Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Obama using dated data?

Based on the president's methodology of defending his positions, there must be over twelve million slaves living in bondage in America also. Granted, that is a dated statistic from the mid 1860's, but who gives a flip about the source of a number when you are trying to make a point.

"There are lies, there are damn lies" and there is the Obama administration.  To people like these, the truth is only what they want it fashioned to be to support their lies.

Obama criticized for using dated, disputed gun stat to sell background checks

As President Obama prepares to head to Colorado on Wednesday to push gun control legislation, some are calling into question the validity of a key statistic he’s using to tout his message on near-universal background checks.
During several speeches, Obama has said 40 percent of all gun purchases were made without a background check.
But that number is nearly two decades old and comes from a poll with a relatively tiny sample size. Gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association, as well as The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker,” are calling out the president’s stat, saying his numbers on background checks need a background check of their own.


XtnYoda said...

Thought you'd enjoy this piece titled "Obama's Call For The Borg"


Prime said...

I am glad to see that i a not alone in my perceptions