Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Cyber Security Agenda?

Most people saw the reports earlier this week, warning that the Drudge Report had been declared a source of viruses and therefore, the US house and senate and their staffers, were warned away from using Drudge as a source.

A couple of observations are in order IMO. If this rumor were true, I more than suspect that the public at large would have recognized the threat, way ahead of those in government.

Secondly, Drudges competitors would have seized upon the reality and used it to beat the drums against Drudge, while marketing their own alternatives. But they didn't in either case and they didn't for a reason.

The reason no one bought into this ruse, is because most people 'considered the source' of these rumors and acted upon their own personal knowledge of the issues at hand.

As my title appears to me that there is some form of a cyber security agenda taking shape in Washington. Not that this is anything new. Dating back to Clinton's administrations, there were those afoot wanting to be able to completely control the internet.

And you know what? Matt Drudge was at the root of that attack too. It all began with a little known intern named....Monica Lewinski and ended with a blue dress and an impeachment.

So stay tuned. There is probably a yet to be perceived reason that they are once again going after Drudge.

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