Thursday, August 06, 2009

We Now Have a Total Gangster Government

Yes we do and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann both sees it and calls it for precisely what it is. These are the kinds of speeches on the floor of the House that should be being broadcast as news by the media but they aren't.

No one in mainstream liberal media or the beltway gang of insidious lobbyists for socialism and their Washington think tanks wants these kinds of things said in mixed company. And worse, they damn sure don't want the average American to hear about what is actually going on as explained by a sitting US congresswoman with both the sense and the moxy to stand on the floor of the US House of representatives and call it as it is.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother. My wife was at a family reunion this past weekend, and tried to discuss the health care bill with her. Good luck with that. Sis hadn't read anything about it; simply repeated MSNBC's line on it.

When the wife tried to email her today with some facts (such as page references to what's really in the bill!), she got a snarky reply saying "I never expected you to spout the right-wing agenda". No reading of the facts in the email, just a "you're a wacko" type reply. And sis signed off with "end of discussion". Kinda like our representatives.

Pretty sad that folks aren't even engaged in this debate.

Keep up the great blogging!

Texan in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

End of first sentence above should read "...with her sister". Now it should make sense.