Saturday, October 05, 2013

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

In the history of this nation, there have been seventeen times the US government has been shut down by Washington's warring political factions.  Twice in the past one hundred years, this nation, has been viciously and wantonly attacked by acts of war on our own soil. First by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, then by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

During these government shutdowns and in the aftermath of these attacks and acts of war, the national monuments belonging to the American people were never closed. The national monuments of this nation were never barricaded and the American people were never prohibited from visiting their national monuments. Prior to the present illegal and absurd acts ordered by you to barricade and close our national monuments, these monuments have never been closed or barricaded even at night.

I say the monuments of the American people, because these monuments belong to the people of the United States of America, they do not belong to you. Neither do these monuments belong to Washington bureaucrats, partisan hack politicians or those who have demonstrated their purposeful dereliction of duty to the American people and the US Constitution, such as you have during your entire tenure as president.

There is no recognized law or constitutionally sanctioned authority that provides the power or authority for you or any president to arbitrarily close our national monuments, absent a demonstrable and imminent threat to the health, safety or welfare of the American people. No sir, the only power or authority that you possess to take such actions, is the power and authority of unbridled conceit and ambivalent arrogance toward the American people. The same unbridled conceit, ambivalence and arrogance toward this nation and its people that you have demonstrated since you first assumed the office of the presidency.

As a veteran who has served this nation in uniform and as a American who has spilled his blood to protect the rights and privileges of other Americans,  I am ashamed to see what you have ordered done to this nation, her citizens and her honored veterans. Ordering the Parks Service to bar Honor Flight WWII veterans in their 80's and 90's from visiting their memorial monument in Washington, is nothing short of a glaring example of your conceited arrogance. Ordering Viet Nam veterans to leave their war memorial  under threat of arrest this week is a furtherance of your demonstrated conceit and arrogance.

You give speeches where you speak of partisan politics and game playing by those in the republican party willing to oppose your arrogance, yet your own petulant acts stand as testament to where your true colors reside when it comes to the interests of the American people and your demonstrated vindictiveness to further your own political goals.

You sir are a sickening example of self serving, conceited and petulant arrogance and you disgust me. 

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XtnYoda said...

Our last "Honor Flight" of WW2 vets went to DC and back today. The Patriot Guard was there to see them off, and the Patriot Guard was there tonight to welcome them home.

They reported that they were allowed to visit the WW2 memorial. Someone must have heard all the uproar!

Well done Sir!