Thursday, October 29, 2009

Honoring The Fallen?

Obama Honors Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

I am sorry, but I have a problem with that. As I was watching the morning news this morning, the very first thing I see being reported, is the story of president Obama's trip to Dover Air Force base late last night, to receive the returning dead from Afghanistan. Ostensibly the purpose behind his trip, was to pay tribute to the fallen eighteen Americans whose bodies were returned home late last night from Afghanistan.

The president was filmed by the media shaking hands with various military personnel, then as he stood in line and saluted the flag draped coffin of one of the eighteen as they were carried from the plane. The reporter went on to explain that the president later met with the family of one of the fallen soldiers in a hanger at the air base, before departing back to Washington after 1 AM.

I am sorry, but my heart does not go out to this man's contrived representations and shallow displays of sincerity and concern for our troops. The reporter covering the story on ABC news this morning quickly noted that President Bush, while having met with "many" families of fallen soldiers during his presidency, never made a trip to Dover Air Base to receive any of the returning dead. I suspect that was an attempt at a liberal media analogy of some value to them, but somehow it failed to register with me.

No, George Bush never went to Dover Air Force base for a photo op with the bodies of the fallen, but he did go to dozens of other places to receive the families of those who had fallen in the service of this nation. And he did it most often to no fanfare or media coverage what so ever and usually in complete isolation from the media's awareness or knowledge period. The only reason that anyone knew of his actions toward these families at all, was because the families later related their sincere thanks for what the president had done for them in private.

The fact that he had not only received them, but that he had also taken extensive time to be with them and each time it was reported by those present that he took the time to pray with them for their lost loved ones. Those are the stories that were never given the front page of American media or morning news programs during his presidency. Those stories made their way to public awareness only via the oblique reporting of less than mainstream sources and long after the fact of their occurrence. And in my opinion? That is as it should be. These are actions that are reflections of the personal character of the man and they should not be bragged about or held out as examples of sincerity in any form before the media. For to do so only diminishes the act IMO and immediately brings into question the individual's sincerity and true purpose in conducting them.

And now that this president has literally sat on his hands for the past sixty plus days since receiving the request for more troops in Afghanistan? (From his own hand picked general by the way). I am supposed to ignore the fact that he has done absolutely nothing while American troops have continued to die waiting on his decisions in Afghanistan? I am supposed to simply ignore that this man has shown less than respect for those who serve in our military since he took the office and before that? I am supposed to forget that this president has spent far more time engaged in apologies on the world stage as it concerns American military operations, than he has spent thanking those in uniform who are serving and suffering and dying. I am supposed to forget all that because he has now suddenly decided that he needs some face time and media coverage with a fallen soldier's family, to somehow off set the reality that he has done absolutely nothing to garner any respect from those who are serving and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am sorry, but I cannot put some things out of my mind. Nor can I remove the images both witnessed and those perceived that this man has created in my mind via his words and deeds and the absence there of. As a former Marine and as someone who spent thirty years after my service in that uniform, engaged in the protection of others while wearing another uniform, I find it very hard to accept this man's protestations and his attempts at staged sincerity before the cameras.

My differences with George Bush were many, but I never challenged the man's sincerity and earnest compassion when it came to his responsibilities as Commander in chief. I never felt anything less than his sincere heart felt concern and love when it came to his dealings with the families of those that he had sent into harms way.

I don't feel that sincerity with Barack Obama and I don't feel any sincerity in this man at all as a matter of fact. And there is just cause for my feelings in my opinion. The man may be able to make a wonderful speech, but he has absolutely no currency with me when it comes to his ability to instill any belief in either his sincerity or leadership abilities as it concerns the protection of this nation. Especially as it concerns his contrived interests in those in the military. A military that for all intents and purposes, he openly disdains and has for the large portion of his life.

No Commander in chief that I have ever witnessed during my time on this earth has ever sat idly by while our soldiers and Marines died and then told the press and the people that he was consulting with his councils and taking his time in decision making, because he wanted to get it right.

There are a few old maxims that immediately leap to my mind Mr. president.

"Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."

And one quote that seems more than prescient Mr. president?

"A leader is a dealer in hope."
Napoleon Bonaparte

That was part of your hustle as I remember it Mr. president. Something about hope and change as I recall.

Make a decision Mr. president, even if it is a wrong decision! American soldiers and Marines are dying! Allow your commanders to do what needs to be done in Afghanistan in order to get the job done and protect our people, but don't sit there idly behind your walls, while more and more of our young men and women die needlessly every day as you fiddle and diddle and play politics while reading your push polls.

And one more thing Mr. president....please don't further tarnish yourself while continuing to offend me and millions of other Americans, while you engage in these contrived displays of your faux sincerity and photo-shopped interest in the price that our military pays daily for our freedom.

In a word Mr. president? It's disgusting. and quite frankly? You haven't earned it and I am not so sure that you ever will.

Mr. disgust me.


XtnYoda said...

Disgusting that this administration would use our war dead for a photo opp... for their own 'benefit.'


Locutisprime said...

I am sorry, but this man's actions as it concerns our military.....really pisses me off.

Texan in Wisconsin said...

Amen, brother.

I saw the story break at midnight last night...and I had the same reaction. I would have rather seen him meet with the families in private (as Bush did). But it would at least have been better if he had met the returning soldiers without announcing it until this morning.

Reminds me of what my father taught's not truly "giving" to the needy unless you do it anonymously and/or privately. Seems as if there is no adult supervision, no adult role model in the White House or even in Obama's life...except Rev Wright. It shows.


tim said...

Well said, I too was/am one PO'd SOB.