Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Obama's celebrity base wants more.

More drugs and a more lenient legal system, less intervention in the lives of those impacted by the "prison industrial complex."  Surely that is what we need and surely this is what is lacking from the Obama legacy. I love it when self appointed intellectual elites assume the mantels of perceived knowledge by attempting to utilize analogies that they have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of.

The "prison industrial complex?"  Really?  Is that what it all means to the likes of the Kardasians and Ludacris and the rest of these uneducated pompous elites who revel in their belief that socialism is grand, just as long as it excludes them and theirs.

I do find it interesting that they will admit that many of this president's biggest fans and most loyal supporters are  criminals. Oh snap! Excuse me! I meant to say, his biggest and most loyal supporters are guests of the prison industrial complex.

Rappers, Stars Ask Obama to Ease Drug Policy, Reform Prisons

A list of rappers and stars, including Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Kim Kardashian, and many more, have written an open letter to President Obama to ask that he ease the nation's drug policy. They also ask that prison policy be changed, too.

"During your presidency you have made important steps and you now have the opportunity to leave a legacy by transforming our criminal justice system to an intervention and rehabilitation based model. Many of those impacted by the prison industrial complex are among your most loyal constituents," they write. "Your struggles as the child of a single mother allow you to identify with millions of children who long to be with their parents.

We request the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these ideas further and empower our coalition to help you achieve your goals of reducing crime, lowering drug use, preventing juvenile incarceration and lowering recidivism rates. We stand with you, ready to do what is just for America."

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