Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lion Sleeps

Senator Edward M. Kennedy dies at 77

I believe that I and many others realized two weeks ago when he failed to attend his sister's funeral, that the end was near. And the urgency of a week ago, in his attempts to have the law in Massachusetts changed before his death was apparently more urgent than anyone realized.

Now that he has died, watch for the two week wake and the revisiting of the Kennedy legacy as not seen in decades. Yes, they will attempt to make this into the end of Camelot, but more importantly, they will attempt to wrap their fallen hero in a blanket of modern day martyrdom.

And what better tribute to the lion of the senate, than to push through the Obama health care reform bill, which will now become the Kennedy health care bill. On the one hand, Obama's health care bill was all but dead as of yesterday, but that was yesterday. Now with Kennedy dead, the liberal left will see this as their chance to guilt trip America into buying this pig of a piece of legislation though the martyrdom of Ted Kennedy.

And if we are not careful, those who remain in the senate will pass the bill along and attempt to claim that they have accomplished something for the American people and for the Kennedy legacy. I say no thank you. You can leave me out of it. And you can leave my kids out of it too. I lived through the Kennedy Camelot and it is something from a long time ago that has absolutely no relevancy to today.

The Kennedy Camelot was a dream world of media forced perspectives and that is exactly what they have tried to do with the present day occupant of the White House. I hope the American people aren't fooled by the barrage that is about to begin in media. Inspired by the death of Teddy Kennedy and a desire to supposedly create some living tribute to his legacy. The man created his own legacy. Let the lion sleep with what he created.

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