Saturday, August 23, 2014

US Secretary of Defense Gives Dire Warnings of Approaching Terrorism

A number of media outlets have recently published reports that ISIS and other Islamic terror organizations have recently received more credibility from our intelligence organizations and the US military. Sec/Def Hagel has even broke with the Obama meme and warned that an attack on America could be imminent.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday defended the failed U.S. attempt to rescue James Foley, but warned that the Islamic extremists who executed the American journalist are "beyond just a terrorist group" and "beyond anything that we've seen." ~Chuck Hagel, US Secretary of Defense~

So......apparently Hagel and the others didn't get Obama's January memo on ISIS in the New Yorker. In either event, those closely following these published terrorist threats in media, are now seeming to place their bets on what American city will become the victim of the next major terror attack by the Islamic world.

The intelligence that many US media outlets seem privy to, yet seem to escape our own intelligence agencies, seems to point to Chicago as the prime target for terror attack. What better city to set as an example for America and Obama amongst Islamic terror organizations. ISIS and the other Islamic militant terror organization like Al Qaeda could send a double message by striking Chicago. First, they can let America know just how weak our leadership and defenses really are and secondly, they can do it in Obama's so called home town, thereby revealing the fallacy of this administrations representations of security.

While others are raising the possibilities of Las Vegas or Washington or New York as potential terror targets for Islamic terror organizations, the smart money in the intelligence community seems to have settled on Chicago as the prize in the eye of Islamic terrorist.

We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets
You are our goals anywhere

That message accompanied photographs of someone standing in front of buildings on Michigan Ave. in Chicago and near the white house.

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