Sunday, August 02, 2009

America: Union Made

California public union OKs strike authorization

What do you do when you are a union simpleton? What do you do when you are someone who has been raised under the umbrella of socialism as practiced in the private sector by unions?

Obviously you grab your banners and your picket signs and you head for the strike line anytime you don't get what you want. Because that is what good union people do when they don't get their way. Right? They grab a sign and they strike! Is there any other way than the union way? Has there ever been any other way for these lemmings and the union leadership snipes that they have elected to represent them?

I don't think so.

Only a moron completely oblivious to what is going on in the world and in this country and in the state of California, could fail to realize and recognize the cause and effect relationship of what is currently wreaking havoc on this country. It is an all out recession if not ultimate depression, yet these union myrmidons only see their own special interests when it comes to survival. (democracy at it's worst IMO "Mob rule" personified by union.)

But that matters not to these loyal unionist and their scrappy dog stirrers who enter the fray solely to kick up the indentured masses into a writing mass of strikers. If the example of "the end justifies the means" ever found a more appropriate analogy and caricature than the American labor union? Then I have never seen it.

As California struggles to stay afloat and attempts to swim to safe shore, all the while carrying the socialist entitlement mass draped around it's neck like a mill stone, there are those who still fail to see the reality or what their eyes and ears are clearly revealing to them.

What part of "California is bankrupt" do these labor unions not get? Do they honestly believe that they are more entitled to the public teat, than the writhing masses that they have exploited as their own means and justification for existence for decades?

For those aware and paying attention over the course of the past forty years, this crisis was foreseeable and knowable of result from the beginning. Those who could do basic arithmetic knew that the socialist state of America, created by the New Deal of the 1930's would have to come to a complete crash one day.

It was only sustainable for so long and at some point the creative financing and creative taxation and the cooking of the books would fail to keep the mechanism from crashing and the true misery from being revealed. And that day has now arrived. Is it any surprise that it should begin incrementally or in the most populist and socialist state in America?

Of course the entire country won't collapse as one. The underpinnings and the state by state collapse must first occur, before the domino effect kicks in and the entire nation is reduced to rubble. But California is the triggering point, make no mistake about that.

So as America declines and is finally bled white by the realities that we have visited upon ourselves, take heart in the knowledge that America's unions will be right in the middle of it all. Pulling their weight and doing all in their power to expedite the end.

They were there last year when the American auto makers were propped up with your money, only to fail and face bankruptcy later this year. And the public employees unions will be there in California in the coming weeks as it fails and the cries for federal bail out reaches a peak of piteous cry.

But in the end nothing will save the dying bear of California IMO. And all that these state employee unions are doing is hastening the demise of the entire state. At a time when they could be contracting and preserving some of their jobs and futures? They are doing what unions always do. They are turning and attacking and they will be far more content to ride the ship to the bottom, than they would be to bail or man the life boats.

"from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

It's really very simple once you think about it and understand what has happened and why.

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