Friday, July 30, 2010

If they are talking about you? You must be getting to them...

I have never seen a White House as obsessed with certain elements of media and punditry as this one. or more prone to reduce things to personal attacks against those that they feel threatened by.
Personally, I look at Rush Limbaugh as one of many highly over paid entertainers in this country. But apparently, the White House, the president and Robert Gibbs see Limbaugh as a constant source of pain that must be isolated and demonized as best the little press secretary can.

Gibbs Takes on Rush Limbaugh (Again)

At a briefing today to discuss the administration’s efforts to rescue the auto industry, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs took on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh—and every other critic “sitting in the cheap seats” –for criticizing the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler as a “government takeover” that smacks of socialism.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Told by a reporter that “You had Rush Limbaugh today — today or yesterday — talking Obama Motors again,” Gibbs, who doesn’t often provide free advertising by taking on his critics by name from the podium, let fire.

“Look, Rush Limbaugh and others wanted to walk away. Rush Limbaugh and others saw a million people that worked at these factories, that worked at these parts suppliers, that had — that supported communities, and thought we should all just walk away. The president didn’t think that walking away from a million jobs in these communities made a lot of economic sense,” Gibbs said.

And once again, in his haste to isolate and demonize, he mucks up the details and the facts he is attempting to use to represent context and comparison.

God how I miss Tony Snow

Read the whole article if you can stomach it.

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