Thursday, February 14, 2013

Horse Horror


It is amazing to me that in this day and tie these types of things are continuing to exist and animals are continuing to be slaughtered for any industry. 

Undercover Investigation Reveals Little Oversight At California Horse Auctions 

 Americans don’t eat horsemeat, but we do export horses for slaughter. Most end up on dining tables in Europe and China. While California is one of the few states that bans the exports, some activists have said the ban isn’t working.

We recently visited a Northern California Auction. Horses were on the block and selling cheaply; Prices were as low as $50 to $100, even former racehorses.
A horse known as Rino-U was bought by Tawney Preisner, who runs a shelter for horses.
“He was injured, he has a fractured knee, and he was no longer useful to the industry, so he was dumped,” Preisner said.
Just months before, the two-year-old thoroughbred was racing at Golden Gate Fields.

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