Sunday, July 18, 2010

Four dead in Juarez bombing don't think that our open borders don't present much of a problem or any danger to this nation. You feel that the federal government is doing an adequate and even commendable job of protecting this nation's borders and Americans in general.

You believe it when Janet Napalitano says that there is no way that we can ever expect to close all of the borders and completely stop the influx of illegal aliens (undocumented workers) into this country. You believe it when the advocates of amnesty tell you that there is no harm being done to this country by 12-15 million illegal aliens.

You believe what you have been told by those in Washington, that these people (by the millions) are just "undocumented workers" coming here to do jobs "that Americans don't want." You believe that there is no serious potential for terrorists to exploit these avenues of entry into this country and our porous borders. You believe all these things because your government and the propagandist mainstream media repeats these mantras to you daily.

So what do you think about this?

Juarez-- People in Juarez are recovering from a car bomb that killed four Thursday night. The victims include two federal agents, an ambulance worker and a doctor who was in the area when the bomb went off.

Tonight, we have learned that it was a car bomb that was detonated with the same kind of sophistication that is used by terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

A number of people were injured during the attack. Today we know that seven federal police agents were severely injured. A news photographer from channel 5 in Juarez remains in critical condition. One woman who owns a business nearby talked to us about her fears.

"As it is, we are not selling much. Can you imagine right now people are scared. We used to have many American customers. Right now that has drastically decreased," says the business owner.

According to police, it appears a Ford Focus was driven into a police convoy crashing into two federal police units. Information from officials indicates that there were hand grenades attached to the gas tank of the car in order to cause the explosion. Juarez mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said today that the general public shouldn't be worried because recent attacks have been focused on police. "Luckily it has been limited to either the police or the members of those two groups of organized crime. We don't have any information that leads us to believe any attacks are going to be made on the population itself," states Ferriz.

Law Enforcement has arrested the man they say masterminded the attack. The man is identified as Armando Acosta Guerrero. Authorities say he is a high ranking member of "La Linea", the enforcement arm of the Juarez cartel.

Seems to me? Our adversaries in the middle east are on the scene and presently being hired out by the drug lords of Mexico. HAMAS, Hezbollah and Al Quaida apparently already have their ambassadors and representatives present and on the ground in Mexico. And those elements and their agents are apparently doing a little bit of community organizing on their own. They are helping to deal with and settle the disputes and conflicts that are arising amongst the various Mexican drug lords.

Fear not, these bombers have a very narrow interest and their targets will remain limited to the opposing cartels they are being paid to eliminate. You believe that right.?

And there is no way that these middle eastern bomb makers might be taking the dope money they are earning from constructing car bombs for Mexican drug lords? And using it to fund attacks here in America later on down the road right?

Surely they wouldn't. And if they ever did? Our government would be honest with us about it and tell us. Right?

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