Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bush Allowed Bin Ladin To Escape!

Bush Allowed Bin Ladin To Escape!

Look for that headline, just as soon as John Kerry and his staff members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and their Democratic majority operatives can package and sell this tripe to their minions in the media.

Senate Report: Bin Laden Was 'Within Our Grasp'

The story might make for some suspense and intrigue if it weren't so obvious that it has been cobbled together as only another means of attacking the Bush administration and the war.

Lest we forget, John Kerry has been beating his drum for the last eight years and shouting his claims that Bush and Rumsfeld let Bin Ladin get away. So this is nothing new and it certainly isn't news. The only thing that has changed is that his guy (Obama) is now in the White house and as a result, he and his partisans on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, can now reassemble their dog eared allegations once again for another run at the people. Only this time, they have the cooperation of liberal appointees in all levels of the government who will facilitate their ruse by manipulating the history with their reports.

Of course, no one in the Obama administration or the Kerry camp will care to remember that their guy (Bill Clinton) had the opportunity to take down Bin Ladin on at least three occasions during his administrations, or that he opted in each case to turn his back on the opportunity. Nor will they care to remember that Clinton saw Bin Ladin as nothing more than a mere criminal and therefore, believed that we as a nation didn't have enough "evidence" to prosecute him.

I wonder if those 3000 plus dead on September 11th reached that threshold of evidence for them? Or if the more than 4000 lost since in the war against the lunatic and his followers globally since, counts as evidence for their much desired criminal prosecution.

I also wonder if they understand that Bill Clinton had direct knowledge of the whereabouts of Bin Ladin and refused to loose the military to get him. Where as the best that this latest democrat revelation can seem to accuse is that "the military leaders in theater" allowed him to escape.

Someone once said that laws and sausages are two things that people should never watch being made. I would include partisan political carping and the manipulation of history for political objectives into that mix. Except for the fact that we as Americans had better start paying attention to all of it. For the Devil is truly in the details when it comes to politics and the democrat methodology of lulling the people with lies and complete fabrications of the truth for partisan socialist objectives.

This report by Kerry's minions on the Foreign Relations committee is nothing more than their latest attempt to build a mountain on a foundation of mole hills and they know it. I sincerely hope that the average American who is ultimately exposed to this tripe by the media, realizes and recognizes that fact. And I sincerely hope that those same Americans remember what truly happened and why and I hope they carry those memories and all that has transpired since into the voting booths next year during the midterms and on into 2012 with them.


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Really, really, REALLY GREAT Points!



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These partisan hacks make me sick. Find something tangible or STFU!