Friday, April 19, 2013

The new normal in America


America's new normal. I along with millions of other Americans have been following the developments in Boston overnight involving the two Marathon bombers. The brothers grim. The running gun battle, the high speed chase, the murder of one police officer and the critical injury to another. A city locked down and literally living in terror. Explosives thrown at the police and more to be detonated today at the terrorists former home.

Meanwhile the twenty six year old brother was killed in a gun battle with police early this morning, while the younger brother escaped and has spent the day today taunting his pursuers with his facebook page. Meanwhile the American people are entranced by the drama that the media is literally gorging on the drama.

The media are currently interviewing the two bombers aunt who lives in Canada. She is floating her belief that all of this is just a conspiracy against her nephews.  Really?  It gets better......the media interviewed one of their former class mates and his take on everything was this. 

"Yeah...he was normal."  (referring the nineteen year old still on the loose) "You know, we hung out, listened to rap music, smoked some marijuana and just did normal things."

Welcome to the new normal America. Welcome to a world where our young people just hang out, listen to rap music and smoke marijuana and that is normal. Welcome to an America where our president was the leader of his own gang of smokers and tokers in high school and American media jokes and revels in the coolness of it all.

Welcome to the new normal America. Welcome to an America where we can expect, should expect and had better expect more attacks on our people just like these. The only real curiosity about the Boston Marathon attack at this point should be "why did it take this long to happen?"

Two brothers, brought to this country from a Muslim soviet block country, allowed the benefits of our educational system, allowed to become citizens, given scholarships, living the dream. The nineteen year old becoming an American citizen on September 11, 2012.  Anyone else seeing the irony in any of that?

Sometime today, tomorrow or soon, the younger brother will go out in a blaze of glory. He go down in a major confrontation with police and he will probably kill more Americans in the process. The media will be enthralled and the average American will be instructed to be completely lost and bewildered as to the reason for these events.

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