Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Mercy

I received an email today. Enclosed were links to photographs of the Boston bombing. Graphic, raw, uncensored images of the before and after of the marathon bombing. The carnage literally overwhelms the senses. Injuries so horrible as to appear surreal.

These are the photographs that the media will not publish and the large majority of Americans will never see, but Americans should see them in my opinion. At least a few of them. If for no other reason than for the people of America to truly see the results of the monsters who did this and what their radical pursuits of Islam will both allow and encourage.

One look at the injuries to the people who were closest to the bombs would easily convince anyone observing that neither of these monsters ever deserves either pity or mercy. In the coming weeks, the pleas will rise and the cries will go out to spare the younger brother from the death penalty. It will be said that he was led and influenced by his older brother and that he didn't really have anything to do with the bombings. Yet the photos tell a different story. Right down to the reality that it was he who sat the bomb down that killed the eight year old boy and maimed so many others. The photos of him committing the crime are clear and convincing.

To see devastation like this in the streets of an American city is humbling to me. To think that it could have been prevented is mind numbing. To think that it can and will happen again if we don't start dealing with radical Islam is enraging.

I won't post any of the photos here on this blog, they are far too graphic for even the above average level of tolerance to violence. However, I will say this. If by chance you do happen to see the true nature of the injuries that were inflicted upon innocent people in Boston by these two monsters, I believe that your inclinations to accept the alibis that are being prepared in the defense of those who did it will be greatly diminished.

Neither of these monsters deserves either the pity or mercy of the American people. The younger surviving brother should be tried, convicted and executed by a firing squad for his crimes against this nation and its people. Justice must be served, for justice delayed and justice denied only inspires more murderous acts by more murderous zealots.

America needs to send a message to these purveyors of death and we should let all of them know that we are coming for them.  

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