Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beheadings Across the Border, Coming To America

Mexican Cartel butchers posted the be-heading four women dressed in western style clothing recently. The video is real. Those with the stomach to watch, can clearly see four human beings executed by these barbarians. This is precisely what is in store for America under the no response, no balls, ignore the Islamic terrorist threats of the world that this administration has chosen to pursue. This barbarism is now on our borders and soon it will be in our streets.

Every time these animals execute someone and place it on the internet, it emboldens them and increases the threat that (as promised) they are coming to America to wreak their havoc and murder on our people. Meanwhile, those like Jerry Brown (governor of California) and this president have thrown open the doors to an invasion of our nation by elements like these.

Murders like these are presently going on daily in Iraq at the hands of Muslim militants like ISIS and this president and his administration know it. They have openly made the public decision to do nothing. Now these barbaric animals are on our doorstep and they have imported their barbarism to Mexico, where they are teaching their wicked and evil faith and customs to millions seeking to invade America.  It is no longer about the middle east, Iraq or Afghanistan or Mexico. It is about an all out war of Jihad against America and Americans and it is on our border and inside our nation.  Present and protected on our soil by a president who has invited these individuals to our shores unfettered and unrestrained.

What will it take for Americans to wake up? Someone like Diane Sawyer  and the rest of mainstream media finally being forced to report the same acts in our streets? is another hello from the dark side of reality.  The mainstream media in America privately seethes at the opportunity to cover the next terror tragedy in America. They too want it to happen, because it gives them something else to talk about and more ammunition for their twisted propaganda.

Its coming folks. To a neighborhood near you. America has allowed the fifth column onto our shores and this president is openly encouraging them to take advantage of the flood gates he has purposely left open and abandoned for our invasion as a nation. If looking at or thinking about or discussing things like this bothers you? Then you had better get a better grasp of truth and reality before it is too late. If threats like this concern you, please take the time to become aware each day of what is really going on in the world and share that information with those you care about.No one else will.   Go to this LINK and see for yourself.

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