Monday, March 06, 2017

The Ugly American

Anyone else remember the term "ugly American?"

An example of definition:

"Ugly American" is a pejorative term used to refer to perceptions of loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behavior of American citizens mainly abroad, but also at home. Although the term is usually associated with or applied to travelers and tourists, it also applies to U.S. corporate businesses in the international arena." {Wikipedia}

I am of the opinion by observation? That the term ugly American has been relegated to the trash bin of societal history here in America. Why? Simple really. Other than actors and celebrities, I know of no one of American lineage who the term might remotely apply to in the present day. But that's just my definition of the term. Others look upon these same actors and celebrities as heroes and idols.
Back in the day? Back when the term was thrown around in a cavalier fashion, mostly by those same leftist celebrities and actors, America was known globally as a leader.

Our nation was known for standing up for our country and its exceptionalism and for intervening to defend others Those sentiments are long gone as far as I have seen over the last twenty five years. All we are known for now is being too stupid to stop the invasion and degradation of our own country. Primarily by Islam.

The powers that be (the European and American globalist) set about to destroy America's image and make it over into something more palatable to their socialist egalitarian idols in Europe thirty years ago. Right after Reagan left office. They have always wanted us to be more like the French.
The French have always seemed to be the mind's eye view of how society is supposed to look, according to the majority of these American egalitarians and socialists. And that is precisely the route they want to take us and have been taking us for a generation.

Everyone remembers France right? They have been largely a pacifist door mat for Europe and the rest of the world, ever since Napoleon was exiled to Elba. They have been the centerpiece of two world wars and the subsequent centerpiece of the post WWII Islamic invasion of Europe. And they will be the centerpiece of the next world war that begins in Europe. (and soon)
Nope, there are no more ugly Americans like there were in the old days. We have been taught our lesson. We have been socially branded and individually segregated into divided groups of the un-liked and the unwanted. Like those who cling to their bibles and their guns? Or those who are just a basket of deplorables?

We have been infused with self loathing and apologetic angst over our own perceived bigotry to the point? That most Americans traveling overseas nowadays, like to keep the fact that they are Americans a secret. For the record? Far too many Americans don't even want to be associated with being an American here in America. They want to be known as some hyphenated hybrid. Not because they are ugly or proud, but because the elitist of their own country will be ugly to them and worse if they so much as hint at American exceptionalism.

Political correctness long ago replaced values and pride and morals and religion in this country. Nowadays Americans immediately shy away from any social controversy, especially involving sex or religion or race. They accept the negative social branding of heterosexuality and Christianity and conservative values by the media and the entertainment industry. And they equally accept the attacks on their country and their fellow Americans by the egalitarians in media, government and academia. Why? Because to do anything less is to immediately place yourself into the sights of a targeting system designed to belittle, marginalize and demean anyone who opposes the popularized norms of egalitarianism.

Think about it. when was the last time you saw or read or heard of any American stopping and standing up for their own rights and their Country. Yes, there are a few, but mostly they are in the extreme minority and they are considered by those who report on their actions to be extremist or radicals. Or simply so old they just need to die. As Oprah Winfrey has suggested most old white people need to do.

I am not talking about members of organized radical groups of supremacist or the klan. I am talking about individuals who attempt to stand up for what is right and what used to be the very definition of being an American.

One such current example, is a 74 year old Vietnam veteran. Who is facing prison time for having the audacity of placing a 6 inch American flag on the fence of the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles. on Memorial Day.

Look closely at the man's face and read his story. Because he is the new face that represents an Ugly American in our present day enlightened age of egalitarianism. Who is this radical? He is a Vietnam veteran. A man who fought for and served this country. A man who had the audacity to stand up to defend the exceptionalism that he and other veterans fought for and bled for and died for fifty years ago. Now he is mocked by our government and prosecuted and held out as an example of what you had better not do, if you don't want to go to prison for being an ugly American.
Look close at the face of the new ugly American. Apparently, he is what an ugly American has become and what we truly should be ashamed of as a representation our country.

Army Veteran Faces Prison: LINK

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