Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knee Jerk Re-Jerk byt NYC's #1 Jerk

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (file / credit: Governor's Office)

We certainly don't want to offend Hollywood money now do we Andy. Sure!  By all means!  Allow them to bring their assault weapons into the city so that they can film more gratuitous violence in films and movies that glorify violence and assault weapons and extended magazines and extended killing themes. .Encouraging the use of such weapons in movies, but that's OK I guess?  Right Andy?

These people make me sick.. Not only are they stupid, arrogant and dismissive of reality, but they are dangerous to the survival of this nation and its people.
Just a month after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the strictest gun control law in the country, state officials plan to make some exemptions. The law toughened restrictions on military-style rifles and high-capacity semiautomatic handguns, but those restrictions will be changed so those types of weapons can be used on the sets of television shows and movies being shot in New York. “We spend a lot of money in the state bringing movie production here, post production here. So obviously we would want to facilitate that,” Cuomo said. Cuomo said the prop firearms used in films would probably not be classified as an assault weapon. “But people want certainty and there’s no reason not to make a change like that,” the governor added. “Apparently, they have blanks or they have phony magazines or something.” - See more at:

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