Friday, August 09, 2013

If Russia Doesn't have Gay Athletes

According to the president, "if  Russia doesn't have gay and lesbian athletes? It will probably make their team weaker."  Who knew?  So that's how the Russians have done it all these years?  Running sleeper homosexuals and lesbians into the arena to compete in the Olympics!

I always knew some of those Russian Women swimmers and power lifters were probably lesbians.  I am still looking back to see if any of their men were homosexuals, but I am having a little more trouble with that historical demographic.

Either way, Ours and theirs will be going head to head once again in 2014.  And the president is looking for them to bring home the Gold and Silver and Bronze.  I remember Greg Louganis
in  1984 and 1988. He won gold medals in diving and no one ever knew that he was homosexual until his diving days were over.  I imagine there are many like myself who could care less about it then or now.  But it is bothersome to watch when athletes have to be hyphenated to become celebrities in the egalitarian world of the politically correct.

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