Wednesday, August 07, 2013

One issue voters

Nothing linked on this one, just my thoughts pure and simple. 

If you really want to understand why the republican party is dying on the vine and why in all fair analysis, they do not have a snowball's prayer of winning the presidency again anytime in the next twenty five years, then look no further than the American voter base. Specifically, the one issue American voter base.

I have in recent times listened to all manner of conservative pundits while they railed against the conservative voter base and pondered how these voters could abandon their country's future by not showing up to the polls to vote against liberalism.  These same pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Herman Cain and others like to make the points that the conservative base is often incapable of understanding the nuances of politics and the various factions of the conservative branches of the party. Specifically, the differences between the old guard blue blood republicans and the new upstart Tea Party conservatives. 

In my opinion and observation of a lifetime of American politics, the real problem with the GOP is that they have completely lost understanding of their voter base and in doing so, they failed to see the disease that is eating away at conservatism in America.

The party elitists, the Karl Roves and the John McCains see their world through the rose colored glasses of party privilege and there perceived imperial right to choose for all of the rest of us.  They fail to notice or even recognize the interests of their constituency and worse, they allow the opposition to seize upon the very issues that repel conservative voters, while galvanizing the base of the democratic party.

It's no more complicated than this.  Liberals are just as mush one issue voters as conservatives. The difference is, once a liberal is assured that a candidate supports their single issue? They could care less what ever else he or she may support. If the candidate is pro choice?  Then the fact that he is for raising taxes, reducing the military or reducing medicare and medicaid benefits means little. The same for the block of voters who's one single interest is the homosexual rights agenda.

By example, if the candidate is for homosexual same sex marriage, then whatever else he or she may or may not support becomes immaterial from that point forward,  If a particular candidate supports the homosexual agenda, then that candidate has the homosexual vote. While on the other side of the political divide, the exact opposite is true when it comes to conservatives. 

If a particular candidate is not pro choice? Then regardless of what their positions are on any other political or party issues, these conservatives won't vote fore that candidate.  So what you end up with in the final analysis, is a conglomerate of voters who comprise the liberal left and a minority of voters who comprise the conservative right. As long as the equilibrium of balance  remains in favor of the liberals, the republicans will never win the presidency again. Not ever. 

Bill Clinton won election against George H.W. Bush not by majority, but by plurality of special interests. Clinton had the homosexual vote, minorities, feminists, labor and unions to name a few.  Meanwhile, Ross Perot divided and split the remaining vote against Bush, Clinton breezed to a victory with 42% of the vote. The same math is what put Barack Obama in office both times and it is the same math that will put Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2016.

Unless and until the American conservatives opt to get rid of the republican old guard and get behind truly new and inspiring leadership and until American conservatives abandon the idiocy of single issue voting, look for a long dry period before a republican ever graces the halls of the White House again. 

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