Sunday, April 07, 2013

Kerry: " A grim reminder"

The bottom line.  No matter how much humanitarian aid we send, no matter how many American lives are sacrificed on the alter of egalitarian egotism, the facts remain that these people hate us and they will continue to kill our people until we make it so painful to them and their people that they must stop.

If that includes annihilation of the majority of that country and that region, then that is the price that must be extracted for our safety. There is no appeasement. There is no compromise possible with treachery and maniacal Islam. Their religion demands our complete annihilation and removal from this planet. I say that it is long since time that we acknowledge the intent of the Lands of Islam and respond to it in the only fashion they and their religion can comprehend.

Meanwhile it is contemptible that this nation would have a secretary of state who not a generation ago demonstrated his own contempt for this nation while collaborating with our enemies. This is the man that America now has representing itself amongst our enemies on the world stage?   Is there any wonder that we are laughed at and held in contempt by those who will do us harm.....and those who once looked up to us.

A car bomb blast killed five Americans, including three U.S. soldiers and a young diplomat, on Saturday, while an American civilian died in a separate attack in the east.
The diplomat and other Americans were in a convoy of vehicles in Zabul province when the blast occurred, Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement.
The soldiers and the diplomat died in the blast along with a civilian employee of the Defense Department and Afghan civilians, Kerry said. His statement gave no overall death toll.
The Washington Post identified the diplomat as Anne Smedinghoff, 25, citing her parents. Smedinghoff was Kerry's embassy guide and aide when he visited Afghanistan last month, the paper said.
Local and international officials in the region said earlier that six people died in the blast: three U.S. soldiers, two U.S. civilians and an Afghan doctor.
Provincial governor Mohammad Ashraf Nasery was in the convoy, but was unharmed, local and NATO officials said.
"Our American officials and their Afghan colleagues were on their way to donate books to students in a school in Qalat, the province's capital, when they were struck by this despicable attack," Kerry said in his statement.
He said he had met the diplomat during a trip to Kabul, and spoke to her parents after her death. Four other U.S. diplomats were wounded, one critically, Kerry said in his statement.

 Kerry mourns `selfless, idealistic' US diplomat

"Anne and those with her," Kerry said, "were attacked by the Taliban terrorists who woke up that day not with a mission to educate or to help, but with a mission to destroy. A brave American was determined to brighten the light of learning through books, written in the native tongue of the students she had never met, whom she felt it incumbent to help."
Kerry said Smedinghoff "was met by a cowardly terrorist determined to bring darkness and death to total strangers. These are the challenges that our citizens face, not just in Afghanistan but in many dangerous parts of the world - where a nihilism, an empty approach, is willing to take life rather than give it."

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