Friday, August 21, 2009

The Lion's Parting Shot

What Ted Kennedy Wants
He's trying to change election rules—again.

Once again the lion of the senate is attempting to pull a partisan fast one on the people of his state and the people of this country. Senator Teddy Kennedy, presently dying of brain cancer, wants to win just one more for the liberal gippers if he can.

Having battled successfully five years ago to change the law in Massachusetts, so that he could thwart any potential ability of the then republican governor (Mitt Romney) to potentially appoint a republican senate replacement, (provided John Kerry had won), Teddy now wants to go back to the well one more time before he dies, in order to change it all back.

What a gallant action on the part of senator Kennedy. Just wanting to make things right again right? Wrong! Once again the liberals and their senior member of the senate are trying to pull a partisan fast one on the people of America. The great fear being that if Teddy dies before 2010? The liberal socialist democrats will lose their 60 seat veto proof majority in the senate, if they can't immediately replace him with a known and approved liberal democrat.

So once again it is time to cook and the rules and the law in order to serve the liberal perspective and their interests. I would say that I hope that the people of Massachusetts would be smarter than this and that they would raise immortal hell over it, (Kennedy and his health problems be damned.) but they won't.

I know that a state that would elect and re-elect this socialist interloper for the last forty years to begin with, can't be populated with exceedingly smart people or anyone with sincere interests or concerns for the country as a whole.

I wish Ted Kennedy no ill will. I know his personal and political history and I am diametrically opposed to his politics and his life history and always have been. However, I do believe in divine intervention. And it appears that Teddy is on his last legs now. Having skipped the funeral of his sister last week, should have told most people that he himself is not long for this world.

All I know is that if he dies before the law can be changed back, it serves him and it served the state that elected him for over forty years right. And even then there is no guarantee that the people of Massachusetts won't turn right around and find another flaming socialist to replace him with.

As a matter of fact? They probably will. But in the interim? I still adhere and hold to the premise that government should be required to play by the rules (law) and they should have to live with the consequences.

Let's hope so.

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