Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lesson Learned: Life Is Not Fair

What does the face of a killer look like? What could have motivated a seemingly normal kid to become a maniacal killer?  How could this have been prevented? 

Should we blame this all on politicians and the NRA? As the father of one of the victims proclaimed yesterday?

I don't think so.  I don't know the specifics anymore than anyone else does as it concerns this kid who killed six and wounded thirteen in California yesterday, but I do know why it happened.  If you watch his video and read his manifesto, its there.  Plain and clear. As plain as the nose on your face. 

While the media will seek to whip up a public frenzy from this latest incident that they will brand as another senseless act of violence, both the media and their readers and watchers will overlook the truth and the reality staring them plainly in the face. We live in a violent culture. A culture perpetuated by those in media like the killer's father. A culture where forced realities and unrealistic reality are the standard.

Why did Elliot Roger have to die?  Why did he have to kill six innocent people? Why did he have to wound thirteen people and scar them and their families for life?  What form of deprivation or abuse must this killer have endured to want to lash out so violently at innocent people? Listen close, he tells you the specifics and what are those specifics?

Well let's see.  He was a young man from an affluent family. Attending college and seemingly provided with all the trappings of wealth.  His father is a famous director. A man who specializes in making films about teen violence and teens and young adults attacking and killing each other.

So what could it have been that triggered this rampage?  What terrible thing so scarred this miserable soul, as to make him commit the most heinous of crimes?  I say watch his video, read his ramblings.  Watch it and read it while it is still up, because it will eventually be pulled down.  Its all in there.  From the smirks he glares at the camera with to the pseudo laughter that accents his threats to annihilate those responsible for his misery.

Elliot Roger was giving a performance in that video.  This kid was giving a performance that he knew his father would see. A performance that he wanted his father to see. After all, his father is a famous director. A man experienced with creating and filming violence, so what better venue for the son to stage his final performance of life.  But was that the reason?  I don't think so.  As I said, watch the video. Listen to the statements Elliot Roger is making.  Listen carefully to his words.  Its all there.  His motive is laced throughout his rambling dissertation of intended death and annihilation of those he held responsible.

Elliot Roger killed?  Because life isn't fair. It wasn't fair that these women and girls were giving their sexual pleasures to other men.  It wasn't fair that he was 22 years old and still a virgin.  It wasn't fair that they never showed him the respect that he was due.  Therefore, he was going to lash out and get them. He was going to kill them. He was going to annihilate them.

Listen to his own words and two things should become immediately apparent. He was a victim of unfairness and his resolution was the annihilation of those he felt were responsible.  This is the society we live in. This is the society that indoctrinated his mind as it indoctrinates the minds of tens of thousands of others each day.

Everything should always be fair in this world of egalitarian expectations. Equal entitlement for all. Elliot Roger saw it that way. All those responsible for his own personal misery and hell?  Well, they were equally entitled to be annihilated.  Even when an individual (like Elliot Roger) is already more entitled than those he seems to despise, there obviously is room for emotional and sexual deprivation.  This kid had it all, but he couldn't have sex with all those sorority girls he admitted to lusting about.  Going to college, a 75K BMW, money to burn, everything a kid could want, but he couldn't get laid.

In the end, that's what it all boils down to.  Life was unfair and so Elliot Roger was going to kill and annihilate as many people as he could in response.  Think about perspective  then think about the millions of other Americans of this and the previous two generations who share the exact same egalitarian indoctrination of expectations of life.  

Its no longer about equal opportunity in this country, it is about equal outcomes and these kids are damn well going to insure that they get their "fair share."  Six people died, not including Roger and you know what?  By the yardstick of social and economic qualification that our society has chosen to embrace?  Their deaths must be looked upon by some as a fair and just outcome.  Trust me, there are those out there who will see it that way. Just as they will see and understand why Elliot Roger did what he did.  "Its not fair man! It's just not fair!"

So there you have it. Lesson learned:  "Life is not fair." Even when you have money and status and a famous father. Even when you are a "highly functional" Asperger Syndrome individual. Because? If life were fair? We wouldn't have greedy politicians and the NRA and the sorority sluts that deprive just young men of their sexual favors.

Elliot was young, isolated, sexually frustrated, and with victim mentality 

Elliot Rodger was trying to act out the role of a film star when he went on his killing spree – to make up for the fact he felt like a failure in real life. Clearly he did not feel he had the status he deserved. In his last YouTube video, which he explicitly filmed to leave a legacy, he casts himself as a movie star. In another of his clips he appears to reference the film American Psycho, and it might be that he has taken the main character, Patrick Bateman, as a role model.

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