showing them the respect they deserve, should be considered excess staff,” she told me.
Neither did the veterans. They went ballistic, holding a rally for her outside the VA gates.
Pretty soon, word came down from the top of the VA. Pam Murphy was no longer considered “excess staff.” She remained working full time at the VA until 2007 when she was 87.
“The last time she was here was a couple of years ago for the conference we had for homeless veterans,” said Becky James, coordinator of the VA’s Veterans History Project.
Pam wanted to see if there was anything she could do to help some more of her boys.

Friday, July 09, 2010

The journey to justice never ends

Listen to the mayor of Oakland California. "The journey to justice never ends."

Here is a man telling the citizens of his city, that in essence? Justice hasn't been served. But what he is actually saying outright and straight forwardly to those listening, is that justice in the black community and justice in the rest of America are two different concepts.

What this mayor is saying, is that his opinion of justice in this case, has absolutely nothing to do with either law or justice. He didn't get the verdict that "he" wanted, therefore, justice wasn't served. This officer isn't convicted of murder and facing life in prison, therefore, justice isn't served.

Anyone familiar with this incident knows that the officer involved inexplicably took a man's life. In his defense the officer claimed that he mistakenly grabbed his pistol instead of his Taser and fired. The end result was that a 22 year old young man was needlessly killed over what appears to be an act of idiotic stupidity. But was it a crime? And more importantly, was it murder.....

That is the question that the law and justice and those involved from the prosecutor to the jury to the judge are charged with deciding. And apparently they did decide. They heard the evidence, they tried the case and they arrived at the determination that the officer is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. They just didn't decide the case the way the mayor and a majority of the blacks in Oakland had already prejudged the evidence of the case.

The jury had the option of finding this officer guilty of murder but they didn't. And they didn't because the crime involved was not murder. To carry a murder conviction, in every state there are these little sticklers of the law called "intent and motive." Otherwise known as elements of the crime. And to prove murder? You have to prove both of those elements along with their companions "malice aforethought."

Simply stated, to prove murder, it is necessary for the prosecution to prove that both anger and pre-planning were involved in the crime. A crime of passion? A spur of the moment act of violence that results in a death? These cannot be murder by law.

In this case, the jury has weighed the evidence and returned a just and proper verdict in the death of this young man. However, while we are examining justice? An injustice was committed against this officer by the state and the prosecutor from the very beginning of the prosecution of this case.

This officer was charged with an additional offense of using a firearm during the commission of a crime. While the involuntary manslaughter conviction carries a four year sentence upon conviction, the weapons charge carries a ten year prison sentence upon conviction. And the jury convicted this officer of the weapons charge in addition to the involuntary manslaughter charge.

You heard me right. The prosecutor in this case charged this officer with using a firearm during the commission of a crime? And the jury found the officer guilty based upon the prosecutor twisting the application of law to a political end in the courtroom.

And that my both wrong and injust. Had the officer been consciously engaged in a willing criminal act at the time the gun was fired? Then the application of that law would apply. But the officer wasn't engaged in any crime.

He was engaged in the performance of his duty. Albeit that he erred and as a result a man died, none the less the reality remains that he did not enter into the incident with either the intent to commit a crime or the intent to kill this man.

And we as society, cannot arbitrarily apply the law based merely upon emotion or political or racial influence. Yet that is precisely what i believe we are now witnessing in this country. The law must be tempered with both judgment and in the application of our constitution and the provisions and rights that we each supposedly have bestowed upon us by that document. And yes, even police officers.have rights too.

So as of this conviction, we have seen the first injustice perpetrated in this case. But a larger and far more sinister injustice is lurking in the wings waiting to unfurl its tentacles to consume the battered remains of this former officer.

As of today, Eric Holder has weighed in and stated that the US Justice Department will now review the case.

US Justice Department to review BART shooting
"The U.S. Department of Justice will conduct an independent review of the Johannes Mehserle case in order to determine whether or not the shooting merits federal prosecution, according the department.

"The Justice Department has been closely monitoring the state's investigation and prosecution," the department said in a statement.

"The Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney's Office, and the FBI have an open investigation into the fatal shooting and, at the conclusion of the state's prosecution, will conduct an independent review of the facts and circumstances to determine whether the evidence warrants federal prosecution."

So....what does that mean? Apparently it means that once again the minority gets a second bite of the apple when it comes to the criminal justice system in America. The best two out of three as it concerns appeasing the black communities sense of justice.

Just like in countless other cases over the past twenty years, when the black community screams for "justice?" The Justice Department comes running and initiates a second prosecution under federal civil rights laws and subjects the individual or group in question to a second prosecution for the same offense.
And that is precisely what will happen in this case. Eric Holder's Justice Department will charge and try this officer for violating the deceased man's civil rights. And that part in the US Constitution that specifically prohibits anyone from being twice placed in jeopardy and tried for the same crime more than once? Well they will do the same thing in this case that they did in the Rodney King case and all the other where blacks have screamed injustice. They will simply convict this officer of civil rights violations in a federal courtroom. then throw his bones on the alter of race relations in America while everyone involved, ceremoniously pats each other on the ass and congratulates themselves on another fine job of justice.

And Eric Holder has the unmitigated gall to say that white people in America are racial cowards?

No, the journey to justice never ends for those who find themselves in the cross hairs of race hate and the race pimps of America. And once the US Justice Department (civil rights division) determines that they have a political mandate from the black community? It is already a done deal for the poor slob in the cross hairs of a racist multiculturalist society that knows no truth but that which is fabricated to fit the lie.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Too many sick puppies in San Fran

 I Think I have this one figured out. The San Francisco city council wants to completely ban the sale of all pets in the city, other than pet fish. Looks to me? Like it finally dawned on somebody. They already have an over abundance of sick puppies in that city. So they have to put a stop to it.

 S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish

Sell a guinea pig, go to jail.
That's the law under consideration by San Francisco's Commission of Animal Control and Welfare. If the commission approves the ordinance at its meeting tonight, San Francisco could soon have what is believed to be the country's first ban on the sale of all pets except fish.

That includes dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, lizards and nearly every other critter, or, as the commission calls them, companion animals.

"People buy small animals all the time as an impulse buy, don't know what they're getting into, and the animals end up at the shelter and often are euthanized," said commission Chairwoman Sally Stephens. "That's what we'd like to stop."

San Francisco residents who want a pet would have to go to another city, adopt one from a shelter or rescue group, or find one through the classifieds.

Which leaves open the question? I wonder what will happen to what I hear? Is a rather lucrative Gerbil market in the city by the bay.