Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Old Grey Lady is Out

Does it really make any difference which story you believe? I happen to believe there is probably truth on both sides of this story. Sultzberger was tired of Abramson's shite so he canned her. And after the fact, she plays the sexist card and runs for cover with the progressives screaming how unfair everything is.

The bottom line? in the real world people get fired for a lot of reasons and a few get fired for several reasons. The problem in today's world? Is if the person being fired is a woman or a minority? They can immediately claim racism or sexism and the media will come running to their defense. I literally cannot wait until the NFL has had enough of Michael Sam. Because any fool has to know, that as soon as they do, the homophobe accusations will fly.

NYT Publisher Sulzberger Says Abramson Firing Driven by Conduct

New York Times Co. (NYT) Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. denied gender bias played any part in his decision to fire top editor Jill Abramson, saying she publicly mistreated colleagues and was a poor communicator.

“During her tenure, I heard repeatedly from her newsroom colleagues, women and men, about a series of issues, including arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues,” Sulzberger said in a statement released yesterday.

“I discussed these issues with Jill herself several times and warned her that, unless they were addressed, she risked losing the trust of both masthead and newsroom.”

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