Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Terrorism is a "Manageable Problem" According to Obama

 I guess all we need to do then? Is find us a manager capable of managing the problem. Right?

As I watched Obama's address concerning ISIS and the murder of a second American, My thoughts are these.

Americans may not be intimidated? But this president has been and the enemy knows it. Be it ISIS or Russia or China or Gaza, Barack Obama has clearly demonstrated that he has neither the leadership ability, the character, the fortitude or the desire to confront ISIS or our other enemies in the world.
Terrorism a manageable problem?

Not no but hell no! The threat of Islamic terrorism, as represented by ISIS, Al Qaeda or those spread across the middle east and Africa is not a "manageable problem." War is not a manageable problem and these Islamist are at war with America. Just one more indication that Barack Obama chooses not to confront or address the reality. 

The international community has no intention of addressing the problem absent the leadership of America. It is America who has traditionally shouldered the burdens of democracy globally, Snce the end of WWII. Absent our presence? who does Obama expect to stand up to the Russians and the Chinese? And Al Qaeda and ISIS? The Germans? The British? The French?

As for America organizing the Arab world? I'd say that has already been done. With the election and re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Arab world was organized. That point was furthered by the actions and consequences of the so called Arab Spring that Obama embraced. AS his favorite Reverend, would say? the chickens are coming home to roost! Because Barack Obama has damned America!

Barack Obama hasn't consistently underestimated the enemy, Barack Obama has consistently proven that the dupes that voted him into office, underestimated his ability and desire to destroy America. If anything has been underestimated, it is Barack Obama's loyalty to the Muslim world and his disloyalty to America.

Congress may be fed up with it? but what are they going to do? Impeach him? He knows that is not possible, so barring patriots storming the white house in full rebellion of his tyranny, he will continue to kill this nation by utilizing his death by 1000 cuts.

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