Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racism in the NAACP? You Betcha...

Briebart and Herman Cain explain on Hannity what happened in the incident concerning the take of the USDA official from Georgia who resigned and why.

As revealed, the argument of context concerning the tape as it is now being defended by the NAACP is a straw man argument. The woman (Ms. Sherrod) while addressing an NAACP meeting in March in Georgia, recounted her own racism in her treatment of a white farmer years before. During the retelling of the story, the audience is heard laughing as the story is told.

Subsequent to the revelations revealed by this tape, Ms. Sherrod was forced to resign her position with the USDA on Monday. Then as of last night, the NAACP who had previously condemned her actions, suddenly changed positions along with the White House, and called for an investigation into her dismissal and reinstatement.

Several points are purposely being overlooked in this case. Not the least of which being that admitted racism and supposed redemption were never the precursors to Ms. Sherrod's speech. No one knew while she was speaking, that she would supposedly offer redemption of her position and viewpoints later on in the speech.

Rather, those members present from the NAACP laughed and applauded verbally when the story of racism against None stood at that the end and applauded the supposed actions of Ms. Sherrod where she supposedly took this poor white farmer to "one of his kind" and got him help.

And no one in mainstream media seems to care that Ms. Sherrod's advice to those present concerning the current downturn of the economy and unemployment, is to seek jobs in government. Specifically with the US Agriculture Department, where they won't be fired or laid off according to Ms. Sherrod.

There are points of context about this speech that have been missed alright, but they don't support reinstating this woman to her former job and they certainly don't reflect the NAACP as anything other than the racist hypocrites that they really are. 

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