Friday, March 04, 2011

Undermining the Third Pillar of Liberty

This from The Patriot Post.

The commentary here strikes directly at the reality of this presidency and precisely how he is going about dismantling and fundamentally changing America. A must read for those interested in why our nation is faltering and who is responsible.

By Mark Alexander
Back in the office, the morning news and policy review revealed this insight into Barack Hussein Obama's warfighting strategy in Afghanistan: "Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training." (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Army Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, the ranking enlisted man in Afghanistan, and an outspoken Obamaphile, took time out from a joint interview with his Afghan counterpart, Sgt. Maj. Roshan Safi, to confirm that training sessions will be required for all combat personnel at forward operating bases as part of Obama's force-wide "Do Ask -- Do Tell" agenda to integrate homosexuals into combat units.

"We will take our directions from the Department of Defense, from the secretary of defense, the chairman, as well as the service chiefs of each service," said Hill. "Our plan is to take their direction, and we're going to execute that training right here on the battlefield."

Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world will receive this homosexual normalization indoctrination in the next few months.

As if that weren't enough "change" for one day, the afternoon policy reports confirmed that Obama's chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder, will not enforce the law. Actually, in Obamese, they will "enforce the law but not defend it in court." I'm referring specifically to Section 3 of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as "the legal union between one man and one woman," or genetically, "one male and one female," under federal law.

DOMA doesn't infringe upon states' rights to establish their own definition of marriage, but it does protect the several states from having to recognize another state's standards for marriage. For example, Tennessee recognizes a driver license issued to a Hawaii driver, but it is not required to recognize a homosexual "marriage" license from Hawaii if that duo or duet should happen to move to Tennessee.

DOMA was signed into law by Bill Clinton after it received overwhelming congressional support, 85-14 in the Senate and 342-67 in the House. That notwithstanding, Holder has confused his post with that of a Supreme Court majority and has unilaterally declared DOMA unconstitutional.

Obama's rejection of DOMA is his latest attempt to pander to members of his second-most vociferous constituency after government unions: homosexual unions.

After his December blessing upon homosexual service in the military, Obama said, "[M]y feelings about this are constantly evolving. I struggle with this. I have friends, I have people who work for me, who are in powerful, strong, long-lasting gay or lesbian unions. And they are extraordinary people, and this is something that means a lot to them and they care deeply about. It's something that I personally am going to continue to wrestle with going forward."

"Evolving"? Homosexual unions have no chance of evolving, only devolving, as they are self-solving. (A shout out to Jesse Jackson as the inspiration for those prose!)

On the DOMA decision, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), head of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Equality Congressional Caucus (seriously, there is one), met with Obama, and then told reporters, "Getting the DADT repeal, that went a long way toward alleviating the sense of unhappiness. Now, the DOMA decision means there's no significant argument at all that the president has not been supportive."

But is Obama's high-profile rejection of DOMA solely to appease a minuscule pack of pantywaists in Congress, and their gender-confused constituents?

Obama's endeavor to "fundamentally transform America" into a Socialist state is predicated on the success of his labors to destabilize the three pillars of Essential Liberty: Individual Liberty, Economic Liberty and Constitutional Liberty.

He has already dealt a latent deathblow to Economic Liberty by way of his generational debt bomb.

He has done more damage to Constitutional Liberty than any Leftist since Franklin Roosevelt.

And Obama knows the most effective method to erode Individual Liberty is to undermine the integrity of faith and family, and that is why he advocates overturning measures such as DADT and DOMA.

The notion that marriage is the foundation of society is time honored. In the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero (circa 50 BC), "[T]he first principle of society consists in the marriage tie, the next in children, the next in a family within one roof, where everything is in common. This society gives rise to the city, and is, as it were, the nursery of the commonwealth."

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Mighty Mouse said...

This is to the Veterans mostly. I enlisted in the US Army in 1973, as I was going through my training I remember having to go through Race Relations classes. Those classes did nothing but make some hate blacks. The classes they are going to hold now in my opinion will do more harm then good.