Friday, March 22, 2013

Ammo? Beg, Borrow or........

Something that is happening (has happened) that has gotten very little media notice is the Homeland Security buy up of ammunition. A billion and a half rounds of ammunition to Homeland and IRS and other federal agencies over the past three months. Meanwhile, the average citizen cannot find ammunition at local retailers and this has now become and issue for local police departments. So why does the federal government, specifically Homeland Security and the IRS etc. need enough ammunition to fight a twenty year war? Americans had better be asking themselves those questions and demanding answers pretty damn quick or else they may find themselves on the receiving end of that ammunition somewhere in the future.


Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year

The nationwide shortage of ammunition has left many police departments scrambling to get their hands on the necessary rounds - with some even bartering among each other.
Meanwhile, Rep. Timothy Huelskamp (R-Kansas) says the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has failed to respond to multiple members of Congress asking why DHS bought more than 1.6 billion rounds in the past year.
Police Chief Cameron Arthur of Jenks, Oklahoma says, "Ammunition and assault weapons in general have skyrocketed...In addition to the fact, not only is it a lot more expensive, but the time to get it could be six months to a year, or in some cases even longer."
Arthur says he is waiting on an order placed last October and that many departments have begun to trade and barter with each other because of the high demand.
"Most police departments are having a very difficult time even getting the necessary ammunition for handguns, shotguns and especially rifles," Arthur said.

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