Monday, March 22, 2010

So Much For More Smoke and Mirrors

Today is the first day after the passage of Obama's great health care reform act. Tomorrow the president signs it into law. But today was the day for the republicans to strike back. Several have supposedly already set pen to paper authoring bills to be proposed this week to repeal the president's bill. Then of course there are the attorney generals of several states proposing legal action and suits against the federal government over the passage of this law.

The republicans are pointing a crooked finger at the democrats and wagging their tongues to the tune of "Wait until November!" So what happens in November? there something going to happen that is completely unforeseeable? Will the republicans gain back seats in the house and the senate? Probably. Can they potentially win back a majority in the house? Certainly. Can they repeal this socialist travesty by doing so? Absolutely not.

It is really quite irrelevant whether the GOP re-takes control of the house or even wins back a few senate seats. The reality remains, that regardless of whatever the republicans can pass in any attempt to repeal Obama's health care legislation? It is immediately defeated by the presidential veto once it reaches his desk. So unless the GOP intends to somehow obtain a two thirds veto proof majority in both houses? Any proposed repeal simply ain't gonna happen.

Which means that at best, provided the GOP can win the White House in 2012 and maintain a majority in the house and at least a 51 majority in the senate, it will take until at least 2013 until anything can be effectively done about repealing this bill.

So everything that we are seeing right now is just so much more political flotsam and bloviating. We have allowed this to happen and we are going to have to live with the result for at least the next four years if not longer, if not forever. An the lawsuits? They will take at least as long to wind their way through a Obama controlled Justice Department and federal judiciary.

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