Monday, August 31, 2009

America's Awakening - Pastor Stephen Broden - Part 1

This is a preacher that you won't see highlighted by the mainstream media in America. The man knows his message and he knows his bible. And he recognizes what is afoot in America presently and who and what are responsible.

This is a three part series. make sure and watch and listen to all three parts.

How To Lose a War, Without Really Trying

Or...... "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."

Borrowing just a bit from the classic Stanley Kubric film Dr. Strangelove, I can't help but immediately see some similarities between that film and what we have occurring in America today as it concerns the war on terror. The only difference between Kubric's fiction and the present day reality? We don't have a renegade General Jack Ripper, or an amiable general Buck Turgidson. Or the most likable Group Captain Lionel Mandrake trying to reason his way through it all, while Peter Sellers changes hats and characters at a maddening pace throughout the drama.

Picture if you will, just a smattering of the facts as they have been reported as of today today.

White House: 'War on terrorism' is over

It's official. The U.S. is no longer engaged in a "war on terrorism." Neither is it fighting "jihadists" or in a "global war."

"The President does not describe this as a 'war on terrorism,'" said John Brennan, head of the White House homeland security office, who outlined a "new way of seeing" the fight against terrorism.

There you have it. We will now call the war......."the war against Al Qaida." It's a "new way of seeing it!"

Then there was this.....

White House Spokesman Uses Phrase "War On Terror"

Not only does Robert Gibbs (White House Spokesman) use the (now forbidden) term war on terror during this news conference? But he attempts to assuage all criticism of the Obama administration's actions and handling of the war over the past seven months, by asserting that the war has undergone "years and years of neglect" and has been sadly"under resourced."

What the hell does that mean? Under funded? Not enough money and material and effort directed toward the war Mr. Gibbs? Well of course that's what it means, but isn't it curious how "now" the democrats want to talk about "under resourced" Afghanistan. After they have spent the last 8 years impeding every bit of war effort and funding in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

They talked a good game when they were campaigning during the 2006 midterms and the 2008 presidential election and beat their chests on how they would have done it. And we heard a lot about how President George Bush took his "eye off the ball" and pursued a war in Iraq when the real game was afoot in Afghanistan. Not to mention how they oh so wished they could turn one or both into another Vietnam for America.

And now...... what have we seen the Obama administration do in the seven months since taking control of the White House? First off, we have seen an immediate draw down of personnel and assets in Iraq, which is now leading to increased violence and more American casualties in Iraq. And this is after George Bush took a beating for seven years, but finally won that war. Now Obama is giving it all away just as he promised. Another example of liberals willingly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And now...... the casualties are mounting daily in Afghanistan and we are told what? That we have "under resourced" the war in Afghanistan? But that we also need to be mindful not to call it a war on terrorism. (Heaven forbid someone utter the phrase a war against Islamic extremism).

And yet there is more.....

Afghanistan strategy must change, US commander McChrystal says

Having previously stepped in it by admitting that America was losing the war in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal (Obama's hand picked man) quickly back peddled and denied that he had said that we were losing the war. He then clarified his remarks (retracted his statements) and the administration claimed that the general was simply taken out of context.

But in today's much awaited assessment by General Stanley McChrystal on ("the war against Al Qiada?") in Afghanistan? This is what we see from the general once again.

U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal said the situation was "serious" but the 8-year-old war could still be won. He gave no indication as to whether he would ask for more troops but is widely expected to do so in the coming weeks.

So what does that mean? We have lost the war but it is still winnable? Or does it mean that we are about to lose the war, but we can pull it out and save the victory? Or does it mean as the previous commander said right before he was relieved of duty....."we need more troops and more funding and a commitment to victory."

According to Obama's general McCrystal......"The situation in Afghanistan is serious, but success is achievable and demands a revised implementation strategy, commitment and resolve, and increased unity of effort," McChrystal said in a statement announcing his report was done.

The situation is serious, but achievable, but requires what? "A revised implementation strategy, commitment and resolve?" Sound familiar?

Did the dear general just enumerate what most anyone with common sense already knows? That the present strategy (President Obama's strategy) needs serious revision. And in addition to that, if we intend to win this thing? We need some serious resolve and commitment! And a lot more "sourcing!"

Please let me know when you find those elements present in the spinal column of any democrat. And also drop me a line when you see the Pelosi and Reid led congress gearing up to "adequately resource "the war against Al Qaida" or anything else to do with Iraq or Afghanistan or Islamic terrorism.

Then of course there are the bizarre ramblings of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates pontificating on the matter of Afghanistan as he sees it.....U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said any recommendation for more forces would have to address his concerns that the foreign military presence in Afghanistan could become too large and be seen by Afghans as a hostile occupying force.

"Clearly, I want to address those issues and we will have to look at the availability of forces, we'll have to look at costs. There are a lot of different things that we'll have to look at," he told reporters.

I literally love to see a mediocre bullshit artist attempting to sell shinola to shites! Well of course a primary driving consideration for Mr. Gates, is that he doesn't want the Afghans to see any potential increase in American troop strength as a hostile occupying force. And of course he will have to look at the costs and a "lot of different things."

I wonder, do any of those things from costs to whatever he thinks the others are? Do they have anything to do with the "under resourcing" of the war to date? As was referenced earlier today by Robert Gibbs?

Makes you wonder don't it. I know it makes me wonder. I wonder what in hell is going on in these people's minds? Actually, I know what is going on in their minds. (not a lot) but I truly wonder what they think is going on in the rest of ours when they float this bullshit.

Are they talking to each other and comparing notes on policy and history and funding and the myriad of things that they are speaking to as it concerns policy and action? Or have they spent the last seven years in a cave somewhere in the Hamptons, simply planning their return to power? Are they totally and completely oblivious to recent history and the actions of their own party and president?

Like I said at the beginning, this is like watching a revised version of Stanley Kubric's classic Dr. Strangelove. Only with different characters playing the lead parts and the script turned askew. Except this time, it isn't a renegade general about to loose Armageddon on the world. It's a renegade president and a less than capable commanding general who is doing his best to stick to the losing script without losing.

And all of this is being done with a supporting cast of real characters that would do Peter Sellers proud!

All we need now? Is the equivalent of Slim Pickens flying a recalled B-52, and preparing to drop his load on an American city in retaliation for being rich capitalist infidels.

Too bad Kubric is dead now. If he were still alive? I believe that I could write him a script for an epic story to rival Dr. Strangelove.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let Me See Your ID!

This video speaks for itself.

The Secret Life of the ACLU

ACLU’s spying project: Operation CIA Paparazzi

I have to hand it to Michelle Malkin on this one and on two counts at that. First for reporting this travesty of modern day liberal vilification and criminal conduct and secondly for scoring a direct hit on the reality of what is actually at play here.

Last week, the Washington Post reported on a new Justice Department inquiry into photographs of undercover CIA officials and other intelligence personnel taken by ACLU-sponsored researchers assisting the defense team of Guantanamo Bay detainees. According to the report, the pictures of covert American CIA officers – “in some cases surreptitiously taken outside their homes” – were shown to jihad suspects tied to the 9/11 attacks in order to identify the interrogators.

Yep, you read it right, the ACLU hired their own covert ops to out present CIA operatives (by photographing them), so that they could expose these CIA undercover agents to public ridicule in the media and to identify them to known terrorists being held at Guantanamo, as they defend the same jihadist terrorist as if they possess US constitutional right! Meanwhile, they also identified them to all the other terrorists in the world bent on destroying this country.

What was that gals name? Give me a minute it's coming back to me. (help me Michelle !)


The ACLU undertook the so-called “John Adams Project” with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – last seen crusading for convicted jihadi assistant Lynne Stewart. She’s the far Left lawyer who helped jailed 1993 World Trade Center bombing/NY landmark bombing plot mastermind Omar Abdel-Rahman smuggle coded messages of Islamic violence from the imprisoned sheik to outside followers in violation of an explicit pledge to abide by her client’s court-ordered isolation.

Yep, the ACLU was just practicing that tried and true comic book reality of truth, justice and the American way right?

What the hell was that gal's name! I know I have it right here on the tip of my tongue! (help me out here Michelle!)


And then they showed the images to suspected al Qaeda operatives implicated in murdering 3,000 innocent men, women, and children on American soil.

You should have the gist of it now, so do go and visit Michelle Malkin's blog and read the entire piece. Absolutely freaking amazing! How could conduct like this be tolerated in America today? It's beyond belief. It is beyond insidious, it is beyond something that I can even be incredulous over! The truth is, it is conduct that simply is not covered by any word or group of words in the English language that I am aware of.

There simply isn't a single word or phrase or combination of phrases that adequately expresses what I see as nothing short of treasonous crimes committed by the ACLU. But not even the word treason approaches what has been done here IMO.


Wait a minute! Eureka! I have it now! Went back through Michelle's blog and there it was! "Valerie Plame!" Yeah that's it! That's the ticket! It's all coming back to me now!

So let's cut to the chase and get to the bottom line.

This nation endured a two year federal investigation into the Valerie Plame affair and all manner of wailing and gnashing of teeth by democrats and liberals, (every step of the way). And all for the supposed outing of an undercover CIA operative (Valerie Plame). Yet in the end, it was proven that everyone who was suspected and accused of the alleged crime? Had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was also proven to be former Asst. Sec/State Richard Armitage who gave Plame's name to Robert Novak where it was first revealed to the public.

As it was also revealed that allegations of Valerie Plame being an undercover operative were completely false and fabricated. She was nothing more than a mid level middle east analyst at the agency and the only reason she became an issue, is because she successfully lobbied her bosses at CIA, to allow her husband a former US ambassador, to travel to Africa as a CIA operative. And for what reason? none other than to attempt to obtain evidence that could refute the Bush administrations assertions of Iraq's attempts to buy yellow cake uranium from Africa, in order to build a nuclear program in Iraq.

Yet here we have an organization (the ACLU) that has literally compromised the identities of dozen of real CIA undercover CIA operatives? And hardly a notice what so ever from the loyal left wing media. The same media that sunk it's teeth into the Plame affair as if they had found Watergate II.

Someone needs to be prosecuted for this crap IMO and a bunch of people need to go to prison over it IMO.

Audacity is another word that comes to mind that simply fails to cover what has been done here.

Camelot is Dead And Good Riddance

'Win One for Teddy,' Say Dems Pushing for Health Reform

As night follows day and rainbows follow spring showers, if you stop and think about it, liberals are easily track able in their socialist pursuits.

Teddy Kennedy's body had not even assumed room temperature yet and the liberals were already gathering to prop up his corpse in the store front window of liberal socialism, in their attempt to utilize his death to revive their socialist health care scam.

"Win one for Teddy!"

I saw it immediately, as did millions of other Americas. and today it is being reported just as we predicted it would be. The democrats intend to rally around the death of the great liberal and use his death as an anchor point. They intend to immortalize and martyr the last of the Kennedy's, and they intend to use his death as the booster rocket to regain orbit for their failing health care reform plan.

Therefore, it is time for Americans to re-double their efforts with their congressmen and senators, and let them know emphatically, that we (Americans) don't want this crap. We simply aren't interested. And as the marine recently said at the town hall meeting, "who are these people that think that they have a right to allow us to keep our present health care, once they get their socialized agenda passed as supposed affordable health care."

They have no rights over me and their fallen icon cuts absolutely nothing with me in this discussion. The time for Americans to stand up to this fascist bullying is now. And if the liberals attempt to wrap the moldering corpse of Ted Kennedy in their latest socialist scam? Them we all as Americans need to remember just who their womanizing alcoholic murdering icon really was.

He may have been the last surviving member of Camelot, but none the less he was a socialist and a lout. And his death and all the dressing up of his legacy of the media doesn't change that reality one iota.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lion Sleeps

Senator Edward M. Kennedy dies at 77

I believe that I and many others realized two weeks ago when he failed to attend his sister's funeral, that the end was near. And the urgency of a week ago, in his attempts to have the law in Massachusetts changed before his death was apparently more urgent than anyone realized.

Now that he has died, watch for the two week wake and the revisiting of the Kennedy legacy as not seen in decades. Yes, they will attempt to make this into the end of Camelot, but more importantly, they will attempt to wrap their fallen hero in a blanket of modern day martyrdom.

And what better tribute to the lion of the senate, than to push through the Obama health care reform bill, which will now become the Kennedy health care bill. On the one hand, Obama's health care bill was all but dead as of yesterday, but that was yesterday. Now with Kennedy dead, the liberal left will see this as their chance to guilt trip America into buying this pig of a piece of legislation though the martyrdom of Ted Kennedy.

And if we are not careful, those who remain in the senate will pass the bill along and attempt to claim that they have accomplished something for the American people and for the Kennedy legacy. I say no thank you. You can leave me out of it. And you can leave my kids out of it too. I lived through the Kennedy Camelot and it is something from a long time ago that has absolutely no relevancy to today.

The Kennedy Camelot was a dream world of media forced perspectives and that is exactly what they have tried to do with the present day occupant of the White House. I hope the American people aren't fooled by the barrage that is about to begin in media. Inspired by the death of Teddy Kennedy and a desire to supposedly create some living tribute to his legacy. The man created his own legacy. Let the lion sleep with what he created.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Plot Thickens

Report: Letter Shows British Prime Minister, Libyan Leader Discussed Details of Lockerbie Bomber Release Weeks Ago

The plot thickens and the true is slowly seeping out. It appears that the Libyan leader Kadafi and his son were telling the truth when they said the the UK and Gordon Brown were instrumental in the release of the Lockerbie murderer.

Scottish Pride

Celebration: Images of Libyans waving Scottish flags have prompted outrage in Britain and the U.S.

Read more:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Compassionate Release

The Lion's Parting Shot

What Ted Kennedy Wants
He's trying to change election rules—again.

Once again the lion of the senate is attempting to pull a partisan fast one on the people of his state and the people of this country. Senator Teddy Kennedy, presently dying of brain cancer, wants to win just one more for the liberal gippers if he can.

Having battled successfully five years ago to change the law in Massachusetts, so that he could thwart any potential ability of the then republican governor (Mitt Romney) to potentially appoint a republican senate replacement, (provided John Kerry had won), Teddy now wants to go back to the well one more time before he dies, in order to change it all back.

What a gallant action on the part of senator Kennedy. Just wanting to make things right again right? Wrong! Once again the liberals and their senior member of the senate are trying to pull a partisan fast one on the people of America. The great fear being that if Teddy dies before 2010? The liberal socialist democrats will lose their 60 seat veto proof majority in the senate, if they can't immediately replace him with a known and approved liberal democrat.

So once again it is time to cook and the rules and the law in order to serve the liberal perspective and their interests. I would say that I hope that the people of Massachusetts would be smarter than this and that they would raise immortal hell over it, (Kennedy and his health problems be damned.) but they won't.

I know that a state that would elect and re-elect this socialist interloper for the last forty years to begin with, can't be populated with exceedingly smart people or anyone with sincere interests or concerns for the country as a whole.

I wish Ted Kennedy no ill will. I know his personal and political history and I am diametrically opposed to his politics and his life history and always have been. However, I do believe in divine intervention. And it appears that Teddy is on his last legs now. Having skipped the funeral of his sister last week, should have told most people that he himself is not long for this world.

All I know is that if he dies before the law can be changed back, it serves him and it served the state that elected him for over forty years right. And even then there is no guarantee that the people of Massachusetts won't turn right around and find another flaming socialist to replace him with.

As a matter of fact? They probably will. But in the interim? I still adhere and hold to the premise that government should be required to play by the rules (law) and they should have to live with the consequences.

Let's hope so.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool Hand Luke He Ain't

Felony Vandalism Charges Possible in Obama Joker Poster Case

How many remember Paul Newman in his Iconic role, in the movie Cool Hand Luke? A true classic and one of my all time favorites. And how many remember what Luke went to prison for?

The movie situated in the post Korean war south, opens with a drunk Luke staggering about a sleepy little southern town. With a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a pipe wrench in the other. Luke is drunk and he is cutting the heads off parking meters.

That was his crime. And as the police arrive, we see Luke propped up against his last victim and a long line of headless parking meters behind him.

Later in the film, we hear the iconic line by Strother Martin. "What we have a failure to communicate!"

Fast forward to the present and it appears to me that we have our very own Cool Hand Luke in the making. Have a look........

A Florida teenager could face felony vandalism charges for allegedly gluing posters depicting President Obama as the Joker onto public property, has learned.

Clermont, Fla., Police Capt. Eric Jensen said the state attorney will review evidence to determine whether to charge the unidentified teenager with gluing "dozens" of the posters last week to the city's light poles, public and private buildings, bridge overpasses, road signs and a mailbox.

Jensen said damage to city property exceeded $800, and it cost roughly $200 to remove the adhesive that was used to affix the poster to the mailbox.

"If he hadn't glued them, we wouldn't be having this discussion," Jensen told "[The adhesive] didn't come off the road signs."

See any similarities? I know that I do. Here is some kid who decides to make a political statement by posting these posters? And suddenly the local authorities are treating him like public enemy number one. There is no doubt that he should probably be committed to some community service for his actions, but does this really warrant felony vandalism charges?

I think not.

And I think what we have here is a genuine failure to communicate on the part of the Clemont Florida police. It strikes me that the authorities there, are more concerned with appealing to a national media outrage over the subject matter of this young man's protest, than they are interested it addressing the reality of what was done in a reasonable or fair manner.

And when I see the nation's main stream media reacting as they have over these posters? And when I see the local authorities preparing to skin some kid and tack his hide to the barn for having the audacity to post his beliefs? I tend to see the man with no eyes.

Constantly lurking behind his mirrors and waiting patiently for the opportunity to snipe the life out of anyone that crosses or violates the machine.

Look closely at main stream media today and see if what you see staring back at you isn't ironically similar to some faceless mechanism with a high powered rifle on the ready. Poised to drop the hammer on anyone who isn't "shaking that bush boss!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Real Turner Diaries

FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

Many people may be familiar with the Turner Diaries as a result of the domestic terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995 and the resulting trial, conviction and execution of Timothy McVeigh for the crime. McVeigh was supposedly a fan of the anarchist novel and based his action of attack that day in Oklahoma city on the books plot.

But what if we were to have a real Turner Diaries? Not just something of fiction, but something of a rather all too real reality. Enter one Hal Turner of New Jersey. He was recently arrested for inciting others to violence and encouraging others to attacking public officials.

The only problem is? His defense attorney says that he was only doing what the FBI taught him how to do on the internet as a "blogger." Stranger than fiction? Have a look for yourself.....

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday. Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said. "His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said.

Of course now?

The FBI is denying any knowledge of his actions, although they seemingly admit to a familiarity with him. Prosecutors have acknowledged that Turner was an informant who spied on radical right-wing organizations, but the defense has said Turner was not working for the FBI when he allegedly made threats against Connecticut legislators and wrote that three federal judges in Illinois deserved to die.

Uncanny isn't it. Almost like a script for a Tom Cruise sequel to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. "Your mission Mr. Phelps (should you decide to accept it.....)" And as always..."If caught or captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions."

Stranger than fiction? Id' say affirmative!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Socialized Medicine? WWRD?

What would Reagan do as it concerns the present proposals concerning supposed affordable health care and government managed health care.

Well lets have a listen. Because it seems that Ronald Reagan confronted this exact same menace almost fifty years ago.

Listen as Ronald Reagan describes precisely how this country came to be strapped with Medicare and then Medicaid and how those two completely mismanaged failures, had drained the lifeblood out of this country. While at the same time providing the "foot in the door" for what we are now confronting.

This isn't the first time that these socialist scams have been attempted in this country. It's been going on sine FDR and the early 1960's when Ronald Reagan addressed it in this speech.

That's right, this speech comes from 1961 and it is almost as if the great communicator was speaking not only to that generation, but also to the future and this one.

Fear? Or Fear Mongering

ABC most definitely has become the All Barack Channel

Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

Just a couple of observations:

"I don't think these are simply people who are mentally ill or off their rocker," Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told ABC News of those behind the threats. "In a very real sense they represent a genuine reaction, a genuine backlash against Obama."

Language like that is rife in this article and as the media background noise ratchets up on these reports and the musings of those like Mark Potok, a very real potential exist for something to really occur. Where as before these media reports and the present hyping of these supposed threats, the threat level concerning this president was probably no greater than with any recent president.

If anything, I personally believe that the potential threats to former President Bush far out weigh in reality, anything that is currently being monitored by the secret service concerning this president.

And into the mix of these reports are pitched the opines of other supposed experts like this individual. (a former FBI agent, therefore, he must be right).

"It's certainly a scary time," said former FBI agent Brad Garrett, now an ABC News consultant. Garrett said the Secret Service "cannot afford to pass on anyone," and he believes "they really do fear that something could happen to [Obama]."

Garrett said statements like one recently made by controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh comparing a logo for the White House plan to a Nazi symbol "legitimizes people who are on the edge to go do something or say something."

"And if you go and take a look at this, you will find that the Obama health care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo," Limbaugh said.

All of which sets the stage for a real life loon to rise to the literal baiting that these reports truly represent. And if that were to happen God forbid, we would have a martyr to completely overshadow each and every former president and their memories permanently and forever.

I was a small boy when JFK was killed and I remember the time and the decades long after the fact morning of the idolized prince of Chamelot. Therefore, I can only imagine the end result if something was to happen to this president.

But never the less the red eyed and rabid media is working the public and planting their seeds and setting the stage for what they will publicly state they never wish to see. While at the same time they will mumble under their breath in hushed tones to each other, what an end all news story of a life time it would be (if something were to happen). And they have already identified their scape goats and precisely who they would point fingers at.

These ravenous scavengers and peddlers of the obscene media should be cast aside by all clear and level headed thinking Americans and their hype and hustle should be cause for than anyone with good sense to keep on walking past their putrid offerings.

ABC has become nothing but a propaganda organ for the Obama administration and a purveyor hald truths at best IMO.

Freedom of Speech? Not If You Are a Christian

School prayer charges stir protests
Educators face jail in Florida

That headline got my attention, but what both grips and gripes me, is what is going on here. A high school principle and athletic director face trial and prison, for having had the audacity to offer a prayer on school premises.

Their school board having previously reached some egregious judicial consent decree arising out of yet another ACLU law suit to stifle Christianity at every opportunity.

And if that is not bad enough? Have a look at this last paragraph of the article.

Mr. Staver said the district also agreed to forbid senior class President Mary Allen from speaking at the school's May 30 graduation ceremony on the chance that the young woman, a known Christian, might say something religious.

"She was the first student body president in 33 years not allowed to speak," he said.

What's wrong with this country? Does anyone really have to ask that stupid and rhetorical question.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garrett vs. Gibbs

Dove tailing onto yesterday's blog concerning government intrusion into the lives of Americans concerning computers and the internet? I wonder what snopes will have to say about this exchange. That it didn't happen? That Gibbs answered the question? Nope and nope.

The bottom line, apparently Major Garrett and a number of reporters who cover the White House received unsolicited emails from the White House this week. Apparently to their private or personal business accounts.

The purpose of the emails? Again it appears that the basis of the emails was an attempt to bolster the presidents health care reform legislation and to attempt to cultivate more support from the MSM, as if he didn't already have the market cornered on that.

You decide. I know I have.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Brother Is Here

This would normally be too bizarre and far fetched to believe, but not under the current regime in Washington. Watch this and be warned.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tit for Tat? Who Has More To Offer?

Who has more to offer

This is actually quite bizarre IMO. A sitting female head of state campaigning on her cleavage? Who cares about past fifty yams! As a matter of fact? Cover that crap up! There are very few women in the past fifty market that have anything at all to offer in the cleavage dept and Angela Merkel ain't one of them. No one wants to see some broad past her shelf life pushing her puppies in your face on a billboard or the side of a bus and that would certainly hold true in this instance.

Please tell me that the Germans are not captivated by this type of sleaze campaigning, or that won't might actually make their choice for chancellor based upon who has the best looking set of ta ta's in the competition. There are far too many important issues in today's world for either Merkel or her opponent, to be appearing on campaign billboards dressed like French cabaret dancers performing at the at the Moulin Rouge.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What happened? I thought we were winning?

Commander’s Ouster Is Tied to Shift in Afghan War

I wonder how many people remember that headline in the New York times dated May 11, 2009.

Or the opening paragraph of the article..

WASHINGTON — The top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David D. McKiernan, was forced out Monday in an abrupt shake-up intended to bring a more aggressive and innovative approach to a worsening seven-year war.

Tomorrow makes exactly 90 days since General McKiernan was relieved of duty and disgraced by his commander in chief. So, how is the all star replacement General McCrystal doing with his special warfare fighting skills and his innovative approach fairing?

Well let's see....

Taliban Now Winning
U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Warns of Rising Casualties

The Taliban have gained the upper hand in Afghanistan, the top American commander there said, forcing the U.S. to change its strategy in the eight-year-old conflict by increasing the number of troops in heavily populated areas like the volatile southern city of Kandahar, the insurgency's spiritual home.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal warned that means U.S. casualties, already running at record levels, will remain high for months to come.

So what changed? I don't mean to be facetious, but toward the end of the Vietnam war? A frequently heard refrain of many Vietnam veterans was...."what happened? We were winning when I left."

So what happened General McCrystal? Afghanistan began to heat up immediately after Barack Obama took office. (The Taliban recognizing the weakness of this president IMO) And when General McKiernan tried to explain the situation to the new president? And when he asked for more ground troops to be sent? He was summarily relieved from duty and dismissed.

Yet after 90 days of command in the Afghanistan theater, General McCrystal seems to have accomplished very little, if not in all fairness of analysis having lost ground. Not only have things not improved or even remained static in Afghanistan as a result of the command change, but they have gotten worse. And now? The president's hand picked general to carrying the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan is calling for more troops, just as his predecessor did.

But worse than that, he has broken with decades of war college philosophy, training and instruction to all career military officers. General McCrystal has publicly admitted to the enemy that he is losing the war and to compound that mistake, he has turned to the president and publicly asked for more combat troops.

In essence and on all counts, General McCrystal's actions have completely negated the ruse used by the president to relieve General McKiernan of command in Afghanistan three months ago.

I don't blame General McCrystal, I am sure that he is a fine military officer and I am sure that he knows his job and what needs to be done in Afghanistan to win the war. Pity that the commander in chief doesn't.

So how much shelf life does General McCrystal have left as the commander in Afghanistan? I wonder. Is it possible that he too will soon be replaced with someone else? Someone more capable of losing the war in a reasonable and timely fashion?

I tend to think so. I believe that General McCrystal's days in command of American forces in Afghanistan are limited, as are his career in the Army. His boss doesn't like being made the fool by subordinates, so the general will be the next to be flung under the Obama bus..

Now, if Obama could just figure out a way to fire and replace Joe Biden.

Now is the time, for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Let the facts be heard

These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

I learned something new about myself today. I learned that I (and apparently a whole helluva lot of other Americans) are actually un-American.

At least according to Madame Speaker of the House of Representatives and her cohorts in Washington in the house and senate. That's right, those who are always the first to scream fowl on freedom of speech protections and the first to attempt to brand others as haters and the first to attempt to silence the opposition by drowning them out? Are now the ones moving in with the tactic of attempting to brand their opposition as un-Americans for having the audacity to speak up and speak out on their future.

That's right, those who have beat the drum the loudest over their right to dissent against George Bush for he past eight years and the war in Iraq for the past six years? Are now claiming that dissension and speaking out to their congressmen in town hall meetings by conservative Americans is an un-American activity!

Where were they the past eight years while those like Cindy Sheehan and code pink were dissenting from San Diego to Crawford Texas? And all points in between and east and west? Where were they in Florida in 2000 when the votes of Florida voters were counted and discounted based upon supposed dangling chads?

Somehow? I don't seem to recall Nancy Pelosi or Steny Hoyer or John Kerry or the liberal left et al and ad nauseam, rattling on about liberal dissenters at any point or ever in any of those instances. If anything, they were encouraging their like minded leftist constituents to raise as much hell as possible both against the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

As I recall? I seem to remember them considering themselves patriots for those actions.

This present liberal left tactic of attempting to brand the opposition is not something new at all. The favored tactic of democrats and the socialist relativist that permeate their ranks, has always been to deny any guilt of their own and to deny all association or knowledge on any activity that could be considered subversive and then to immediately turn right around and launch counter allegations against the GOP of the exact same nature.

And that is precisely what we have going on now with Pelosi and the others as it concerns Americans standing up and questioning their elected representatives on what they know to be a flawed and fraudulent Obama health care reform package in the US House.

Do Americans not see the transparency involved here by the Obama administration and the completely tilted onto it's left side US Congress? It's obvious that the president has been called out on so many lies and broken campaign promises since taking office, that you literally need an index card list to keep track of all the lies. But the lie he has proposed concerning supposed managed health care reform is the one where Americans have truly awakened to the danger.

It is obvious that the House of Representatives under Pelosi's tutelage and the Senate under Reid's are simply following a carefully choreographed plan that has been in the works in the liberal democrat and progressive thinking left since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. Madame Speaker and Rep. Hoyer even go as far as to admit to that in their joint op/ed and they point directly to Teddy Roosevelt's progressive attempts to steer the country socialist long before his cousin FDR ultimately did so twenty three years later.

But just so the facts don't get lost in the mayhem of politics, I intend to write both Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer and tell them personally, that i am an unhappy, disgruntled American. And I intend to inform them that my First Amendment rights and those of other like minded Americans, have not and will not be subjugated to the less than creative manipulations of the likes of this president or his democrat leadership in the house and senate.

Not by a long shot has anything changed in the constitution, other than the spin that these interlopers are attempting to put on the health care issue by claiming that Americans aren't entitled to dissent. And I certainly don't intend to be branded by any of this pretend leadership in the house and senate as un-American. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the rest are each welcome to their hyphenated America and purposely skewed branding of those who oppose them if it suits their fancy. That's their own freedom

But that doesn't mean that I intend to either wear their tags or allow them to get away with subjugating the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or my rights. Their individual and elected rights and opinions most certain don't trump mine or the millions of other Americans that have been branded by these thugs as un-Americans.

It's about time that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the rot in Washington came to understand that "we the people" is who they work for and we the people are growing more and more weary of their attempts to stifle our individual freedoms.

Now is truly the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. And this is not a typing exercise and this is not a fire drill. This is Deadly serious. Our future and the future of our children depends on what we as the accursed "un-Americans" do in the next several months and years as it concerns the socialist destruction of America. So loosen up those fingers people and begin exercising your constitutional right to dissent and to assemble for the purpose of redressing your grievances to your elected representatives. Right them and then get off your duffs and go to these town halls and add your presence of support at the least to those who are willing to speak on your behalf.

So You think You Want Some government managed health care?

Have a look at what you are buying.

Friday, August 07, 2009

This Poster Rage Is Getting Serious

An outrage is what it is being called in liberal circles, ever since this poster was first spotted in Los Angeles and Atlanta late last week.

But what a difference a year makes. Last year when this joker face of President Bush was published in Vanity Fair? Not so much as a peep out of mainstream media or the GOP. And there were certainly no cries of fowl or insidious disrespect. (Of course, the GOP and president Bush had already endured seven years of that by the time this poster of him as the Dark Knight emerged).

I am tempted to recite the famous line of Heath Ledger as the Dark Knight and say...."why so serious?" truth, I have already used that line in a previous blog about this issue. But that was before the Bush joker poster emerged.

And do bloggers like myself actually have to go back and dig up the volume of slanders and hateful caricatures that were lofted against George Bush for eight years? Or would that be just another example of being unfair and unbalanced according to the liberal elite?

No different than the current self styled indignation that the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their thrashing in the media daily with their weak allegations. This is nothing new. The democrats have engaged in far worse for the past eight years and before that and they know it. And now that republicans and conservative Americans are finally finding their own voices and exercising their own rights to free speech and their constitutionally protected rights to confront their elected officials vehemently?

Suddenly something is amiss and it is sending chills down the spines of every yellow dog and socialist progressive within ear shot. And these jingoist of liberal nationalism are joining in a cacophony of cries to silence those who would dare to question them or challenge their allegiances to America? Give me a break!

Speaker Pelosi has even gone as far as to claim that those coming to these recent town hall meetings and challenging the elitist left on Obama's health care proposals, are some how associated with Nazis and wearing swastikas and such. Of course she offers no proof or evidence of such, but then again liberals are practiced in the use of defamatory allegations and the image created by such. I wonder if Madame speaker has ever heard of "Godwin's Law?" I think not.

I am sorry Madame Speaker, but the Nazi angle simply doesn't wash. No more than the rising cries of racism and hate speech spewing from the left side of the isle in defense of the indefensible. You see Madame Secretary? The United States constitution specifically protects the freedom and right of the people to speak out against their government. It's found in the First Amendment, right after that part about the right to freedom of religion? It's the part that comes right after freedom of speech and freedom the press and then the right to peacefully assemble to redress grievances?

Had a look at it lately?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

And the only thing hateful about that freedom? Is that the present liberal socialist democrats in power, absolutely hate it when anyone is allowed to say anything contrary to their own liberal perspective. Therefore, they attempt to brand all opposition speech and they attempt to marginalize it into something that they believe can contain it.

As for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

You better get use to them Madame Speaker, because the rights of the people are not going away and they will not be shouted down by the likes of and other George Soros funded enterprises, specifically designed to thwart and circumvent the rights of Americans for socialist ill purposes.

Liberals have had their way for eight years now in the media and with their favored comedians sniping at every last bit of the Bush administration and now that it is time for conservative Americans to stand up for themselves? And now that the grass roots of America have risen up and are beginning to openly challenge these rogues and their socialist demagogue leadership? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their cabal of so called progressive egalitarian socialists in the US Congress, want to attempt to call fowl and plead for legal intervention to suppress the Constitutionally protected rights of the people.

And their illustrious leader, in keeping with the theme of socialist justice (president Obama) has gone as far as to set up a White House "snitch line" for people to inform on other Americans who may be engaged in the passing on so called "fishy information" concerning the president's legislative proposals and socialist plans for America.

Yes my dear friends, people should be asking why our socialist president and the socialist leadership of the House and Senate are engaged in such a serious abridgement of the constitutional rights of Americans.

Jefferson and Payne warned us of these times if we did not remain vigilant and protect our rights. And being vigilant sometimes means being branded a vigilante it would seem. Especially when you attempt to stand for your rights in the face of coercion and oppression and an omnipresent government that is seeking to stifle any and all debate on the subject.

What began as moans from the American people after they realized what they had allowed to become president of the United States, is now becoming shouts and cries all across this nation. Obama's policies and his attempts thus far to garner control of all major aspects of American life and the economy are now being recognized for the true danger that they represent. And the people are speaking up and speaking out all across America.

Why so serious Mr. President?

Why so serious Madame Speaker?

Why so serious Mr. Majority Leader?

I can promise you, it's not just about some poster ladies and gentlemen. These people are so serious because they know that they have a limited time to set and pass their agenda before the sleeping giant that is America wakes and comes after them with a vengeance.

And IMO? That time is long over due.

Obama Struggles To Quantify Success

White House Struggles to Gauge Afghan Success

Along with his other problems, the president is struggling to quantify what is now his war in Afghanistan. For seven years Americans have listened to the democrats wail about keeping our eye on the ball and the fact that president Bush supposedly didn't keep his eye on the ball. According to the democrats, Bush was fighting a war in Iraq, when the real war that needed fighting was in Afghanistan.

We were told by the liberals that the battle in the war on terror wasn't in Iraq at all, but was rather in Afghanistan. And now that we have a democrat president and a liberal administration prosecuting the war in Afghanistan? What do we see. We see an ever widening quagmire IMO and no signs of the stated abilities that were trumpeted by this president before his election.

Americans need to remember, that the liberal socialist democrats wanted to throw in the towel and quit in Iraq for five years. And when they weren't demonizing president Bush and our military over Iraq, they were equating Iraq to Vietnam and attempting to bring their forced perspectives into reality in the court of public opinion. Thankfully, president Bush and his military commanders prevailed in Iraq. America finally won the war in Iraq before president Bush left office. But the battle in Afghanistan was left to the incoming administration.

Not that it was a lost cause by any stretch of imagination. As recent as a year ago things were at least static in Afghanistan. But a lot can change in a year and a lot has changed. Last year, there was very little commentary about the war in Afghanistan from our soon to be president. When he did speak of Afghanistan, he spoke of the (his) resolution being the potential invasion of Pakistan (if need be).

Now that he is president and he has had six months to establish his policies and the direction of the military as it concerns both Iraq and Afghanistan? What seems to be the reality is that Barack Obama is trying to nail jello to a wall. Not because it needs to be done, but because he believes that it needs to be done.

More specifically, the president replaced the commanding general overseeing the war in Afghanistan a couple of months ago. Apparently he wanted someone more aligned with his own thinking on the war and what was necessary to prosecute the war.

President Obama replaced General David McKiernan with General Stanley McChrystal. Of course the published reports at the time were that the president only wanted someone with a fresh perspective and a new way of approaching the war in Afghanistan.

Well he got his wish. General Stanley McChrystal, was the former special forces and special operations commander for the US Army and joint services command. The one general supposedly best situated for evaluating and implementing reduced size forces in a theater of war operations. Forces supposedly capable of doing far more with less is this general's credential and expertise.

Special warfare tactics have proven themselves in limited engagements, but not in theater wide wars. And there in lies the problem IMO.

I must admit to a great amount of trepidation when I witnessed General Mckeirnan being relieved of duty and the supposed all star of special operations being appointed to command the war. I now believe that my fears were justified, based upon the numbers being reported daily from Afghanistan. It is bad enough that the casualty rates have increased dramatically since president Obama and his new general have changed the direction of the war, but it is also noteworthy (IMO) that General McCrystal is now calling for a doubling of ground troops in Afghanistan.

Three points should immediately scream out at the average American watching this unfold. First, that the general chosen to get the job done with his special warfare skills, seems to be bogged down and unable to accomplish the task, And worse, his performance to date is noticeably worse that the man that he relieved.

Second, that General McCrystal is calling for a dramatic increase (doubling) of ground troops in Afghanistan. Wasn't this one of the reason that president Obama used to justify his changing gears and moving in a different direction with a different general three months ago? McKiernon wanted more troops and he was flatly denied and replaced. Weren't we all led to believe that General McCrystal was the long awaited answer and that all that was required was a change of tactics and application by a professional?

Thirdly....does anyone remember the criticism leveled at president Bush and Sec. Defense Rumsfeld when they applied the exact same tactics under the recommendation of General Tommy Franks in Iraq? Yes, there were plenty of people both inside and outside of the military that said from the beginning, that we were not committing enough resources to Iraq. Sadly, it took five years and several thousand lives to convince the president to do what was necessary to win the war.

Does our current president intend to do the same? Are Americans going to be forced to endure another four or five years of war in Afghanistan, while more Americans lose their lives waiting for this president to admit that he has made a mistake.

Our allies seem to have known or suspected what is afoot and they have collectively stated that they do not intend to buy into further casualties for their own people, via what they see as nothing new from this president. The British having just had the worst month in the war since it's beginning. And they are already talking about withdrawing their forces in the face of increased Taliban insurgency.

The liberal democrats and this president have decried for over five years the wars in the middle east and equated them to Vietnam. I now fear that they are about to finally get their wish. Although it will be several more years and several more thousand American lives lost. Before America once again declares peace with honor and slips away again from a history that no one will care to remember.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We Now Have a Total Gangster Government

Yes we do and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann both sees it and calls it for precisely what it is. These are the kinds of speeches on the floor of the House that should be being broadcast as news by the media but they aren't.

No one in mainstream liberal media or the beltway gang of insidious lobbyists for socialism and their Washington think tanks wants these kinds of things said in mixed company. And worse, they damn sure don't want the average American to hear about what is actually going on as explained by a sitting US congresswoman with both the sense and the moxy to stand on the floor of the US House of representatives and call it as it is.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama Cake

They say that you can't have your cake and eat it too. Which in the case of the president's birthday cake? Might raise the question of who would want to.

Cakes are supposed to be appealing. Aren't they? This thing certainly isn't appealing IMO. It almost looks like some gaudy table piece.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Americans Want Answers

Americans want answers and Obama and his team of cabinet secretaries and Czars simply don't have any answers. When Americans in town hall meetings over the past week have called out the Obama administration on health care and the economy and jobs, there have been no answers from these puppets of socialism. Only dodges and a visible resentment by those like Health and human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and turn coat senator Arlen Specter, when they are called upon to explain and defend this president's socialist policies and proposals.

Why So Serious America?

Why so serious America?

After all, all he has done is lie through his teeth from day one.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Real Face of Socialized Medicine

Patients forced to live in agony after NHS refuses to pay for painkilling injections

This is but another example of the reality when it comes to socialized medicine in practice. This report and similar actions and decisions by the NHS in the UK, are more than evidence of the best reasons why every American should be resisting this socialist lunacy while we can.

The Government's drug rationing watchdog says "therapeutic" injections of steroids, such as cortisone, which are used to reduce inflammation, should no longer be offered to patients suffering from persistent lower back pain when the cause is not known.

Instead the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is ordering doctors to offer patients remedies like acupuncture and osteopathy.

Read the report and pay particular attention to the qualifiers being established by these British NHS boards for who will no longer qualify for treatment and why. Then ask yourself, how much longer before they establish euthanasia as a state sponsored solution to ease the rising cost of medical treatment under their socialized system of fairness in the UK.

To each according to his need? Has obviously been left out of the mission statement and goal of socialized medicine in the UK. And this is what America is preparing itself to accept?

America: Union Made

California public union OKs strike authorization

What do you do when you are a union simpleton? What do you do when you are someone who has been raised under the umbrella of socialism as practiced in the private sector by unions?

Obviously you grab your banners and your picket signs and you head for the strike line anytime you don't get what you want. Because that is what good union people do when they don't get their way. Right? They grab a sign and they strike! Is there any other way than the union way? Has there ever been any other way for these lemmings and the union leadership snipes that they have elected to represent them?

I don't think so.

Only a moron completely oblivious to what is going on in the world and in this country and in the state of California, could fail to realize and recognize the cause and effect relationship of what is currently wreaking havoc on this country. It is an all out recession if not ultimate depression, yet these union myrmidons only see their own special interests when it comes to survival. (democracy at it's worst IMO "Mob rule" personified by union.)

But that matters not to these loyal unionist and their scrappy dog stirrers who enter the fray solely to kick up the indentured masses into a writing mass of strikers. If the example of "the end justifies the means" ever found a more appropriate analogy and caricature than the American labor union? Then I have never seen it.

As California struggles to stay afloat and attempts to swim to safe shore, all the while carrying the socialist entitlement mass draped around it's neck like a mill stone, there are those who still fail to see the reality or what their eyes and ears are clearly revealing to them.

What part of "California is bankrupt" do these labor unions not get? Do they honestly believe that they are more entitled to the public teat, than the writhing masses that they have exploited as their own means and justification for existence for decades?

For those aware and paying attention over the course of the past forty years, this crisis was foreseeable and knowable of result from the beginning. Those who could do basic arithmetic knew that the socialist state of America, created by the New Deal of the 1930's would have to come to a complete crash one day.

It was only sustainable for so long and at some point the creative financing and creative taxation and the cooking of the books would fail to keep the mechanism from crashing and the true misery from being revealed. And that day has now arrived. Is it any surprise that it should begin incrementally or in the most populist and socialist state in America?

Of course the entire country won't collapse as one. The underpinnings and the state by state collapse must first occur, before the domino effect kicks in and the entire nation is reduced to rubble. But California is the triggering point, make no mistake about that.

So as America declines and is finally bled white by the realities that we have visited upon ourselves, take heart in the knowledge that America's unions will be right in the middle of it all. Pulling their weight and doing all in their power to expedite the end.

They were there last year when the American auto makers were propped up with your money, only to fail and face bankruptcy later this year. And the public employees unions will be there in California in the coming weeks as it fails and the cries for federal bail out reaches a peak of piteous cry.

But in the end nothing will save the dying bear of California IMO. And all that these state employee unions are doing is hastening the demise of the entire state. At a time when they could be contracting and preserving some of their jobs and futures? They are doing what unions always do. They are turning and attacking and they will be far more content to ride the ship to the bottom, than they would be to bail or man the life boats.

"from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

It's really very simple once you think about it and understand what has happened and why.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blood & Gore

An investigative look into the behind the scenes goings on of Al Gore and how these activities are and have been tied to his pursuit of global warming for the benefit of his own personal wealth and that of his benefactors.

London Spreads Blood and Gore

by an EIR investigative team

On the weekend of Feb. 24-25, 2007, as former Vice President Al Gore was wet-dreaming about his pending Academy Award for his fractured fairy tale "documentary," An Inconvenient Truth , about his battle to save the planet from "global warming," TV financial market analyst Jim Cramer was answering a question about the prospect of a Gore Presidential run in 2008, on MSNBC's Chris Matthews' "Hardball." Never one to mince words, Cramer dismissed the idea that Gore would take another stab at Presidential politics: "No," he said. "He's really a hedge fund manager now. No one leaves that game."

Indeed, Cramer was right —at least on the first count. In November 2004, Al Gore and David Blood launched a London-based investment fund, Generation Investment Management, which insiders affectionately refer to as "Blood and Gore"—and not without reason. Blood, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, brought a small team of former Goldman Sachs personnel with him to the London fund, assuming for himself the job of managing director. Gore took on the Chairmanship of Generation, bringing along his long-time Senate chief of staff, campaign manager, and business crony, Peter S. Knight, as another founding partner.

Read on and learn just how contrived Gore's pursuits have been and the real player behind the scenes manipulating world markets and world governments for their own ends.