Friday, August 22, 2014

No Threat to America. Muslim Radicals Are Junior Varsity. According To Obama

It looks like our president and the former leader of the "Choom Gang" missed the call concerning his perceptions of America's global Islamic threats and his revealed failing leadership abilities, to both protect America and her citizens from Islamic Terrorism.  Last January the release of an article in the New Yorker magazine, where Barack Obama was interviewed for the magazine, revealed his true feelings concerning the threats of ISIS and other Islamic militant terrorist organizations.

Among the many interesting revelations he proffered in that New Yorker article, came the revelation that Barack Obama (as president) and his administration (his crew) considered those associated with Al Qaeda and others, (those like ISIS) to be no more of a threat to the game (of world Islamic Terrorism) than some "junior varsity" players "putting on Lakers uniforms" and attempting to enter the big game. My emphasis added.

There are a litany of reasons why such an analogy and assessment of global terrorism by America's president is not only fallacious but also idiotically dangerous to America and its people, but the most glaring example of Barack Obama's failure of leadership on the issue of global Islamic terrorism and its threat to America, is shown by his use of a game analogy. Terrorism is not a game and Islamic terrorists are not NBA players of any stripe, nor are they comparable to athletes or athletic competition on any level.Mass murder and the threats of mass murder are not a game.

Barack Obama compares the threat of Muslim radicalism and organized Islamic terrorism against America, to a game?  Apparently games (like golf)  and basketball are where this president's more serious thoughts often dwell.  Apparently, Obama would much rather concern himself with NBA game strategies, than he would the day to day issues of performing his job and protecting America and her people. Personally, I have news for this president. My safety, the safety of my family and the safety of my nation?  Those are not issues to be considered lightly or in terms of games or gamesmanship in my humble opinion.

Barack Obama readily touts himself as a former constitutional professor, therefore, he should at least be familiar with the subject matter at the center of his alleged expertise.  Therefore, he must know, that the office of the presidency and his power as president is derived from the people and his most important function in that office is to protect America, her citizens and to uphold the US Constitution above all else. By watching the first six years of the Obama presidency it can arguably be stated that Barack Obama has ignored and abdicated the key responsibilities of his office and his responsibilities to the American people and the Constitution.

If anything, it has become glaringly apparent to those like myself and many, many others who are observing world affairs, that Islamic terrorism, that this president is more concerned with avoiding his responsibilities to the US Constitution and going around the US Constitution, than he is with upholding the Constitution or concerning himself with the threats of Islamic terrorists toward America. It is also glaringly apparent that as president, his policies and actions have been by majority, purposeful actions to weaken this nation both domestically and internationally.  I could examine each  of Obama's policy failures and his lack of leadership individually over the past six years, but the point of this blog is to focus on the most recent actions of the Muslim terror organization ISIS and this president's opinions and actions toward their terrorist acts. Acts both carried out previously and those planned against America by ISIS and other militant Islamic terror groups who are the avowed enemies of America.

The acts of Islamic terrorist, both those acts committed previously, presently and in the future, by radicalized Islamic led militant groups, should be of the utmost importance to this president and all rationally thinking people, but they are not when it comes to Obama's perspectives of terror.  If actions speak louder than words? Then the actions of this president, combined with his inaction in response to terrorist threats and actions against America,  speaks volumes in my observation of this presidency.

Barack Obama's use of the analogy of a basketball game and JV players to describe his perspective of the world stage are palpably ill informed and politically immature. Barack Obama's reactions to the ongoing presence of militant Muslim terrorism in the world and organized Islamic terrorists organizations and their threats aimed at America and Americans, speaks directly to the heart of how this president views his office and the global threats to America that he is supposed to be confronting and addressing as president.  Apparently, Barack Obama doesn't see the seriousness of the problem.

Islamic radicalized terror and those who comprise the Muslim terror organizations amassed against America and the west, are not basketball pickup players or junior varsity game players.  These are committed terrorists. Committed to the death and destruction of America and her citizens and committed to their own destruction in their efforts to see America destroyed.  For a sitting president of the United States to analogize the threats that Islamic terror represent to this nation in a juvenile basketball metaphor, is insensitive and insensible to say the least, if not insulting.

As an American and as an American veteran, I am incensed at the calloused disregard for Islamic terrorist threats that Barack Obama has literally laughed at and joked about concerning terrorism during his tenure as our president.  The three words that immediately come to my mind when I consider what has been said by Barack Obama are these.  "how dare you!" How dare he or any other elected president or elected official of the American people compare the sincere and demonstrated acts of murderous barbarians in such a fashion as a basketball game.  Once again I say, this is not a game mr. president! my emphasis added.

ISIS' most recent publicized actions, where they purposefully and publicly beheaded an American citizen to demonstrate their commitment and resolve to the death of America and all Americans, speaks directly to both their murderous intent and their murderous capability.  Since last January, when Barack Obama's snarky dismissal of ISIS and other Muslim Terrorist organizations as a threat to America were first revealed, ISIS has been quite busy in Iraq, destroying all that was accomplished by the previous administration and eight years of war in Iraq.  The honored dead and those who served and remain horribly scarred both physically and mentally from the war in Iraq, must be screaming at the top of their lungs over the inaction of this president and his literal giving back to Islamic terror, all that was gained by the loss of America lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

ISIS has laid claim to Iraq from north to south since Obama pulled out American forces. ISIS has been busily re-claiming Mosul and other major areas of the country over the last six month. including Kurkut and Fallujah! and other areas won with the blood of Americans and eight years of war. Each of these formerly American conquered areas of Muslim extremism have fallen to the hands and control of ISIS under Barack Obama. The resurrection of militant Islamic terrorism in the middle east and in Iraq is alive and well compliments of his policies in the middle east since taking office and it is filtering and spreading into Afghanistan and other areas of the middle east.

All that was previously gained has been lost!  All of what was fought for, save Baghdad, has been returned to Islamic terrorist control and how much longer before what little is left falls into their hands.  While this has happened, this president sits idly by while he literally bows and scrapes to Muslim leaders, while at the same time watching all that America has accomplished in the middle east through ten years of war destroyed and rendered meaningless by his indecisiveness and inaction.

Barack Obama did no more to rescue James Foley from the Islamic terrorists ISIS, than he has done to rescue  Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi,  held illegally by Mexican authorities and this Marine is just across our border with Mexico.  ISIS terrorists executed James Foley last week to send a message to America and her people. These Islamic terrorists have promised to execute more Americans they hold as captives and they have promised to lash out at America and bring about death on a grand scale in the near future and our president has gone on record as stating that he considers them a junior varsity threat! 

Senior officials in Congress have been briefed of the intentions of ISIS and of the intentions of these murderous barbarians in ISIS. Those like Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma recognize the very real threats that ISIS and other Islamic militants pose to America, while house and senate GOP leadership continue to allow the white house to soft pedal these threats. Inhofe: ISIS strategizing to 'blow up' U.S. city

The leadership of the republican party in congress and the senate continue to play politics while  president Obama remains aloof to these threats and uses other issues with the willing aid of the media, as subterfuge and distraction away form his inaction against the Muslim Islamic threats on our doorstep.  Upon the news of the murder of James Foley, the American media raced to publish the news and then waited patiently for Obama's official response. Obama predictably held a brief press conference and issued an official condemnation of those responsible.  He promised to hold those responsible accountable and to bring them to justice.  Then just as quickly as the words left his lips, he turned on his heels and headed back out to play another round of golf with one of his black celebrity friends.Barack Obama has played golf throughout his entire presidency when there were and are crisis' on the table. As former VP Dick Cheney rightfully observed, "president Obama would rather be on the golf course than in the situation room."

These types of responses have become the norm that the American people have become accustomed to from this president. Meanwhile, the complicit liberal mainstream media in America, attempts to give cover to this president's failures at every opportunity. American media's non response to Barack Obama's weaknesses have become common place in the daily news reports we all see. Nowhere do we as Americans see American median on any mainstream level calling for accountability from this president. If anything, what we see are the apology pieces that attempt to explain away the failures of Barack Obama, while focusing attention away from this administration.

Forty years ago Americans were on the verge of impeaching Richard Nixon for crimes against his office and the people.  The American media led the charge and hammered away daily at the accusations and the demands for accountability from the Nixon administration.  There was no escaping their scrutiny or their calls for the truth. Forty years later?  The American media's present response to Washington and this administration is to turn its collective back in unified solidarity and they support  this administration by default.  American media attempts to shield and obscure the America people from the truth about this president are palpable and glaring.

The truthfully worst reality of all concerning these facts, is that Barack Obama knows all too well of his political and media insulation from both scandal and accountability. Other presidents would have literally been ridden out of Washington on a rail. They would have been tarred and feathered for the crimes this man has committed against this nation and yes, the actions of this president have become criminal.

Yet as we realized from the attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton, there is a long way to go before the American people or congress can rightfully impeach a sitting American president.  Bill Clinton committed crimes against the law and the American people. He violated trust with the American people and he was rightfully charged with articles of impeachment for crimes and high misdemeanors by the US House of Representatives, but then as now, there existed no ability to go beyond that level of intervention by congress. He was found innocent by the senate.

The founding fathers were explicit in their construction of our nation, its constitution and our republic. No power would be held exclusively by either of the three branches of government and each branch would have ultimate accountability to the others. As would the leaders elected who represent us in each branch of "our" government.  The founding fathers required a US Senate trial and a 2/3's majority vote of conviction by the US Senate, before a sitting president could be removed from office.  The reasons for impeachment were enumerated clearly and directly. “The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

I and many others believe that the evidence of the last six years clearly supports grounds for impeachment against Barack Obama on each of the levels enumerated as cause in the US Constitution.  There are more than enough members of congress to call for and pass articles of impeachment against this president, but there are not and there will not be the 2/3's majority required by trial in the US Senate to convict and impeach this president and Barack Obama knows it. 

General Douglas McArthur once rightfully recognized: 
Barack Obama also recognizes this same reality that McArthur and others have recognized for the last seventy five years in America.
In my observation, the American media has readily abdicated its responsibility to the American people and they have long since become complicity with the liberal minions in the background of Washington politics and leftist media in their pursuit of the utter destruction of America.  Those who willingly align themselves with anti Americanism and the egalitarian destruction of America and all that she represents, now hold majority position and perspective in both the American media and in Washington and therein lies the true threat to our continued existence as a free nation.
Many have called for a complete cleansing of the American political landscape as the only solution. Beginning with the US Congress and the white house, but no amount of shifting of the deck chairs involving the American political landscape, can ever offset the ongoing damage being done to this nation by the leftist mainstream American media. If we are to ever address the disease that is truly killing America and producing those like Barack Obama and John Boehner as candidates for elected office, then we must first go to the direct cause of the disease and that is the American media.

The founding fathers made the willful and determined decision when creating this nation, to enumerate certain inalienable rights as the foundation and bedrock of this nation and its citizens.  These rights came to be known as the Bill of Rights.  It took eleven years for the founding fathers and many drafts before they created the final document of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The founding fathers enumerated these rights in order of importance and they empowered the people of America to rightfully and constitutionally seek change first through the legislative process and ultimately through unified direct intervention against tyranny if tyranny should ever arise.

I firmly believe, that tyranny has never presented itself so manifestly as a threat to this nation, as it has over the course of the last forty years and the last six years in particular. Barack Obama, the media touted constitutional law professor and would be constitutional scholar, knows precisely what he is doing, as he knows the most direct paths to apply the principles of egalitarian socialism to obtain his desired end result. This president, his administration and the media are quite familiar with the numbed minds of an America led astray by American media for more than a generation and they are quite familiar with how to manipulate public opinion.

Make no mistake, this man is willfully opening the doors to invasion, anarchy, war and defeat for America. Be it via his actions concerning Islamic terrorism, or his actions concerning domestic policy, the economy, immigration, race relations or the environment.  Each of these issues, positions and policies are the tentacles of the beast of egalitarian secular humanism that Barack Obama is utilizing as weapons against this nation. Egalitarianism and its lies and falsehoods are the beast that is being utilized by Obama and those both behind and inside his administration to wage war on America. Along with the Clinton's and the myriad of other leftist liberal followers of Saul Alinsky. Those who have been unified to destroy America and all that she represents are unified in their goal of ending America's individuality, greatness and freedom by this administration.
Wake up America! look closely at the weapons of political deceit being purveyed by this administration and supported by American media. Their combined aim is to destroy America and to leave in the aftermath of that destruction, a weak and third class nation ripe for tyrannical socialism. The rise of ISIS, their actions in Iraq and the middle east and their most recent threats and actions against America are a bell weather of what is looming on our horizon as a nation.
Americans who are truly concerned about their nation, its heritage and its ongoing existence, need to be stepping forward now to join together as a force politically and otherwise if necessary. to stop the mad rush by leftists toward our destruction as a nation.  Barack Obama sees no threat from ISIS or any other militant anti American Islamic driven entities, because Barack Obama is not an American.  Forget and disregard the issue of his birth, that will eventually be proven, but in the interim concentrate on his upbringing and his actions as an adolescent, a young adult, a college student, college professor, junior US Senator and president.

Everything in this man's history speaks directly to the Alinsky inspired communist foundations of both his family and his upbringing. It also speaks directly to his political paths and positions and those he has surrounded himself with in route to the presidency. As has continually been revealed, Barack Obama does not support any of the traditional values or heritage of this nation. His actions as president, speak directly to the socialist leanings of his mother, her family, his father and his step father. Everything about this man, from his education in Malaysian Islamic schools, to his radicalized constitutional philosophies, speaks directly to how and why a man such as this can look at the face of Islamic terrorist threats against America and not see the threat. He doesn't see the threat? Because he sees these enemies and adversaries of America as his allies and as such, they are helping him further his objectives as he is helping them further theirs.
So as these revelations concerning ISIS and the immediate and long term effect that they and other Islamic militant organizations present to America are revealed, please pay attention to the responses of the American president and our other elected officials.  Also, please pay attention to the media and how they attempt to spin the truth and reality into defensible positions for Obama and this administration to hide behind.  I sincerely believe that we  as a nation have been so lulled into complacency, that it will take an ongoing series of acts of terrorism to even begin to shake this nation back into reality.
The sad truth and reality is that this nation and all that we represent are at the center of a seething anger that is fostered and fermented by Islamic militancy globally. The barbarity of which these people and their organizations will stoop to further their goals is known and documented.  The only question remaining is how many American lives must be sacrificed before we as a nation awake and take back our nation and defend that which is our lives and our property. Our children will ultimately become the benefactors and the judges of our success or failure as a people when it comes to what we did to either further freedom and America, or what we failed to do, that led to this nation being utterly destroyed by the forces of evil.

Semper Fidelis........never give up. 

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