Sunday, September 01, 2013


Respect is earned not demanded. When you have repeatedly demonstrated no respect for others, you will soon find that others usually have no respect for you.  Barack Obama has turned his back on and purposely insulted America's allies in Europe from the very first day of his presidency. Is it surprising that those who have been the brunt of his purposeful insults for the last five years feel little to no compunction to come to his aid with his trumped up Syrian problem.

The British and the Germans have each turned their cheeks to Obama's desires to form a coalition against Syria. Meanwhile, the Russians and the Chinese have made it imminently clear that America better not attack Syria.  Syria already possesses the most sophisticated Russian anti aircraft defense systems available and if America attacks Syria, you can bet they will use them. Just as you can bet that Iran, bolstered by the support of China and Russia will attack Israel. On a good note, we do have the support of the French.  Wow....I feel better already.

Meanwhile, the purposely weakened American military, the same military that Obama openly is condescending and demeaning to has admitted they are not prepared.  The generals at the Pentagon have told the president that due to the censure of budgetary cuts? We simply cannot afford a war, we don't have the money. I wonder how that plays in the halls of power in Peking and Moscow?  Does anyone think that America has finally been brought to its knees as a world power by this interloper in chief?  I do.  And if he does go ahead with his false flag attack against Syria, watch for the maelstrom that will be unleashed against Israel and ultimately America. it concerns lack of respect by this president?

                                                    GET YOUR FEET OFF MY DESK!

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