Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On This Day 38 Years Ago

On this day, thirty eight years ago....the war that never was and the war that never ended.....ended.

A long abandoned and barely speakable chapter in our nation's history finally came came to a close on this day thirty eight years ago, but it never really ended for those who were there and those who remained. A chapter in our history was closed on that day and just as soon forgotten, but nothing was ended for those who knew what had really happened and why. Theirs was a history that was forgotten by most who quickly moved on with their own lives, all but the forgotten who never forgot and never moved on. They couldn't

Forgotten by history were those who bled the lands of S.E. Asia red with their youthful blood. Forgotten too were those who returned in zipped up bags and tin coffins in the bellies of cargo transports. Forgotten too were those who were never recovered. Forgotten too were those who were left behind by the nation that they loved and pledged their lives to serve. The same nation that promised them to never  forgot and never to leave them behind left them..

There were no honorable transfers of remains in their day. There were no thongs of those who cared to bring their broken and lifeless bodies home in honor. There were no long lines of veterans standing in solemness and respect for their ultimate sacrifice.

These forgotten of the past have each..... one and all...... been left to the memories of those who knew them and to the memories those who loved them. Only there in individual and isolated memories do they find peace and rest for their souls. Only there do they find love or understanding of the shared pain that a nation once mockingly looked past. The families who felt the pain of their loss and the families who knew the truth are their only testament. A testament of a nation that turned its back on its own and walked away. Only their families have a connection to understanding or any true thanks for their sacrifices.

Time has passed....... decades have faded by........ a monument has been built, but nothing has brought true solace to their souls or any dryness to the eyes of those who continue to weep for them and for each other.

They weep for those who were lost. They weep for those who were left behind. they weep for those who were forgotten. They weep for each other. As some have rightfully noted, they did not fight for country and cause, as much as they fought for each other. Hence their brothers and sisters are the only ones who truly know the pain of over forty years of the betrayal that they have shared.

It is fitting that the generation that came after finally awoke to the tragedy that had befallen the forgotten before them. It is fitting that this generation came to realize as a generation, that someone needed to step forward and thank those who had sacrificed so much of their own lives to insure that there would be a tomorrow. It is fitting that there are now those who recognize the old forgotten as they now greet them with a smile and a heart felt welcome home. The welcome home they never received back when there was the freshness of the wounds to their bodies and the wounds to their souls.

Kindness is always appreciated, even when delayed, but what was done can never be undone. It is something that must be lived with. Each day follows on as one footstep follows another. There is no recompense for those who were denied their honor by a generation now passed and passing. There is no means of repayment sufficient to salve the rawness of four decades of betrayal, but there is hope.

Hope springs eternal and the lessons learned from our forgotten has served to be the template of justice for the present. The ghosts of the past have risen and shouted in unison to the ghost of the present. NEVER AGAIN! Do not ever again allow this to happen to those who wear the uniform of this nation and bear the price of its battles on their bodies and on their souls.

Stand.....be counted......let this nation know that history will not repeat itself. At least not this dark history. Not as long as there are the few who remember. Not as long as there are those who were taught how to remember by those who were forgotten. Not as long as there are patriots on steel horses. Ready to stand and pay respect. To honor those who have gone before them to that peaceful rest that follows violent death. Patriot Guards stand ready to do that which should have been done for them. Patriot Guards stand ready to repay a respect that can only be earned. Strangers on steel horses remember, because there was a time when no one did.

Home Grown And Paid For

 Newly released records indicate that the Boston bombers and their family had been receiving taxpayer funded public assistance for over a decade. Just another example of the success of the disease of egalitarianism and its ultimate affects on this country and its people.

Considering these revelations, is there any doubt that there are tens of thousands if not millions of other examples of the exact same thing occurring in America as we speak.  We are funding and raising the next generation of Islamic extremism right here in America. A generation that will ultimately be raised to initiate our own doom as a nation.

But that's only fair.......right?


Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.
“The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning,” said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today.
The state has handed over more than 500 documents to the 11-member House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, which today met for the first time and plans to call in officials from the Department of Transitional Assistance to testify.
“I can assure members of the public that this committee will actively review every single piece of information we can find because clearly the public has a substantial right to know what benefits, if any, this family or individuals accused of some horrific crimes were receiving,” said state Rep. David Linsky (D-Natick), the committee’s chairman.
Linsky’s committee has requested documents from the DTA, the state’s Medicaid director and Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz. But so far the committee has not released the records publicly, citing a privilege the DTA is asserting under state law.
Transitional assistance officials also told the Herald tonight that the agency was conducting its own investigation into whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s family ever notified the DTA about his extended trip to Russia, and has since expanded its probe to include a full history of the benefits received by the entire Tsarnaev family.

Friday, April 26, 2013

He stopped loving her today...


I remember that song more than any other. I had just lost my father two months prior to George Jones debuting it for the world. I remember that it was so powerful and spoke to me so emotionally about my father's love for my mother, that I had to pull over on the side of the road and sit there and cry.

To this day, anytime I hear the first few chords of the introduction, my mind returns back to 1980 and thoughts of my father and his passing. May the good Lord bless and keep the old possum and hopefully introduce him to my Dad now that he is there. I am sure that they will have a lot in common and My dad will be one of many who will let him know how the lyrics of that song told the story of their lives.

Good bye old friend. Rest in peace. We start missing you today.

George Jones Dead at 81
George Jones, the peerless, hard-living country singer who recorded dozens of hits about good times and regrets and peaked with the heartbreaking classic "He Stopped Loving Her Today," has died. He was 81.
Jones died Friday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after being hospitalized with fever and irregular blood pressure, according to his publicist Kirt Webster.
With one of the most golden voices of any genre, a clenched, precise, profoundly expressive baritone, Jones had No. 1 songs in five separate decades, 1950s to 1990s. He was idolized not just by fellow country artists, but by Frank Sinatra, Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello, James Taylor and countless others. "If we all could sound like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones," Waylon Jennings once sang.
In a career that lasted more than 50 years, "Possum" evolved from young honky-tonker to elder statesman as he recorded more than 150 albums and became the champion and symbol of traditional country music, a well-lined link to his hero, Hank Williams. Jones survived long battles with alcoholism and drug addiction, brawls, accidents and close encounters with death, including bypass surgery and a tour bus crash that he only avoided by deciding at the last moment to take a plane.
His failure to appear for concerts left him with the nickname "No Show Jones," and he later recorded a song by that name and often opened his shows by singing it. His wild life was revealed in song and in his handsome, troubled face, with its dark, deep-set eyes and dimpled chin.
In song, he was rowdy and regretful, tender and tragic. His hits included the sentimental "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes," the foot-tapping "The Race is On," the foot-stomping "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair," the melancholy "She Thinks I Still Care," the rockin' "White Lightning," and the barfly lament "Still Doing Time." Jones also recorded several duets with Tammy Wynette, his wife for six years, including "Golden Ring," ''Near You," ''Southern California" and "We're Gonna Hold On." He also sang with such peers as Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and with Costello and other rock performers.
But his signature song was "He Stopped Loving Her Today," a weeper among weepers about a man who carries his love for a woman to his grave. The 1980 ballad, which Jones was sure would never be a hit, often appears on surveys as the most popular country song of all time.
Jones won Grammy awards in 1981 for "He Stopped Loving Her Today" and in 1999 for "Choices." He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1992 and in 2008 was among the artists honored in Washington at the Kennedy Center.
Jones continued to make appearances and put out records, though his hit records declined.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Mercy

I received an email today. Enclosed were links to photographs of the Boston bombing. Graphic, raw, uncensored images of the before and after of the marathon bombing. The carnage literally overwhelms the senses. Injuries so horrible as to appear surreal.

These are the photographs that the media will not publish and the large majority of Americans will never see, but Americans should see them in my opinion. At least a few of them. If for no other reason than for the people of America to truly see the results of the monsters who did this and what their radical pursuits of Islam will both allow and encourage.

One look at the injuries to the people who were closest to the bombs would easily convince anyone observing that neither of these monsters ever deserves either pity or mercy. In the coming weeks, the pleas will rise and the cries will go out to spare the younger brother from the death penalty. It will be said that he was led and influenced by his older brother and that he didn't really have anything to do with the bombings. Yet the photos tell a different story. Right down to the reality that it was he who sat the bomb down that killed the eight year old boy and maimed so many others. The photos of him committing the crime are clear and convincing.

To see devastation like this in the streets of an American city is humbling to me. To think that it could have been prevented is mind numbing. To think that it can and will happen again if we don't start dealing with radical Islam is enraging.

I won't post any of the photos here on this blog, they are far too graphic for even the above average level of tolerance to violence. However, I will say this. If by chance you do happen to see the true nature of the injuries that were inflicted upon innocent people in Boston by these two monsters, I believe that your inclinations to accept the alibis that are being prepared in the defense of those who did it will be greatly diminished.

Neither of these monsters deserves either the pity or mercy of the American people. The younger surviving brother should be tried, convicted and executed by a firing squad for his crimes against this nation and its people. Justice must be served, for justice delayed and justice denied only inspires more murderous acts by more murderous zealots.

America needs to send a message to these purveyors of death and we should let all of them know that we are coming for them.  

Cracking jokes at a meorial service for fallen officer

What kind of a moron would be cracking jokes during a memorial service for a fallen police officer. Much worse the memorial service for the officer killed by the two Boston bombers. 

Welcome to the world of the number on court jester of America.  Welcome to the world of libtard politics and a man who is quite possibly the least qualified person ever to sit in the office of the vice presidency. What an idiot!

5 Times in less than five years

 Go ahead, ask yourself why. And once again, the surviving individual responsible for the most recent terrorist attacks won't be treated as an enemy of America, The perpetrator won't be held or tried as an enemy combatant, but once again he will be put through our criminal justice system as if he were no more of a threat than a common thief.

 <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/H106iegUJpI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs," said the freshman congressman from Arkansas. "Counterterrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero! We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’”

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Only 99.5% of illegals qualify for legal status

That is certainly comforting news now isn't it. Less than one half of one percent of illegals don't qualify for amnesty under the Obama plan. Who would have guessed?

The flood gates have been opened, there is no stopping it now. Watch how many new arrivals and new births America gets now. 

The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.
Officials said they expect the approval rate to drop as more cases make their way through the system, as it takes longer to deny an application than to approve it. Indeed, the approval rate already has dropped from 99.8 percent just a month ago.

Privacy? Hand it over.....

 So......you were thinking that the Bill of Rights has you covered? Think again. This president and this congress and yes, this Supreme court are chipping away daily. To a point where in the very near future? You won't have any rights at all. All you will have are permissions. Permission to go here or there or permission to do this or that, or permission denied to do anything that the government doesn't want you to do.

It is coming people. When "employers" can be given the right to force you to hand over your personal life or be subjected to non employment for refusal to do so? Then how far are we really from an Orwellian brave new world where the government controls everything cradle to grave.

 Invasion of privacy? An amendment to a new US bill on cyber attacks aimed at preventing employers asking prospective employees for their Facebook login has been rejected
An attempt to ban US bosses from asking employees to hand over their Facebook login details has been blocked by Congress.
A last minute alteration to the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that would have prevented employers demanding that prospective employees disclose social media passwords as a condition of employment was voted down in the house of representatives.
The proposal, put forward by Democrat Ed Perlmutter was defeated by a 224-189 majority, according to the Huffington Post.

Read more:

Friday, April 19, 2013

The new normal in America


America's new normal. I along with millions of other Americans have been following the developments in Boston overnight involving the two Marathon bombers. The brothers grim. The running gun battle, the high speed chase, the murder of one police officer and the critical injury to another. A city locked down and literally living in terror. Explosives thrown at the police and more to be detonated today at the terrorists former home.

Meanwhile the twenty six year old brother was killed in a gun battle with police early this morning, while the younger brother escaped and has spent the day today taunting his pursuers with his facebook page. Meanwhile the American people are entranced by the drama that the media is literally gorging on the drama.

The media are currently interviewing the two bombers aunt who lives in Canada. She is floating her belief that all of this is just a conspiracy against her nephews.  Really?  It gets better......the media interviewed one of their former class mates and his take on everything was this. 

"Yeah...he was normal."  (referring the nineteen year old still on the loose) "You know, we hung out, listened to rap music, smoked some marijuana and just did normal things."

Welcome to the new normal America. Welcome to a world where our young people just hang out, listen to rap music and smoke marijuana and that is normal. Welcome to an America where our president was the leader of his own gang of smokers and tokers in high school and American media jokes and revels in the coolness of it all.

Welcome to the new normal America. Welcome to an America where we can expect, should expect and had better expect more attacks on our people just like these. The only real curiosity about the Boston Marathon attack at this point should be "why did it take this long to happen?"

Two brothers, brought to this country from a Muslim soviet block country, allowed the benefits of our educational system, allowed to become citizens, given scholarships, living the dream. The nineteen year old becoming an American citizen on September 11, 2012.  Anyone else seeing the irony in any of that?

Sometime today, tomorrow or soon, the younger brother will go out in a blaze of glory. He go down in a major confrontation with police and he will probably kill more Americans in the process. The media will be enthralled and the average American will be instructed to be completely lost and bewildered as to the reason for these events.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The headlines blared! 

Obama hurt! Obama loses! Obama to continue to push for legislation even without congress!

I read these headlines in the aftermath of congress' rejection of Obama's gun bill and I cannot help but wonder....what color is the sky in the world of those who  honestly think that this man is finished with the issue of gun confiscation in America. Make no mistake, this is not about Newtown or anything other than disarming America. This president will not accept defeat at the hands of congress and he told us that yesterday. Even if that means blatantly violating the constitution. So to hell with the three branches and the separation of powers and the checks and balances. Obama knows best!

 The last I checked, the congress makes law, not the presidency, but that will not stop this man. He has in as much as told America that he intends to move on without the approval of congress. How exactly is that accomplished? By executive caveat.  By executive order, or by other means also known as dictatorial declaration. That is precisely what is in store for America. That is precisely what this president has in store for America.

Make no mistake, the proposed legislation of increased background checks and all the other clap trap that was in the defeated bill, would not have prevented Newtown or any of these other massacres of the past twenty years. No more than background checks will stop criminals from obtaining weapons. Criminals don't go to gun stores or gun shows to buy guns. They either steal their weapons or they buy them on the black market were there is no regulation period. 

Our problem with guns in America doesn't really involve criminals. Our problem revolves around the sick minds of a generation of individuals who see violence as their path to retribution and individual recognition. 

Recognition by society for a lifetime of failure to balance and reward their own individual lives is what is being sought by these killers. What are they angry about?  What are they obsessed with? Why are they lashing out with murder to attain the release that they seek emotionally?  The answer in my opinion is not that complicated. they are angry for having been born. they are angry for not having all of the things that this society tells them that they should have. They are angry for illegitimately being denied that which is rightfully theirs. Get inside the emotional reality of what our permissive society has allowed to be created and nutured if you truly want to know why these killers suddenly go off and begin murdering as many as they can find.

The Sandy Hook killer took his retribution on his mother, killing her and then stealing her weapons to further his murderous desires for others to be made to pay for his own individual insanity. An insanity brought forth by a society that condones violence as entertainment, yet turns right around and tells us that we have to get rid of guns.  A society that refuses to assign individual accountability for individual actions, but then tells us that these individuals have to be held accountable (after the fact). A society that always claims that it is someone else's responsibility for the failures of the individual, yet the only solutions tendered, are to punish all for the sins of the minority. A minority that society has created and nurtured

But never fear, our president is going to make everything alright. He is going to proceed with his desire to see all of America disarmed, so that he can better protect us from the failures of our own making.  

"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither." Benjamin Franklin.  

  Barack Obama is shown speaking in the Rose Garden about the failed gun control vote, April 17, 2013. | AP Photo

Gun control: President Obama’s biggest loss

Never before had President Barack Obama put the moral force and political muscle of his presidency behind an issue quite this big — and lost quite this badly.
The president, shaken to the core by the massacre of 26 innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School, broke his own informal “Obama Rule” — of never leaning into an issue without a clear path to victory — first by pushing for a massive gun control package no one expected to pass, and then sticking through it even as he retrenched to a relatively modest bipartisan bill mandating national background checks on gun purchases.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The day after

I didn't post anything yesterday to this blog. There was nothing to be said in the wake of the tragedy in Boston. All of the media was in a frenzy and they remain in a frenzy this morning. The affected authorities have held their news conference this morning and the pundits and talking heads of media will be digesting their official feeding of information for the rest of the day. Along with analyzing the videos and the on scene interviews from those who didn't really see anything yesterday, but they were in Boston and near the blast points so that qualifies them for interview by the media.

I sat this morning and watched as they interviewed a local reporter who was having lunch a block away from the initial blast, while waiting on a friend to finish the race. Her thoughts and reflections seemed to capture the attention of her colleagues who were more than curious about her seemingly desirable insights. Meanwhile, my thoughts went back to the image of an innocent eight year old boy, his body torn asunder by the maniacal hatred of someone who planned this attack and allowed this to happen to an innocent child.

There is no justice in a circumstance like this. Justice is reserved for God. All that comes to my mind for the living left behind is retribution.  Payback. Make those responsible for this murderous act pay. Make them pay with their lives. Immediately if not sooner. Find them, hunt them down and turn them over to the people. It is time for the people to be given the opportunity to deal with these maggots. Governments obviously don't have a clue how to deal with it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The loss of class continues

 The Masters 2013: under-fire Tiger Woods facing player backlash for not withdrawing after wrongly signing his scorecard

 Is it possible for Tiger Woods to further demonstrate his lack of class and character? Quite possibly. Particularly when he has already demonstrated his lack of class and lack of respect for the game by his previous actions. I would say that this is a sad episode, but I won't. There is nothing sad here, only tragedy.  It is a tragedy that someone with his level of talent, would squander not only his talent but his achievements and legacy via his tawdry conduct of the past.  Now seemingly rehabilitated and on the career rise once again, it appears that as it concerns personal character, Tiger remains lacking and confirms what many have come to realize. Tiger Woods is an asterisk in the game of golf.

The Masters 2013: under-fire Tiger Woods facing player backlash for not withdrawing after wrongly signing his scorecard

In unprecedented scenes on this, the biggest of golfing stages,Woods was hit with a two-shot penalty by the Augusta committee, which chose not to disqualify the world No 1 despite his admission that he took an erroneous drop in his second round.
From being three-under and tied for seventh, Woods went out on one-under and in a tie for 20th. If that represented a grievous blow to his chances of winning the tournament, it still led to suggestions of double standards from golf’s officials, who had given 14-year-old Guan Tianlang a one-shot penalty on Friday.
Sir Nick Faldo was just one of those here appalled by Woods deciding to tee off his third round yesterday.
“He should really sit down and consider this - it will taint his legacy and his life,” he said. “I would be saying: ‘I have broken the rules of golf’. Sometimes the black and whiteness is harsh, but Tiger would get massive brownie points if he stood up and said: ‘Fair enough, I’ve broken the rules’ and walked.”
Explaining why he believed Woods was wrong to play on, Faldo said: “Tiger gained an advantage intentionally. He said so himself. He was judge and jury. If he goes on to win what kind of asterix would he have next to this Masters? Arnold Palmer said that in our game the integrity of golf must be taken forward. We are custodians of the game. We must carry it forward.”

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So you don't think its about confiscation?

Its only about being fair and registering criminals and honest background checks and....and....and
The Obama administration is coming for your guns.  Believe it. They could care less about the constitution or your perceptions of your rights. Joe Biden in as much has revealed the plan and the conspiracy by joking about it. The man is a complete idiot and yet they allowed him to give you a peek in the box with his ignorant attempts at humor and citing the black helicopter references this week.

Now look what as been revealed in Missouri.

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data

 The Missouri State Highway Patrol has twice turned over the entire list of Missouri concealed weapon permit holders to federal authorities, most recently in January, Sen. Kurt Schaefer said Wednesday.
Questioning in the Senate Appropriations Committee revealed that on two occasions, in November 2011 and again in January, the patrol asked for and received the full list from the state Division of Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing. Schaefer later met in his office with Col. Ron Replogle, superintendent of the patrol.

After the meeting, he said Replogle had given him sketchy details about turning over the list, enough to raise many more questions. Testimony from Department of Revenue officials revealed that the list of 185,000 names had been put online in one instance and given to the patrol on a disc in January.
Schaefer has been investigating a new driver licensing system. He and the committee grilled the revenue officials for several hours in the morning and again at midday before they admitted the list had been copied. The investigation was triggered by fears that concealed weapons data was being shared with federal authorities.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

American Vigilance Standing Down: Out of Gas and Out of Money

Since the end of WWII, the American military has never been forced to be unprepared to defend this nation. Not any more. Thanks to the glorious leadership now present in Washington, America is following the same script of collapse that saw the Soviet Union wither and die before our eyes under the guidance and leadership of America's truly last great president. Only this time around, it sn't a communist regime being bankrupted, it is America being bankrupted and you are going along for the ride.

The present interloper in chief has failed to produce a budget in four years and the budget he has submitted this week is packed full of more lies and more half truths to further his blood lust for seeing this nation murdered economically.

Believe what you wish. Hide your head in the sand if you choose. Watch you silly mindless reality television programs and worship your athletes to your heart's desire. In the end, you need do very little if anything to become property of the state. The end of our way of life is about to be brought to your doorstep. Socialism and communism are well known for providing curb service, so sit back and let Obama take you where you need to be taken. Only then will you realize the terror that is about to be visited upon you and your family. Only then will you realize how terrible things really are. Only then will you realize that it is too late.
An F-22 Raptor from 94th Fighter Squadron Langley Air Force Base, Va., performs an aerial demonstration for an estimated 180,000 spectators March 2 at the Australian International Airshow. The squadron will be grounded when it returns from a deployment in the Pacific that included a stop in South Korea.

Reduced flying hours forces grounding of 17 USAF combat air squadrons

 The Air Force will begin grounding combat air squadrons Tuesday in response to forced spending cuts that have eliminated more than 44,000 flying hours through September, according to internal documents obtained by Air Force Times.

The Air Force's budget for flying hours was reduced by $591 million for the remainder of fiscal 2013, making it impossible to keep all squadrons ready for combat, according to an April 5 memo signed by Maj. Gen. Charles Lyon, director of operations for Air Combat Command. The across-the board spending cuts, called sequestration, took effect March 1 when Congress failed to agree on a deficit-reduction plan.
Seventeen combat-coded squadrons will stand down effective Tuesday or upon their return from deployments, according to the documents. The Air Force will distribute 241,496 flying hours that are funded to squadrons that will be kept combat ready or at a reduced readiness level called “basic mission capable” for part or all of the remaining months in fiscal 2013, the documents said.
“Units will stand down on a rotating basis so our limited resources can be focused on fulfilling critical missions,” ACC Commander Gen. Mike Hostage said in a statement.
The grounding includes F-22s from the 1st Fighter Wing's 94th Fighter Squadron at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va. The squadron is returning from a deployment to the Pacific where airmen participated in a high-profile exercise in South Korea.
Other squadrons to stand down when they return to the U.S. include F-16s from the 4th Fighter Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, which is returning from a deployment in the Pacific; B-1B Lancers from the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D.; and A-10s from the 354th Fighter Squadron, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz.
The other grounded units include B-52s from the 2nd and 5th Bomb Wings, F-15Es from the 336th, 492nd, 494th and 391s Fighter Squadrons; F-16s from the 77th Fighter Squadron, 555th Fighter Squadron, 18th Aggressor Squadron and the Thunderbirds; and A-10s from the 81st Fighter Squadron, which will close as a result of the fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Watergate 2013

A generation ago, this led to the downfall of a presidency. I wonder how deep the threads run on this caper. More importantly, will the media seize upon it with the same intensity that they did forty years ago. I seriously doubt it. 

Mitch McConnell seeks FBI investigation

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign asked the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office on Tuesday to investigate how Mother Jones magazine obtained a recording of a February strategy session.
“Senator McConnell’s campaign is working with the FBI and has notified the local U.S. Attorney in Louisville, per FBI request, about these recordings,” McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton said in a statement. “Obviously a recording device of some kind was placed in Senator McConnell’s campaign office without consent. By whom and how that was accomplished presumably will be the subject of a criminal investigation.”
Added a source close to the campaign: “We’re going on the assumption that a crime has been committed. No one at the meeting leaked this.”
(PHOTOS: Ashley Judd through the years)
The McConnell campaign has not offered any direct evidence the recording was the result of an illegal bug.
The FBI office in Louisville, Ky. confirmed McConnell’s office had contacted them and that the bureau was looking into the matter.
On Tuesday morning, Mother Jones, a liberal magazine, published an audio recording of McConnell staffers discussing opposition research they could use against actress Ashley Judd, who was considering running against veteran senator in the 2014 Senate race. Judd announced last week that she would not make the race.

Obama's celebrity base wants more.

More drugs and a more lenient legal system, less intervention in the lives of those impacted by the "prison industrial complex."  Surely that is what we need and surely this is what is lacking from the Obama legacy. I love it when self appointed intellectual elites assume the mantels of perceived knowledge by attempting to utilize analogies that they have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of.

The "prison industrial complex?"  Really?  Is that what it all means to the likes of the Kardasians and Ludacris and the rest of these uneducated pompous elites who revel in their belief that socialism is grand, just as long as it excludes them and theirs.

I do find it interesting that they will admit that many of this president's biggest fans and most loyal supporters are  criminals. Oh snap! Excuse me! I meant to say, his biggest and most loyal supporters are guests of the prison industrial complex.

Rappers, Stars Ask Obama to Ease Drug Policy, Reform Prisons

A list of rappers and stars, including Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Kim Kardashian, and many more, have written an open letter to President Obama to ask that he ease the nation's drug policy. They also ask that prison policy be changed, too.

"During your presidency you have made important steps and you now have the opportunity to leave a legacy by transforming our criminal justice system to an intervention and rehabilitation based model. Many of those impacted by the prison industrial complex are among your most loyal constituents," they write. "Your struggles as the child of a single mother allow you to identify with millions of children who long to be with their parents.

We request the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these ideas further and empower our coalition to help you achieve your goals of reducing crime, lowering drug use, preventing juvenile incarceration and lowering recidivism rates. We stand with you, ready to do what is just for America."

Monday, April 08, 2013

Annette Funacello

Rest in peace sweetheart. We all love you and will miss you.
Annette Funicello, one of the best-known members of the original 1950s "Mickey Mouse Club" and a star of numerous 1960s "beach party" films, died Monday at a California hospital, the Walt Disney Co. said.
Funicello, who was 70, "died peacefully from complications due to multiple sclerosis, a disease she battled for over 25 years," the Disney statement said.
"We are so sorry to lose Mother," her three children said in a statement. "She is no longer suffering anymore and is now dancing in heaven. We love and will miss her terribly."

Funicello was just 13 when she was selected by Walt Disney himself to be one of the original Mouseketeers of the "Mickey Mouse Club," the 1950s television variety show aimed at children.
Funicello, who had a background in dance, quickly became one of the most popular Mouseketeers.
She "was and always will be a cherished member of the Disney family, synonymous with the word Mouseketeer, and a true Disney Legend," Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger said.
She remained with Disney after leaving the "Mickey Mouse Club," appearing in TV shows including "Zorro" (1957), "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca" (1958) and starring in the Disney feature films "The Shaggy Dog" (1959), "Babes in Toyland" (1961), "The Misadventures of Merlin Jones" (1964) and "The Monkey's Uncle" (1965).

A Great Lady Passes

Prime Joke

The passing of a great lady this morning. I have several friends in the UK, several of which did not care for her. Others still believe that she was as right for the UK as Churchill was during the war. I will always remember her as seen above. Standing with her Yank friend Ronnie. Staring down the Russians and daring to stand for the principles of truth versus socialist lies.

Rest in peace now Lady Thatcher. Say hello and thank you again to your friend and ours when you arrive.

Thatcher Dead at 87
Baroness Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady, has died after suffering a stroke at the age of 87. Her children Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother had died peacefully following a stroke this morning. Speaking to Sky News, spokesman and friend Lord Bell, who announced her death, said: "We’ll never see the like of her again. She was one of the great prime ministers of all time and transformed people's lives." He described the former prime minister, a grocer's daughter from Grantham, as the greatest leader of the Conservative Party with the exception of Winston Churchill.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Kerry: " A grim reminder"

The bottom line.  No matter how much humanitarian aid we send, no matter how many American lives are sacrificed on the alter of egalitarian egotism, the facts remain that these people hate us and they will continue to kill our people until we make it so painful to them and their people that they must stop.

If that includes annihilation of the majority of that country and that region, then that is the price that must be extracted for our safety. There is no appeasement. There is no compromise possible with treachery and maniacal Islam. Their religion demands our complete annihilation and removal from this planet. I say that it is long since time that we acknowledge the intent of the Lands of Islam and respond to it in the only fashion they and their religion can comprehend.

Meanwhile it is contemptible that this nation would have a secretary of state who not a generation ago demonstrated his own contempt for this nation while collaborating with our enemies. This is the man that America now has representing itself amongst our enemies on the world stage?   Is there any wonder that we are laughed at and held in contempt by those who will do us harm.....and those who once looked up to us.

A car bomb blast killed five Americans, including three U.S. soldiers and a young diplomat, on Saturday, while an American civilian died in a separate attack in the east.
The diplomat and other Americans were in a convoy of vehicles in Zabul province when the blast occurred, Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement.
The soldiers and the diplomat died in the blast along with a civilian employee of the Defense Department and Afghan civilians, Kerry said. His statement gave no overall death toll.
The Washington Post identified the diplomat as Anne Smedinghoff, 25, citing her parents. Smedinghoff was Kerry's embassy guide and aide when he visited Afghanistan last month, the paper said.
Local and international officials in the region said earlier that six people died in the blast: three U.S. soldiers, two U.S. civilians and an Afghan doctor.
Provincial governor Mohammad Ashraf Nasery was in the convoy, but was unharmed, local and NATO officials said.
"Our American officials and their Afghan colleagues were on their way to donate books to students in a school in Qalat, the province's capital, when they were struck by this despicable attack," Kerry said in his statement.
He said he had met the diplomat during a trip to Kabul, and spoke to her parents after her death. Four other U.S. diplomats were wounded, one critically, Kerry said in his statement.

 Kerry mourns `selfless, idealistic' US diplomat

"Anne and those with her," Kerry said, "were attacked by the Taliban terrorists who woke up that day not with a mission to educate or to help, but with a mission to destroy. A brave American was determined to brighten the light of learning through books, written in the native tongue of the students she had never met, whom she felt it incumbent to help."
Kerry said Smedinghoff "was met by a cowardly terrorist determined to bring darkness and death to total strangers. These are the challenges that our citizens face, not just in Afghanistan but in many dangerous parts of the world - where a nihilism, an empty approach, is willing to take life rather than give it."

Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's Begun. People being refused treatment.

 Welcome to Obama care and the sequester.

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

Cancer clinics across the country have begun turning away thousands of Medicare patients, blaming the sequester budget cuts.
Oncologists say the reduced funding, which took effect for Medicare on April 1, makes it impossible to administer expensive chemotherapy drugs while staying afloat financially.
Patients at these clinics would need to seek treatment elsewhere, such as at hospitals that might not have the capacity to accommodate them.
“If we treated the patients receiving the most expensive drugs, we’d be out of business in six months to a year,” said Jeff Vacirca, chief executive of North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates in New York. “The drugs we’re going to lose money on we’re not going to administer right now.”

Bluster or fate staring down the barrel

Is this just more bluster? Or are we about to experience the workings of a diseased mind that is about to set off world conflict. 

A South Korean soldier stands on a road linked to North Korea at a military checkpoint in Paju on Wednesday, April 3. After a week of threats to the United States and South Korea, North Korea blocked hundreds of South Korean workers from entering the industrial complex, which is an important symbol of cooperation between the two countries.

Amid Pyongyang bluster, a hint of a missile launch

North Korea, which unleashed another round of scathing rhetoric accusing the United States of pushing the region to the "brink of war," could be planning a missile launch soon, a U.S. official said Thursday.
Communications intercepts in recent days indicated that Pyongyang could be planning to launch a mobile ballistic missile in the coming days or weeks, the official said. It's unknown whether it would be a test or a strike.
The news emerged as South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin told a parliamentary committee in Seoul that the North has moved a medium-range missile to its east coast for an imminent test firing or military drill.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Obama using dated data?

Based on the president's methodology of defending his positions, there must be over twelve million slaves living in bondage in America also. Granted, that is a dated statistic from the mid 1860's, but who gives a flip about the source of a number when you are trying to make a point.

"There are lies, there are damn lies" and there is the Obama administration.  To people like these, the truth is only what they want it fashioned to be to support their lies.

Obama criticized for using dated, disputed gun stat to sell background checks

As President Obama prepares to head to Colorado on Wednesday to push gun control legislation, some are calling into question the validity of a key statistic he’s using to tout his message on near-universal background checks.
During several speeches, Obama has said 40 percent of all gun purchases were made without a background check.
But that number is nearly two decades old and comes from a poll with a relatively tiny sample size. Gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association, as well as The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker,” are calling out the president’s stat, saying his numbers on background checks need a background check of their own.

Poverty Spikes Cumbayah!

Four years into this regime and poverty has returned to a level of the 1960's. That would be pre "war on Poverty" LBJ levels of poverty if I am correct in my memory.

So what happens when the balancing plates on the sticks stop spinning? What happens when the safety nets that have become trampolines of play time and exploitation for three generations  are suddenly collapsed by the reality that we can no longer afford to pay for it?  Well  then .....you get poor disenfranchised souls like the one below who can no longer cope. They can no longer sustain themselves because the government can no longer sustain them.

I imagine that we are on the cusp of millions and tens of millions just like him. And then what happens then what happens to society? What happens when the sugar teat of our socialist fed society has gone dry and there is no more manna from Washington.

You do the math.  

Poverty Spikes to 1960's levels.
The number of Americans living in poverty has spiked to levels not seen since the mid 1960s, classing 20 per cent of the country’s children as poor.

It comes at a time when government spending cuts of $85 billion have kicked in after feuding Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a better plan for addressing the national deficit.

The cuts will directly affect 50 million Americans living below the poverty income line and reduce their chances of finding work and a better life.

Before spending cuts kicked in on March 1st, 49-year-old Antonio Hammond became a success story for Catholic Charities of Baltimore - one of a multitude of organizations trying to haul people out of poverty.
In this Maryland port city, one of four residents is considered poor by U.S. government standards.

Hammond says he ended up in Baltimore three years ago, addicted to crack cocaine and snorting heroin, living in abandoned buildings where "the rats were fierce," and financing his addiction by breaking into cars and stealing copper pipes out of crumbing structures.

Eighteen months after finding his way to Catholic Charities via a rehabilitation center, the Philadelphia native is back in the work force, clean of drugs, earning $13 an hour cleaning laboratories for the Biotech Institute of Maryland and paying taxes.

Kicked his habit: Antonio Hammond (pictured) says he ended up in Baltimore three years ago, addicted to crack cocaine and snorting heroin
Kicked his habit: Antonio Hammond (pictured) says he ended up in Baltimore three years ago, addicted to crack cocaine and snorting heroin - while living in poverty

Catholic Charities, which runs a number of federally funded programs, spent $18,000 from privately donated funds to turn around Hammond's life through the organization's Christopher's Place program which provides housing and support services to recovering addicts and former prisoners.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Killed while playing with children

 This is the enemy that our troops face daily. This is the enemy that the weak minded facilitators of egalitarian liberalism would belittle our soldiers for killing. Another young American life has been snuffed out by radicalism and the adherents and followers of a radical and militant religion. And the band plays on. 

Afghan teenager fatally stabs US soldier

An Afghan teenager killed an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan by stabbing him in the neck while he played with a group of local children, officials said Monday.
The killing comes as the monthly U.S. death toll rose sharply in March to 14 with the start of the spring fighting season when the Taliban and other insurgents take advantage of improved weather to step up attacks.
Sgt. Michael Cable, 26, was guarding Afghan and U.S. officials meeting in a province near the border with Pakistan when the stabbing occurred last Wednesday, two senior U.S. officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.
The attack occurred after the soldiers had secured the area for the meeting, but one of the U.S. officials said the youth was not believed to have been a member of the Afghan security forces or in uniform so it was not being classified as an insider attack.
The official said the attacker was thought to be about 16 years old, but the age couldn't be verified.
The Afghan and American dignitaries were attending the swearing-in ceremony of Afghan Local Police in Shinwar district in Nangarhar province, senior district official Zalmai Khan said. Afghan Local Police, or ALP, recruits are drawn from villages and backed by the U.S. military.
The soldier was playing with a group of children outside when the attacker came from behind and stabbed him in the neck with a large knife, Khan said, adding the young man had escaped to nearby Pakistan.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the young man was acting independently when he killed the soldier but had joined the Islamic militant movement since fleeing the scene.