Sunday, February 10, 2013

Support growing for killer

 This is a symptom of what is wrong with our society. When anyone can go on a killing spree and by default suddenly gain a fan club. The man has murdered people. Regardless of his anger at others, those he killed had nothing to do with injuring him.

I am sorry, but I have absolutely no sympathy for someone like this.

Support Growing For Former L.A. Officer Accused Of Killing Spree

The ex-cop accused of three revenge killings left behind a long manifesto outlining all of his grievances and observations.
That manifesto has given investigators some clues, but they still don’t know where is Christopher Dorner.
Law enforcement spent four hours searching his mom’s Orange County home. They took out 10 grocery bags filled with evidence.
Dorner lost his job with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008. His manifesto vows revenge for that; and, surprisingly, thousands of people actually support him.
It’s hard to believe but there are those out there who sympathize with the man targeting police officers.
One Facebook page is proclaiming Dorner for president. “We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.”
The description on “We Are All Chris Dorner” chillingly says, “Yes, this is war.”
Nearly 3,000 people like the page “I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner.”
CBS13 posted a simple question: Why? Why support a man wanted for at least three killings and the author of a murderous manifesto promising to target cops?
One sympathizer wrote us, “Because something needs to be done about the long known corruption of not only the LAPD, but several agencies.”

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