Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Sunday morning epistle of: Lies, Damn lies, Politicians and The Times We Live In.

A Sunday morning epistle of: Lies, Damn lies, Politicians and The Times We Live In.

There are many Americans who are unhappy with the direction of their country today. They are sickened by the politics and the never ending stories of corruption and malfeasance by those elected to represent them. But what is the solution? Is it simply to vote for new candidates? Is it simply to "throw the bastards out?" I think not. I believe that our problems are far more complicated than that. I believe that the root cause of our misery lies not so much in those we send to Washington and our state houses, as it does with how they are seen and portrayed to us in our daily lives.

I believe that the ultimate coup d'├ętat that occurred in which the very fabric of our nation was changed occurred in the American media. The end of our freedoms as we know them, began with a generation who claimed to be protesting for freedom in the 1960's. Beginning with the reporting of the Vietnam war by those like Walter Cronkite, the American media first learned then perfected the ultimate weapons of mass destruction to be used against the American people. The same tools used to protest the Vietnam war and take down a president like Richard Nixon, are today being used to propagate the misery wrought against America by the present day occupant of the White house. wasn't Nikita Kruchev's thundering threats of "we will bury you" that has brought us to where we are in present time and it wasn't the superiority of the competing ideologies of socialist political governance that has cause it. No, it has been brought about by the subtle manipulations of thought and the ongoing subterfuge utilized by American media in all its forms and incarnations that has caused our present demise and degradation to the point where we stand at a great abyss.

Who would have thought forty years ago when Richard Nixon extended an olive branch to the communist Chinese, that forty years later they would be our bankers. Who would have envisioned the communist Chinese holding the mortgages on America's future. Who would have thought that America would have stood idly by, while at the same time providing them with the capability to threaten and overwhelm America's military might. But it has happened.

Who would have thought after Ronald Reagan rescued this nation from economic collapse and the certain path toward chaos, moral decay and social destruction, that one generation later we would be lead by a president so utterly incompetent, and anti American as to be incomprehensible to Americans over fifty. Who would have thought that after Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviets and brought down the Iron Curtain, that a generation later America would be laughed at and looked down upon by a triumphant and resurrected Soviet regime in the making.

No, voting the bastards out of office isn't the cure. The disease is far to complex and far too advanced for simple surgical removal. Our only hope now is to all but kill the patient and pray for a reincarnation of "what once was." Is America as a nation capable of rising from the ashes of what will certainly have to be destroyed if we as a nation are to survive. In my observation, it is no longer a question of if, it is only a question of when these realities will come to pass and whether or not we can survive them.

Thomas Jefferson once rightfully noted, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Absent from his assessment is the true cause of the threat and the reality of our ultimate present day demise. It is not just tyrants who must be brought to justice by those concerned about the future of our republic. It more specifically is those who give rise to the power and control of tyrants, by virtue of their manipulation of truth and lies to the American people.

The undeniable certainty is that the media in this country is the root cause of our fall from global respect and power and it is the undeniable cause for our ultimate damnation. The one entity singled out for special recognition in the constitution. Given the individual authority to be ever vigilant and the gate keepers of our most cherished possession our freedom.

Those most responsible for the demise of our freedoms, are those who were given the greatest responsibility for safeguarding our freedoms. They are the ones who have failed us far more and far worse than any singular politician or collective political party ever has. For absent the influence and control of American media over the American psyche, the American people could not have been duped and lulled into the mindless state of oblivion that presently exists in this nation.

There are those who may ask the question of themselves and others at this point....."what can I do?" I for one happen to believe the answer to that question is....."not a lot." Aside from having a front row seat of what is about to happen, the situation has gone neglected for far too long. The death spiral of America is a run away centrifuge of forces that can no longer be stopped or recalled. Only the forces of cosmic intervention are left to call full stop before our fate is sealed.

As a matter of fact, I believe our fate is already sealed. In the final analysis, my opinions are of no consequence, because I am no one of any consequence... I just sit and watch what goes on in our world each day and I wonder why.

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