Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prepare for Empty Words Tonight

I'm sorry, but the president's plans to address the nation tonight at 9 PM leaves me less than impressed and more than concerned about the real and genuine threats this nation faces from Islamic terrorism. Actions speak louder than words they say. Had Obama done what was necessary in the beginning against ISIS? And then addressed the nation having taken any meaningful or forceful action? That would have been something to come to the people with demonstrating leadership and resolve, but he hasn't done that.  He hasn't done anything to date and his proposals tonight to address the threats will be weak, that is a guarantee.

Obama's stance in the face of ISIS and Islamic terrorist threats, has been to stand idly by and do nothing  while following through by demonstrating his disconnect by playing golf games, while the Islamic terror threat emerged and grew larger.

So for him at this point to come about with a plan? After admitting to the world that he had no plan and in light of his assessment that ISIS was no more than a JV team threat level?  Well that convinces me of one thing and one thing only. In a word....insincerity.  There is no sincerity of intent to address islamic terrorism by this president.

Whatever Obama's so called plan is tonight, there are three things you count on.  One, it won't be enough to address, reduce or eliminate the threat of ISIS or Islamic terrorism. If anything, it may embolden them to act more violently.  Two, what's being done by Obama is being done in response to the coming midterms and not the real threats that face this nation from ISIS or other Islamic militants.

New York Golf courses aren't the only ones rejecting this president. Those inside his own party are grabbing their ten foot poles and telling him to stay the hell away from them and their re-election plans come November. Third?  And this is far more worrisome in my observation than anything else. Third, the enemies of this nation are watching. Alongside our former allies and what they all see is weakness and continued weakness from America.

The bottom line is, anything this president does tonight will be for show and show alone. There will be no substance to the plan and there will be no positive effect when it comes to the safety of Americans or this nation. Be prepared for the Jihadist to literally laugh in Obama's face tomorrow, but more worrisome, be prepared for them to strike us again tomorrow.

What better way for our enemies to demonstrate their resolve in their knowledge and awareness that this president, has absolutely no resolve and he has no stomach or desire to do what needs to be done to address Islamic terrorism and they know it.

Stay tuned and watch the chess game unfold tonight.  Pay attention to what happens in America tomorrow. 

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